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OvoMoney. icu Reviwe- Is ‘OvoMoney’ Scam or Legit Online Work?

OvoMony. icu is not out to help you earn anything but failure to find good and honest work online. They will use you for as long as possible and then they will try to trick you out of money to unleash your earnings. It is all lies. They have over sites pulling the same old scam since 2020. The following are also theirs and should be avoided at all costs:- EnaMoney. icu, OosMoney. icu, OgeMoney, GipMoney, VnuMoney. xyz, YobMoney. icu, PnaMoney. icu, ObyMoney. icu, PnaMoney. icu, PnyMoney. icu, VpoMoney. Club, YetMoney. icu, WbiMoney. Club, LkaMoney. Club, EdiMoney. xyz, YakMoney. icu, AohMoney. Club, OnyMoney. icu, GsaMoney. icu, UogMoney and BduMoney. xyz.

If you were looking for a way to make money on line then do know one online business that is legit and does pay out! With time and training you can make your own online business and learn to attract free traffic to monetize. #1 Recommendation is Show You How to Earn Online.

OvoMoney. icu is a Scam!

‘OvoMoney’ Operations Exposed.

  • The site pays out 10 cents per video ad unit watched. You can make between $50 to $300 per day. You can even earn up to $4800 per month for viewing 1000 ads! Once you sign up for a free account you are instructed to watch ads and the money is credited to your account in real time. You can share your affiliate link to help drive traffic through your link. Every successful referral you make with get you a massive 50% of your referrals work.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $150 and you can request your funds at this stage. You are told that you must make 40 referrals to their site first before the funds are released. You can also buy those referrals for $14 to save you some time.
  • Of course, those referrals are fake as well.
  • On their Home Page description they say you are able to get your funds in one hour. When you apply for your money you will get a b.s message saying it will take up to two months to process your funds! Shessh. That is a bit longer than one hour for sure!!
  • Ultimately, if you buy those referrals or not, you ares locked out of your account. You won’t get paid as no one has ever been paid by any of these scam sites.
  • Founder can not be located, email and address details are fake as well. Nothing but bad reviews online with a high volume of people asking for their money.
  • Strangely enough, all these sites shut down for 4 to 5 days. I thought they shut down all their operations. However, it seems some changes were implemented. When you type in SwaMoney you will land on a page where it says Submoney. club! Weird and should definitely alert you to suspicions about it already.
  • Please be warned about the site under review and all the other connected sites. They will steal your personal details and sell them on to other scammers and spammers for a fee. All the work you do on their site generates money for them but nothing is given to its users. I’d be rich if got one penny for every complaint of no pay about these sites.
  • You may wish to click on through some of my reviews and you will find out that all these sites are absolutely identical! One difference is website name and domain abut that is it. They have the same website errors, admin names, wording color, format, coding and exact words and phrases. It is remarkable we still can not stop people from doing this!
  • Potentially with 1000’s of sites online running the same scam, they are pulling in traffic and ripping off those individuals. Most at risk people, believe it or not, are people under 25! Over Fifties are next.
  • One way to find out if something is legit on line is to do a simple Google search for reviews. If you see a ton of bad reviews then the chances are you are dealing with a scam site!

Final Thoughts.

They are not a good site to run into and I am sorry you have had this experience. It ain’t easy giving people I do not even know bad news all day long. So, when I have the chance, it is only right to give some people some goods news for a change.

Good News…

You can start online right now for free! There are Premium Options but you do not have to bother with that for right now, or actually, never if you do not want to!

That is the beauty of the offer I have for you. You can learn to work from home in your spare time, or full time, and learn to generate a full time income. Make a website, add content like what you see before you (or on any area of interest you like), get traffic same way you found this article and finally then you monetize (my fav step …).

Once you have made one website a financial success then there is nothing stopping you from making two websites a financial success.

READ HERE to find out more on how this is done, but more importantly, where to Sign Up for Free with No CC to begin. Remember, it ain’t all free people, but we all have to make that decision when the time comes. For now, just take the free stuff and then see how you feel…


52 thoughts on “ OvoMoney. icu Reviwe- Is ‘OvoMoney’ Scam or Legit Online Work? ”

Hey guys I love what you are doing here , good job. Have a question though, what do you think about is it real

  1. Scam Witness Post author June 6, 2020

Hello Austio and thank you kindly for the compliment. Due to your report we did our own Probot.Club Review. You may read and comment there if you wish. Thanks again Austin.

  1. Scam Witness Post author September 29, 2020

Good, I am glad they did not get you. Nice job on doing your research into SwaMoney. Win before they tried any funny business with you Siddharth �� .

Philip (Scam Witness).

Can you please check Eymoney. club

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  1. Scam Witness Post author June 19, 2020

You may find all details surrounding EyMoney. Club is redirecting to AlMoney. Fun. So yes, it is a scam site the same as HeyMoney Club – same owners and no difference.

Hi, what about OnyMoney? If scam, but i already give my bank no. account to withdraw that money. What should I do? ��

  1. Scam Witness Post author June 13, 2020

OnyMoney Club is a 100% Scam Site and will make a fine edition to our own Hall of Shame for scammers. Thank you so much for reporting them here and I look forward to exposing them. We also show others how to earn online if you are interested, no pressure, just good info �� . So just ask us how if want to know.

I already gave my bank acc number to that site. What should I do? Im scared they do anything to my bank no. account. ��

  1. Scam Witness Post author July 30, 2020

Contact your bank and let them know. They may issue you a new card and cancel the old one. Let us know how it goes.

Check if is a scam??

  1. Scam Witness Post author June 12, 2020

There is no DOUBT that Yrymoney Club is a total scam! Thank you for reporting them to us and will endeavor to expose – we really appreciate your help in this matter.

How I delete my bank account on kilmoney site

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 30, 2020

I had a look at KilyMoney site and indeed they are a scam. There is no way to delete your account and will only cease to exist when the site itself shuts down. This could happen anytime within their 1 year allotted time they give all their fake sites.

We also provide a real way to make money online via Premium and Free Options – let us know if yodu are interested.

Hi this is frim after i purchased referrals
Unfortunately, when adding referrals, there was a failure in the database
And your payment has been lost, there is unfortunately no chance to restore it.
We bring to you our deepest apologies and as compensation
We charge 150 dollars to your account. We promise that this will not happen again.
To get referrals, you need to once again buy referrals on the exchange from any user
Go to stock exchange After purchase, follow the link Confirmation link I personally check the purchase and transfer the referrals to your account within 10 minutes.
And you can immediately withdraw money.

Yours faithfully
Martin Wood
Project Manager

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 12, 2020

I am very happy you posted this exactly as they said it! This is the second report this site has got of that exact same message. We really appreciate you taking this time to share this most valuable information and welcome any questions you may have on how to earn online as well.

Hi.. how about the irmoney. site.. it is legit or not.. because i read some good comment on their site.. please reply..

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 10, 2020

Those are fake comments! Stay clear of irmoney. site unless you are hungry to get scammed!! I mean url says irmoney site and then the site logo says netmoney 2020 = how could you think they were for real?

They real big scam but its up to you if you want to risk it.

How about

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 6, 2020

I had a quick look at it. The wording is very weird and that would be enough to put me off.

So I see that they are trying to be a middle man job agency, for online work, of sorts. You can Google each job type – and you may found – long hours of work for little pay.

E.g. In my research online, I came across a complaints of lady who was getting paid to read emails. This lady read 1000 emails for a lousy $20.

So, if they are legit, do be careful that you are not working for that kind of money.

I will look further into this in time, once other jobs are complete, and stay tuned for that.

At this point I can not say if they are a scam or not. I must do thorough and fair research first.

Thank you for letting us know about them.

Utemoney.Club ….. Same story

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 5, 2020

Yes, they are the same as HeyMoney Club and UteMoney Club will never pay out either. Thanks for letting us all know Caleb.

hi. how about anemone??

  1. Scam Witness Post author May 2, 2020

AneMoney. Club is a pure scam. They will never pay you. They will even try to get money out of you to pretend to release your earnings. Completely the same scam, by same owners, as HeyMoney. Club.

Anything else, please just ask �� .

I dont know if epomoney. club is a scam or not my friend told me that this site is legit. Can you help me find a legit site to earn online. Thank you and God bless!

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 29, 2020

It is quite strange that your message came through as I was finishing off my last article, which was, EpoMoney Club. That is linked and you can click it to see all about it. But, yes, its a scam.

If you are looking for online work as I know of one that is a $0 start up.

Our #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. You can read about it here in our Review of Wealthy Affiliate, OR, sign up here without cc for a Free LifeTime Starter Account!

Hope to hear from you soon Annie �� .

Thank you for your information and can u please suggest me any online work which is not fake

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 28, 2020

Please see links on this post that will give you a free life time account with Wealthy Affiliate.

Please check ecamoney. site is real or fake

Can u please confirm

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 27, 2020

That ecamoney. site is completely fake! Don’t waste your time. You may have a good look in my post and you will legit $0 sign up legit offer.
No pressure, just good info �� . Any questions – just ask.

Only answering here so our system does not keep on flagging this as unanswered. Yes, ecamoney. site is a b.s scam! Do not invest your time and don’t pay them any money whatsoever.

Thank you so much for your post, Philip. My partner has always been into this site called and she’s very convince that it’s a real paying site. I’ve always warned her about scam sites that’s circulating the web these days and she wouldn’t believe me not until I can show her any proofs that it’s a scam. I shared your site to her and, thankfully, she believe it( to be a scam site.

Thank you so much for your effort and time in creating this and exposing those loathsome scam sites! I’ve bookmarked your site just incase I ever stumble upon those nasty scam sites again.

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 27, 2020

I am writing on EpoMoney Club today. I did not know of that one so very happy to get it. Your partner is most welcome to leave their experience on that post once completed. If I forget to get back to you with the link, the post just be in the HOME MENU BUTTON SECTION of my site, sometime this evening.

Thank you kindly for you lovely words and comments like yours makes the effort so much more worth while.

Unfortunately, when adding moneys, there was a failure in the database
And your payment has been lost, there is unfortunately no chance to restore it.
We bring to you our deepest apologies.
We promise that this will not happen again.
For quick verification, You need to once again top up bitcoin wallet
3AUAsY95FGpvQprEQfyyMbjTok9ipvyPJv on $10
I personally check the purchase and send money to you within 10 minutes.
And you can immediately withdraw money.

Yours faithfully
Martin Wood
Project Manager

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 26, 2020

And this is for EmuMoney?

Thank you so much. I would like to use your comment in an upcoming post if you don’t mind please? If I don’t hear back from you I will assume its OK.

Martin Wood – this is the first time we bloggers are hearing this name concerning all these heymoney club’s etc. I doubt its real but its a start. Thank you kindly and hope to hear from you again.

oramoney. club also because they have the same name. such a wierd website name hahahaha. by the way thanks for the info.

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 21, 2020

Oramoney, club was created 14–4-2020 and obviously is one of the fresh scam sites. I am delighted you reported them here and I am also happy you were able to find your answer.

Alos, I show people how to make money online properly with $0 start up and without a credit card to begin. There are paid options later to consider, but, you have a free lifetime starter account. Just ask if you are interested.

Please check if EveMoney site is a Scam..Thank You

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 20, 2020

Evemoney. site is the same scam as heymoney. club – same owners. Stay clear – they will never pay you. Thank you for your report and we will expose them soon enough.

Please check if EveMoney site is a scam

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 20, 2020

Yes, no doubt about it, evemoney. site is a scam.

Same set up,and there new website is UbeMoney .Site
Such a waste of time!!

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 16, 2020

I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with these kinds of sites. I will promise to expose UbeMoney. Site soon and let others know what you have reported here. Much appreciated and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Check if is a scam

  1. Scam Witness Post author March 19, 2020

I looked into Yxmoney bid and in seconds I know it to be a scam! Thank you for alerting this website about them and I will be doing an article on these guys today. The owners of potentially thousands of replica sites with the only difference of URL.

Check if this is a scam?

  1. Scam Witness Post author March 19, 2020

Checked and verified YxMoney Bid is a scam.

Hey thanks for this review ! This scam (moneyclub).pop up on my fb with a “friend” asking for references. It screamed scam in my head and decided to do a little google search and found you ! She got upset and said it’s lie, too bad she will discover it when she did not get paid ��

Have a good day !

  1. Scam Detector Post author January 5, 2020

Hey thank you so much for alerting me of it! But, I must ask you – as there are a number of sites with ‘MONEYCLUB’ in their URL, was it the one in my article = HEYMONEY.CLUB or a different one? If you are able to provide a URL to them I would be grateful �� . This will save me researching the wrong site and help inform others better.

Thank you kindly Claire and if you find anymore please just let me know.

thank you very much.
please is fix money online safe
what is the best site for me to make money online ?please

  1. Scam Detector Post author December 27, 2020

Thank you for your question and I feel I must apologise for a late reply = Holidays = Busy with family etc.

So, whenever you see a suffix such as .us, .club etc and inlcuding .online = is ‘USUALLY’ a sign of a scam.


Before writing Merchant Shares Review, I studied and researched a lot and the facts I found about Merchant Shares, I am going to discuss you in this review. I will also share my personal experience with you.

Latest News and Update (March 2020)

Now there is a major change in the paying structure of Merchant shares. Now you will get paid only if you view the advertisements. Now it has started working on the advertising model.

In short and simple, now if you want to invest in merchant shares then you will have to purchase their ad packs and then view some ads daily to get your earnings.

At present, they are offering 5 Adpacks.

  1. Bronze ($20.00 per unit)
  2. Silver ($30.00 per unit)
  3. Gold ($50.00 per unit)
  4. Platinum ($70.00 per unit)
  5. Premium ($100.00 per unit)

To collect data and information, I arranged an online meet (through chat) with one of Merchant Shares support staffs. I asked him a lot of questions and he replied me honestly. I would like to share few of those questions that you might want to know.

According to ScamAdviser, MerchantShares Website has completed its 2 years 141 days online today (7th July 2020).

Abhishek started investing in Merchant Shares around 7 months ago. I got more useful information from him. He told me that he is getting his payouts and profits on the regular basis without any issues.

ABHISHEK’s Account has already been suspended for no reasons.

Moneyonlineinvestment Reviews

37 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 37

For the Best Recovery and crypto…

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Yes, you can easily buy low rate shares. Yes, you can make a very high revenue in a short time, but that’s the TRICK!
As you won’t be able to withdraw any of your money, not the capital nor the alleged profits.

Join this 15 May 2020 with two…

Join this 15 May 2020 with two investment cost around USD9.30 and my paypal account being debited within a second. But when i try to withdraw upon of my available in my account firstly mention paypal are not available in certain countries and also mentioned withdrawal can only be done once in 29 days. I have not withdrawn seen i open an account and now it is almost one year but still i can’t withdraw my money even i tried to sell my shares. This is really untrustworthy. I think for those who wants to make investment in this website please think twice cause they are making money by cheating people.

BEWARE DON’T INVEST, you might end up like me.

Nice this is funy

big scam this website stolen from me…

big scam this website stolen from me 150 dollars,it don’t paye and always they give you same answer (bot answer) don’t invest.

For stock exchange online Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant) price $3.00

Where is the answer to the question where Negotiable price Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant) surplus Palo del Colle, Italy

It is a scam

It is a scam, its easy to get money in but you wont get it out.

OXOMARHACKERS ,COM provides recovery…

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Mail; admin AT oxomarhackers com

Very good��

Great business! Punctual, precise! They pay! Great earning system! Hurray for shares!

Far too often we’re always looking for…

Far too often we’re always looking for the fastest way to make money online or offline without putting in the initial work that’s required to get the ball rolling.
I’ve read about money online investment reviews and their promises in regards to earning and so on. I didn’t invest with them because it reminded me of a similar company in the past, pretty much same structured and promises. I never received any of my money back when it was time for me to withdraw my money.

Folks you have to start changing your mind set about making money online and investment. Invest in knowledge, Knowledge is power and then taking action. I’m talking about investing and making money online. Do your research invest in a program that suits your style. Above all you have to make time to learn. Without knowing what you’re doing and not trying to gain some knowledge about the whole concept of making money (PASSIVE INCOME) online. You’ll not go too far.

Now if you’re interested in learning about a legit way to make money online and something that you’ll have control over and in the right state of mind to put in the work, then my friend, get in touch with me mkmediadirect @ gmail . com.

Contena 2020 NOT Affiliated Review! Is This a BIG Scam or What?

So many Contena reviews out there, but most of them seem to be written by affiliates.

The goal of these affiliates is to earn some referral commissions only, they are literally sugar coating Contena so you sign up!

But is Contena a scam? This review is BRUTALLY honest, I’m not promoting Contena, I’m only going to tell you things EXACTLY how they are!

Then read this review until the end so you know what you’re actually buying and if it’s worth it!

Contena Summary Review

Name: Contena


Price: $100 a month to $700 a year

Best for: Fairly experienced writers looking for more writing jobs.

Summary: Contena is not a bad site, you will definitely find some writing jobs but why charge so much money for something you can find online for free?

Contena is NOT a scam but the price is so exaggerated and this makes it NOT worth it. At least in my opinion.

There are many good things and ugly things about Contena which I’ll share with you in this review.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes, but there free alternatives.

What is Contena?

Contena is a website that helps you find freelancing writing jobs online, this freelancing gigs website is founded by a young entrepreneur named Kevin Fleming.

The owner of Contena claims that this membership site is the best for making money from writing.

Contena will show you how to create your own freelance writing business where you have a lot of clients, so basically Contena will NOT only teach how to write content but also how to market yourself.

Kevin the CEO of the company is confident that there is no better site than Contena on the internet.

He says that the difference between the other freelancing courses and his course is the fact Contena teaches you how to market yourself efficiently while other freelancing courses only focus on making you a better writer.

Contena is both good for newbies and experienced writers, at least to Kevin and the people behind this company.

This company for freelance writers focuses on helping you find location independent jobs so it’s basically a pure work from home job opportunity hunter.

But can you trust Contena? Is Kevin Fleming a scam artist? Is Contena free?

Keep reading if you want to learn the good and the bad about this site!

Who is Kevin Fleming?

Let’s start with the founder of this site, Kevin Fleming, if I purchase a course or anything online I like to research the founder.

Why? You might ask.

Well, I have reviewed 500’s of work from home courses on my site Fulltimehomebusiness. Here we review both legitimate and scam work from home opportunities.

I have lost count of how many scams that I have reviewed where the founder either is hidden or is presented under a fake identity.

If you don’t believe me just read some of the scam reviews I have published.

Anyway let’s go back to our topic, fortunately, Kevin Fleming is a real person, he is NOT hiding and in fact, I see him online on forums and other people sites answering the negative reviews about Contena.

Kevin Fleming is a young entrepreneur who is working on many projects, he has created Contena to help people find writing jobs a lot faster.

Without you having to go through the hustle of wasting time dealing with the shady work from home opportunities found online.

One negative thing that I noticed about Kevin is the fact he does not like to see ANY negative reviews about Contena.

Well, we all don’t like negative reviews but Kevin seems to threaten anyone that writes a negative review (even if it’s an honest review) with legal action.

As I was researching Kevin Fleming on Google I read a post about a person that says he has been threatened by Kevin to remove his post , the person used to be a paid Contena member who did NOT enjoy Contena.

He decided to write a review about his honest experience but unfortunately, he deleted his review after receiving the legal action threats from Kevin.

This does not sound good in my opinion.

Another thing is most of the positive Contena reviews you find online are written by affiliates, it means that they are writing a review with the goal to convince you to buy Contena only.

Since the content membership plans are not the cheapest, the affiliates are going to earn some nice commissions.

With that said, below I have added some screenshots from the conversation of the two guys that had their negative Contena reviews removed.

How Does Contena Work?

After you buy the Contena membership (I’m going to breakdown the prices for you later in this review) you will get access to a LOT of resources.

Whether you’re a newbie writer or a professional writer I think you will find the Contena resources useful.

Because they offer so many tools and services that will make you a successful freelance writer if you work hard and follow the contena teachings.

The contena courses will allow you to write about any topic you want, because yes, you can make money writing about any anything you like.

There are many website owners that are constantly looking for writers to write articles and blog posts for them.

I personally have paid many writers to write content for me and in the future, I might hire a writer to publish articles on my site while I focus on other projects.

The point is when it comes to the freelancing writing business there are so many opportunities and Contena will give you the keys to open these opportunities for you.

Hey I’m Anis!

I Earn $3,000 a Month by Writing Content for Myself & Not for other people!

How Much Does Contena Cost?

One thing that is making a lot of Contena users and people that want to try this angry is the Contena pricing.

A lot of people expect to get access to Contena for free because most freelancing sites are free, but I don’t think Contena should be free because they offer so many tools and resources that simple online job boards don’t offer.

But I also DON’T think Contena should be this expensive!

Contena offers different membership levels and payment plans to their members.

Currently, there are two yearly memberships:

  • The gold membership = $500 a year
  • The Platinum membership = $800 a year

You can pay the gold membership in 5 monthly payments of $129 and the platinum membership in 5 payments of $199/month.

If you think this is so much money and you want to try Contena first for a shorter period there is the monthly membership which costs around $100-$179 per month!

Now that’s a lot of money in my opinion, to join Contena as far as I know you should sign up to their waiting list if you do you will receive emails regularly from Kevin and then the link to sign up for Contena.

According to many not so happy contena reviews online, I have read that the Contena waiting list is basically just a newsletter designed to sell people into Contena in a not so ethical way.

According to the negative reviews Kevin does not mention the price of the membership, he keeps saying that Contena is good and will make you money but then people when they get access to Contena they get shocked about the heavy price.

Another thing I noticed people complain a lot about is the refund policy, Contena members basically feel locked in after paying the heavy membership prices.

Let’s say you want to grab the gold membership and pay $500 for the year.

What if you want to get a refund?

You need to ask for a refund within 30 days and you need to prove that you have completed all the Contena Academy exercises and if the contena staff is not convinced about that they have the right to NOT give you a refund .

That’s not good, and this is a point that the Contena reviews I read online fail to mention, the affiliates of Contena simply say that if you want to refund you have 30 days to ask, but never mention that the refund policy comes with surprises!

With that said, I would like to talk about the things I liked and things I did not like about Contena, I break down for you everything in details below.

Tired of Scams? Check out My Top Recommendation Here!

What I Liked About Contena

1- Good Training for New Writers (Contena Academy)

I think the Contena Academy is the best feature that Contena offers, this is a course designed for newbies to get started with their own freelance writing business.

Contena Academy focuses on teaching you more how to promote yourself and how to get more clients, it does not go deep on how to become a better writer.

They offer you many actionable exercises to complete, lessons and videos to watch, they also give you templates and writing samples.

The Contena Academy training is not so long, there are basically 9 videos and each video is 6-7 minutes long.

I think a writing course should focus more on making you a better writer versus teaching you how to promote yourself.

I know if you don’t promote your stuff you will never find clients, but think about it, Contena Academy is designed for newbies NOT experienced writers.

Even if you find clients if your writing is bad and does not add value why anyone would hire you?

People hire writers to take their businesses to the next level, so they are expecting a writer that knows his stuff.

I have hired many writers to write for my site, I pay them because they know how to write for the web, they know how to turn people into sales, into followers, into email subscribers.

At the end of the day, if you’re hiring a writer you want them to make you more money, that’s why I believe a beginner course should focus on teaching you how to write for the web.

How to HELP business owners grow their businesses so they happily have you as their regular writer!

Learning to promote your self is VERY important and the Contena Academy course will teach you that well, but since it’s a beginners course, they should give you more than just writing samples and templates!

Is Contena Academy a good course?

Yes, it’s a very good course and even if it does not focus on making you a better writer, you will improve as a writer, but there are many better courses and alternatives that will make you a better writer that are even cheaper.

Carol has written a very good in-depth review about Contena, she used to be a paying member and on her post, she shares a lot of things about her experience with Contena Academy and many other things.

Kevin Fleming, Contena CEO.

” We have surveyed the Contena users it turned out that most of them are newbies, that’s why we created the Contena Academy.”

2- The Contena Mediation (Escrow)

A good thing about Contena is that you’re protected from any possible shady clients, a very common problem among writers and their clients is if the client does not like the content written by the writer they may not pay and disappear.

This is really bad, I write articles several times a week, I know HOW hard it is to research and write an article, just imagine you spend 8+ hours per day researching and writing a post only to be rejected and not get paid for it?

That’s a problem fixed by Contena because the money paid by the client is put in an escrow account by Contena and it’s released only when both parties are satisfied so no one wastes time.

This is a REALLY good thing because thanks to the Contena mediation you will write content with an empty mind without worrying about shady clients!

Hey I’m Anis!

I Earn $3,000 a Month by Writing Content for Myself & Not for other people!

3- The Customer Support (24/7)

I know many courses that offer good training but when you have a burning question you’re left alone in the dark.

If a course comes with mediocre or NO support I’d never invest into it, because if you buy a course you want to get help whenever you’re stuck, that’s very important.

Fortunately, this is NOT an issue with Contena because they have very good customers support, I did not read many negative reviews about people not getting help when they ask for it.

That’s a really good thing, for an expensive course the one would expect the customer support to be as good as Contena’s.

If you are reading this and have anything to say about the support team of Contena don’t be shy to share your experiences with us in the comments section.

At the end of the day, this review is for you, I have created this review so people can read the truth, I say things exactly as they are.

I mention the good and the bad with no filters but I would appreciate it if you add your experiences in the comments section and also share this post to spread the truth!

4- The Owner is Real & Always Available

As I said before it’s very important to research the founder of any program you want to invest in, just by researching the founder you will understand if the program you want to buy is worth it or not.

It looks like Kevin Fleming is NOT a fake persona or a hidden identity like most scams I review, Kevin is a REAL person and on top of that, you can even email him for support if you’re a member.

That’s very good, another thing I like about Kevin is he puts his face in front of any negative comment out there and tries to explain and resolve the issue.

I also like how passionate and motivated he is about Contena, obviously Contena is not perfect like anything in life and I appreciate what Kevin is doing.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact he threatens people who write negative reviews and forces them to take down their posts.

I think he should accept the negative reviews and see them as an opportunity to make his services better.

Because the negative reviews I read online are real and from paying members, I mean they are not written by people that only want to talk trash about Contena.

5- The Contena Scout

If you have ever tried looking for work from home jobs online you know how hard it is to find any legitimate offers.

The internet is really full of shady scams that are waiting for you to fall for their scams and I have experienced that first hand.

Before starting my own money making website I used to fall for scams so I know how hard it is to weed out the legit offers from the scam ones!

For example, here’s Master Writing Jobs, this is a site that helps you find writing gigs like Contena, the difference that this is a BIG scam and if you click on the link above you will read many people thanking me for putting that review up.

People cannot tell if a company is legit or a scam, that’s why I appreciate the Contena scout feature because it makes sure it shows you ONLY the legit writing gigs.

There are some complaints about Contena Scout but I think it’s a very good service because in one hand it saves you a LOT of time and in the second hand it only shows you the good and legit sites that will pay you and not waste your time!

With that said there are some links that will take you to sites like Indeed . com and some other free job board site.

And yeah most of the links can be found online for free but the benefit here is saving time and finding the good opportunities only.

Kevin Fleming, Contena CEO.

” Contena focuses on work-from-home and location independent jobs and it’s very hard to find good remote jobs among the bad ones on the internet.”

6- The Contena Community

Contena has recently introduced a new feature called the Contena Community this is a place where you learn how to start a freelancing business with the help of professional writers who regularly add high-quality content for you to learn from and apply on your own business.

This community is going to help you improve every day by learning new things on a regular basis.

I have read some posts on the Contena Community that are also available for non paying members and they teach you different things related to writing like:

  • How to add professional images to your posts
  • Freelance writing’s checklist
  • How to write fast and make more money
  • & more

Honestly, by just reading these posts I have learned many things that I will apply on my business too!

7- Contena Alerts

Contena Alerts is another amazing feature that will save you even more time, this feature allows you to set up custom alerts about new work from home jobs.

You can set up Contena Alerts right from your account and be notified about new work at home jobs that ONLY meet your criteria.

Hey I’m Anis!

I Earn $3,000 a Month by Writing Content for Myself & Not for other people!

As soon as Contena finds freelance writing jobs that pay well and does not require a lot of effort like you want you will receive a notification and quickly apply for it before anyone does!

I know there are many ways to receive emails and notifications for free about writing jobs but most of them will just send you some general work from home offers that are not as tailored, specific and custom like the Contena Alerts

You can watch this video walkthrough on how Contena Alerts work.

8- Even More Contena Great Features

The services I have talked about above are the best features of Contena, but there are many other good tools and features as well I want to talk about but quickly breakdown for you below.

My fingers are burning here, so I don’t want to talk in detail about every single feature ��


– Contena Submissions

Contena helps you find many freelance writing jobs, but you still have to apply to every single one of them, send them a pitch and hope for the best. some will accept you while most will reject you because they are not looking for a writer or something like that.

That’s where the Contena Submission feature comes in, the feature will ONLY show you the companies that are ACTUALLY looking for writers and that will accept you if you send a pitch.

The Contena Submissions in a few words, helps you save time and effort and allows you to make more money with less effort!

Isn’t that amazing?


– Contena Coaches

This feature is another amazing feature, you basically get your own coach that will walk you through every thing, gives you motivation and makes sure you’re on the right path.

Contena Coaches though are not included in the membership, so don’t expect them to be affordable.

I have read a review online that says the Contena Coaches don’t give you sound advice and only say their opinions and ask you to do things your way and stuff like that.

I also read another review that said many good things about the coaches but it was an affiliate who wrote this post.

Either way, I hope you will share with us your experiences if you did hire a coach so we know if they are worth it or not so we help the next visitor.

I’ll be constantly updating this review as I get more info!


– Contena Rates

Another great service at Contena. it’s called Contena rates, let’s say you find a lot of writing gigs and thanks to Contena submissions you know most of them will accept you as a writer and pay.

But what about the rates? How much will you earn after you finish your work?

With Contena rates you know in advance how much a company is going to pay you! So you will know exactly how much you will earn before you start putting in the work.

What I Did NOT Like About Contena

1- Why So Expensive?

I understand that Contena offers many good features that a lot of sites don’t offer but I think this still does not justify the heavy membership prices.

There are so many free alternatives for every feature they have, yes you may not save time with the alternatives but you will save a lot of money.

Don’t get me wrong Contena is good but I think it’s really overpriced, there are many similar sites to Contena that are a lot cheaper, I’m going to actually share with you some alternatives at the end of this review.

2- It’s HARD to get a Refund!

You can get a refund but only if you complete all the Contena Academy exercises, but one thing that is strange to me is that Kevin (Contena CEO) said that it’s optional to follow the Contena Academy training.

But if you want a refund you need to prove that you have completed all the Contena Academy exercises.

Even if you complete all the exercises and the Contena team is not convinced they are not going to refund you.

This info can be found on their Refund policy page.

What if you don’t want to continue after paying the 24 months membership, it’s pretty bad to not have a “no questions asked refund policy” for a 24 or 12 months membership that offers no free trial!

Most freelancing writing courses offer good no questions asked refunds, even the Clickbank scams I review that are so shady offer quick refunds!

In my opinion, the refund policy is a very HEAVY negative thing about Contena and Kevin should definitely work on it.

If you have anything to say about this refund policy please leave comments and share with us your experiences.

Hey I’m Anis!

I Earn $3,000 a Month by Writing articles for myself!

3- So Many Negative Reviews!

I have read some testimonial reviews on Contena these are testimonial posts published on the Contena website, I’m honestly not sure if these testimonies are real or fake.

I’m saying this because I came across 100’s of scams that make use of fake testimonials to enhance their products and make them look legit.

I’m not saying this is the case with Contena, but I had a look at their winning page and there is no proof that the testimonials are real or fake.

While on their website they post positive testimonies, there are many negative complaints online on sites like Trustpilot & Reddit, just click on the orange links to read the negative reviews!

I have also added some screenshots below if you’re too lazy to click on the links ��

4- Contena is Not BBB Accredited

I did a quick research online and found out that Contena belongs to a company called Heroic, LLC and it’s not even BBB accredited.

Well, not being accredited by BBB does not mean they are a scam or bad, but it’s a red flag because people nowadays actually rely on and use BBB to rate/judge products and courses they want to invest in.

I also don’t see any positive reviews there but just a negative comment that was closed.

Is Contena Worth it?

I’m going to say my opinion only here, it depends on you if it’s worth it or not, in my opinion for newbies Contena is NOT worth it.

I think Contena is good for those writers with experience and that already have clients and want to market themselves better and crush it.

It’s an expensive course so experienced freelance writers will have no problems investing in it.

If you are a beginner and want to have a good career in writing, the first thing I recommend to do is to start your own website where you write articles.

This is one hand will make you money because if you do like me you can write articles that rank on Google, bring you traffic that you can monetize thanks to ads or affiliate links.

On the other hand, you will learn how to ACTUALLY write posts that webmasters will happily pay you big bucks for!

If you create a money making website you will hit two birds with one stone, make money and learn the secrets of writing great blog posts that will crash the competition.

If you want to get started with this, I highly recommend you to check out the:

Contena Alternatives!

During my research, I came across many similar sites to Contena like and, I have no info about the two websites, but I’m planning to write reviews about them because they seem VERY similar to contena.

UPDATE: (I have written the reviews and linked to them above).

If you have anything to say about them please let us know!

Regarding the alternatives, here are some good resources where you can find freelance writing jobs for free:

With this free to Join Program I can make money by writing content for my website and therefore earn a full-time income online!

I don’t have to keep looking for clients!

Is Contena A Scam?

I definitely do not think Contena is a scam, it’s very far from being so, it’s actually a good website, is it worth it? It depends on you, in my opinion, it’s overpriced even though the good features.

I personally also don’t like their refund policy, it’s very strict, other than that I do recommend Contena but not for newbies, this course focuses more on marketing yourself than actually learning how to write content that converts and gives results.

I hope my review was useful to you, I hope you will share it with people that might find it helpful too, and don’t forget to also let me know your opinion about Contena so we help people decide if they should join it or not.

I Make Money Writing for Myself!

Writing for other people can make you some good money every month, but you will earn even more if you write content for yourself.

What do I mean by writing content for yourself?

  • Start your own website about a topic you’re passionate
  • Write about things you like writing about.
  • Bring visitors for free from Google and other search engines.
  • Add affiliate links & ads on your posts.
  • Make a solid monthly income even while you sleep!

That’s how I make money online, so far I have published over 400 posts on my site, they are all making me money while I sleep!

If you write content for other people, your hard work will make them money forever, so why not write articles for your site and profit from your articles and make money while you sleep?

Warren Buffet said it best!

” If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.”

That’s right, making money from your website is better than writing for other people! This is what I do and I love it.

If you want to start working for yourself I invite you to have a look at the training I recommend for beginners.

Just click on the orange link below to get started!

25 thoughts on “Contena 2020 NOT Affiliated Review! Is This a BIG Scam or What?”

I’m really glad to see some negative Contena reviews. I signed up at almost $1000 and it was a huge waste of money. I completed the academy, which I found very mediocre (granted, I’ve done professional writing before, but that’s what the big bucks were for, to improve my writing, right?). The jobs listings were either US-based or required that I had the right to work in the US. I’m neither. The other listings were either expired or worth peanuts. They were also broadly available job listings and were certainly not vetted by Contena for legitimacy. I tried to get a refund and I was met with disinterest or outright rudeness. I was happy to pay for use of the site while I used it, but there was pure hostility to that suggestion. I made zero money through Contena. It’s a collosal waste of money – please don’t be conned like I was.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Yule! ��

Thanks for sharing your experience with Contena Yule!

I don’t really think it is fair to the honest reviewers to take down their reviews of Contena. It’s not like they are trying to slander them.Just the fact that he is going after all negative reviewers of his program makes me feel like he is trying to hide something or he has too much free time that he could be using to build Contena into an even better product. I mean it sounds like a great product based on the features you mentioned. Why not make it better?

Yeah, you’re right Jessie, Kevin should see the negative reviews read them and try to turn them into positive reviews. so everyone stays happy! Thanks for visiting and have a great day!Anis

Hi this is an excellent review about Contena product. I have found this information is useful for all beginner who want to learn about writing technique and concept building. I also sometime feels some weakness in writing. So I believe this will be perfect for me to learn some advance technique. I will join this program soon. Thanks for your informative review on this.

You’re welcome Mzakapon!

Oh, thanks for the review about Contena as to whether it’s worth investing in or not! Literally speaking, I’ve not come across a single review post about Contena, though a few people might have written reviews about it online. Thanks for disclosing that it’s not worth the cost as anyone can find what they’re selling out for free online. And I know commission-minded affiliate marketers write such reviews for those products because of the money they want to make.

Thanks for a passionate job!

Thanks for your comments Israel ��

Hey Anis, thanks for sharing this thorough review. I actually heard about this when my best friend was looking for ways to make money as a copywriter.

I think it is a good platform if a newbie wants to learn more about writing and to find extra income with it. But with the prices, it’s just too much… I think there are a lot of other ways to learn how to write – and I agree that building a blog can really help sharpen our writing skills.

Or if someone wants to learn how to market themselves as a copywriter, I believe there are much cheaper options to learn from such as in udemy and skillshare.

Did you personally take a course from Contena? I like your writing flow btw!

You have a good day, thanks ��

Hi, Wina I did not take a course from Contena, I improved my writing (which is not perfect) thanks to blogging daily!

Thanks so much for this review of Contena. It does seem like a really great place for freelance writers. Too bad the price tag doesn’t justify joining. $800 a year? Holy moly! That is really expensive. Even $500 a year for the Gold Membership seems a bit excessive. You’d have to work HARD just to make up the price of the product.

I also think it’s crazy to threaten legal action for anyone who writes a negative comment. I mean, why not take those negative comments and try to improve your business? I think that’s a good opportunity for Kevin to listen to his customers.

I really appreciate the breakdown you did her. If the CEO took his customer’s views into account and the price was lowered to something reasonable, I would definitely consider joining. Until then, I’m out.

Hi Christina, I agree the membership price is so expensive and this site needs lots of improvements as you said! Thanks for leaving a comment!

Yeah I agree with you that it’s definitely not worth it. I don’t feel comfortable putting up my money when there’s so many negative reviews. There’s so much free information and tools out there it’s unnecessary to pay $100+ a month for this, it’s not even guaranteed that you’ll make that back the first month, because what if you applied their training but still couldn’t get enough writing jobs? Then you’ll want your refund but seems like they don’t want to give you that.

Hi Kent, I think they have many things to improve like the refund policy and maybe decrease the price because it’s so high.

Omg you are so right. Everywhere I see no one really gives an honest review about Contena. Web is filled with all affiliates and it is so hard to find an honest review. Thank you so much for your honest unbiased review on Contena. It does seems really pricey so you are right.

Hi Sujandar, thanks for your comment, I like to write honest reviews!

Hey Anis,Thank you for sharing this lengthy and informative review about Contena. While, I agreed with you that Contena is a good membership site that comes with plenty of resources and tools but it was too pricey to join.Do you know how much their members charge to write an article? Can they recoup their investment?l like your idea to start your own website and writing your own article. In such a way you can perfect your writing skill and as well making money with your website.l also applaud you for your efforts in writing so many reviews to alert people between legit and scam programs.All the best!

Hi Shui, yes Contena is a good site too bad it’s expensive, I don’t know how much the members charge for an article, and yeah starting a website is the best way to make your writing skills better while you earn a living!Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment I appreciate it!

Anis, this is a very interesting and thought provoking review of Contena. I have not used it, but I have been looking into options for getting paid as a writer. Looking at this from an objective, analytical standpoint, it seems that to me the founder, Keven Fleming, should consider marketing Contena’s services differently. He should be selling it a program that specializes writers that are new to the writing business as a way to gain, manage and grow their business activities. They should proudly display what Contena costs and explain why it is a great deal. For example, the escrow services alone are an awesome feature. The savings in actually getting paid for what was earned and the time trying to get paid for a writing assignment could cover the cost. Mr. Fleming should stop worrying about trying to market to people that can not afford Contena. Trying to capture prospects that can not afford the service, is a waste of time. If he avoided letting people sign up that can not afford Contena, most likely he would not need to spend so much time worrying about reviews. The practice of threatening people so that they will take down negative reviews is only hurting his reputation. Since I have not used Contena, I can not extol other virtues that could be marketed to the target audience that can afford Contena and will actually be happy to pay for it. Sorry this reply has gotten so wrong. Yet, it makes me sad to see a company such as Contena hurting their potential success by the way that they are advertising what they are doing. If they are an expensive race horse, they should advertise themselves as a race horse. As is, it seems they are a race horse yet they are trying to appeal to people that are looking for a child’s pony.

Hi Sondra, thanks a lot for your feedback, I do agree that Kevin is only hurting his reputation by threatening people to take down their negative reviews.Contena is good but if they only make the membership more affordable and improve some aspects of the service they will be VERY fine!CheersAnis

Hey Anis thanks for the review of Contena , looks more like a marketing course than a freelance writing platform . With the cost of membership and the fact you say that a refund is hard to get looks like something to stay away from . There are lots of other freelance sites that have better reviews that anyone looking to be a free lance writer can join , Thanks for sharing .

Yeah, that’s right Rick, it’s a bummer that they make it that hard to get a refund for such an expensive program that comes with no free trial. Thanks for visiting!

That really is a serious amount of money to be paying a service that provides you with work every month. I know that writing is a popular online job, and this service does seem to be professional and elite, but $100 a month to $700 a year – way over the top in my book.

What do they offer that backs up these high membership prices?

They do offer some good tools and services but I still think the prices are too high Chris.

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