Smart Cash Review is Scam or Should I Invest

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Smart Cash System Review – Be Smart and Stay Away From Tom Wilson!

Service Quality




Product Name: Smart Cash System

Product owner: Tom Wilson

Verdict: Scam

Smart Cash System is a “unique” program that claims to help you earn $4000 per week with little effort from your side. The owner of the program is Tom Wilson and he explains on his website that you can make that amount of money without selling products, advertising, referring or having a website.

Though I’m a seasoned internet marketer and know to spot scams, I was very intrigued by the program when came across it first. But I knew that there was something wrong simply because making that amount of money didn’t look like something real to me.

And I was right, after a bit of investigation I found Tom’s secret to making over $4000 per week and now I’m going to reveal this secret for free.

You can read my full review of Smart Cash System, BUT for now I can say confidently that this program is not worth your time, effort, not to mention your money. Allow me to help you start your online journey on the right foot and save you from falling for scams like this one. And allow me to recommend you another program that has been around for over 10 years now and I’m actually a member of this program. And the good news is that it’s free to join!

The main idea behind Smart Cash System

If you visit Tom’s website, like in many other similar cases, you will see a classic sales pitch and the only goal here is to push the product and get you click the order button. If you read his sales pitch you will not find any information on HOW you are going to make money with Smart Cash System.

This is a classic approach which makes anyone curious and finally you make the order. There is no secret, Smart Cash System is all about Forex trading which is a risky venture. This is what I know from my brother’s experience. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t want to tell you anything about his program on his page.

Pros of Smart Cash System

  • Theoretically you can make some money if you’re: 1. have some knowledge, 2. experience, 3. if you are lucky
  • The price to join is affordable but it requires investments

Cons of Smart Cash System

  • Too many false promises
  • Exaggerated numbers
  • No refund
  • Requires investment
  • No support
  • A risky venture

Inside the program

1. First off, what I know from my own experience, if a program owner doesn’t exactly explain how you can make money with his program, that means there is something wrong. Just ask yourself a simple question: Why doesn’t Tom tell you about Forex trading on his website? What is the reason?

Can you answer this simple question? There is a simple answer to this simple question: He doesn’t want you to know this little “secret” until you pay him ��

2. He also claims that you don’t need to sell any products, have a website or join affiliate programs. In that case I must disappoint you because If you don’t do any of this you will not make any real money online.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
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    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

3. Though the price is affordable for an average internet user, to make money with Smart Cash System you need to invest your own money. The program is being promoted through Clickbank and if you feel that you are not happy with the product you can ask Clickbank for refund.

You will not have any problems here. But if you invest your money into the program and lose them, no one is going to refund your investment.

4. Tom claims that Forex trading is a simple yet proven method to make easy money in no time. This is not true at all. Trading at Forex requires a lot of experience, knowledge, patience and many tries and fails before you understand how and when to trade, when to stop. I’m not saying that Forex trading is a waste of time, not at all.

But before you get involved in this type of activity you need to read tons of materials, watch some video lessons, talk to the experts and even then it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed from making wrong decisions which might cost you little or a lot of money.

My brother had a bad experience at Forex and finally lost over $10.000, though a friend of mine had some success, but it was not about thousands of dollars as promised by Tom.

5. Testimonials that Tom uses on his website are most probably fake and there is no any proof to prove the opposite. I can put thousands of such testimonials on my website but it doesn’t help improve a business.

6. This type of business is based on getting signals and making prediction of the market which involves a lot of risk simply because no one can guarantee 100% accuracy.

In most cases, websites like Smart Cash System rely on trading softwares to automate and ease the process and the main problem here is that no software in the world can give you an accurate data.

If you decide to join Tom’s program, you will have to trade through their partner, OmniForex and the main thing here is that each time you invest your money they will make money off of you. On a side note, you need to pay that partner monthly for providing you signals.

7. Some other proposals from Tom also require additional investment

8. There is no support here and this is very common to such low quality products. I never recommend a product or program to anyone if they can’t get support from the owner of the program.

9. Anyone who has some experience at Forex or Binary options trading knows very well that though this type of activity requires knowledge and experience, the process is very similar to gambling because you can make some money today and lose twice more the next day or just a few hours later. There is no guarantee that you will make money. But Tom guarantees you the profit.

10. He also claims that you don’t need to invest to make money. This is not TRUE!

11. The same applies to his fake earnings.

Final word on Smart Cash System

If you’re reading this review, you are probably interested in making money online. If so, Smart Cash System is not the best program, though it doesn’t require a lot of investment to plug into the system but it requires investments to make money. If you want to make serious money you need to invest accordingly. I personally don’t recommend it. But it’s up to you.

What I recommend is the program that I tried myself and which has a very good reputation across the web for many years in a row. Thanks to that program I built my own business and so did many others and I know many of them. You can read about it below.

Отзывы о Smart Cash — телеграм канал

Обзор канала в телеграмме Smart Cash – отзывы о проекте со ставками

Иногда встречаются сомнительные сообщества, где оказывают сразу все мошеннические услуги, например, продажа договорных матчей, раскрутка счета и т.д.

Описание канала в телеграме Smart Cash

На ресурс в социальной сети Telegram подписано более 25 тыс. человек, активность у аудитории хорошая. Прогнозисты проекта для своих подписчиков публикуют бесплатные ставки с низким коэффициентом и процентом выигрышных событий. Руководит проектом человек под ником Бадтат (реальные имена скрыты).

Первое за что аналитика канала Smart Cash в телеграмме можно занести в ЧС, так это за то, что обманным путем под видом денежного конкурса заставляет проходить регистрацию в определенной букмекерской конторе:

Каждый день призовой фонд составляет 500000 рублей, для участия в розыгрыше требуется перейти по ссылке, зарегистрироваться, пополнить счет минимум на 150 рублей и выслать скрины в личные сообщения. Мы уверены, что выплат по конкурсу нет, а каппер работает по партнерской программе с букмекером – если приведенный игрок сливает депозит, то идет выплата 40%, все счета плюсовых клиентов высчитывают. Получается так, что прогнозисту просто невыгодно с финансовой точки зрения давать качественные прогнозы на спорт. Выводы делает каждый сам!

Стоимость платных ставок на спорт

Ежедневно на канале Smart Cash в телеграмме предлагают купить ЖБ инсайд за 2500 рублей со средним коэффициентом 1.75:

Если продажа инсайдов спорная услуга, то за раскрутку счета можно сразу заносить в черный список:

Прогнозист Багдат принимает вклады от 2000 рублей и гарантирует увеличения игрового банка в 3-10 раз, весь процесс занимает не более суток. Важно! Рассмотренная услуга очень распространена у мошенников и выплаты по инвестициям в принципе не предусмотрены – ставок в БК вообще никто не делает, а вкладчика в ЧС заносят сразу или после еще одной попытки развести доверчивого человека на деньги.

The Smart Cash App Review – More Than $1,500 a Day Or Is It Just a SCAM? – UPDATE Oct 2020 – Product Not Available

If you already have had a chance to review some ClickBank products, you probably noticed that in few cases one product somehow came to the end, and other – very similar to the 1st one appears as a brand new one. But if you take a closer look you see that besides the new look (like colors or logo) it is the very same product.

This is the case with Smart Profit App vs. Smart Cash App.

Here you find the Smart Cash App Review, which is an older version. There is no point in doing the review of the newer version called Smart Profit App since nothing has been added.

You see that right from the bat there is something fishy about this product. One would expect updated training or added new educational material, like for example in case of CB Passive Income version 5.0 were with each version Patric tries to make his product better. But it is not the case with the Smart Cash App.

We will take a look what is inside the Smart Cash App member’s area as well as pricing structure, as there are some upsells expected.


This website nor the product is available anymore.
You can continue to read the review but in my opinion, there is no point in doing it.

If you are interested in how to make money online, you can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a legit platform where you can learn a lot about websites, SEO, there are more than 300 hours of video training, not mentioning the best helpful community in the world.

Just check it out and form your own opinion.

Name: Smart Cash App
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Robert Fisher

Product Overview

The amount of visitors on the original website has dropped significantly in the last 4 months. Maybe people were coming to the conclusion that it was not that hot product.

Click to Enlarge

The owner or whoever is behind the curtain just rehashed and created Smart Profit App. Sales videos are available on YouTube. You can watch them and try to find 3 differences.

In fact here is the video to the supposedly new product which is Smart Profit App. If you pay attention, you will hear the guy saying Smart Cash App, instead of Smart Profit app (that is in 0:11 minutes of the video)

You don’t have to watch the entire video, as it is waste of time. But of course, if you want to see how they try to manipulate people in, by all means, go ahead and have fun ��

The sales video is pretty hyped up, just like many other ClickBank products. Again here you are told that you can make up to $1,500 a day with this system. This guy says, that he will tell you everything you need to know in just 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

This video (I mean both) is available on YouTube and “it is an exclusive invitation just for you”. How this can be if it is available worldwide on YouTube? Again, cheap marketing trick, nothing else.

I wasn’t quite able to understand what the product is all about until I had a look into the member’s area.

Then I found out that the product should teach you how to become an Amazon Affiliate.

The Good & the Bad

  • Basic price $37
  • Amount of material
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Totally Unrealistic Earning Claims
  • Sales Video too Hyped-up
  • Upsells with no explanation

Who is it For?

Like any other product, even the Smart Cash App, is supposed to be for people with no experience. Of course, this is the easiest group to target with such a product. On the other hand, they say that one must be qualified for this product.

And how does one get qualified? -> Just by watching the sales video, available on YouTube.

But even people with no experience with digital marketing would not believe this hyped-up claims. I showed it to my girlfriend and I asked her after 45 seconds of watching the video: “Would you trust the guys?” she says of course not.

To be honest I don’t know why they have to make it sound so hype? Does it really work in some areas?
Please share your opinion with me below in the comment section.

The Smart Cash App Tools & Training

Here we go with the platform.

Let’s have a look what we can find inside. On the left hand side, we see the main menu. Under each section, there is some material we will briefly describe.

The 1st part Smart Cash App Method 1.0 has several lessons inside.

Lesson 1: Smart Cash App Method 1.0 is an e-Book called Smart Money Methods and it says, it is revealing “secret tricks” for making 6 figures with amazon. It has 49 pages and here is the selection of the content:

  • How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate
  • Picking a Hot Amazon Niche *
  • Selecting some hot products to promote
  • Creating an amazon affiliate website
  • Linking your Amazon affiliate links
  • Promoting your amazon affiliate website
  • Other amazon affiliate marketing strategies to consider

* Regarding the niche selection, you can also check this video.

Lesson 2: is called Smart Cash App Cheat Sheet
Lesson 3: Smart Cash app Mind Map
Lesson 4: Smart Cash App Resource Report
Lesson 5: Sales Page & Thank You Page
Lesson 6: Smart Cash App Sales Video
Lesson 7: Smart Cash App Legal Pages
Lesson 8: Smart Cash App Graphics
Lesson 9: Smart Cash App Banners
Lesson 10: Smart Cash App Email Templates
Lesson 11: Smart Cash App e-Covers
Lesson 12: Smart Cash App Social media Pack

2nd Part is Smart Cash CPA and it is still as part of the first section Smart Cash App.
This second method contains bunch of PDFs teaching you about the CPA – Cost per action. There are 2 lessons inside.

Smart Cash App 2.0

You will find videos inside this section. I have made a screenshot of 6 videos, to give you an overview. There are 15 of them total inside this 2nd section.

Then you have the Smart Cash Instagram and YouTube. There are 4 videos on how to market on Instagram and 4 videos on YouTube.

So at the end pretty decent amount of information. It makes me a little bit confused since the sales video does not mention anything about the training inside, which to me is odd.


They do have an email support inside the platform. Also I must appreciate that they want you to go through the entire training and then raise questions. That makes sense to me.

I have not tried the email support, so I do not know how long does take them to give you a feedback.

One Tip though; if you decide to purchase this product and then for whatever reason you want your money back, just go directly through ClickBank website or Click-better support side (whenever you purchased it)

The Smart Cash App Price Structure

The price is $37. Also, they want you to believe that you are getting a discount.

There is no downsell, and whatever you do, this product (I mean the basic version of it) is for $37. And I say basic product since inside there are 3 upsells.

  1. Upsell is called Smart Profit App 2.0. The cost is $197 – apparently you can boost your income with this (not sure about that)
  2. Upsell is Smart Profit Pro for $177 – does not say what kind of improvement you get, but they promise you to make up to $10,000 a day
  3. Upsell is Smart Profit Social $97 – does not say what is it, either but the promise here is the earning potential up to $100,000 a day

These are pretty unrealistic claims. When I first saw it I thought they were typos. I think these are not worth the additional costs. It is just additional stuff with price tag to look like it is lucrative material. But lucrative only for the owners and affiliates who promote this product. Actually affiliates who decide to promote this product can earn up to 75% commission. Pretty decent if they get to sell it.

That is the screenshot of price structure from the Smart cash app affiliate page to show you the upsell structure.

My Final Opinion of The Smart Cash App

The sales video is very misleading since there is nothing mentioned about how to become an Amazon Associates. It seems that the sales video and actual product are not related.

There is quite a lot of material inside the member’s area. If you can grasp all that information for $37, it may not be such a bad deal.

If I may relate to the sales video, I just would like to warn you that you can’t just earn thousands of dollars within few days. Even to become a successful Amazon Affiliate marketer, you need to create some content, put effort into it. You for sure need traffic. Whether you want to drive free (organic) traffic, or you want to pay for ads you need to learn how to do that.

So for sure, there will be a learning curve until you get some profits.

The Smart Cash App at a Glance…

Name: Smart Cash App
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Robert Fisher

Overall Rank:


It is unfortunate how they made the sales video since there is a lot of materials you can go through when you are interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate partner. That leads me to question for you:

What would you rather to see:

  1. Hyped Sales video with unrealistic income like we have seen at the beginning?
    Then what you get is a regular training program
  2. Sales video which is actually related to the product, where a real guy would briefly explain what this platform is all about
    Then what you get is the same training program as in 1st case

To me, I would go for the 2nd option, but we all are just regular people with different opinions so I would like to open a discussion about that.
Also if you have other concerns, issues please let me know.

Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review: $3,500/Month, Is it Possible?

I’m really glad that you’re here because it means you’re doing your own research before buying into any “seemingly good” products.

The owner of Take Surveys For Cash claims that he has found a “weird trick” to make over $3,500 per month just by taking online surveys.

Oh really?! Sorry, I don’t believe you.

Is that really possible? Or is Take Surveys For Cash a scam?

Sit back, relax and grab a coffee. Let me expose to you what’s really behind the curtains.

Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review Summary

Founder: Jason White (Could be a fake person)

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary

Price: $39 + downsells & upsells

Best For: The owner and affiliates promoting this product

Summary: Take Surveys For Cash is NOT a legit online survey platform. It’s just a survey intermediary, which means you’re paying money to do surveys. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get paid for joining them. Beware! It’s just another ClickBank product trying to make money from you.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

Wanna Make Legit Money Online but Tired of SCAMS?

What is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash is allegedly founded by the person called Jason White, who named himself as the “King of Paid Surveys”.

And according to him, his product is meant to help you make a really good income online by taking surveys AND achieve financial freedom!!

Financial Freedom?! Are you kidding me?

I’ve been online for quite some time now and I’ve reviewed lots of products so I’ve definitely tried paid surveys before.

To be honest, after reviewing so many products, I found that MOST of the “paid surveys” are scams. And for those that are legit like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, the earning potential is not very huge.

Yes, you can make real money by taking surveys online. But it’s impossible for you to earn a full-time income or even achieve financial freedom from it, unless you’re like Jason, selling such scam products online.

Honestly speaking, I believe Jason’s main income stream comes from selling products like Take Surveys For Cash to you, instead of really taking online surveys.

Do you know why I know this? I’ll reveal to you in just a moment.

Wait, so who is Jason?

First of all, there’s no way to find out if Jason is a real person because there’s no information about him at all.

He never show his face or introduce anything about himself. All he did was keep repeating that he knows the secret to making big bucks from survey which all of us don’t know.

If he is really the “King” of Paid Surveys, he must be very popular and famous. But you can’t find anything online about him.

So from my own experience, I highly suspect that “Jason White” is just a fictitious character.

I’m Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

How Does Take Surveys For Cash Work?

Now we all know this product is to help you make money online by taking surveys. But how does it work exactly?

Let me explain to you from the basics of online paid surveys for the benefit of those who are new.

How Does Paid Surveys Work?

Basically, big companies around the world are keen to know more about their customers’ habits, preferences and opinions because this is directly related to their businesses.

By knowing more about their customers, they’re able to create more successful products and marketing campaigns which are more relevant and targeted to their audience.

That’s why they’re constantly working with market research companies to get these valuable information. That’s also why companies have market research funds or budget and they’ll pay these market research companies.

On the other hand, market research companies will reach out to people like you who want to make money online. So they’ll reward you with some credits or cash in return for your opinions.

That’s the overall concept of online paid surveys.

Below is a video explanation:

It may sound like a good way to make some easy money since you don’t need to do any hard work. But you’re just making cents, sometimes dollars.

In my opinion, taking up a local part-time job is even more lucrative than taking online surveys.

Take Surveys For Cash Ugly Truth Revealed!!

If you’ve read my summary earlier, you’ll know that I mentioned about Take Surveys For Cash NOT being a legit paid surveys site, right?

Let me explain why.

Take Surveys For Cash requires you to pay a fee in order for you to receive survey opportunities. To be honest, that’s not the right way paid surveys work.

It requires you to pay a fee because it’s just a intermediary. You’re not taking surveys directly on Take Surveys For Cash. Instead, you’ll be provided with a list of 3rd party survey sites for you to sign up with.

You need to sign up with all the 3rd party survey sites again and again in order to take their surveys.

That’s why Take Surveys For Cash is called an intermediary. You’re basically paying for survey opportunities which can be easily found online for FREE.

That’s not the end. The ugliest part of this process is that whenever you sign up with any 3rd party survey sites Jason recommends, he actually gets paid because all the links he provides you are his affiliate links.

That’s why I said he is not making most of his money from directly taking surveys. Instead, he is making most of his money from Affiliate Marketing, the business model I personally recommend.

In fact, I doubt he takes any surveys himself because as experienced online marketers, we all know the earning potential of taking online surveys is too small. It’s not even worth your time.

Just to prove to you that most online surveys are scam, take a look at products like Survey Money Machine and Click 4 Surveys, they are all very similar to Take Surveys For Cash.

They are just survey intermediary and the owners of these products are making much more money by selling these products to you and by promoting affiliate offers.

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