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24FX Review


Minimum Deposit

Welcome Bonus

US Traders not Allowed

Regulated: CySEC and MiFID
Min Deposit: $250
Min Trade Amount: 0.01
US Clients:


Bonus: Up to $10,000 Welcome Bonus
Number of Assets: 100+
Leverage: 400:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4, WebTrader, Mobile Trading
Types of assets: Currencies, Stocks, CFDs, Commodities, Indices
Mobile Trading:
Web-Based Trading:
Automated Trading:
Mobile Alerts:
Trailing Stops:
GTD Stop Loss:
Limit Orders:
Guarantee Execution:
OCO Orders:
Charting Package:
Trading Signals:
Market Analysis:
Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time


Full Review

24FX is a forex trading brand owned and operated by Rodeler Ltd, which is a financial services company registered in Cyprus, and authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission “CySEC” under license number 207/13.

24FX was established in 1999 and its headquarters are located at Frema Plaza, 1st Floor, 39 Kolonakiou Street, Ayios Athanasios, in Limassol CY-4103. This broker offers traders a wide variety of assets including currencies, stocks, CFDs, commodities, indices, Crude Oil, and Gold & Silver.

Promotions and Account Types

24FX offers traders a welcome bonus of up to $10,000 upon funding their accounts. This amount depends on the level of deposit made by the client and cannot be withdrawn unless a trader meets the requirements put down in the bonus policy.

24FX offers traders three different types of trading accounts that are determined based on the amount of money deposited. This broker also does provide traders with an opportunity to trade using a demo account and there is also an option of opening an Islamic account for the Muslim faithful.

Trading Accounts

Silver: This account type requires a minimum deposit of $250 and it comes loaded with the following features: Withdrawal processing in 7 business days, Fixed spreads for currencies starting from 3 pips, fifth decimal rates, hedging allowed and a minimum order size of 0.01.

Gold: This is the most popular account type at 24FX and it requires traders to deposit a minimum of $5,000. This account type comes loaded with a lot more benefits and features than the ones received by Silver account holders. Some of the additional benefits/features include 24/5 support, access to webinars and videos, news alerts, and spreads for currencies begin at 2 pips, plus the rest of the benefits received by Silver account holders.

Platinum: This is the most senior account type at 24FX, and traders must deposit at least $20,000 to access the features/benefits associated with it. Notably, this account type provides traders with access to a free private VPS, while currency spreads start at 1.5 pips. Plus the rest of the benefits received by silver account holders.

Islamic Account: This a commission free account which comes with various Islamic banking features, including free swaps regardless of how long traders choose to leave their positions open, fixed spreads and special support 24/5 among others.

Demo Account

This is a risk free account, which allows traders to practice trading via the various platforms without having to commit any funds. Traders can use this account type to test the broker’s web-trader, mobile platform and the MT4 platform server.

Trading Assets and Spreads

24FX has selected some of the most popular and liquid assets from market around the world including major currency pairs tradable 24 hours a day, stocks from the US, the UK, Spain and Italy, more than 20 leading top commodities, and leading indices.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

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Currencies attract fixed spreads which begin from as low as 1.5 pips, while commodities have variable spreads beginning from as low as 0.0005 for Gasoline. Indices and stocks (margin of 1:10) also have variable spreads beginning from as low as 0.9 US 500 and 0.1 Alcoa respectively.

Trading Platforms

At 24FX, traders can trade via three platforms, which include a mobile trading platform that allows traders to trade on the go.

There is the multi-award winning MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which comes with several features including auto-trading capabilities and analysis tools.

There is also Webtrader platform that allows traders to trade directly from the web, thereby no need for downloading to begin trading.

Education and Resources

Traders at 24FX can also enjoy a variety of trading tools and resources, which include a comprehensive glossary of terms used in forex trading, a forex trading calendar, guides on trading hours, introduction to forex trading, forex trading strategies, fundamental and technical analyses, daily market reviews, tutorials and FX eBook, among others.

Other tools include Deal Size Calculator, Pip Calculator, Fibonacci Calculator and Pivot Point Calculator.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Trader at 24FX can deposit and withdraw funds in their trading accounts via Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, Moneta, GiroPay, CashU, Kiwi, AstroPay, and Neosurf, among others.

The minimum deposit at 24FX is $250. Withdrawals are processed within 7 days for Silver account, 5 days for Gold account and 2 days for platinum account.

In order to withdraw the cash bonus received along with profits earned from trading the bonus, traders must reach achieve a trading volume of 10,000 for every $1.00 worth of bonus.

This means that if a trader received $100 in bonus, then that trader must achieve $1,000,000 worth of trading volume in order to withdraw the bonus.

This trading volume must also be reached within the given trading period, that a trader needs to achieve the requirement, otherwise the bonus along with profits earned from it expire.

Traders must verify their identities and physical address where applicable in order to make their first withdrawal. This means uploading certain documents such as a copy of credit card information, partially covered, as well as, recent utility bills.


Traders at 24FX can contact support via Email, Telephone and Live Chat.

Live Chat: 24/5 Live Support

Telephone: +357-252-62208 plus several others for various satellite offices.

The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

Would you promote a service in return for free livestream access?
Yes. 26 Votes 84%
No. 5 Votes
  • Post # 1
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  • First Post : Edited Mar 31, 2020 8:10am May 22, 2020 8:31am | Edited Mar 31, 2020 8:10am

What I am about to show and prove to you within this thread is rather unheard of.
In a nutshell, I will present some of the tedious work I have done over a period of 1.5 years (for FREE!) and within more than 230 videos (UPDATE: now ca. 300 videos over ca. 3 years).
While I am a member of forexfactory for many years now, I decided to FIRST invest that work into creating that valuable content before becoming more active on this forum.

Believe it or not, but I hereby show IN DETAIL how:

– the FX markets (the world’s biggest financial markets) are completely MANIPULATED by a cartel of price makers (“Smart Money Algos”)
– the FX markets are NOT driven by supply and demand at all (as many people assume)
– the members of this cartel of market makers / investment banks / brokers / funds cooperate in order to eventually move the price against the majority of uninformed market participants, this day by day
– certain phenomena are predictable, such as price runs to bigger stop accumulations etc.
– there are several meta-levels to the game (however, I do NOT fully disclose these)
– how the SM uses dark pools in order to implement that price manipulation
– to a certain degree this market manipulation may actually be necessary and sometimes even beneficial
– there are ways to trade some of these scenarios (see live trade videos below)
– etc.

For whom this thread is intended

This thread is intended for actual, serious traders (beginner, intermediate, professional) who:
– understand that there is NO get rich quick scheme in FX
– understand there is no way to cheat in FX
– are willing to invest the necessary hours in order to really understand how the markets actually work
– are serious about trading and view it as a business rather than a hobby
– understand the importance of risk management and the existence of drawdowns
– appreciate the UNIQUENESS and high value of the content I am showing you herewith
– are open-minded, have a willingness to learn and STUDY the markets in detail rather than GAMBLING (as the majority of retail traders does)

Who is NOT WELCOME in this thread

This thread does NOT WELCOME that infamous breed of commentators who enjoy visiting every thread just to leave useless, cynical, vulgar, destructive, unprofessional comments.
This here is NOT for you! Just ignore this thread and leave, rather than wasting everybody’s precious time and energy!
If you believe that the content shown is boring, then you have no clue about what FX is really about.

I will not be shy of re-posting the following sentence if necessary:

I have posted ca. 300 free videos LIVE over a period of ca. 3 years, predicting the next price moves with a 90% probability.
As stated, I have provided this content for FREE and the people who were aware of that content benefitted from it.
I now give you a chance to also benefit from that work, in whatever way you choose to do so (i.e. incorporating that secret knowledge into your own systems etc.).

Similar to FXHard (some people may remember him from the SSBO thread), I will be STRICT with regard to how this thread is to be used.
Once more, PLEASE REFRAIN from filling up this content-focused work with any B.S. I am basically spoon-feeding you here. The least I can expect is that you FIRST do your basic homework by investing a minimum of hours into watching the videos I posted below.

– watch the videos (as many as you can. no less than 10!)
– analyze what I am doing there
– think about how your own approach to the markets coincides / crashes with the content shown
– ask content-wise questions
– leave me a short THANKS if you were able to use the knowledge I am presenting to your advantage (I invested 1.5 years in creating it, so why not take 1 minute to express appreciation)
– respect my privacy (I trade full-time for more than 5 years; that should be enough)
– follow ethical principles
– always watch the TONE of your statements, otherwise your post could get removed

– make useless, cynical, vulgar, destructive, unprofessional comments (if you do, you will be added to the marked commentators list below, if necessary)
– ask me to send you anything (including indicators, templates, tools etc.)
– ask me to sell you anything
– ask me to coach you
– ask me to recommend you good brokers
– ask me to sell you an EA
– ask me to sell you trade signals
– ask me for mutual sharing
– ask me for trade recommendations
– ask me for investment advice
– ask me to send you power point slides
– ask me for trade opinions
– ask me to comment on your live trades
– ask me to trade for you
– ask me how I was able to figure all this out
– ask me about details regarding the ‘meta-levels’
– ask me for additional information
– ask me about my personal background etc. (the content should speak for itself)
– see me as your guru
– expect me to answer each and every question posted
– complain about the bad quality of the older videos
– try to steal from me in any way. I will find out
– do NOT DARE to steal any screenshots / content / knowledge / principles from here in any way
– try to promote your products here
– expect me to answer all of your comments etc.
– do anything illegal
– post countless screenshots of indicator-based systems

Special Note:
My own, future participation in this thread is correlated with you, the COMMUNITY, respecting the clear rules I have stated above. I do not mind funny jokes, but I do mind commentators taking on an aggressive, unfriendly attitude towards other people who are helping each other to become better traders. The less happy I am with regard to how things go, the more I will reduce my own participation here. After all, I do value my personal time a lot, so sorry.
Also, respectfully, I do NOT need you in any way, but I do have general GOODWILL towards anyone who behaves professionally and shows goodwill towards me and what I am delivering here.

Note: Unless stated otherwise (i.e. “historical progression”), all screenshots shown were uploaded immediately (max. few seconds delay).

What I am delivering here is in my personal, humble opinion nothing short of PEARLS (experienced traders will easily see that). The VERY LEAST I can expect from YOUR side is to refrain from being SWINE!

PLEASE do NOT waste the precious time of people who understand the value of what I am showing here; rather go somewhere else and do your own thing.
For the ones who still cannot believe what I am clearly proving to you here on the basis of elaborate, HARD EVIDENCE, I can only say:
Anyways, please do your best to NOT end up on the ‘marked commentators’ list below!

List of marked commentators, ‘Hall of SHAME’ (LIFE-TIME BAN):
– redoktober (30/05/2020) (see post 1,614 for a summary of redoktober’s documented offences) DEFEATED
( 2#post12274382)
– pooh123 (30/05/2020) DEFEATED
– billytt (30/05/2020) DEFEATED
– LuXing (07/06/2020) DEFEATED
– dukas trader (24/06/2020) DEFEATED *membership revoked*
– vinividivici (10/07/2020) DEFEATED

Note: Ppl. listed here have done sth. REALLY wrong and WITH INTENT, such as making offensive statements without having looked at any content provided here and then decided to not apologize when they were offered the chance etc. Friendly behaviour will ALWAYS be responded with friendliness from my side.

Under this section I may add additional information / general comments at a later stage, with respective dates.

22/05/2020: If you want to call this approach Algo Killing, you are welcome to do so.
22/05/2020: Do not waste time trying to replicate what I am showing you. It is almost impossible. I warned you.
22/05/2020: Yes, I kind of developed my own language. Feel free to ask respective questions in case sth. is unclear.
22/05/2020: The more I am happy with the development of this thread, the more knowledge I will post here.
22/05/2020: As stated, the indicators shown are NOT based on the price, but do show actual orders, positions, limits, stops etc.
23/05/2020: New rule: before you make comments, please watch at least 10 videos! Thx!
23/05/2020: Yes, I knew that I am talking to a DM pool here. However, some of you will be able to change from DM to Semi-Smart M.
23/05/2020: Yes, my style is strict, but that is necessary. I do have goodwill towards you. They don’t.
23/05/2020: As you can see, I designed things to be as intuitive as possible.
23/05/2020: I am not interested in a quick buck. Instead, I go step by step. If you deliver, doors will open and bring you rewards.
23/05/2020: Do NOT start trading yet! No quick bucks for you or for me! LEARN first! Every minute invested is worth it.
23/05/2020: This thread is like a collective brain. At this moment, its consciousness level is VERY low. Increase it first. ;-)
23/05/2020: US Department of Justice statement on FX manipulation here: =768090&page=7
24/05/2020: yt vid on Pre-Stop Run-Countermove-Principle and Time & Range Principle:

24/05/2020: I have a right of privacy regarding my person, you do not know anything about me, but the content should speak for itself.
24/05/2020: I do not recommend anyone trying to replicate my tools, unless you have an IQ above 200, 7 years of fulltime work at your hands, substantial programming power and deep knowledge of peripheral subjects related to programming, data, mathematics, statistics etc. Ask yourself, would I otherwise show you what I am showing?
24/05/2020: Thanks for any feedback regarding the latest video above.
24/05/2020: Whenever your believes are based on folklore; rather than on FIRST-HAND, LONG-TERM OBSERVATION, be ready to throw these overboad soon.
24/05/2020: NO QUICK BUCKS. Not for me, not for you.
24/05/2020: Be nice towards nice people, be tough towards bad people. As simple as that.
24/05/2020: Which other questions?
24/05/2020: In all fairness to people who are more sceptical, this does not come from nowhere. Indeed, most ppl claiming “big things” are scammers, have a secret agenda, try to earn fame etc. Not sure how I would have reacted 1o years ago if someone placed the stuff on the table as I do now. At the end of the day, we are all humans.
24/05/2020: Have no fear, and above all, DO THE RIGHT THING. This you will never regret.
24/05/2020: Do NOT place me in any ‘category’. This will only limit your own mind.
24/05/2020: EVERYTHING is possible. Do not be blind to outliers as a result of assuming the norm.
24/05/2020: Watch the previous posts. At this point, the thread is still manageable from your perspective, Do not miss out. I will not be forgiving to ppl from the DM pool who will join later on, ask STUPID things that were already discussed and risk the collective IQ to lower again. I warned you.
24/05/2020: CIQ at 40.
24/05/2020: Important revelation of position runs:

Prophet FX Reviews

128 • Excellent

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 128

Contact Mrs Clara on how you can…

Contact Mrs Clara on how you can recover your lost funds from scam broker for she has me and many others recover our lost funds. Click on my profile to get her email address and whatsaap number

2020 – 2020, still making monthly returns.

I was a Prophet Fx client for 3 months between June, July and August before my broker stopped accepting Canadian clients. In that time my account grew from 5k – 9.5k. Withdrew my funds no problem. Used it to fund a Europe trip!

Finally found a new broker and saved up some money. This month alone they have done 9.7% so far . . .

To put it in perspective, the S&P 500 does 9.8% returns YEARLY on average. You are absolute nuts if you’re complaining about returns.

Yes there are drawdowns, no different than your current stock portfolio with this COVID – 19 crisis. That doesn’t mean your trades are closed at a loss of 20%, it means the current value of the open trade is -20%. You ride the wave, and let them close out when it’s appropriate.

Some people are calling it a scam, which, from the looks of my accounts between 2020, and 2020, and my friends accounts this year, is false.

If you don’t believe me, ask someone who’s been a long term client. I guarantee their reviews will not disappoint.

I have been with Prophet Fx for four…

I have been with Prophet Fx for four months now and am very happy with the profits and service that I have received. They have dealt with the recent turmoil and unpredictability of the markets very well airing on the side of caution as to safeguard their clients funds.
I was looking for low risk, consistent returns which I have received.
I will be adding more money to my Prophet account imminently as I am confident in their abilities and the peace of mind that them trading of my behalf brings.

Honest company

Been with prophet for 7 months now and think i have enough to write an honest review, Looking at previous reviews of some people it seems them people want everything for nothing, we’ve had a steady few months but things are definitely picking up i’d advice anyone who joins to see this as long term investment not a get rich quick scheme or atleast that’s how i do, the guys are taking great steps forward with this and since they introduced account managers it’s been brilliant, any time i message Nick (my account manager) always get a reply within an hour max and always get helped with whatever it is. From everything i’ve seen prophet staff are truly about the people and keeping our hard earned money safe and earning amazing interest. Great stuff lads !

Excellent Investment

I’m very scpetical and if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. However, on this occasion I was pointed in the right direction by a trusted source. I did lots of research and decided to give Prophet FX a try. In the 2 months that I have been using Prophet so far, I have made over 15% on my original investment. Prophet FX never have access to my funds, and I can withdraw when I want. Their results can be verified on the independent Myfxbook.

The risk management is excellent. The ROI is a LOT better than my ISA. Also, questions are answered within minutes by staff.

So far we have made a profit

So far we have made a profit. They are very good at looking after the account and have not placed any trades whilst this awful coronavirus situation is on, shows concern I think for their clients. I don’t have anything bad to say as everything so far in the last 6 months has been all positive. It is a risk as that’s the nature of the beast but for us it has paid off so far.

Thank you so much mrs Elizabeth for…

Thank you so much mrs Elizabeth for your help and support in recovery back my lost funds. You can as well click on my profile to get her email address and her WhatsApp number

PFX . Fantastic

I’ve only been with them for 7 weeks and the returns have been fantastic. Even in this “slow time “ and given what’s happening around the world I’m seeing 5% minimum a month on my investment. That’s 10 years bank interest in ONE MONTH. Thank you

Nothing but the best.

I have been with ProphetFX for 8 months now and I no longer have to be worried about my investment. The guys running it, and the system itself obviously knows what to do and is excellent at risk management. I would suggest you start with them right away.

Thanks Prophet

Thanks Prophet, your giving me a new future!
Trust is what you give us every day .

And again same rewie from me cause Pilot deleting my other.

If you delete someonea review please read them and see wich are obviously Fakes and harrasim.

Glad to be with you prophet

Prophet fx, the best investment I have made.

I have been with Prophet fx for almost 6 months. I did a review a while back and this is just an update. First and foremost, this os a safe and reliable investment opportunity for anyone. I would highly recommend. However, there are some things to note when investing:
1. All investments are high risked. If you open a business or invest with a firm, note that you will automatically be at risk.
2. What you need from an investment is for you to think long term instead of short term. People think it is a quick rich scheme. However, you should measure yourself by looking in a 5-year outlook instead of a day!!
3. When investing, especially in trading, you cannot avoid changing market conditions. Hence, you would experience something called Drawdown (thats when trades are running in negatives). I have been with Prophet fx and did experience that drawdown, but was not worried a bit because I did my research thoroughly before joining Prophet fx.
4. People keep asking questions AFTER they invested such as how does the automated trading system (EA)?works. To be honest, the lads are not going to tell you every bit of details but from what I see, it handled the changing market conditions extremely well. They have really set this EA such that it can handle the harshest conditions to ensure that money is safe and that is as a result of risk management. They got that and definitely a 10/10 because as I said before, this business is long term, not short term.

My conclusion:
The negative comments I have seen from this post is how people feel. Everyone has a right to say what they feel to say but I do believe that they do understand “what is an investment” especially in trading. People should do their research before investing. If you cannot handle drawdown, then learn about trading. Prophet fx has an independent trading chat where any questions like that can be answered. If you do not want to know about trading and just want to see your monthly growth, then leave the lads and let them do what they do best, that is make a consistent profitable growth % every month.

Patron FX Review: Should I Invest In

Оперативный ввод и вывод средств Возвращайте 100% средств,
потраченных на комиссии при переводах

Бесплатное онлайн обучение После мастер-классов, тренингов и вебинаров вы легко примените знания на практике

Выгодные торговые условия 65 валютных пар, СFD-контракты на фьючерсы, акции и драгоценные металлы

Минимальные требования по торговому депозиту Вы сами выбираете сумму, с какой хотите начать торговлю

Как начать зарабатывать на маржинальной торговле

    Откройте торговый счёт Это займет у вас не более 5 минут. Открыть счет

Торговые условия

Минимальный депозит: Нет

Минимальный объем: 0,01

Валюта депозита: USD, EUR, RUB, USDT, BTC

Кредитное плечо: от 1:50 до 1:200

Торговые инструменты: 65

Пополнение счёта

Учитесь искусству трейдинга у профессионалов

Обучение онлайн Все курсы доступны в дистанционном режиме, при этом вы сможете задавать вопросы экспертам в чате

Разнообразные форматы В онлайн режиме доступны мастер-классы, тренинги, вебинары со специалистами в сфере маржинальной торговли

Удобное время Мы учтём ваши пожелания и подберём для вас удобное время для занятий.

Разный уровень сложности Обучаться торговле на финансовых рынках может как новичок, так и трейдер с опытом. Для каждого разработана специальная программа.

Практические знания Вы узнаете о тонкостях работы на финансовых рынках, психологии торговли.


Незаменимый инструмент трейдера

Чтобы вести маржинальную торговлю, необходимо специальное программное обеспечение (торговая платформа).

Мы предлагаем воспользоваться самой популярной торговой платформой MetaTrader 4. Скачивайте её бесплатно и устанавливайте на компьютер.


Аналитические материалы

Новости компании

FX Invest LLC a registered company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 213 LLC 2020, located at First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Маржинальная торговля является высоко рискованной и может привести к существенным финансовым потерям. Перед началом торговли на валютном рынке убедитесь в том, что вы осознаете все возможные риски, с учетом вашего опыта и знаний в области финансов.

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