Tired of lies ! Binary options are evil and scam Сhecking the brokers for a fact of fraud

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Why could Kafka warn “partitions have leader brokers without a matching listener”?

I’m trying to get Kafka to work on docker-compose for the first time. The application runs fine without docker. But on docker, I get the error as described below. Any reason why Kafka would throw this error?

email-service_1 | 2020-12-01 14:32:02.448 WARN 1 — [ntainer#0-0-C-1] o.a.k.c.NetworkClient : [Consumer clientId=consumer-2, groupId=kafka] 1 partitions have leader brokers without a matching listener, including [email-token-0]

My docker-compose config:

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As stated in the comments to your question the problem seems to be with the advertised name for the Kafka broker. According to your docker-compose you should be using but your email-service is using kafka:9092 . You can try with this docker-compose. I replaced the wurstmeister services with the latest Zookeeper and Kafka provided by confluentinc and added your email-service.

advertised.listeners: Listeners to publish to ZooKeeper for clients to use, if different than the listeners config property. In IaaS environments, this may need to be different from the interface to which the broker binds. If this is not set, the value for listeners will be used. Unlike listeners it is not valid to advertise the meta-address.

Please note that KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME has been deprecated and it’s recommended to use KAFKA_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS instead. For more information about KAFKA_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS check here.


I am trying to run a docker compose with a kafka client using the registry of https://github.com/wurstmeister/kafka-docker I am trying to run a very simple kafka cluster with a single broker and 3 topics with each 1 partition and a replication factor of 1.

this great link explains connectivity for a kafka cluster with one broker, a kafka cluster with several brokers and also notions about the listeners, all using docker, please have a look : https://github.com/wurstmeister/kafka-docker/wiki/Connectivity


The first time i run docker-compose up –force-recreate –build , everything runs just fine !
The topics are created automatically using KAFKA_CREATE_TOPICS and I can use kafka producer and consumer just fine.

list topics : bin/kafka-topics.sh –list –bootstrap-server localhost:9092
producer : bin/kafka-console-producer.sh –broker-list localhost:9092 –topic productadvisor_sales_dev
consumer : bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 –topic productadvisor_sales_dev –from-beginning

After that, everytime I do docker-compose stop , and relaunch using docker-compose up –force-recreate –build and try to produce data I get the following error message .

Error Message : [2020-09-23 19:41:33,037] WARN [Producer clientId=console-producer] 1 partitions have leader brokers without a matching listener, including [productadvisor_purchase_dev-0] (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)


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It appears you need to specify the value of KAFKA_BROKER_ID (=1 for instance) so that the zookeeper doesn’t try to create a new broker which can’t have a listener because it is binded to the old one.


[Some documentation]


if anyone has more information about the inner working of kafka, the zookeeper and the broker and why we need to specify it, why the information is kept even if I do a –force-recreate –build . please do not hesitate. I am new to kafka and this is one of my first complete post on stackoverflow :)

Binary Options Broker Scams

Do you want to check whether a broker is scam or legit? Currently there are over 100 binary options brokers and many of them are scam. We took the time, to do some research and test the most popular binary options brokers and here is the list.

We add new brokers in a daily basis, but if you have a suggestions or you have been scammed, please let us know and we will try to help you.

This is currently the biggest list of this kind on the internet. Please help us by sharing the list on your website and blog or social bookmark the page.

List of Legit and Scam Binary Options Brokers (Last Update: April, 2020)

Broker Name US Trusted/Scam CYSEC/ASIC Regulated Status
HighLow Trusted Yes Online
IQOption Trusted Yes Online
365Trading Trusted Yes Online
BDswiss Trusted Yes Online
24Option Trusted Yes 1st July, 2020 – removed binary options completely
Nadex Trusted Yes The only regulated US brand. Accepts US clients only.
Finpari Neutral No Online
No1Options Neutral No Stopped accepting new traders
BigOption Neutral No Stopped accepting new traders (August 2020)
CedarFinance SCAM No Online
10Trade Neutral No Online
365BinaryOption Neutral No Online
99Binary Neutral No Online
AnyOption Neutral No 28th June, 2020 – stopped accepting new customers
BancDeBinary Neutral No Out of business. Fined by CYSEC Jan2020 / Not accepting new traders 2020
Bloombex Neutral No Stopped all marketing activities
BossCapital Neutral No Online
CherryTrade Neutral No Online
CToption Neutral No Online
EZTrader Neutral No Online
FMTrader Neutral No Online
GOptions Neutral No Online
GrandOption Neutral No Online
InteractiveOption SCAM No Suspended license (April 2020)
LBinary Neutral No Online
MagnumOptions SCAM No Closed (2020). One of our readers reported it as scam.
MarketsKing SCAM No Out of business. Not paying affiliates (November 2020)
MarketsWorld Neutral No Online
Opteck Neutral No ASIC Warning | Most countries are not accepted anymore (July 2020)
OptionFair Neutral No Online
OptionRally Neutral No Online
OptionWeb Neutral No Temporary traffic suspension (September 2020)
PorterFinance Neutral No Online
RBOptions Neutral No Online
RedwoodOptions Neutral No Online
StockPair Neutral No Online
TitanTrade Neutral No Online
TradeThunder Neutral No Online
Tradorax Neutral No Online
TropicalTrade Neutral No Online
ZoomTrader Neutral No Online
OptionTime Neutral No Broker is out of business
EveryOption Neutral No Broker is out of business
GlobalTrader365 SCAM No Broker is out of business
EZBinary Neutral No Broker is out of business

Link to this list. Copy paste this code into your website:

Trusted – These are the best binary options brokers. We consider these to be the safest brokers, meaning that there is no evidence that this broker is a scam.

Neutral – These brokers are either too new with little to no reviews or they have mixed user reviews. Some of these brokers have almost impossible first deposit bonus conditions, therefor some users report them as scam, even if they aren’t.

Scam – Do not sign up with these brokers. Scam brokers are known for stealing money from the traders (ex. not allowing withdrawals).

Binary Options Signals Scams and Fraud

Unfortunately there are more and more binary options scams nowadays and there are a few things you should take into consideration before signing up.
Maybe you saw some ‘make money from home’ video that sounded too good to be true, but you still signed up? Most of the time these are binary trading signal websites (also called binary options robots).

Most of these kind of websites are scam and not the binary options brokers you sign up with. Don’t fall for these false promises of making thousands of dollars overnight with ‘little known, secret software’ giving you over 90% accuracy.

This is how these binary options trading signal sites work:

  • They make a website with a video and a signup form. Most of the time that’s all they have on their homepage.
  • They make a long 20-30 or even 45 minute video, where they tell you how good their software is and how few spots are left on their website.
  • They add fake testimonials on form of text on the homepage or video reviews (such reviews can be bought for $5 on another website)
  • They tell you that the software is free, but they require you to sign up and deposit to one of their recommended brokers. This is how they get paid: the lure you with a fake software and get paid by the brokers for referring you.

List of Binary Options Signal Scams

Following signal providers are considered to be scam and are not recommended: 1K Daily Profit, The Millionaires Club, Daily Trader Club, The Italian Method, Profit Magnet, Rock The Stock, Zulander Hack, Binary Matrix Pro, The London System, Elite Millionaire Society, My First Online Payday, Trade Fusion Exposed, Free Money Guaranteed System, Magic Money Machine.

US Brokers And Regulations

If you are a non-US trader, it’s advisable to pick one of the regulated brokers. If you are a US trader, you have no choice but to pick one of the unregulated brokers, because regulating firms like Cysec do not allow US traders. As a consequence, there are not US brokers that are regulated, but keep in mind that no all of them are bad, they are just not regulated.

Binary Options Scams – What Else To Look For

We cannot guarantee for any of these brokers. Unfortunately there are many brokers (especially new ones) that simply disappear, not paying traders.

Don’t choose brokers that haven’t been around for at least a year.

On this page we also inform our users about any unethical business practices. The truth is, these unethical brokers are capitalizing on the legit brokers, by offering similar services, bonuses and platform. However, once you deposit money at the wrong broker, you will most probably lose it. There are many legit brokers out there, so make sure to choose wisely.

Most new traders don’t know about the sign up bonus tricks of the brokers. If you sign up and accept a sign up bonus, without reading the terms and conditions, you will most likely lock your funds. These bonuses have a restriction that is very hard to fulfil, therefore you will not be able to withdraw your money. Always read the terms or ask your manager to explain the bonus for you.

Identity Check On Deposits And Withdrawals – Are They Safe?

Most binary options brokers want to (or are obliged to) know who their are getting the money from or they want to check whether the person withdrawing the money is the same as the depositor. This is necessary to avoid credit card fraud, money laundering and possible account hacks. You shouldn’t wonder if the broker asks for a copy of your ID or utility bill, however if a broker asks for your credit card info for social security number then be alerted. You should never, under any circumstances give this sensitive information away.

When Is A Broker Considered Scam

Nowadays you will find negative reviews about really everything. Even the best and most respected brands in the world have negative reviews. We’ve even seen cases where losing traders claimed that the broker they were trading on was scam, only because they lose all their money. It’s not always easy to have a clear overlook on these things.

When we a broker as scam, we always have evidence from multiple sources including:

  • user reviews on multiple websites and forums
  • user who email us
  • user reviews on scam report sites
  • brokers that lose their regulation status
  • brokers that do not pay traders or affiliates

I’ve Been Scammed – What Can I Do?

First of all call your bank and explain your situation. Ask for a charge-back because there is a slight chance that you get your money back. If you use PayPal, you will be able to open a dispute and get a chargeback.
Also make sure to contact us, and let us know exactly what happened. All we can do is to publish your negative review on our website and warn other traders.

Warning: Be extra careful with brokers that accept US traders. Usually these brokers are not regulated, this means that your money is not as safe with them as with regulated brokers. If we find enough evidence that these brokers are scams, we will list them on this page.

13 February 2020 – Opteck gets ASIC warning. Australian traders should avoid this broker. Opteck does not have a valid license to operate in Australia. See the list below for more warnings and scams.

27 September 2020 – Optionweb temporary traffic suspension.

Don’t forget to share this list with others and social bookmark it.

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This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

The binary option scam: Evil Incorporated vs the “Don’t Be Evil” corporation

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

Today I’m going to digress a bit from all things TurnKey related to shine a much needed light on a monster I found lurking in my backyard.

I decided to write this post after being horrified this weekend to discover someone in my family has gone to the dark side, working in the heart of Tel-Aviv’s ugliest billion dollar “industry”: binary options scams.

If you aren’t fully educated about binary option scams, the best source of information I’ve found is TimesOfIsrael’s shocking expose:

An industry turning over hundreds of millions of dollars, employing thousands of people, is cynically cheating naive would-be investors worldwide via a range of corrupt practices. It is doing terrible harm to its victims, and it risks doing the same to Israel’s reputation.

It’s a very good read, as are the ongoing follow up articles, especially this one: Binary options: a scam that has to be stopped. Indeed.

TL;DR: binary options are an upgraded Nigerian prince scam. This isn’t gambling dressed up as legitimate finance. That would be bad enough. No, this is organized crime. Scammers from Israel pretending to be well-trained financiers from respectable financial centers (e.g., London), soliciting funds for “low-risk investments”, funneled into rigged one-way “online trading” platforms that make it easy to transfer money in, but next to impossible to transfer money out. Where winning is the same as losing. After they suck you dry, they just stop taking your calls. These companies make regulated gambling outfits look like social aid.

The TimesOfIsrael articles are insightful not just with regards to binary option scams, but also with regards to weaknesses that are allowing Google search results to be manipulated, and how a new kind of criminal organization is exploiting loopholes in the frameworks of International legal and financial networks to run predatory rackets through the Internet.

After reading the article I think I know how honest Nigerians must feel. This isn’t business. It’s economic terrorism. A hateful antisemitic fantasy come to life. The ugliest kind of destructive, predatory financial fraud, on a massive scale.

As a fellow Israeli I am deeply ashamed that my country is providing safe harbour to these organized crime syndicates, instead of putting the shameless sociopaths who run them behind bars where they belong.

This industry is a monstrous machine for transforming greed, fear and capital into distilled suffering. Suffering for the hundreds of thousands of deceived victims worldwide. Suffering for the thousands of employees, mostly young and foolish, tempted by easy money to sell their souls, auctioning off their values to the highest bidder.

I worry for my family member. One cannot be an active participant or even quietly complicit in evil without being corrupted by it:

There is no fortress so strong that money cannot take it

What should we do about this?

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Fight disinformation with information. Spread the word. Link, tweet and share articles that expose the scam. Use “binary options” keywords in your links. If enough of us do that that will make sure the articles exposing this fraud are the first thing that comes up when someone runs a search.

This will help rebalance Google’s search results which are currently undergoing active manipulation:

Israelis entirely legitimate expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is here being utilized in the sophisticated manipulation of Google’s search engine, whereby the companies perpetrating the fraud turn up high on Google searches, the better to attract new clients. This creates a near information blackout, where both potential clients and potential employees have little idea what they’re getting into. So skilled is the industry in manipulating Google, indeed, that anyone trying to research the industry is directed to supposedly informative websites that are often run by corrupt firms and their affiliates.

At the time of writing I can attest to the sad truth of the above myself. Google is one of my favourite companies, but it’s currently failing the would be victims of this scam industry.

Remind Google not to be evil

A grassroots viral campaign to get the word out will do a world of good, but it may not be enough.

We also need to complain loudly to Google. It is profiting off of this “industry” by allowing these companies on its ad network and sponsored search results. Through this complicitness Google risks substantial damage to its brand and “don’t be evil” reputation.

For example, the first time I googled for binary options my screen was filled top to bottom with 4 sponsored ads for binary option “trading platforms”. These ads dominated the entire screen. I’ve never seen sponsored ads take up so much of a Google search results page before.

I had to scroll down to see the first organic result, which is a binary options company!

Googling for binary options scam leads to sites affiliated with binary options companies that are supposedly tracking the “bad apples”. These sites are wallpapered with ads for “legitimate” binary options companies. A matryoshka doll of deception nested within deception.

How to tell Google what you think

  1. Link to articles exposing the scam. Make sure to include “binary options” in the link text.
  2. Complain publicly on the Google search product forum.
  3. Send Google your private feedback on any search term by clicking on the “Send feedback” link at the bottom of the search results.
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