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Where to invest money in Nigeria in 2020

Investing money is a great source of making passive income. There are many investment opportunities in Nigeria, but, we are going to discuss where to invest money in Nigeria. If you are thinking about investing in a profitable business in Nigeria in 2020 but don’t know which business to choose to earn extra money, here is a list of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

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This list of hot business ideas in Nigeria is made up of effective, time tested business ideas that guarantee you will get a high return on investment. These ideas are carefully selected out of numerous ideas that will surely help you to make a profit. Each of these businesses is relevant in 2020 and up to date in Nigeria.

One more thing to say here is that you need to make your own research before you use any of the financial investment opportunities in Nigeria.

So, let’s begin with looking at some investing business ideas in Nigeria both for wealthy investors and those with little capital.

How and where to invest money in Nigeria with little capital

We will start with the investment opportunities for those who have little capital but still want to make an investment to get income.

1. Save and invest with a bank

Every bank gives a possibility to create a savings account that allows to save and spend less. This is quite an attractive way to invest your money under the condition that your bank is reliable. Most African banks help entrepreneurs, employees, students, and others to save money paying them 10-15% annual interest.

To start making money on savings from the bank you chose, create your account at your bank’s website, enter your bank details, and add a bank card. You will start earning the very same moment you create an account, and the whole process takes place online. So, you don’t have to make a visit to the bank.

2. Investing into FGN Savings Bonds

The FGN (the Federal Government of Nigeria) offers to Nigerians a great investment opportunity called Savings Bonds. This investment programme is known to significantly contribute to the national growth of the country. By lending money to the government, average Nigerians are able to make money by earning interest on savings.

When investing into the Federal Government of Nigeria Savings Bonds, you are allowed to invest N5,000 to N50,000,000 for 2 to 20 years. Note that the interest rate depends on the timeframe you choose and it is paid twice a year.

The FGN savings bonds interest can reach up to 13% which is even more than interest in a Nigerian commercial bank. In addition, this investment is tax-free, and the money you save can be used as collateral if you need to get a loan from another commercial bank. Another reason why you should invest your savings into this Savings Bond is that it is a very reliable, safe and worthy opportunity as Nigerian government is not planning to collapse, at least, in the nearest future.

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Where to invest your money in Nigeria to make a fortune?

The following ideas can help you to make a real fortune if you invest wisely. However, we advise you to study the field of investment thoroughly before you decide to invest your money.

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1. Cryptocurrency

It is known that cryptocurrency is one of the biggest and riskiest investment opportunities in Nigeria and around the world. The good thing about cryptocurrency is that you can make quick money if you know how the system works. Buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoin, XRP, and others is a high yield investment opportunity to use if you have already got some extra cash. Make sure you contact a professional who can give you a hand with getting a proper knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

2. Gold

Gold is perceived as a symbol of power and affluence. Some say that investing in gold is the best investment in Nigeria. Investing in this precious metal can help you to make a lot of money as gold’s value never falls because of the incredible importance attached to it. 15 karat gold will still always be 15 karat gold, but its worth will definitely increase over that period. There are a few types of gold items to invest in including gold jewelry, bars, coins, bullions, gold-plated items. If you store them for some period of time, for example, 10 years, you’ll be amazed at the return on your investment.

Another option is to buy and sell gold items, however, you need to learn the basics of doing gold business in Nigeria in 2020. You must learn how to measure, weigh and value them. You need also learn how to see if you have a real gold product or counterfeit. If you have from 200,000 to 1 million Naira to invest in the gold business, you can make a fortune.

3. Stocks

Stocks are the best investment in Nigeria for those who are able to invest a big capital. However, both individuals and companies can easily lose their money if the deal doesn’t go well. Many people lost money in the 2008 New York Stock Exchange crash. In the decade after this collapse, we can see a total recovery of the stock market. “Stocks in emerging markets have had a rough year — but that could change considerably next year”, Morgan Stanley, the US financial holding company, reported in its Global Strategy Outlook report for 2020.

When you buy shares, you need to make sure you do everything right. To cash out big in stocks investments, you need to develop your own winning system, conduct research before investing in stocks, and choose a quality stock. The thing is investing in stocks can help you get an incredibly high return which also comes in dividends and bonuses. Investments in the stock market for individuals start at 200,000 Naira and for companies at 1 million Naira. One more reason to invest in stocks is that stocks are very liquid and come extremely handy in times of emergency.

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4. Real estate

Compared to other ways of investing money in Nigeria in 2020, investing in real estate is one of the most profitable investment ideas, but it requires possessing high capital. Buying properties in Nigeria is one of the surest investments one can make because Nigeria is a developing country.

When investing in real estate, take into account which city or town the property you are going to buy is located. If you want to get a quick and high return on the property investment, you may consider major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt or cities like Delta, Onitsha, Ogun, Enugu.

After you buy the land, wait for a while and start selling it. You can also build on this piece of land such kinds of properties like hotels, apartment houses, hostels, shopping malls, events and conference halls and other. Rather than saving money on the bank account, invest them in real estate business. Many people in Nigeria face accommodation problems. They cannot purchase a house because there is none within the preferred location. This statistics shows that there is an immediate need for residential and commercial buildings in Nigeria, especially, in large cities.

5. Agriculture

You may be surprised but agriculture in Nigeria is one of the sectors that gave birth to the whole set of millionaires. Given the fact that the government continues to drive agriculture in order to diversify the economy, it is an attractive area for investors. Besides, most people on the African continent lives in rural areas, so African countries will keep a finger on the pulse of the agricultural sector.

6. Livestock farming

Another top business idea on how to invest in Nigeria is farming as food is a necessary means of survival. This industry is supported by the Nigerian government as a way of promoting economic diversification. If you are not interested in direct farming, you can cooperate with a company that makes its profit on farming. Remember to do an investigation of the organisation you are planning to invest in to avoid being shortchanged or scammed.

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7. Pure water production

You might hear that pure water, “nylon water” or “sachet water” production is saturated and it may die off very soon because of the government plan to ban the production of this water to save the environment from destruction. In this case, the possible solution that can help to solve the problem is the establishment of a nylon recycling plant or boost production of bottled water.

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8. Oil and gas business

Africa is blessed with huge deposits of gas and oil which means that Nigerians offer the finest business opportunities. While foreigners are mostly investing money in mining such mineral resources as Oil, Gas, Gold, Coal, Limestone, Bitumen, Iron Ore, and other, Nigerian investors are encouraged to start businesses and make investments into the national economy.

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9. Haulage services/logistics

The haulage or trucking business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Given the fact that the cost of renting one truck to haul your goods from one place to another in Nigeria starts at N20,000 per trip. In addition, Africa’s rail transport system is quite poor so far, so to deliver the goods from farms and villages to the marketplace, you will need to transport them through the road.

However, logistics in Nigeria is not limited solely to trucking business. You can also haul your containers through the river, lake, sea, etc. Inland waterway transport is another competing sector of the Nigerian logistics industry. Water transportation is not as developed in Nigeria as in Italy, Thailand but it is still worth investing. While it is more cost-consuming, it is able to reduce the traffic congestion on the road.

One more option to consider when investing money in Nigeria is outsourcing bus services. If you are more interested in lifting humans than goods, this business can possibly help you to make money by investing in providing transportation services to various organizations including schools, NGOs, religious organizations, companies, etc.

Some organizations cannot afford their own transport system, but you can be the one who will be providing the cars or buses as well as the drivers for them. And what is important you will be directly dealing with all these overwhelming tasks, but your money will boost this process.

10. Internet marketing

It is known that digital marketing is one of the leading industries. Nigeria is trying to catch on with the rest of the world in this sector of the economy. If you are interested in digital and internet technologies, you might find investing in e-services worth your attention. Many internet companies today offer a range of e-services including web hosting, web, and app designing and development, SEO services, digital marketing services, etc.

Nigeria’s online presence is known to increase every year. For this reason, online advertisers are highly appreciated in Nigeria. Many businesses here are creating online stores to make the massive community of Nigerians acquainted with their products and services. This influx has created a new promising business opportunity in Nigeria, a need for digital marketing experts.

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11. Fashion design

Nigerians are famous around the world for being trendy. Fashion is a great opportunity to invest in. Not only designers but investors who basically don’t lift a finger are becoming millionaires. Lately, Nigerian fashion business has survived a revolution which caused a boom in this industry. You can also invest in uniform supply and make money from sewing uniforms for schools, organisations, army, etc.

One more cloth related investment idea is the importation of wears. Used or recycled clothes, shoes, bags, and other items come in handy for many poor Nigerians. This is a fast-growing trend in many African countries as this is a great solution for most of the poor and developing African countries. The used clothes are bought from Italy, France, Dubai, India, China, Hong Kong, etc.

12. Media and show biz

It is a well-known fact that Nigeria is the king of entertainment in Africa, mass media and show biz industry here are worth investing huge amounts of money. One of the most lucrative ideas is investing in creating a TV station. Developing show biz in Nigeria is also a great way of investing money, however, this is best in big cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja.

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If you want to succeed financially, you can take advantage of investing your money in one of the promising sectors of the economy. Hope you found the investment opportunities in Nigeria in 2020 listed above helpful.

How Investment Risk Is Quantified

While diversification and asset allocation can improve returns, systematic and unsystematic risks are inherent in investing. However, along with the efficient frontier, statistical measures and methods, including value at risk (VaR) and capital asset pricing model (CAPM) are useful ways to measure risk. Understanding these tools can help an investor differentiate high-risk investments from stable ones.

Modern Portfolio and Efficient Frontier

Investing in financial markets can carry significant risks. Modern portfolio theory (MPT) assesses the maximum expected portfolio return for a given amount of portfolio risk. Within the framework of MPT, an optimal portfolio is constructed on the basis of asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing. Asset allocation, together with diversification, is the strategy of dividing a portfolio among various asset classes. Optimal diversification involves holding multiple instruments that aren’t positively correlated.

Key Takeaways

  • Investors can use models to help differentiate between risky investments and stable ones.
  • Modern portfolio theory is used to understand the risk of a portfolio relative to its return.
  • Diversification can reduce risk and optimal diversification is accomplished by building a portfolio of uncorrelated assets.
  • Efficient frontier is a set of portfolios that are optimized in terms of asset allocation and diversification.
  • Beta, standard deviations, and VaR measure risk, but in different ways.

Alpha and Beta Ratios

When it comes to quantifying value and risk, two statistical metrics, alpha, and beta, are useful for investors. Both are risk ratios used in MPT and help to determine the risk/reward profile of investment securities.

Alpha measures the performance of an investment portfolio and compares it to a benchmark index, such as the S&P 500. The difference between the returns of a portfolio and the benchmark is referred to as alpha. A positive alpha of one means the portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by 1%. Likewise, a negative alpha indicates the underperformance of an investment.

Beta measures the volatility of a portfolio compared to a benchmark index. The statistical measure beta is used in the CAPM, which uses risk and return to price an asset. Unlike alpha, beta captures the movements and swings in asset prices. A beta greater than one indicates higher volatility, whereas a beta under one means the security will be more stable.

For example, Starbucks (SBUX), with a beta coefficient of 0.50, represents a less risky investment than Nvidia (NVDA), which has a beta of 2.47, as of Oct. 14, 2020. A savvy financial advisor or fund manager would likely avoid high alpha and beta investments for risk-averse clients.

Capital Asset Pricing Model

CAPM is an equilibrium theory built on the relationship between risk and expected return. The theory helps investors measure the risk and the expected return of an investment to price the asset appropriately. In particular, investors must be compensated for the time value of money and risk. The risk-free rate is used to represent the time value of money for placing money in any investment.

Simply put, the mean return of an asset should be linearly related to its beta coefficient—this shows that riskier investments earn a premium over the benchmark rate. Following a risk-to-reward framework, the expected return (under a CAPM model) will be higher when the investor bears greater risks.


In statistics, R-squared represents a notable component of regression analysis. The coefficient R represents the correlation between two variables—for investment purposes, R-squared measures the explained movement of a fund or security in relation to a benchmark. A high R-squared show that a portfolio’s performance is in line with the index. Financial advisors can use R-squared in tandem with the beta to provide investors with a comprehensive picture of asset performance.

Standard Deviation

By definition, the standard deviation is a statistic used to quantify any variation from the average return of a data set. In finance, standard deviation uses the return of an investment to measure the investment’s volatility. The measure differs slightly from beta because it compares volatility to the historical returns of the security rather than a benchmark index. High standard deviations are indicative of volatility, while lower standard deviations are associated with stable assets.

The Sharpe Ratio

One of the most popular tools in financial analysis, the Sharpe ratio is a measurement of the expected excess return of an investment in relation to its volatility. The Sharpe ratio measures the average return in excess of the risk-free rate per unit of uncertainty to determine how much additional return an investor can receive with the added volatility of holding riskier assets. A Sharpe ratio of one or greater is considered to have a better risk-to-reward tradeoff.

Efficient Frontiers

The efficient frontier, which is a set of ideal portfolios, does its best to minimize an investor’s exposure to such risk. Introduced by Harry Markowitz in 1952, the concept identifies an optimal level of diversification and asset allocation given the intrinsic risks of a portfolio.

Efficient frontiers are derived from mean-variance analysis, which attempts to create more efficient investment choices. The typical investor prefers high expected returns with low variance. The efficient frontier is constructed accordingly by using a set of optimal portfolios that offer the highest expected return for a specific risk level.

Risk and volatility are not the same thing. Volatility refers to the speed of price movement of the investment and risk is the amount of money that can be lost on an investment.

Value at Risk

The value at risk (VaR) approach to portfolio management is a simple way to measure risk. VaR measures the maximum loss that cannot be exceeded at a given confidence level. Calculated based on time period, confidence level, and predetermined loss amount, VaR statistics provide investors with a worst-case scenario analysis.

If an investment has a 5% VaR, the investor faces a 5% chance of losing the entire investment in any given month. The VaR methodology isn’t the most comprehensive measure of risk, but it remains one of the most popular measures in portfolio management due to its simplistic approach.

The Bottom Line

Investing in financial markets is inherently risky. Many individuals use financial advisors and wealth managers to increase returns and reduce the risk of investments. These financial professionals use statistical measures and risk/reward models to differentiate volatile assets from stable ones. Modern portfolio theory uses five statistical indicators—alpha, beta, standard deviation, R-squared, and the Sharpe ratio—to do this. Likewise, the capital asset pricing model and value at risk are widely employed to measure the risk to reward tradeoff with assets and portfolios. Reviews: Is Novum Another Risky Investment or Legit?

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Terra Nova

Do you like this video?

Terra Nova” (Eng. “New World” or “New Land”) is the official musical theme of Civilization V: Brave New World. It was composed by Michael Curran and orchestrated by Geoff Knorr, and plays on the game’s main menu. It is based on the Latin text of chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation as found in the Vulgate; appropriately, it is sung in Latin.

Lyrics Edit

Original (Latin) lyrics English translation

Vidi terra novum et caelum, Sanctum civitatum.


I saw a new earth and heaven, the holy city.

Solo Tenor:

Vidi caelum novum, Terra novam a Deo

Primum caelum abiit, et prima terra abiit

Terra novum et caelum a Deo

Deo descendentem, a Deo.

Terra novam, caelum novum,

Novam Ierusalem, novam Ierusalem, Terra novam,

Terra novam et caelum

Afferent Gloriam honorem gentium in illam

Prima terra abiit

Terra novam et caelum et mare iam non est

Terra novam et caelum, Prima terra abiit

Terra novum et caelum

Terra novum et caelum

O gloria, gloria

Terra novam et caelum, quae prima abierunt

Solo Tenor:

I saw a new heaven, a new earth from God

The first heaven and the first earth passed away.

A new heaven and earth from God

Descended from God, O God.

A new earth, a new heaven,

The new Jerusalem, a new Jerusalem, a new land,

A new heaven and earth,

They will bring the glory and honor of all the nations to it

The First earth passed away

A new Heaven and earth, where the sea was no more

The first earth passed away

A new heaven and earth

A new heaven and earth

The new earth and heaven, the first which passed away

the land of glory

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to hear this music on the menu screens of vanillaCivilization V and Gods & Kings. This usually happens when you revert to the older versions of the game via the BNW menu screens; when you enter the older version of the game you have reverted to, BNW’s menu music will initially continue to play.

Videos Edit

Civilization V- Brave New World OST – Brave New World Theme (Opening Menu Music)

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