Ist The Citadel Ltd Investment App a Scam or Not

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Fighting online scams since 2020

Warning: Citidel on binary options is a scam

In this review we are going to show you that “Citidel” is a scam on binary options that can make you lose your money.

Table of Contents

What’s the story

In a video presentation you can see a no name guy talking about the Citidel Investment App. He says that it has been created by Dr. Kent Grifly and his team.

This app is supposedly making every user $144,000 per month, because he spent half of his life tuning it. Now you can get a free access to it. Sounds like a miracle, but it is of course not true.

Citidel is a scam

As it is always the case with binary options scams, there are a lot of things that prove that Citidel is just a big fat lie.

False identity

First of all Citidel Investment company does not exist, we have verified it.

Secondly Dr. Kent Grifly, a supposedly renowned economist, does not exist. His photo was taken from a fashion brand and then they hired an actor who is trying to play his role in the video.

Check the image and the link on the right to see the truth about the Citidel’s identity.

Should it be a real company, they would provide some real contact information (address, phone number, registration number etc.)

Fake statements

The bank and trading accounts statements shown in the video are fake.

Just look at one of them on the right, you can clearly see that there is a six year difference between dates on the same screen, they just forgot to fake the second one.

Fake testimonials

The same way they faked all the above mentioned identities materials, they also faked the testimonials.

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What is funny is that scammers are obviously getting lazy, so they are using the same photos again and again.

Here is one example. The fictitious creator of Secret to Success Timothy Galvaki has now become Rob Delanu and Harry Peack within the Citadel’s web pages!

So all the testimonials are fake, in the video you can see paid actors only.

The truth

The Citadel Investment App works as all the other scams. You will have to open a binary options account and deposit $250. Then you will trade it with their app and lose your deposit. But the creators of the scam will get paid their affiliate commission. End of story.


Scammers are abusing binary options, which is really sad, nonetheless binary options are a great tool if you are interested in trading. You can try them for free on a demo account and see for yourself, but never trade live with your money until you are profitable on a demo.

This is how trading works, you have to learn and build a profitable strategy on a demo, then you can start making money live.

4 thoughts on “ Warning: Citidel on binary options is a scam ”

Citidelis definitely a scam. I opened an account with them several days ago, my cousin also. Each account was at $300 initially. Now, after 2 days of their trading, and they did a lot of trades, inspite of change of settings from 5 trades a day to 1 trade a day (neither the first, nor the latter were honoured by them), my account stands at $120, and my cousin’sat $114.

This is part of an email I have just forwarded to someone concerning Citidel:

“I also subscribe to Binary Options Watchdog.

I have just received their latest post regarding Citidel LTD Investment App review.

I have spent last 2-3 hours researching as I have never heard of it, you stated on your channel to not rely on others and do your own research.

I am a bit concerned because Watchdog recommend Citidel and when I tried to post a comment on their site saying there is evidence here it is a scam, they did not post what I wrote.

Also the Watchdog link to Citidel site has a click id link next to it, which would indicate Watchdog is getting paid to direct traffic to that site, being paid as an affiliate.

I feel that Watchdog might be advising people to invest their money in scam auto trader sites whilst blacklisting others.

Thus gaining some credibility because they are taking action against a large portion of scam traders.

To be seen doing something to qualify their existence is how some people would refer to it.

If you have not already done so I would suggest you check out and do your own research.

My perspective so far is that it smells like a scam and a very good one, but there are indicators here that it is a scam.

The founder of this autotrader is a Dr. Kent Grifly, he has a Bachelors and Doctorate in economics from Iowa State University.

I have emailed Iowa Sate University and am awaiting their reply if a Kent Grifly attained those qualifications from I.S.U.

The website video also describes him as a speaker of national and international financial standing and attending many institutions and seminars around the world.

Kent Grifly became the chief strategist and chairman at Grifly Capital LLC.

He has been a speaker on the FB Investors Cruise, The Financial Expo in Las Vegas, and The WMS in Toronto.

I cannot find anywhere on the web information or background on Grifly Capital LLC!

The same goes for FB Investors Cruise!

There was no Financial Expo in Vegas. but there was a Traders Expo but no Dr. Kent Grifly!

And the WMS in Toronto was a Woodworking Machinery and Supply conference!

Not much to do with Financial Investment or Binary Options!

Now to the website, it shows live results from four people for the month of December 2020.

It shows their profits every trading day throughout excluding the weekends, when of course there is no trading.

But it shows trading on the 25th December! Now even I know there is no trading on the 25th because that’s a pretty big holiday right?

And three of the investors shown, they joined on the 11/12/15, so how could they earn money on those first few days of December?

Unless of course it is the US month/day/year?

But then the 4th investor who is called Harry joined on the 23/08/15, he could have earned those profits every weekday throughout December (apart from Christmas day!!).

But if the date he joined was also month/day/year, that would mean he joined on the 8th of the 23rd month 2020. yeah whatever!!

Also the photo of the investor Jake Bermuda from Chelsea, it’s a stock photo bought online if ever I saw one!!

And lastly Citidel Ltd copywright logo is 2020!

Watchdog claim to have tested it for months, earning thousands of dollars!

Well I may be naive but the copywright logo would be 2020 not 2020!!

Hope you can ask Watchdog about this as they will not post my comment on their site!”

Well that’s what I emailed, and I came to the same conclusion as yourselves, if Clark Kent or whatever the f*** his name is existed in such standing, you could easily google him!!

Hi, is a scam web site, your assumptions are absolutely correct, see

Nice work. Seems that 95% scam in the binary options world these days.

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Is the “Bank on Yourself” a legitimate investment strategy, or a scam?

a fU d KSy ub b V y A icrm R ZsZlZ a BXeS g GCf i lziSt n WgDY g E BXWrK B iYGk u nj l IeM l bxGNO , yXxE FXJ L Gz L AnpC C WDyMB

“Bank on yourself” or “Infinite Banking Concept” are not scams, but you need to understand their limits. These strategies use traditional cash value whole life, from a mutual insurance company (wherein all policyholders are also investors into the company), as both a high quality collateral asset and a financing vehicle at the same time. However, there is no magic here. Life insurance is a fine way to save, so long as you have a real need for life insurance coverage anyway, but insurance products are not investments.

The idea behind how these strategies work is understanding that, for every major purchase in your life, that is too large to pay out of your regular paycheck; you finance it in some fashion. Either you pay interest to have it now, or you forgo a higher gain by saving up for it. With that understanding, IBC is like getting your savings to do two jobs at once; the first is to provide for your life insurance coverage needs, the second is to capture the interest money that you’d have otherwise paid to a bank.

This system works great for small businesses, because they have a high need for short term financing. For the average middle class household, it still works, but you can do almost the same thing using a 401k with a “loan” feature.

The counter-argument is the classic quip “buy term and invest the rest”, which of course, is mathematically correct. However, it’s against the nature of most humans to be so disciplined; so most people end up buying term and spending the rest.

Citadel Pro Capital отзыв о проекте с торговлей на валютных и фондовых рынках

В этом обзоре хочу поделиться очень интересным проектом с расчетом на долгосрочную перспективу. Проект Citadel Pro Capital существенно отличается от других практически всем. Здесь заявлена реальная торговля на финансовых рынках, которая подтверждается независимыми мониторингами. Кроме того группа трейдеров, которые стоят у руля, в живую отвечает на любые вопросы инвесторов.

Этот проект в перспективе может проработать достаточно долго. Средняя доходность, длинные инвестиционные планы и качество работы будут этому способствовать. Это не фаст и быстрой прибыли не будет, но и вероятность быстрого скама здесь существенно ниже.

Краткий обзор Citadel Pro Capital и предложения для инвесторов

Проект Citadel Pro Capital являет собой независимое объединение профессиональных трейдеров, которые зарабатывают на мировых финансовых рынках. Все сотрудники компании имеют большой опыт работы в брокерских компаниях связанный как с самостоятельной торговлей, так и доверительным управлением капиталом. Есть информация с независимых мониторингов за последние несколько лет.

По всем инвестиционным предлагается доходность в расчете 17% в месяц или 0,85% в день. Планы отличаются только минимальной суммой инвестиций и периодичностью выплат прибыли.

Согласно информации с официального сайта средняя месячная доходность трейдеров составляет 22,1% в месяц, которой они готовы поделиться. Таким образом, компания за счет привлечения инвестиций зарабатывает существенно больше, чем используя только собственные средства.

Партнерам дают вознаграждение от суммы дохода привлеченных инвесторов в размере 5% для первого уровня. Кроме этого есть бонусы за оборот первой линии, которые выплачиваются в виде разовой премии по достижении определенного результата.

Мой отзыв о проекте Citadel Pro Capital

Проект недавно стартовал и еще не успел появится практически ни на одном блоге. Организаторы не спешат с рекламой и пока не раздают листинги. Думаю, он будет постепенно продвигать сам себя, показывая плавное развитие. В крайнем случае, мне бы так хотелось.

По сайту видно, что проект Citadel Pro Capital только начинает свое развитие, например на момент написания обзора не было еще телефона службы поддержки, рекламных баннеров, отзывов и предлагались только основные электронные платежные системы. В то же время начальная работа выполнена на высоком уровне: оригинальный и стильный дизайн сайта, ДДОС защита, гринбар, многофункциональный двуязычный личный кабинет и пр.

Доходность 0,85% не особо высокая, но вполне реальная с точки зрения стратегий торговли и мани менеджмента. Маркетинг достаточно интересный, обычно большинство проектов дает больший процент тем, кто больше вложил. Здесь же доходность одинаковая для всех, но чем выше сумма, тем быстрее обратно вернутся вложенные денежки.

В целом все достаточно интересно как для диферсификации инвестиций так и для разбавления фастов более долгосрочными и стабильными инвестициями.

Подпишись на новости блога в TELEGRAMM

будь всегда вкурсе последних событий мира инвестиций

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