Review Is USD MAGNET Scam or Should I Invest

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Your Wealth Magnet Review: Another Scam Or Legit?

Your Wealth Magnet Summary

Product: Your Wealthy Magnet

Price: $37

Rating: 20/100

Overview: Your Wealth Agent isn’t a system to get you rich or anything like that – it’s more mindset training and confidence building.

I don’t necessarily want to say Wealth Magnet is scam but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s cheesy and generic – you’re not just going to think your way to riches. You have to develop systems and take action.

If you are looking for a system that can actually help you make money, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the single best training on making money at home and online.

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What Is Your Wealth Magnet About

When I first came across Your Wealth Magnet I thought it was a product that would teach you how to make money online – like a system or some training on an actual money making method.

However, that’s not what this course is about. Your Wealth Magnet is training based around “Abundance Butterfly Effect” and is more positive thinking. There’s no actual training on making money online with affiliate marketing,

Do I think these types of products work? Not really. After the documentary The Secret came out, there’s been a boom in “Law of Attraction” type products.

These confidence building and positive thinking movements have existed in the past but The Secret definitely rekindled the industry.

People sell these products not because they work at a high rate or anything like that. It’s because they make good money for the person selling the course.

If you’re someone that’s down on your luck or lazy doesn’t a phrase like “think positively and you’ll attract money into your life” seem attractive?

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Doesn’t being told you won’t have to work hard or really do anything to acquire wealth seem like a great idea?

Now there are some fantastic books/courses on mindset training and some really great teachers in this field.

Your Wealthy Magnet isn’t one of the top, however. This course is cheesy and won’t help you “attract” money into your life.

Fake Testimonials

I review money making courses for a living. I do it Monday through Friday (and sometimes on the weekend).

Most are over hyped, low quality, generic, oversimplified or an outright scam – this pretty much sums up Your Wealth Magnet.

These courses basically share the same techniques. They have crazy profit or result claims, they have a catchy sales page, they have an upsell (where they try to sell you more products after you buy the first one) and many use fake testimonials.

I’d say about 15% or more of the products I review pay people to make up testimonials about how much they’re making because of so and so course.

They’re always the same and in many cases I’ve been able to find the actor or actress that are faking the testimonial. Here’s one course that does and here’s another that I was able to definitively prove.

Below is the sales video of Your Wealth Magnet and in the beginning you’ll see testimonials:

Those testimonials are completely fake. I see this kind of stuff everyday and I can spot a scripted testimonial from a mile away.

You can just go to a site like Fiverr and pay for a testimonial from an actor and it costs like $25.

If you look hard enough I’m sure you can find these actors in different testimonials and you can probably find their profile on Fiverr.

Want To Make Real Money Online?

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Who’s This Product For?

Not to be mean by naive people and suckers.

To be completely honest there was probably a time in my life where I would have at least thought about buying this product or a product like it.

I remember the first time I saw The Secret I thought I was learning earth shattering information that no one else knew.

And while these types of courses and books do have some insights that are definitely worth applying to your life, it’s just over hyped and misleading.

Yes, setting goals and imagining yourself succeeding is good practice. Worrying about the future and imagining yourself failing is very destructive.

But simply sitting around and picturing yourself doing something won’t make it happen. How many day dreams have you had that didn’t come true? Right now you might have a fantasy you’ve been thinking about for years – why hasn’t it come true?

Too often courses like Your Wealth Magnet just help people escape from reality and gives them a false sense of accomplishment.

It make makes people believe thinking positively is a success when it’s not – actual achievement is success.

There’s Better Alternatives

If you really want a course on mindset training or confidence building there’s MUCH better than Your Wealth Magnet.

This product was most likely slapped together pretty quickly and not much research actually done. I know people that create courses like this one and they produce more than 10 a year.

So If I had to guess this course took no more than a month to create.

A book like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill took decades to write and resulted after interviewing the most successful men to ever have lived – Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, JP Morgan, and more.

That books has been endorsed by practically everyone from Presidents, to business leaders, and more.

Andrew Carnegie was at one time the richest American in history and if you adjust his net worth for inflation, he’d be worth 310 billion today! He was the mastermind behind the book and paid Napoleon Hill to figure out the secret to wealth and success.

If you’re going to get into this kind of “thinking to make money” training, there is no better resource than Think and Grow Rich.

What I Like About Your Wealth Magnet

There’s not really much I like here.

I guess the price isn’t too bad but you can find infinitely better training for much less.

What I Don’t Like About Your Wealth Magnet

I pretty much don’t like the entire course.

I think these kinds of “think and attract wealth” products are a dime a dozen. This is especially true since The Secret came out.

The testimonials are fake, the advice is generic and I wouldn’t recommend anyone get this product.

Invest in better training and training that actually teaches you how to make money.

Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money

I hope by now you don’t want to buy Your Wealthy Magnet – it won’t do much for you and it certainly won’t help you make any real money.

However, there is training out there that will actually teach you real life skills to help you make money online.

The single best online money making platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know to make money online including tools, training and a community of over a million people to ask questions to.

Also it’s free to try!

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate click below:

Want To Make Real Money Online?

Wealthy Affiliate is the single best place to learn how to make money from home and online. To read my full review, click below:

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Indigocoin Reviews

62 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 62

h go it my first withdrawal,went to do…

got my first withdrawal,went to do my second withdrawal and it still pending after 24 hours,and can’t log into to site anymore����

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Do not invest when I’m going to reach a minimum BTC then after that im going back to log IN its says WRONG PASS, or unregistered EMAIL. do not invest or you will regret.

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Deposited 5$, withdraw 23$. This site is great and it works.

Why this web site full SCAM .
The first time when you are register and get free bonus and reinvest your mining and maybe
just some withdraw and able to chat online too
but after that what happens .
You are NOT able to chat or contact and you are NOT get any withdraw but the funny tings the web site show you !? all your withdraws going in your wallet but you NEVER receive anythings and you are NOT able chat or contact and other funny things if you are open new account again you can see again support and chat online and when you are tell your problems the chat icon disappear again lol
I invest 100 dollars all my money gone
please don’t west your time for this web site indigocin and report that .

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Get your money back with this website chargebacks, they are cybersecurity experts. They will help you get your money back.

What happened indigocoin?


We will start this off with my name, Kazteel. I was a well known member in the Indigocoin chat until they shut it down for obvious reasons of people trying to spread awareness of the scam. I knew it was a scam from the start but I did what I could to scam the scammers lol. Well it started out good. Then as time went on, I noticed little things that progressively got worse. First thing I noticed is the fact that on their payout page, they do NOT show transaction ID’s and when I asked “Charry Nelson” The person who is said to run and manage the website, told me that its for client privacy reasons that they do not show TxID’s. Which makes no sense since everybody knows that TxIDs are public information on the blockchain and are used only for verification of transactions. So that was flag 1. The second thing I noticed was the misspelled words on the website, in some locations of the website they would get the grammar right, and on other parts of the website it would look like a baby smashed on a keyboard and called it a day. But all in all, the website is a complete and utter failure and a scam. I managed to invest $25 dollars into it and pulled $75 dollars back out before they locked me out of withdrawals. Once you’ve got to about 5-6 withdrawals is when they will stop paying you and they will disable your ability to contact support. As for the people who have left good reviews, they are either in with the scammers, ignorant to whats going on around them, or just havnt thought about trying to redo their reviews. STAY AWAY GUYS! I was lucky to get my ROI and then some back!

First withdraw went fine.and now my…

First withdraw went fine.and now my second is listed as completed but no funds transferred to my button disabled.will change to 5 or 1 star depending on arrival or not in 24 hours.

reset password function doesnt work

reset password function doesnt work. cleaned my computer now i guess my account falls into the void.

I investment 100.00$ in this site…

I investment 100.00$ in this site and they didn’t pay me this site is a scam don’t ever use this site

scam. only made 1 withdraw and they stopped processing

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