KeyStone Platform Review

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Keystone TT Software Review

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced binary options trader, you may be wondering which of the many binary options trading platforms on the market today is the best choice for you. Although making a final choice can be difficult, this Keystone TT review has been designed to give you all the necessary information to enable you to make an informed decision about which trading platform is best to meet your requirements.
A relative newcomer to the binary options trading world, Keystone TT is developed and backed by forex broker have more than a decade of experience in the forex industry and have used this to their advantage in developing a platform that is advanced and user friendly. Rapidly becoming a serious contender, the Keystone TT trading platform has the ideal combination of visual simplicity and complex function, making it ideal for both novices and advanced professional investors.

The interface is simple to use as well as being highly intuitive, which is why it has been adopted by some of the best brokers on the market like TopOption. It is an especially good platform for those who are interested in short term trading rather than long term speculation. As it requires no memory-heavy downloads, but can be accessed directly from a web browser, KeyStone TT’s software is light, simple to use and comes without preloaded and unwanted features for faster operation.

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This trading platform is able to support a variety of instruments across a broad spectrum of assets including currencies, stocks, indices and commotities, although the instrument will differ depending on the option selected. The SpeedMaster and Classic options allow for a greater choice of trading instruments, while Touch and One Touch options can only be traded as forex currency pairs. In fact the KeyStone TT platform gives traders a choice of more than 80 different assets to select from, which is enough variety for even the most advanced and demanding of investors.
Anyone who is concerned about reliability and security of their chosen trading platform will have no concerns when using the KeyStone TT software as its high end development has incorporated advanced security software with an extra layer of protection keeping databases under constant surveillance.

Option Types Offered by KeyStone TT

The KeyStone TT platform allows traders to access five types of binary options, including:


The simplest and most popular way of trading binaries, traders simply need to predict the direction in which an asset will move and then select an expiry time between ten minutes and two and a half hours.


Perfect for those who love fast paced trading, this option is a classic binary options trade with short term expiration periods that are either 60, 90 or 120 seconds.

One Touch

This is an option type that will generate the highest profits of around a 250% return. Traders choose either an upper or bottom target and if the asset hits the target, traders receive the return.

Touch/No Touch

Similar to One Touch options, this option type is good for traders who wish to forecast whether a specificed price level will either be touched or not before the expiry time.

Pro Option

An advanced trading system, this provides traders with a more complex chart and technical indicators. Suited to experienced traders, there is a great deal of functionality here in terms of advanced charting. These charts work seamlessly and are lightweight regardless of how many trading indicators are applied. Unfortunately, there is not option to use any drawing tools, which is a slight downside.

KeyStone TT Binary Options Trading Platform for Mobiles

While the Keystone TT trading platform is great when used with a PC for a seamless trading experience, it also works well on mobile devices, making it great for traders on the go. Keystone TT have now developed their own free of charge downloadable apps which can be obtained from either the Android or iOS app stores and stored on a smartphone or tablet device. The mobile compatible trading interface is unique in design, keeping trading at the forefront with a focus on trading options and charts. There is, however, also a facility for traders to check their trading history, monitor any existing trades or place new trades from their mobile device.
Overall, the Keystone TT trading platform is a solid and reliable choice which is especially good for those who are newcomers to binary options trading. Its easy navigation, user friendly interface and great range of options when it comes to contract types means that it allows for quick, hassle-free trading even for novices. Experienced traders are sure to be interested in the Pro Option section with its wide range of indicators and charts which allow them to use all of their technical analytical skills.

Keystone review: 44 facts and highlights

How does Keystone compare to the average?

  • Ski slopes

Park City Mountain

General info

The height of the mountain is the difference in height between the lowest and highest point. Tall mountains can offer longer pistes, better views, and often better snowfall.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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A nearby airport is ideal, as journeying by car or bus through mountainous areas can take longer than on flat terrain.

The opening hours is the average number of hours per day that the resort is open for skiing. Long opening hours mean you can go for an early ski, or have a long sleep and go later.

The summit is higher above sea level. This means the mountain can have lots of snow, even in springtime.

The level of the base of the mountain above sea level.

The resort has dedicated on site childrens clubs, so no need to worry about a babysitter.


The total number of ski slopes available at the resort.

Ski trail difficulty is measured in “percent slope”, a system in which a 100% slope equals a 45-degree angle. Medium difficulty trails (marked with a blue square) have a slope gradient between 25% and 40%. These trails are ideal for regular skiers.

This is the amount of people that can be transported by ski lifts etc. per hour. A bigger uphill capacity can indicate less waiting time, although it will be affected by how busy the resort is.

KeyStone Platform Review

I have been working at Keystone Informations Systems full-time for less than a year

I am working in this company since 1 Month, i have learnt many useful things in this company, my training program was gone very cool and they trained me in very good manner. Manager is very much friendly and supports me in every aspect. We are having a very good team work, our team supports us in every thing.Its my honor to work with keystone information systems.

Working with Keystone information systems is very good opportunity to build carrier.

OpenStack Keystone Federation Setup

As enterprises get more comfortable with the idea of hybrid cloud and multi-clouds , it has become critical to seamlessly manage user identities, and provide access to resources, across multiple clouds. Enterprises are using federated identity, along with single sign-on, to easily onboard users to the cloud. OpenStack Keystone federation can be set up by using providers like SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect. This blog will provide an overview on how to configure Keystone with federated identity. The steps for Service Provider Keystone can also be used to enable single sign-on and authenticate with ADFS, Okta etc.

What is Keystone Federation?

In a standard OpenStack setup , users authenticate against the identity APIs, usually implemented by the Keystone service. With federated Keystone, the options for authentication are greatly increased since it outsources that responsibility to an external Identity Provider (IdP). The Service Provider Keystone (SP) can instead just focus on managing access to resources on the cloud where it resides. As a result, a specific group of users in a trusted IdP service can access the cloud services without needing explicit accounts on the SP.

All that the SP Keystone really needs to know is the identity of the authenticated user plus any information required to map OpenStack-specific roles and projects to that user. Determining which roles to apply to a user is often based on group membership, such as dev, support etc. This approach makes the SP Keystone agnostic to the authentication method. It can even be configured to discover and use multiple IdP. Conversely, a single IdP can serve multiple SPs in different regions of a multi-region cloud setup.

Benefits of a Federated Setup

A federated identity setup provides a way to securely use existing credentials to access cloud resources such as servers and databases, across multiple authorized clouds, without having to create additional identities or login multiple times. The credentials are created and managed by the user’s Identity Provider. This reduces the risk associated with creating and securing credentials, and deploying them multiple times on different clouds.

Federated identity enables single sign-on for the users and makes it easier to remember passwords, and subsequently requires fewer password resets. The IdPs manage user identities and passwords so that OpenStack Keystone does not have to.

To enable Keystone federation, the following steps are needed.

  1. Configure both the IdP and SP Keystone services to run under Apache and use SAML.
  2. Configure the Keystone IdP to specify how the IdP Keystone will authenticate users, either through its own SQL database or by calling other directory services like AD or LDAP. This step will also list the SPs so that the IdP knows to trust the authentication request from those SPs.
  3. Configure the Keystone SP to specify the location of one or more IdP and setup a mapping of the remote attributes returned by the IdP to the SP’s local group and role attributes.
  4. Configure Horizon for Single Sign-On (SSO). Optionally, Horizon can also be configured to enable web-based single sign-on.

Configure Keystone to run under Apache and enable Federation

The Keystone service requires a plugin , e.g. Shibboleth or Ipsilon , to integrate with federated SAML identity providers. To use this plugin, Keystone must be run under Apache. The steps to configure this setup are beyond the scope of this blog but detailed documentation is available here .

To enable the federation extension, update the configurations as follows

  • Add the federation extension driver to the [federation] section in the keystone.conf file

  • Add the saml2 authentication method to the [auth] section in the keystone.conf file

  • Add the federation_extension middleware to the api_v3 pipeline in keystone-paste.ini( enabled by default in OpenStack Liberty release ) . This must be added after json_body and before the last entry in the pipeline
  • Create the federation extension tables if using the provided SQL backend

Configure the Keystone Identity Provider

This setup is required only when configuring OpenStack Keystone to act as the Identity Provider to another Keystone instance that is acting as Service Provider. Otherwise skip below to the section on Configuring the Keystone Service Provider .

  • To enable Keystone services to trust each other, they would have to share secure certificates. The first step is to generate a self-signed cert-key pair. The IdP will share the resulting certificate with its SPs (through the IdP metadata), and will sign all the outgoing SAML assertions with the key.
  • With the certificates generated, and the federation extension enabled from the previous step, update the SAML configuration to configure keystone
  • With this configuration, generate the IdP metadata that will be shared with the SP Keystone
  • Lastly, setup the keystone SP in the IdP – This step will inform the IdP about the URL to use when creating a SAML assertion for the SP.

Configure the Keystone Service Provider

  • Add the IdP Entity ID and metadata to the keystone SP by updating the configuration in /etc/shibboleth/shibboleth2.xml :
  • Add the IdP’s metadata provider – Loads and trusts a metadata file that describes an IdP and how to communicate with it
  • Add attribute mappings to the attribute-map.xml file. This takes attributes from the incoming SAML assertion and translates them to parameters that are exposed to keystone as CGI environment variables on the wsgi request.
  • Upload the keystone mapping. This will map the remote attributes sent by the SP to the local attributes in the IdP

This setup can now be tested to get a unscoped token from the Identity Provider.

With this series of steps, the Keystone service provider can now authenticate via an external Identity Provider, that can possibly be another Keystone service. Typically, the OpenStack Horizon service is also setup to enable web single sign-on. In this follow up blog, we’ve discussed how to configure OpenStack Keystone single sign-on.

If the enterprise requirements are to configure authentication with directory services such as LDAP, AD or ADFS, then this federation setup may not be necessary. See these blogs to configure Keystone with the popular Directory Services:
Keystone Authentication using LDAP
Keystone Authentication using AD
Keystone Authentication using ADFS

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