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Месторасположение IP: Соединенные Штаты Америки

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PayDay 2 по сети

Релиз игры: 13.08.13
Игра через: Steam
Информация по игре: Продолжение кооперативного шутера для 4х игроков, позволяющего одеть маски грабителей и пуститься “во все тяжкие”. На игроков ложится ответственность быть самыми опасными преступниками Вашингтона: Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf и Chainsis.

1. Скачиваем игру PayDay 2 и распаковываем ее в любую папку

1. Запускаем Steam, заходим в свой профиль.

2. Запускаем игру через payday2_win32_release.exe.

Crime.Net Перед вами появится список серверов \ Принимаем приглашение на сервер через систему друзей стима Выбираем персонажа и оружие Готов Ждем, пока хост начнет игру.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Чтобы было много серверов, не забывайте в Crime Net открыть раздел [F] Фильтры и изменить графу “Фильтр по дистанции” с “Близко” на “Весь мир”.

Crime.Net Выбираем карту Настраиваем сервер по своему желанию Начать ограбление Ждем, пока к вам подключатся игроки \ Приглашаем друзей на сервер через систему друзей стима Начинаем игру.

Информация о сетевых режимах Payday 2:


  • Не используйте камуфляж для оружия без “текстуры”, это приведёт к крашу игры.

My First Online Payday

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First World Bank (Payday 2)

Do you like this video?

14th Nov 2020, 06:10 PM #1
This article is about the PAYDAY 2 remake. For the original mission in PAYDAY: The Heist, see First World Bank.
First World Bank
Heist Info
Contractor Classics
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 15%
Loot Money
Experience +2,000 (completion)
+2,000 (opened server room)
+1,000 (per secured money bag)
Stealth only:
+1,000 (finding code)
+2,000 (inside man opening vault area)
+2,000 (opened vault)
+1,500 (per rewired box)
Loud only:
+2,000 (disabling the magnetic lock)
+4,000 (drill finished)
+6,000 (thermite burned through floor)
+2,000 (planted C4 on wall)
+2,000 (extra on completion)
+40,000 (entering the Overvault)
+143 (per secured gold bag)
Extra Statistics
JC Level 60
Minimum Experience 17,500
Maximum Experience 34,000 (Mayhem and lower)
84,010 (Death Wish+)
Contract Cost 400,000 (Normal)
750,000 (Hard)
2,000,000 (Very Hard)
4,250,000 (Overkill)
5,000,000 (Mayhem)
5,000,000 (Death Wish)
5,000,000 (Death Sentence)
Contract Payout 500,000 (Normal)
1,000,000 (Hard)
2,500,000 (Very Hard)
5,000,000 (Overkill)
5,500,000 (Mayhem)
6,500,000 (Death Wish)
7,000,000 (Death Sentence)
Maximum loot payout 405,000 (Normal)
780,000 (Hard)
825,000 (Very Hard)
1,305,000 (Overkill)
1,680,000 (Mayhem)
43,161,250 (Death Wish)
48,417,500 (Death Sentence)
Loose money estimation Around 2.5 million on higher difficulties
Bag Limit 84
Package locations 35
Internal name red2
v · d · e

Time to cash out.” —Poster tagline

First World Bank is a heist from PAYDAY: The Heist introduced to PAYDAY 2 on day 6 of CrimeFest 2020. It takes place in a bank of the same name.

Overview Edit

First World Bank requires the players to break into the vault of a large bank and steal four duffel-bags worth of cash. The heist begins with the players casing the bank to locate the manager and get a security keycard. Afterward, they will drill through a security gate and use thermite to burn a hole into the bank’s vault. Once they have the money, the crew will use C4 to blow a hole in a wall and make their escape.

Objectives Edit

  1. Enter the bank
  2. Find the bank manager and get his keycard
  3. Locate and enter the server room
  4. Get the drill and the thermite
  5. Start the drill
  6. Disable magnetic lock
  7. Drill the gates
  8. Pour out the thermite to melt the floor
  9. Melt the floor
  10. Empty the vault
  11. Drop off the loot
  12. Get through the lobby
  13. Blow up the wall
  14. Secure the loot ( 4 (Normal/Hard), 6 (Very Hard/Overkill), 8 (Mayhem+)
    1. (optional) Secure extra loot
  15. Escape
  1. Enter the bank
  2. Find the bank manager and get his keycard
  3. Locate and enter the server room
  4. Disable the metal detectors
  5. Find the gate’s security codes
  6. Meet our insider at the gates
  7. Gain access to vault doors
  8. Empty the vault
  9. Drop off the loot
  10. Follow our insider
  11. Secure the loot ( 4 (Normal/Hard), 6 (Very Hard/Overkill), 8 (Mayhem+)
    1. (optional) Secure extra loot
  12. Escape

Assets Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Before the heist begins, Bain informs the crew that their insider hid a drill and two cans of thermite in a photocopy machine in the server room, to help if the plan goes loud, leaving them to locate the bank manager in order to retrieve the gear.

The beginning task remains the same; find the manager and retrieve his keycard. The difficulty can vary, as he may be located in an isolated spot to the chance he is found on the lobby, pacing back and forth with his cell phone behind a wall where the bank tellers are located. Sometimes, he may spawn nearby a security camera, thus it may be required to either deploy an ECM jammer or eliminate the camera operator.

The next step is to disable the metal detectors. There are three electricity boxes that need to be rewired, all on the second floor; one inside the server room and two at various locations. It is strongly advised to locate and remember their positions in casing mode, as well as having team members stay unmasked to identify a passing guard when hacking an electricity box.

To enter the vault area stealthily, the gate’s security codes from one of the computers in an office area must be retrieved. It will always be on the opposite side of the vault entrance. If the camera operator is not dealt with, it may be advised to have the Nimble skill as often, a camera will overlook the computers. After finding the correct computer, the insider will then assist in unlocking the door by ordering the guards to leave. However, despite the insider informing players it is clear, there may be another lingering guard that will patrol around thus it is imperative to remain careful.

Once in, access to the vault doors must be gained by inserting a keycard into a slot inside the vault area’s camera room and another, quickly, at the vault doors’ slot. One keycard always spawns on the lower counter in the vault camera room, and the other will spawn on the desk in the vault lobby, in the conference room adjacent to the vault camera room, or on the upper counter in the camera room. This time, there is another camera operator but being a civilian, he does not carry a pager and can be tied down. However, there will be additional guards present, sometimes even other civilians.

Empty the vault and drop the bags through the vent at the vault area’s lobby. Get out by following the insider to the exit route, and get through the back office. A Titan Safe can be found in this area (on a conference table or on the floor, both near the garage exit) containing the item for the Au Ticket achievement. Finally, proceed down the stairwell, stash the loot, and escape. Be aware that there is a chance of police spawning in the passage to the garage, their gunfire will alert all civilians in the rear office.

Once the drill is attached to the security door leading to the back half of the bank, the crew will have to defend themselves while resetting the drill when it jams. Someone will also have to disable magnetic lock using a terminal in one of the offices upstairs in the upper management section of the bank. Snipers occasionally spawn outside the windows, including over skylights, so the crew must be aware when restarting the drill or traveling the front of the bank. After the drill finishes, the crew must make their way to a counting room above the vault and use the thermite to melt through the floor. Using both cans of thermite makes the process go more quickly (in Single Player, this means the player must make a return trip to the photocopy machine).

Once inside the vault, the crew must fill their duffel bags with the cash and wait for law enforcement to open the vault doors for their escape. While inside, there are also a number of loose bundles of cash both on the tables and in deposit boxes that can be taken for a small additional reward. After the doors open, an objective of throwing the bags down a vent will appear. Using this vent is strongly advised unless you are going for an achievement. When the crew is ready to leave, they must make their way back to the executive offices through the lobby (as security shutters will have blocked off the stairs next to the door they drilled), blow a hole into the neighboring building using C4, and navigate to the underground garage, where they escape via a garbage truck.

Money Bundle Locations Edit

Please note they are only worth $1,000 (or $1,300 with Chameleon aced) and will hardly affect payout, they are only there as a nod to the first game.

Below is a list of all the possible locations where there may be money bundles:

Money bundles
  • On a brown filing cabinet in a separate office room in the Drill Area.
  • Under the desk on the computer of the manger’s office in Management.
  • On a shelf with a TV in the manager’s office in Management.
  • Under the desk on the computer next to the manager’s office in Management.
  • There are one or two on the desk in the room where you place the thermite.
  • There are several in the vault, a pile on a cart and 3-4 in an open deposit box.
  • On a desktop computer tower on the desk across from the large conference table that is in front of the projector screen in Second Office Building.
  • Another money bundle is often found in the last office room before the stairs to the escape truck.
End of money bundles

Differences from PAYDAY: The Heist Edit

  • Unlike the original, the players must carry bags, and more than four.
    • To help with carrying the bags, there’s a vent in the security center which leads down to the garage next to the dump truck where the bags are deposited.
  • This version allows the heist to be completed in stealth.
  • Due to the PAYDAY 2 engine’s semi-randomized map geometry system, the layout of the bank may change, as the drill area can be in a different spot. Also variable is the location of the photocopier room where you grab the drill and thermite paste.
  • Several lootable ATMs are present.
  • The guard outside the bank manager’s office no longer appears (if the manager is in within his office). As such, players can walk in without breaking stealth (in the original game, walking inside at any point will trigger the heist). Instead, a security camera may spawn inside and/or guards will patrol frequently in the room.
  • If going loud:
    • It is no longer possible to obtain the drill and a can of thermite at the same time. Players must interact with each one separately.
    • The crew uses a thermal drill for the security gate instead of a normal one.
    • Enemies (and occasionally, 2 civilians) now spawn within the vault. In some cases, up to four Bulldozers will appear (depending on difficulty).
    • Erasing the security footage is no longer an objective. Instead, players must access a computer to release a magnetic lock to continue drilling.
    • On Very Hard and above there’s a 70% chance a SWAT Turret may spawn in the lobby during the escape sequence.
    • The escape is no longer timed.

Mayhem+ Changes Edit

  • All cameras are replaced with Titan cameras.
  • Overdrill is enabled on Death Wish and above.

The FBI Files Edit

Conducted early in the morning, this bank job carries all the hallmarks of a classic job by the Payday gang. Forcing their way through to the rear area, the gang used thermite to melt their way down to the vault interior. As police forces gathered outside the front, the gang used C4 explosives to blast through to the neighboring office, and made their escape before local commanders knew the heist was over. Inside help is suspected and we are currently investigating the backgrounds of the staff for likely collaborators.

My Notes: Why the hell weren’t we watching this one? Jesus Christ, one of the biggest banks in the DC area – of course they were going to hit it. And that escape….just shows how rigid the thinking of our commanders is. Might be time to clear the decks there. Bain really caught us with our pants down, and gave us a spanking we deserved for it.

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