Timing Price Moves – My First Vid!

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Timing Price Moves – My First Vid!

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Timing Price Moves – My First Vid!

After more than a month of volatile trading and non-stop coronavirus news, U.S. markets will get a sorely needed holiday on Friday.

Why some investors think more big falls are coming

When markets were in freefall under the pressure of coronavirus last month, Gregory Perdon was tempted to fall back on a tried-and-tested maxim that has assured investors a healthy profit for the past decade. “Every portfolio manager is mindful of the mantra to ‘buy the dip’,” said the co-chief investment officer at London-based private bank Arbuthnot Latham. “Initially, I thought this would be a V-shaped recovery,” he said — a speedy return to health for the global economy and the capital markets after a short spell of distress triggered at the end of February by virus outbreaks and lockdowns in Europe.

Billionaire Mark Cuban explains how stock-market bears feel about bulls: ‘I don’t think they are really factoring in what they are going to see on the other side’ of coronavirus

What impact will the worst pandemic in 100 years have on the American psyche? Cuban’s comments came as S&P 500 index (SPX) technically entered a bull market, having now risen 20% from the recent low put in on March 23.

Inside Bill Ackman’s $2.6bn big short

In late February, Bill Ackman began worrying about the approaching coronavirus pandemic. The silver-haired billionaire was so concerned about the economic fallout that he even contemplated selling all of the holdings at the investment group he founded almost two decades ago. Instead, working from his study at home, Mr Ackman made a series of trades designed to “hedge” Pershing Square’s portfolio, that is, to protect it in the event of a market sell-off.

Three stocks to buy at ‘the most attractive entry point’ since 2009 from an index-beating hedge-fund manager

Dev Kantesaria of Valley Forge Capital Management says investors need to own ‘the highest-quality businesses on the planet.’

Stocks are finally flashing signs of a confirmed bottom, says analyst who called 25% rally

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee says history shows the speed of a market recovery is tied to the speed of collapse. That could mean a return to all-time highs this year.

‘I Am Trying To Get More Cash’: Why Mark Cuban Isn’t Hopeful On US Market Rally

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Wednesday said he isn’t hopeful that the recent market rally signals the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on markets has bottomed out.What Happened According to the “Shark Tank” star, it could just be a matter of investors buying the rumor and selling the news.”I think people are naturally optimistic right now in terms of the market,” Cuban told CNBC. “I just don’t think they are really factoring in what we are going to see on the other side.”The NBA Dallas Mavericks owner said that while he is “hopeful” for the long-term, the market could see another coronavirus-caused slump in the short-term.Cuban added that he hadn’t purchased any stocks in the last two weeks, and instead, he is “trying to get more cash.”As for his stock bets, he continues to hold Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN).”If I’m wrong and the market keeps on going up, my core holdings, Netflix and Amazon, are going to continue to do well,” the Broadcast.com founder said at the CNBC show. “I just kept where I was. I haven’t added or subtracted.”Why It Matters U.S. stocks have recovered somewhat in the past two weeks after seeing historic wipeouts as coronavirus spread in the country.The COVID-19 cases have increased to 432,132 in the U.S. at press time, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, and continue on the upward slope.The most optimistic forecast from National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow put a timeline of four to eight weeks on when the economy could restart, as reported by Bloomberg.Despite the recent gains, S&P 500 is down 14.9% year-to-date, Nasdaq Composite is down 9.8%, and Dow Jones has seen 17.9% of its value erased.In comparison, Amazon is up 10.5% year-to-date at $2,041.56 and Netflix is up 14.7% at $371.06.Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia.See more from Benzinga * Dow, S&P Futures Drop Signaling An End To 3-Day Long Recovery Rally * Trump Lashes Out At Washington, Michigan Governors For Pandemic Response: ‘We Don’t Like To See The Complaints’ * Senate Passes T Coronavirus Stimulus Package After Nearly A Week Of Tough Negotiations(C) 2020 Benzinga.com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

I’m nearing retirement but was just laid off. What should I do?

It’s a scenario that could be detrimental to anyone’s finances, especially if they’re nearing retirement. At least 1.2 million people age 55 and older were unemployed in March, up from just about 1 million in February, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate, which is the number of people in the workforce divided by the number of those who are unemployed, for this demographic was 3.3, up from 2.6 the month before.

Here’s what Goldman Sachs is telling wealthy clients to do in this market

President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House coronavirus press briefing on Monday that he sees “a tremendous light at the end of the tunnel” amid the pandemic. Clearly, Silvia Ardagna, managing director in the investment strategy group within Goldman Sachs private Wealth Management, agrees with him.

The $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) delivers good news to individuals and businesses, including meaningful tax relief. The tax relief offered by the CARES Act is over and above the tax relief offered by the earlier Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Finally, the IRS has graciously postponed some federal tax payment deadlines and some federal tax return filing deadlines.

First big bankruptcy of latest oil downturn comes to Houston

In many cases, it would have taken longer for a large company to put together a prearranged bankruptcy, but discussions with creditors were already in the works.

OPEC+ Agrees To Cut Oil Output For Two Years But There’s One Holdout

OPEC+ reached an agreement to reduce production for through April 2022 to help prop up oil prices, but the deal is conditional on the consent of Mexico.

Which stock markets and other asset trading exchanges are closed on Good Friday? Easter Monday?

It won’t be your typical Easter, or Passover, on Wall Street, in the era of COVID-19, the deadly pandemic that has forced a global shutdown of businesses and caused governments to impose social-distancing measures to curb the spread of the disease.

When are stimulus checks coming? Money could roll out to Americans next week

Americans have received conflicting information on when they will receive stimulus checks. But there’s good news: checks will hit their bank accounts soon.

Some auto insurers are giving refunds because of the coronavirus outbeak — here’s how you can get a break too

The country’s largest auto insurer said Thursday it’s sending $2 billion back to customers, joining Allstate, Geico, Liberty Mutual and other insurers making deals for customers.

Founder of world’s largest hedge fund doubles down on ‘cash is trash’ argument, warning of debt-fueled inflation

With U.S. stocks down more than 20% from their February highs, investors who had taken money out of equities and corporate debt and put that money into cash in recent weeks have avoided a great deal of pain.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Sells Block of Bank of New York Stock

Berkshire Hathaway sold $30.9 million of the bank’s shares. It now owns a stake of less than 10% in Bank of New York Mellon.

Global oil output cuts held hostage to standoff

Oil producers in the OPEC+ group, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, were expected to pressure Mexico on Friday to seal an accord for a collective cut in output of 10 million barrels per day, before asking other nations for a further 5 million bpd of cuts. The United States has encouraged global cooperation to bolster an oil market that collapsed as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated in March and producers resorted to a price war after failing to agree on how to prop up prices. Oil prices tumbled on Thursday despite OPEC+ nearing agreement as the lockdowns ordered across the world sucked life out of the global economy, and traders reckoned that even a combined reduction of 15 million bpd would be too little to stabilise the market.

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