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Intuit, Inc.

Customer Service

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Complaints & Reviews

bait and switch

I have always used Turbo Tax Free Edition for my taxes, and there has never been any charge for federal or state (Oregon). However, this year I was about 1/2 through my taxes when I was informed that since I have to claim my Oregon tax refund from last year as income on this years taxes..I can’t use the free edition – I have to pay. What!? I checked the last 3 years of filings, everything (except the numbers) are exactly the same. claimed state tax refund as income, itemized my deductions, etc. all the same. It has always been free. ALWAYS. It ended up costing me over $70 to file my “free for everyone” taxes, and I only make a little over $20, 000 annually. I called the 800 number to complain [protected]), and the individual said that this year Turbo Tax changed all the various options “so they are consistent between online & purchased products”. I don’t care about that, I care they have apparently downgraded each and every version so that virtually everyone has to upgrade to the next high level of product. According to the internet – there is a growing tide of irate customers and their stock is plummeting. Good – customers rule! If we don’t buy because you are using bait and switch tactics. your company will fail. It’s not like Turbo Tax is the only tax service.

screwing you out of your money

I have always used turbo tax and had no problems. This year, I did not need but the basic. Got finished with.

direct deposit fees

Turbo Tax Bank Processing Fee

29.95 for a direct deposit fee for Federal and for State? Really TurboTax? I pay another 60$ for something the state and federal government can deposit in my account on their own.
Well this year for 2020 I used good ole’ turbo tax again, except this time when I got to the end I was met with a little surprise! After you are done with your tax return they always give you the deposit options.

Wow so now in addition to paying turbo tax for taxes I have to pay them just for deducting the money from my return? The key advantage over turbo tax over H&R block and everybody else has always been the convenience! Now they are charging even more for that convenience, which to me doesn’t make it worthwhile at all.

Let me just say this…I am a LIFE LONG turbo tax user, and never have I seen a better reason NEVER TO USE THEM AGAIN. I also want to know if turbo tax is using the processing fee to make money, and does my money come to me or the other banks first? This seems like a scam.

Come on turbo tax, you have a great thing going. Whoever thought up this idea needs to be fired. Sure it may add money to your bottom line THIS YEAR, but people if nobody comes back NEXT YEAR what are you going to do about that? I have worked in sales and marketing before and this kinda logic is stupid!

Why alienate your loyal customers with fees, ?Spread the word, turbo tax sucks!

took my money

I have been chatting with 10_Kathryn D and 5_John R for the past three hours. Turbo tax refuses to refund me.

defective cd’s

Just purchased a TurboTax Home and Business CD for tax year 2020 from COSTOC and spent several hour.

double charged me and no refund

They double charged my account and I tried to reach someone at their customer servcve number which was a.

tax refund

My Wife and I filed our joint 2020 income tax on march 11 2020 with turbo tax.We got confirmation from the.

poor service

Unfortunately I just wasted 4 hours on TurboTax. After entering all of my federal tax details, the site.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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tax refund delayed/missing

I filed a tax return with Turbotax this year. When the payment option came up, I selected the ” deduct from your refund” option. After a few days I started tracking the progress of my return on the irs website. The refund was sent electronically on Feb. 6. After another few days, I noticed the money still wasn’t in my bank account. I read over the payment terms and found out that Turbotax takes my WHOLE refund and funnels it through their bank ( First California Bank) before sending it to me. Anyway, I called First California to find out when I could expect my money. I was informed that they had received my refund, but Turbotax never sent them my file so my money was going to be returned to the IRS. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but this has been a horrible experience. Never again.

promoting the use of netspend for refunds

I have been using Turbotax to file my taxes and absolutely love your service. After filing my taxes online, as I have done in the past 4 years I noticed an offer. The offer was to put income tax refunds on a Netspend card. I am a Netspend customer and have been for years. Unfortunately I encountered a situation where charges were made on my card. This means the person who has been using my card produced the same card I have in my possession. Netspend has been notified and have still let charges go through causing my account to be in the negative. I am now left without any money and they said it would take at least 10 days and maybe up to 2 months to fix this. I would hate for a turbotax customer to have the same thing happen dealing with their income tax returns. It is not fair and they are aware that I live in a different state and they know I have charges in the state I reside and the purchases were made in New York. Thank God this was not my income tax refund, and I would hate for Turbotax to catch a bad rep promoting people use Netspend services. I would trust Netspend, but the way they are treating me after being a loyal customer for years, I can just imagine how they would treat someone had a temporary card through turbotax.

We are very sorry to hear about the unauthorized charges made on your account. There are several different ways fraudsters can gain access to your card information and we would like to assist you with this. Please send your information to [email protected] and we will get back with you.

We can assure you that your account security and your privacy are very important to us. We work to provide you a secure experience by using industry leading security technology and adhering to the payment card industry’s most stringent standards for protecting payment card information.

My daughter opened a netspend card to load her tax refund, and netspend wouldn’t release her money, kept sending her “new” cards with no funds attached. They are a scam. It may take her up to 2 months to get her money back.

@Netspend Scam Hello,
We apologize to hear about your experience.. As these reviews are anonymous, can you please contact us at [email protected] and provide some account information? This will enable us to locate your account and address this issue.

stay away from turbotax

I have been using TurboTax for 7 years but will never use their products again. After entering my tax info and seeing a refund due, I opted for ‘audit defense’, which was an additional $40. Instead of paying for it with a credit card, I decided to use the option to deduct it from my refund. BIG MISTAKE, I guess I didn’t see the fine print that must state that I will be charged an additional $30 for processing by “University National Bank”. WOW, after giving them business for buying an additional service (pure profit, since I won’t be audited), they reward me by spanking me with another $30 fee.

I’m doing this complaint in reference to turbotax about my tax refund. I received my tax refund and i thought everything would be fine. I took half the money off my card to do some things i had to do. The next time i usrd the card it declined. I called customer service to see why my money was not on the card and they said i was being audited for idenity theft. Its been over a month and six faxes later of my social security, proof of address, and i.d. card and im still getting the run around. I have been very patient with turbotax, but its starting to run out. I understand protecting my privacy but what more do i need to do to prove who i am.

And for what?? To deduct $40 from my refund. I could train a monkey to do that for a nice ripe banana. LOL

Stay away from TURDOTAX .

scam with foreign tax credits

The Turbotax advertising campaign claiming “accurate calculations” is BOGUS when it comes to the Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) calculation. The IRS instruction on page 1 for Form 1116 (the FTC), clearly states that certain individuals are allowed to claim $300.00 (600.00 for married) directly as a credit on page 2 of Form 1040, WITHOUT filing Form 1116. This applies to foreign tax withheld at the source and reported on Form 1099-DIV or Form K-1, i.e. many mutual funds that have foreign tax holdings. Turbotax INSISTS on channeling these foreign tax deductions through the Form 1116 and all of its calculations, which may result in a reduction of the credit that the taxpayer is entitled to.

This has occurred in prior years – 2020 and before – as well as in the 2020 version. So, you may need to file amended tax returns to claim the true amount of the credit, if you are in the 3-year window for filing amended returns. Check it out- if you had 200.00 reported on a Form 1099-DIV as foreign tax paid, and got a credit for much less due to this treatment by Turbotax, then you have “found money”. Read the IRS Instruction for Form 1116 on page 1 – it’s in plain English and easy to understand.

Turbotax first-level support people are useless to help you – they attempt to deflect your question, sell you a higher version, refer you to your “tax adviser”, or place you on hold for 10-12 minutes while they confer with higher-ups-i.e. pretend to talk to someone higher while eating donuts or something – ala Seinfeld and the car rental reservation, for you Seinfeld fans.

turbo tax: unreliable crooks

Just received an IRS notice for taxes apparently owed back in 2020. WTF?! After paying Turbo Tax to efile my 2020 taxes I was assured a $311 federal refund – not a word, not a warning, not a single indication from the service that I owed anything. So much for ‘Breathe easy. The calculations on your return are backed with our 100% Accuracy Guarantee. We double checked your return for errors along the way. We helped with step-by-step guidance to get your answers on the right IRS forms. ‘ Total load a sh**t! I feel completely blindsided by this IRS notice and the inefficiency of Turbo Tax – I double checked what I filed/inputted. Found no errors there and realized the fault lay with Turbo Tax.
Called the ‘Contact Us’ number on the site and waited approximately 61 minutes and 34 seconds to speak to someone. When I explained that I believed Turbo Tax was in error – the operator/tax advisor suggested that I should have filed a Schedule C form w/my 1040. Hmmmm! I thought that’s what I was paying Turbo Tax for!? – to help GUIDE me and ASSIST me in filing my taxes properly, shame on me for my presumptions. I was guided to a Schedule EIC, a Schedule M . but not to a Schedule C. Thanks for nothing Turbo Tax! As a single parent breadwinner I’m used to dealing with numerous disappointments and constant financial strain – now I have one more to throw on top of the steaming heap.


Beware. Their online filing is very misleading. I am an intelligent, internet savvy consumer and still found myself somehow facing a choice of paying two different prices after clicking on a FREE product. The customer service representative said that was an upgrade option but it certainly appears like, in order to continue, you must choose one. It is possible, I think, to do the federal filing for free as their intro page states, but after seeing that misleading the masses into paying money they didn’t expect to is how they do business, I did not try again.

they stole my money

So i Filed my taxes in Jan 2020 it was excepted the next day. it is now March still no money. called IRS. they deposited into turbo tax account on 1st of FEB. I called my bank there was no deposit or attempt to deposit said funds on or around that day. Called turbo tax and spent over 2 hrs on the phone getting transferred to 6 different people. They told me to contact their bank. They couldn’t tell me where my money was or when i would get it. Then to try to speak to a person that can bearly speak english and who is always interupting you when you are trying to explain the story yet again is just angering even more. Turbo Tax is a joke. they stole my money and wont give it to me. Nobody is willing to help. They want to blame it all on the IRS. but it’s Turbo Taxes fault. i have made a complaint with the better business burea and will continue to make complaints on every site i can find. i Will bad mouth them till the day i die. This is a terrible business. Im a single parent and don’t have the luxury to give that kind of money away. I WORKED FOR IT SO ITS MINE. TURBO TAX ARE THEIVES.

do not comply with them


Did you get your money yet? I closed my card after not receiviong it, I closed it on 2/17 and today 3/29 I still have not received my money, I am contacting an attorney.

Everyone that is threatening legal action I would love to see what their attorneys are telling them. I bet it would make me roll on the floor laughing. xD

with holding my refund

I filed my taxes with turbo tax online. I requested that my refund be deposited on a turbo tax card. The card never came and I called them they requested information verifying my identity. I sent the information but no matter what I send they keep asking for more and will not give me my refund. I think they blocked my phone number because whenever I call from my phone it will not go through just says to call back later. i called from my son’s phone and it went through they gave me the same run around how the info I sent was not good enough and they want more and different info. I think they want me to give up and forget about the money. It is only 1, 000 but I really need it . I am ready to get money and file a lawsuit just to prove they can not steal from people and get away with it.

Everyone that is threatening legal action I would love to see what their attorneys are telling them. I bet it would make me roll on the floor laughing. xD

I’m not really sure what to think at this point. I’ve used them for the last 5 to 7 years and only had a couple issues but that was because I forgot my password and didn’t have a hard copy of anything.

This year because of my financial situation I had closes my account in Dec, forgetting all about how I was going to get my refund this year. I was going to choose the prepaid car bit now I’m not sure I’m confident enough.

I really wanted to get the Chase Liquid prepaid Visa card since that’s where I used to bank. Problem is my driver’s license.has been expired because I haven’t had enough money to pay for renewal and I was pulled over last year for that very reason and the fine is $402. Geez, I just paid over $200 to get my 1998 Honda Civic which also had to be smogged. I’ve been living in my car for the last year it was either find a cheap place to live or eat. Without a beat I had to choose food. Los Angeles is just way to expensive to live compared to the average wages and I had 2 full-time jobs.

I 57 and don’t have someone I can fall on for a place to sleep or ask for a small loan to get my license or just an ID. I have an original Social Sec card and my birth certificate somewhere but I’m afraid that won’t be enough because no picture ID. What do they think. When my DL expired I no longer am the same person on that card with my picture which also happens to have the exact same name on Birth Cert and Social.

People get away with none of those things so why am I, born in the United States, served in the Air Force and paid taxes every year and now that I’m in a tough spot I may not be able to get back the money I worked hard for only because they take too much out every year.

I need to go live off the grid after this.I just can’t deal with all the ridiculous rules they keep putting on Americans to “Protect us from terrorist” and yet our lives have become the ones inconvenienced while the actual terrorist seem to go on their way unimpeded and laughing as they watch us getting fondled so we can leave or return to our own country.

Hey I’m not for building a wall or deporting everyone bit something does need to be put in place to improve weeding out the true terrorist and I’m not pointing at any one race or religion because even Americans have turned evil on their own country.

I’m not a criminal or drug addict and after my 3 years at my last job a young kid and ex-con passed my pay after he was there 6 months and I had over 20 years of construction and tools at one of the big box stores. Or the kid coming from Louisiana and took a greeters job and started at around my current rate.

What has this world come to? All this frustration and all over me wanting to get my hard earned money back so I can give it all back for fines and fees so they can have an active DL so I can actually prove that I am who I say I so I won’t be mistaken for a terrorist who is so broke he couldn’t cause too much damage.

I have to go before I lose my mind. Thanks for letting me vent, I really needed it. I honestly believe also that my type of situation is more common than most choose to believe. Heck I myself know at least 2 people having issues . Good luck to everyone.

Обзор SJ5000 Plus WiFi, или как я экшн камеру к отпуску покупал

В этом году, у меня появилось жгучее желание провести отпуск не как обычно в офисе под кондиционером, а как-то более полезно для духа и тела — море, пальмы, холодное пиво и т.д.
Отпуск еще не скоро, но игрушками нужно же запасаться заранее, поэтому, кроме всего прочего, я решил подобрать себе экшн камеру.
Подобных девайсов у меня раньше никогда не было, и критерии подбора у меня, скорее, дилетантские.
Итак, критерии:
— герметичный корпус, чтобы не боятся уронить камеру в воду;
— небольшие размеры;
— крепления для камеры в комплекте;
— FullHD (куда же без него)
— WIfi, чтобы работать с контентом на смартфоне.
цена. Хоть и говорят, что кризиса нет, но лично моя покупательская способность в последнее время несколько снизилась.

Почитав размышления гугла по теме (как потом оказалось, недостаточно внимательно), пройдясь по китайским онлайн супермаркетам, я наткнулся на вот такое изделие с названием «SJ5000 Plus WiFi». Две первые две буквы названия, надежно ассоциировались у меня в голове с китайским производителем Sjcam, который в целом, в гугле хвалили.
Комплектация камеры была более чем богатая, характеристики — тоже вполне неплохими.

Характеристики камеры, с сайта продавца:

  • Чипсет: Novatek 96655
  • Жидкокристаллический дисплей: 2″ технология LTPS
  • Объектив: широкоугольный объектив 170°A+ HD
  • Разрешение видеозаписи: 1080P (1920*1080 ) 30FPS, 720P (1280*720) 60FPS, VGA ( 848*480) 60FPS, QVGA (640*480) 60FPS
  • Разрешение фотоснимков: 12M / 8M / 5M
  • Устройство хранения: Micro SD (до 32 Гб)
  • Режим съемки: Один снимок / автоспуск (2с / 5s / 10s / Непрерывная съемка
  • Емкость батареи: 900mAh
  • Время записи: 1080p около 70 минут
  • Время зарядки: 3 ч.
  • Вес нетто: 60 г / 2,12 унций
  • Размер: 60 х 41 х 25 мм / 2,36 х 1,61 х 0,98 дюйма

Цена камеры, тоже вполне вписалась в мои ожидания — на тот момент она стоила $99 и не превышала мой «болевой порог» для цены на игрушки в $100.

Хотя, магазин, в котором я выбрал камеру и не самый популярный в России, но раньше я в нем уже покупал мини-компьютер, и остался всем доволен — и скоростью доставки, и уровнем общения с китайцами и самой железкой.

Я купил эту камеру.
Заказ шел ровно 2 недели. 6 июня он был отправлен из Китая, а 22го уже лежал в моем почтовом отделении.

Получив на почте пакет и открыв его, я в первый раз испытал противоречивые чувства — коробка была красочная и яркая, но название брэнда «Sjcam» на ней не фигурировало нигде.

Забегая вперед скажу — в процессе изучения камеры я разобрался, что никакого отношения к Sjcam она не имеет.
Сотрудники магазина на мой вопрос — «Кто производитель этой камеры?», честно ответила — «SJ» (что для меня означало примерно то же самое что и «ХЗ»).
Идентифицировать производителя камеры мне, в результате, так и не удалось.
Я даже попытался разобрать камеру, с целью поискать клеймо на платах, но под лицевой панелью, кроме микро болтиков, оказались какие то хитрые защелки, разобрать которые без разрушения устройства я не смог.
В этот момент, я вспомнил, что купил камеру не ради поиска истины, а чтобы в ближайшем будущем запечатлеть на видео подвижные игры своих детей, отложил поиск истины и занялся изучением собственно возможностей камеры.

Комплектация камеры оказалась действительно богатой. В комплект входят крепления почти на все случаи жизни — и на велосипед, и на мотошлем (даже с металлическим страховочным тросиком), несколько крепежных площадок, которые можно просто куда то приклеить при помощи двухстороннего скотча.

Меню камеры оказалось вполне проработанным и удобным.
WIFi приложение для андроида (для apple тоже есть, но проверить мне было не на чем) — тоже рабочее. На открытой местности картинка передается примерно на 30 метров, дальше начинает отваливаться.
Через приложение можно управлять основными (но не всеми) функциями камеры.

Настало время попробовать камеру в деле!
Мой друг, увлеченный коптеростроением, согласился покатать мою камеру на одной из своих машин.
Однако, буквально за день до назначенного срока, свой самый большой окта-коптер, с хорошим, мощным гиро-стабилизированным подвесом он разбил, поэтому испытания пришлось проводить на небольшом гекса-коптере, рассчитанном таскать небольшую экшн камеру.
На нем уже была установлена видавшая виды GoPro Hero.
Чтобы взлететь с двумя камерами, из разрезанного ластика и трех кабельных стяжек мы изготовили подвес, и закрепили вторую камеру снизу от установленной.

Вот так это выглядело:

Как потом выяснилось (и это хорошо видно на видео) — такая конструкция крепления была большой ошибкой. Центр тяжести камер на подвесе сместился вниз, и у слабенького двухосевого стабилизатора, просто не хватало мощности моторов, чтобы стабилизировать изображение в полете.
В результате мозг подвеса постоянно пытался скомпенсировать перекос камер, а моторчик с этим не справлялся и из за этого картинка сильно дрожит.
К чести сказать, что на китайской камере есть хоть какой то встроенный стабилизатор, и поэтому ее запись дрожит немного меньше.

Верхняя часть кадра — раритетная GoPro Hero, нижняя часть — китайка SJ5000 Plus WiFi. Место действия — Нижневолжская набережная города Нижнего Новгорода.

  • Настройки GoPro — полный автомат. Разрешение максимальное — 1080p 25fps
  • Настройки SJ5000 — все на автомате, только баланс белого выставлен в «облачно» (из за этого картинка получилась более желтой). Разрешение максимальное — 1080p 30fps

Отчетливо видно, насколько шире угол объектива у SJ5000

SJ5000 Plus WiFi

Из за подвешенной снизу второй камеры, посадочные ноги коптера стали коротки, приземлять коптер прямо на камеры не хотелось, поэтому запуск и приземление производилось с рук.

происходило это примерно вот так:

Это видео снято на телефон. Изображение дрожит, потому что на набережной был настолько сильный ветер, что телефон реально вырывало из рук.

Режим 60fps у камеры доступен только на разрешении 720p. По моему мнению, на этой частоте кадров изображение шумит ощутимо сильнее.
Выглядит это так:

Светочувствительность у камеры — вполне достаточная. Для примера два видео. Первое снято на ярком солнце (около17 часов МСК). Второе в сумерках (около 21 часа МСК)

Использование функции Timelapse превращает запись часового толкания по пробкам в задорный двухминутный ролик.
Timelapse, интервал 1 сек, 1080p 30fps.

Режим timelapse доступен в интервале от 1 сек до 1 мин.
Так же у камеры есть режим серийной съемки, когда она делает серию фотографий с разрешением до 14Мpx с интервалом 1, 3, 5, 20 сек. При желании из этих кадров можно вручную собрать timelapse с большим разрешением.
Корпус камеры — действительно герметичен, по крайней мере, купание в ванной и погружение на ее дно (около полуметра), никаких проблем не вызвали.
Батарейка действительно выдерживает 70 минут (и даже немного больше) непрерывной записи видео. За это время камера успевает исписать 8 гиговую карту. Запись занимает примерно гигабайт на 10 минут.
Видео пишется либо непрерывным файлом, либо отрезками по 3, 5, 10 минут.
Камера снабжена разъемом MicroHDMI для просмотра записи на большом телевизоре или мониторе. (работает)
Камера нормально работает в качестве видеорегистратора на автомобиле, если выбрать в меню «автомобильный режим», то камера сохраняет функциональность и воспринимает зарядку пот micro-USB.

Подводя резюме:
несмотря на неустановленное происходжение этой камеры, ее возможности вполне достаточны для выполнения тех задач, для которых я ее купил. Отсутствие режимов в 120 или 240 fps делает ее непригодной для съемок экстемальных развлечений типа вингсьюта, но я на такое никогда и не решусь, а если учесть, что сейчас у китайских друзей она стоит уже $80 (эх, если бы я знал об этом раньше), камера вообще становится привлекательным приобретением.

SJCAM SJ4000 Review

A Cheap GoPro Clone

The SJCAM SJ4000 action camera is a pretty close copy of the GoPro Hero series.

But it’s about 1/3 the price.

I’m guessing neither GoPro or SJCAM will like that comparison, but there it is.

In fact, the SJ4000 is so close in shape, size and format that it fits in GoPro housings and uses GoPro accessories.

That said, the SJ4000 — here in the WiFi edition — has features the GoPro should have had a long time ago.

The built-in WiFi works surprisingly well and much better than anyone would expect for a camera that costs less than 70 bucks.

And that includes a waterproof housing…

The “Sports” kit shown here adds a bunch of adapters and mounts and even a plug-in wall charger.

The SJ4000 has an easy-to-use menu system or you can also use the free app to change the settings.

The app provides a live view, as does the small color LCD monitor on the back of the camera.

The camera even allows dash cam loop recording!

Overall, the SJ4000 takes pretty good video — not outstanding and not as good as the better GoPro cameras.

But if you’re looking for a square format action camera that works with many accessories also available for the GoPro, the SJCAM4000 is a darn good deal.


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…”, or so the saying goes. But the acerbic Oscar Wilde added this kicker: “…that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Back around, oh, a dozen or so years ago when we first started reviewing what are now called “action cameras” (and even before the era of the HD format), GoPro came out with a funny-looking camera that was fairly revolutionary for its time.

Since then, the square GoPro format camera has become very popular.

And as one might expect, the explosion of cheap action cameras over the last few years has included many no-name brands cashing in on the GoPro design.

Actually, that’s not really a problem because — as motorcyclists well know — this type of competition helps to lower prices and creates better products.

SJCAM is one of the better-known manufacturers and they’ve recently greatly improved their marketing presence and even their website, which now appears much more professional than it did in the past.

Their product line has also expanded recently, beyond the standard square-shaped cameras and into new realms.

For example, SJCAM now makes a cute little “cube”-shaped action cam called the M10, which is a riff on the Polaroid Cube we reviewed a couple of years ago.

And how about the strangely-shaped M20 (something like a modern version of the AEE HD50 we reviewed in 2020)?

The fact is, there are dozens or even hundreds of small, cheap and pretty good action cameras available today that can be used on a motorcycle.

I’m not sure how GoPro maintains their lofty pricing strategy but for general fun-style motorcycle use, posting videos to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube, you don’t need an expensive action cam.

Buy a couple of el cheapos and stick ’em all over your bike and helmet and you can easily become a pretty darn good videographer and the envy of your friends.

And the SJCAM SJ4000 is a pretty good place to start…

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Which SJ4000?

SJCAM has improved their market presence recently with an updated website and several new products.

The SJ4000 now comes in three different flavors: the base SJ4000, the SJ4000 WiFi version shown here and a new SJ4000+ action camera with up to 2K (2560×1440) recording format.

If you’re looking for basic HD video recording for general motorcycle use and you plan on posting to social media or a website, the SJ4000 is perfectly fine.

Forget the 2K recording; you really don’t need it for those cheesy motorcycle clips 99.99% of us will make.

And to be honest, WiFi doesn’t add all that much to the mix, since the SJ4000 has a live view anyway.

The remote WiFi live view capability only really helps when you’re aligning the camera on a helmet or elsewhere, because you can see what the camera is pointed at before you start the ride.

But the menu system built into the SJ4000 is so easy to use, we actually prefer it to the app.

Because even with the very quick and flawless (so far for us) pairing time between the SJ4000 and your smartphone or tablet, it’s still faster and probably easier to make the changes using the SJ4000’s built-in menu system.

So you can easily buy the base model SJ4000 for $79.00 list (about $68.00 street price), which comes with the waterproof housing, and you’re good to go.

The WiFi version has a list price of $99.00 and the SJ4000+ lists for $139.00.

One more thing: be careful what you’re buying and make sure you read the “what’s included” part (and make sure the box specifically states “WiFi” if you’re looking for that version).

We’ve seen SJ4000 kits of all different types, some with more included accessories than others. You’ve been warned…

In the Box

We lucked out — just by chance, we picked the SJ4000 “Sports” kit before we realized there are multiple versions of the SJ4000 action camera kits.

The SJ4000 WiFi Sports kit (our Amazon.com affiliate link) includes a bunch of accessory mounting brackets for the waterproof housing (the housing is included with every SJ4000 version).

As we’ve always said, one of the most important features of a motorcycle action camera is how it’s mounted, so you can’t have too many options here.

The square format with waterproof housing (you can’t really use the SJ4000 or GoPro on a motorcycle without it) makes mounting a bit more of a challenge on a helmet or bike, don’t forget.

The SJ4000 WiFi Sports kit includes:

  • The SJ4000 camera with waterproof housing.
  • A bicycle handlebar mount.
  • Various base mounts and clips for the waterproof housing.
  • A USB Cable and wall outlet charger.
  • A basic multi-language instruction manual (.pdf).
  • A microfiber lens cleaning cloth, some hook-and-loop strips and cable ties.

New Sports kits apparently also now include a bonus 32 GB Transcend microSD memory card, already installed in the camera. This was not included in our kit, however.

Note that 32 GB is the maximum recommended capacity for memory cards in the SJ4000.

Feature Highlights

The SJ4000 records HD video using the H.264 format in .MOV files.

Video formats include 1080p/30fps; 720p at 30fps or 60fps (confirmed that the 720p/60fps is interpolated, not actual, as we stated in our video below); and 480P (848×480) at 60fps.

Some highlights of the SJ4000 feature set include:

  • The camera also takes still photos but, like most of the other action cameras we’ve reviewed, your smartphone probably does better at that.
  • The camera kit also includes a 900mAH removable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which to be honest doesn’t really keep the camera running all that long — maybe an hour or so — depending on usage.
  • The camera can be powered as a webcam but it would be impractical to do that while riding because you can’t use the waterproof housing at the same time.Note, however, that there is a special waterproof housing available as an option that has a built-in connection for a car charger.
  • Continuous Shooting Burst Rate of 3, 5, 10 photos in a burst.
  • Time Lapse mode: 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Interesting SJ4000 Features

The SJ4000 has a fairly extensive menu system for this type of camera (and better than most, considering the price range).

While perhaps not as extensive as the cool little Mobius action cam (review) with its large user base and extensive customization ability, the SJ4000 allows a few interesting customization possibilities, available directly through its 7-page on-board menu system:

Field of View: Sort of an undocumented feature (not mentioned in the SJCAM marketing literature that we found) is the ability to change the camera’s field of view from wide (170 degrees) to “medium” and “narrow”.

Also available is an “off” function for FOV but we’re not sure what that does.

ISO Equivalents: Not usually available in action cameras, the ISO can be set to auto (default) or 100, 200 or 400 ISO.

White Balance: Another uncommon feature is the ability to modify white balance from auto to cloudy, daylight and for incandescent lighting.

Exposure Values: The SJ4000 allows exposure changes from +3.0 to -3.0 EV in 0.33 step increments, a very uncommon feature in this type of camera.

We left the exposure and all the settings on default for our videos because that’s what most owners will do, but the exposure adjustments will come in very handy on this camera as you can see in the video because the default setting overexposes by about 1 stop.

Sharpness: Sharpness of recording can be set to “soft”, “normal” or “strong”.

Dash Cam/Loop Recording: Yes, the SJ4000 can even be used for loop recording as a dash cam, although mounting and powering the camera is challenging, so this feature isn’t as valuable as it could be.

Underwater Setting: Not sure what this does (probably accounts for light color changes under water) but it’s there as an on or off setting.

Motion Detection: The SJ4000 can be set (on/off) to start recording whenever motion is detected in front of the lens. Handy for all you stealthy Philip Marlowe types.

Miscellaneous Features: Button sounds on/off; screen dimming off/30 seconds/1 minute/3 minutes/5 minutes.

Frequency: Check to make sure the frequency is set correctly for your country (50 Hz or 60 Hz) before you connect the SJ4000 to a TV set. Ours was set at 50 Hz even though we use 60 Hz in the U.S.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Using the SJ4000

Back in the old days (and they were not really the “good old days”, despite what others have told you), using an action camera was as difficult as using a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system. Translation: it was a PIA.

Today, however, if you can turn the SJ4000 on, you pretty much know how to use it.

Insert the battery and microSD card, charge the camera (it takes much longer than you’d like) and press the on/off mode button in front.

Next, push the record button on top and you’re recording. Push again to stop.

Push the mode button in front a second time to access the still photo feature (and then press the button on top to snap a photo).

Press again to play back the stored photos and video on the microSD card.

Press once more to access the menu system.

There are 7 pages of menu choices and you can scroll down using the up/down arrow buttons on the side of the camera.

Push the “OK” button on top to select your choice, then scroll again to your desired setting and press “OK” again to save.

Waterproof Housing and Mount

The SJ4000 comes with a waterproof housing that for all the world looks identical to a GoPro housing and indeed, they are interchangeable as we discovered.

The SJ4000 is missing one key ingredient though: the suction cup mount with articulated arm.

But we trashed most of them and kept this $20.00 Sony suction cup mount because it has multiple degrees of freedom for positioning the camera.

You’ll need something like it for the square format of the GoPro and SJ4000.

SJ4000 WiFi

The SJ4000 WiFi version, as its name implies, has a WiFi connectivity feature.

What’s surprising about it is that the WiFi connectivity is not only easy to use, it actually works — the first time and (so far) every time.

We absolutely did not expect this, because too many of the “connected” action cameras we’ve reviewed in the past have so many problems and issues with both initiating and maintaining a connection.

There’s a little homework to be done before the first connection.

First, start the WiFi system in the SJ4000 by pressing the “up” button on the side of the camera (the up button also has a WiFi pictogram).

Of course, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet and you’ll have to switch the WiFi connection from your home router or wherever it’s currently connected and select the SJ4000.

A password is displayed on the SJ4000’s live view screen (hint: you can actually change the password if you’d like by using the menu system). Enter the password on your smart device and you’re in.

Again, this was surprisingly — dare we say shockingly? — simple, fast, easy and it works every time.

Press the WiFi button on the side of the camera once, connect with the phone or tablet (if the password is saved, it doesn’t have to be re-entered) and it works.

But…it’s not a necessity by any means for using and enjoying the SJ4000.

Once it’s set up and running, the SJCAM app (available here for download) can be used to change the camera settings and get a live view.

Other than using the live view to aim the camera if it’s mounted on a helmet or the side of the bike, the WiFi connection isn’t really necessary and, in fact, burns up precious battery life.

Bottom line? The WiFi connectivity is fun to play with but not really necessary.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Video Quality

The best way that we found to enjoy the SJ4000 video is to record at the 1080p/30fps setting.

Using 60fps is usually better for motorcycles because more frames make for a smoother video.

But the SJ4000’s 720p/60fps setting is interpolated from 30fps and we found that the quality of the 720p/60fps video isn’t as good as the 1080p/30fps versions.

The 1080p video is sharp and clear and the exposure is good, with some noticeable switching back and forth as the camera enters shadows and light.

Some minimal modifications to exposure can be made in the menu system, as noted in previous sections, but don’t expect anything like DSLR style customization.

For general motorcycle use and posting to Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, etc., it’s perfectly acceptable.

One other thing: we noticed that when the camera is in the waterproof housing with the solid clear back installed, the sound is recorded without wind noise (albeit at a lower volume). So this is something of an extra bonus.


The SJCAM SJ4000 is easy to use — easier, in fact, than the last GoPro we tried.

The price is very reasonable, although you’ll need some type of accessory mounting system and the square GoPro-type camera format can be a but clumsy to use on a helmet or motorcycle.

Also, many of the existing GoPro accessories can be used with the SJ4000 — and there are plenty of those available today.

If you’re into a square format motorcycle action camera, the SJ4000 is a, well, square deal at something like 1/3 the cost of a GoPro system.

And honestly, no one will be able to tell the difference in your YouTube videos.

Where to Buy SJCAM SJ4000

Owner Comments and Feedback

From “H.S.” (October 2020): “Good review of the SJ4000 WiFi. I think it’s a credible entry into the world of action cams, and it’s certainly a bargain.

I’ve owned a GoPro Hero4 Silver (review), my second action camera, for a year or so now. My first was the Liquid Image Ego 727 I reviewed, more of which in a bit.

The Hero4 Silver — now itself superseded by the recently introduced Hero5 series — offers some advantages over the SJ4000 WiFi.

Whether it’s worth about four times the cost of the SJ4000 is dependent on a user’s requirements and budget, certainly.

In thinking about this, here’s what I came up with.

Hardware: The GoPro can accept a 64 GB microSD card, vs. 32 GB for the SJ4000, if max capacity matters.

Next, the GoPro has several FOV settings. Those fisheye effects may be appropriate for some sports videos, but I seriously prefer the “medium” setting, and use it for my videos.

I believe the GoPro’s 60 FPS recordings are not interpolated, which may be important in some situations.

Last, based on some of my videos, I think the GoPro handles the combination of sunlight and shade a little better than the SJ400. That is, I think it has a greater exposure range.

Software: The smartphone app for the Hero4 seems more polished, at least on the iPhone, than the SJ4000 app. And, like you, I’ve never had a problem connecting the Hero4 to the phone.

Firmware updates have been released regularly.

This is one area in which the Ego 727 fell short: Liquid Image stopped releasing updates, and it’s not as if the firmware was somehow, magically, perfect at the time.

The maker of the SJCAM series, Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology Co., Ltd., seems more serious about updating software. Whether this practice will continue, and be on a par with GoPro, remains to be seen.

Aftermarket Hardware Compatibility: You note that SJCAM offers an optional waterproof case that can also keep the SJ4000 charged. I’d want that, if I had an SJ4000.

As it turns out, I bought a similar product from 3BR Powersports for my Hero4, their “X-PWR All-weather external power case“. I added their special USB cable and their Panel TAPP.

As with the Hero4 itself, the 3BR products are more expensive than the SJCAM offering (in fact, more expensive than the SJ4000 WiFi itself). However, the 3BR suite is end-to-end waterproof, unlike the SJCAM’s termination with a cigarette-lighter style plug.

Caught in the rain, I’d much rather have the 3BR products.

Last, I wonder about the compatibility of some of the GoPro products that mount on their stock case. For instance, I’ve used some of the GoPro underwater filters; these slip over the GoPro case, and I’m not sure whether they’ll work with the SJ4000.

Aftermarket Software Compatibility: For many of my videos, I use a priced version of a product called TrackAddict on my iPhone.

TrackAddict can start the GoPro’s recording, while simultaneously starting the phone’s collecting GPS-based data such as speed and altitude.

I think this an interesting capability, and this synchronization also eliminates the need for buying additional hardware (unless you want a higher GPS sampling rate). I employed this in my two recent on-track videos (on Vimeo), for instance, here and here.

The data was merged with the GoPro’s video using “Race Render 3“.

Unfortunately, this aspect of TrackAddict seems limited to some GoPro cameras, the Garmin VIRB (review), and 360fly models.

This may be a factor of market share, or it may be the result of the FJ4000’s hardware and software — I have no idea.

HP Tuners, the maker of TrackAddict, is not the only player in this game. I suspect that you’ll find similar compatibility limitations with competitive products.

Summary: That’s it, from my experience. I don’t know whether these differences justify the cost of going with the market leader, but I hope it gives you something to think about if you consider the purchase a long-term investment.

For just getting started, however, it certainly seems like the SJ4000 WiFi may be just the ticket.”

Editor’s Note: Simplicity and ease of use is most important, according to feedback from webBikeWorld readers.

Thus, the SJ4000 and especially the very easy-to-use Sena Tube (review) are among the top picks if all you want to do is “press and go” and get some quick video for social media.

From “P.S.” (October 2020): “Just read your review for the SJ4000. Glad you did, cause I bought one a year or so ago and didn’t know how it fared against the big gun of GoPro and such.

Also, I just found out that their might be an update for the software, will be checking this. Some features I didn’t know about (instruction from a year ago are lousy at best) which I will explore.

AAs for the connectivity… Well for me it doesn’t go that easy. I used it with and iPad and an iPhone and it doesn’t repeat, it lags, bugs, lose image and so on. I’ve kind of gave up on that feature.

Maybe the software update will help, but I was wondering if your experience was with Apple product or Android?

Was also wondering if the 480/60 frame was a 30 frame extrapolated?

As always, great work, always a joy to read you Keep up the great work, I like you a lot!”

Editor’s Reply: No Apple products are used here so the connection was with an Android phone and Android tablet.

You do have to stop the home router WiFi connection first, then connect the SJ4000 WiFi only, as a single WiFi connection to your phone or tablet.

But, I’m not sure how this would work on an Apple device.

Also, I think the 480p/60fps is interpolated also, that’s probably one of the things that keeps the cost low.

SJCAM SJ5000 WIFI Action Camera Unboxing Review

Today we get SJCAM SJ5000 action camera, let’s check our first look at the SJCAM SJ5000 WIFI enabled action cam. You can find various sellers selling this on Amazon.ca, however we would highly suggest buying this directly through SJCAM’s official Amazon storefront for piece of mind if you’re concerned about warranty. Their store name is SJCAM DIRECT on Amazon.ca.

SJCAM is probably the second most recognizable brand on the market when it comes to Action Cams and for good reason. The features and build quality of their action cams are on par with the likes of GoPro, but they come in at a much lower price point, sometimes as much as 50% less than the equivalent GoPro model.

The SJ5000 we’re unboxing today features a custom advanced Panasonic 14MP Image sensor capable of capturing videos in 1080p 30FPS Full HD with an adjustable field of view of between 70- 170 degrees. It is equipped with a 2 inch LCD Display screen to review your videos directly from the camera, or you can use to utilize its WIFI capabilities and review your videos directly through the SJCAM smartphone app, available on both Android & IOS platforms. Not only is the SJ5000 an Action Camera that’s waterproof upto 30Ms, it can also capture upto 3 photos per second and can also be used as a Car DVR. Before unboxing this, we lastly want to mention that it comes with a removable 900mAh battery, which allows for approximately 90 minutes of recording time and supports microSD cards up to 64gb. You can check its official site to know more details from here.

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