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Wall Street Trading Software – Scam Review!

Wall Street Trading Software is a new binary options product by an unknown development team. We are told that this software earns traders $100 per hour on complete autopilot safely and surely.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this is a worthwhile binary options trading software.

Wall Street Trading Software Review

The Wall Street Trading Software sales page is very limited. There is a short video, a handful of bullet points and an email subscription form. There’s really nothing on this website that suggests that this product is more than a simple get rich quick scheme. The unknown developer promises a 75% winning rate which leads to one hundred dollars per hour in profits. There is really nothing on this website that can verify the validity of these claims. I’ve gone through the entire sales page and even entered the members area to see if there were some sort of trading results, but there aren’t. This is disappointing but I can’t say that I’m surprised by the lack of proof as it seems to be common in the binary options marketplace. Vendors with no reputation frequently disappoint in this matter.


Members Area

Upon entering the members area the goal of the Wall Street Trading Software is to get traders to deposit with a binary options brokerage immediately. In order to get started traders can register with either Magnum Options or TR Binary Options. I have had success with the Magnum brokerage in the past but I have no experience with the TR brokerage.


The video presentation is quite lazy. The unknown man is just standing in front of a green screen spitting out a script we’ve heard hundreds of times in the past. One of the things I feel important to point out regarding the Wall Street Trading Software, is the identity of the presenter. The man in the video has been involved in a handful of binary options software product releases. The problem I have with this, is that every single product he has promoted turned into a total dud. This same actor played a similar role with CashImprove and High Frequency Trader. Both systems that failed miserably. So in this case do you feel the third time is the charm, because I don’t.


I see no good reason to recommend the Wall Street Trading Software to any of the binary today readers. This developer does nothing to differentiate themselves from any other binary options scam. They even use the exact same actor that has promoted failed systems time and time again. There is nothing that indicates this time will be different.

If you’re looking for success in the binary options market look no further than the best binary options software rated highly by the readers here at binary today. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to send me an email at any time.

Fintech Limited


FinTech Ltd. – The Newest Forex Trading Software
Is it Really Profitable or FinTech Limited is a Scam System?
100% FREE & Honest Review About FinTech – Read Below!


Broker Fintech Limited
Official Website URL
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
Payout 97%
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Experss
Number of Assets 70+
Overall Score 9.5/10

Full Review

Since its emergence on the market, Forex trading has been growing in popularity. And quite rightfully. It is a great way to get an additional income. Very easily, it can turn into a full time job without the long office hours. Early on, most platforms offered only the traditional High/Low option. But, as with any other sphere, things have dramatically changed. f

Nowadays, users are given the ability to choose between different types of platforms. These include standard Forex investment platforms, social trading networks and Forex robots. In addition, developers have been adding various new tools and features that allow for a more flexible trading experience.

Review Verdict: Fintech Ltd is NOT a Scam

So, in the present review we’re going to make an exhaustive examination of the FinTech Ltd. Forex software. It has just come out and it was created by Daniel Roberts. Due to this a lot of representatives from the online trading community have been wondering whether it is reliable or not.

How to Profit With FinTech Ltd?

The FinTech Ltd. functions quite good. The Forex investment software is what it claims to be − a fine auto-trading system. One should always have in mind, though, that success rate is sometimes a game of chance. The trading solution does not promise miracles.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

It does, however, facilitate a comfortable, efficient and profitable trading experience suitable for both novices and seasoned traders. Trading on the financial markets can bring you leviathan earnings, but it can also drain your savings. The FinTech Ltd. robot helps minimize the risks and provides a time-saving way to participate on the Forex market. You will be fully capable of achieving decent profits without dedicating all your time to studies and market trend analysis. But it would be necessary to put in some effort nonetheless.

No Download

The web-based interface of the platform makes it free of any download requirements. You only have to sign up and start trading. However, you can also take advantage of the iOS and Android compatible version of the platform to trade on the go.

How to Get Started with FinTech Ltd?

There are only a couple of steps that should be undertaken in order to get started with this Forex trading software. They go as follows:

  • Sign Up: You need to fill in a valid email address, full names and telephone number.
  • Place Initial Deposit: The minimum required sum is just $200.
  • Pick A Broker: The robot operates only with licensed ones.
  • Withdrawal: Fill out the form and send it to your brokerage for approval. It will then be processed. Then, await the transfer which should not take any longer than 3-5 business days.


Current members of the trading system claim that they are absolutely satisfied with the results they are getting day after day. Depending on your initial invested amount you can earn really considerable daily profits with the help of FinTech Ltd software.

Te access to the online investing solution is 100% free of charge. You really won’t need to pay anything to claim your copy of the software. The only thing you have to do is act now and secure your spot.

Is FinTech Ltd. Trustworthy?

With the ever-growing popularity of Forex the market is literally flooded with all sorts of such trading systems. People lose their saving because they are not well-informed on how to recognize and separate scam software from the reliable one. Laying their trust in FinTech Ltd., however, would definitely not be a mistake. The Forex trading platform has all the necessary stamps of approval by certified organizations. It also operates only with licensed brokers, so everyone can stay assured that their finances are secured.

Review Verdict: Fintech Ltd is NOT a Scam

Another thing which makes FinTech Profits legit is the abundance of special features. Also, the interface is very handy and uncomplicated. It wouldn’t be a problem for any newcomer trader to begin operating with it. Everything is right there in front of your eyes.

One more criteria by which to judge a software is the users’ satisfaction rate. With FinTech Ltd. the rate is quite high. There are some people who did not manage to make a profit, of course. But they are more of an exception rather than the actual rule. So, the Forex robot could be regarded as legit.

FinTech Profits Basic Info

This Forex trading software was developed by Daniel Roberts and his associates. He spent most of his life working as a head executive at a technical company. The firm’s main ordeal was analyzing market and other types of data for some of the biggest names in the business. Its main task was processing financial information.

Then one day an eye-opening event occurred when he spoke to one his main analysts – Ben. The said was on the verge of bankruptcy because of dwellings with online investment scams. This gave Daniel Roberts the idea that he could successfully jump on the Forex trading bandwagon.

Of course, the process took a couple of years of clever developing. There have been a number of executed trials. The Alpha phase of testing was carried out solely by company employees. The Beta stage is the one in which actual real-life traders are involved.

There will be one more test phase before the Forex investment platform becomes paid. Mr. Roberts’ self-declared wish is to ‘change people’s lives for the better’. What he desires most of the future development of FinTech is that software will become successful enough so he can register it on the stock market.

This Forex investment system’s name is derived from the economical term ‘financial technology’. It goes on to try and describe the process of applying different types of technologies in financial services.

This way, different businesses are enabled to provide customers with more benefits in a time-saving and efficient manner.

FinTech Ltd.’s Unique Bonus Features

The FinTech Ltd. robot is really time-saving. After you set your preferences, the robots start executing trades according to your settings and keeps working even when you are not online. This is a great Forex trading solution for people who would like to trade, but don’t have a lot of time to sit in front of the computer and monitor market trends or study all sorts of charts and graphs. So you can use the FinTech Profits robot even if you have a full-time job as a mean of obtaining an additional income.

But the FinTech Forex investment platform has also some very special features on its own that it can offer to users. We’ve performed extensive research to find out exactly which they are. Read below to discover them too.

  • Reverse Trading: If traders consider that the investment process will go just the opposite way of what the provided signals show, then one can choose this mode.
  • Adjustable Risk Level: In case users do not want to expose their earnings to a certain peril degree, they can tailor the risk level according to their own preferences. It does not matter if one wishes to higher or lower it.
  • Different Trading Modes: Apart from the traditional auto-trading function which most Forex investment platforms possess, here one can also invest manually. This means, that the whole process is entirely controlled by you.

Customer Support

This service is available 24/7. Everyone can get in touch with the support team via e-mail, phone and web form. We can say for sure that the team is highly motivated, well educated and responsive, in order to provide users with the best guidance and assistance.


“Hello guys! I wanted to thank you so much for this incredible review, it gave me the courage to give this platform a try. The results weren’t late, at all. My balance increased significantly and I also regularly withdraw my profits. FinTech Ltd really works!”

“I just don’t know what to say. After reading your detailed and incredibly informative review, I decided to sign up in FinTech and to see on whether it could really earn something for me. Not only it did, but I need to share my happiness with this software. It is way more than I expected. Thank you, all!”


With its clever idea, automated trading mode and various features the FinTech Ltd. robot provides you with all the tools you need to maximize your savings. Of course, it also depends on your own unique abilities. But there is a good chance that you will be one of the many ones making up to $2,500 a week. One just has to have an eye for details and always invest wisely. This Forex trading robot will probably do the rest.

Based on the available data and the conducted research, we consider FinTech to be legit.

22 Responses to “Fintech Limited Review”

FinTech Ltd. is by far the top Forex software on the Internet. I personally think that creator Daniel Roberts and his team has done a fantastic job! The ability to carry out reverse trading is very intriguing and the fact that you can constantly adjust the risk-level is also nice. The system has never failed to generate profits for me. Anyone can achieve success with it.

It is extremely rare for such a well developed system to be released to the market. Congrats on the creators. I support the opinion that this is the top choice for a robot at the moment – high profits, high accuracy, flawless operating process and it is compatible with great brokers too. I don’t think I’ll trust another robot soon the way I trust Fintech’s autopilot!

Do traders have a limit to the number of daily trades?

hi Dan, the robot looks for successful trades and it is not an unlimited number per day … if only every trade could be a win then there would be no limits ��

I would like to join your Company

pls,share me your experience with fintech ltd ,

This sounds very promissing,but I have a problem with my account. I cannot login even on my mobile app I cannot see where to deposit or withdrawal page. I wanna start ASAP

I am interested in learning more about your robot. As a complete beginner, do you provide advice/ assistance on robot settings?
What is needed to get started?

does the broker trade for us

hey Bob, it is the robot that trades for you.

Can you advise me the email address for Fintec-Ltd
Thank You

hi George, it is listed on the site [email protected]

I would like to join your company.How much am i to deposit. thanks .From Malaysia

hi Samuel, deposit is 250

So when I deposit funds to trade with do I pick the stock or dose it auto trade and pick for me

hi Merv,
the autotrading picks up the stock for you.
You can also pick it manually from a shortlisted number of trades but that just takes more effort than autotrading…

Pl contact my email I would like to join as a member

How do i withdraw my profits ?

Hi Francis,
withdrawal is done to the same payment method you used when depositing – credit card or bank wire.
It usually take 2-3 days for the credit card and a couple more days if you deposited via bank wire.

i want to join, please guide me,i want to earn like them,


Fighting online scams since 2020

Stay AWAY from Binary Option Auto Trading

In this review we look at a trading robot called “Binary Option Auto Trading”.

Binary Option Auto Trading is a system that promises 100 % automatic investing.

A software will trade for you allegedly based on signals from professional traders and advanced computer algorithms. And it is free.

Don’t trade with Binary Option Auto Trading

The first question that you should ask yourself is: Why would anybody be giving away for free a profitable binary options robot?

The second question that you should ask yourself is: How is it possible that a free binary options robot has an affiliate program and will pay people for referring new members, where does the money come from?

Answers to these question are very simple. People behind Binary Option Auto Trading are affiliated with unregulated brokers (Binary Tilt, RBinary, Finpari) and will get paid by these brokers for referring new depositors.

So how do they make you deposit with their broker so that they earn their affiliate commission? They have to make you believe that you will make money. So they created a piece of software that can trade automatically, but not profitably. And they force you to deposit first, only then you can start using the app.

It is important, because by the time you realize that Binary Option Auto Trading is a losing software, they will already have earned their commission on you. That’s how it works.

You don’t believe it? Have a look at their Terms and Conditions on the picture. In essence they say that you should not trade based on their system. Their signals come from a third (undisclosed) party.

So you should expect losses. So don’t risk it.


Binary Option Auto Trading is just one of many programs designed to make money to their creators through affiliate programs. The problem is that at the same time they lose money to users of their trading systems, so stay away from them!

Any serious trading program has to let you verify its performance on a demo account. You should never trade any system or strategy with real money if you could not verify how it works on a demo.

152 thoughts on “ Stay AWAY from Binary Option Auto Trading ”

Hi John! What can you say about Forex Fury? Do you have a review of that software?

Hi Romeo, I just don’t believe that a software that costs $200 can achieve the profits they advertise. It makes no sense. Besides, Forex Fury has a history of fake reviews on Forex Peace Army, so to me it is not credible.

Unfortunately I found your website to late. Based on review of Binary Option Auto Trading and their #1 recommendation of it, and the fact that it was also supported by their recommended broker 24option, I decided to open an account with them. After opening the account, to my surprise I found that the only broker available to me to fund this account was Coinbull, with a supplementary broker called Crypto Coin fn. So, the minimum amount to fund this account using Coinbull was $275.00, and their minimum amount to trade is $25.00. I funded my account with $500.00 because of the matching bonus. About five minutes after funding my account, I received a telephone call from a person who stated that his name was Jason and that he was with Coinbull. This person called me at 4:06 AM and I live in New York! Well Jason welcomed me to Coinbull and tried to upsell me on making a deposit of $1,000.00 or $2,000.00 by telling what bonuses I would get at those amounts. I declined both amounts and told Jason that I was comfortable at the $500.00 deposit that I had just made. Jason then stated that with my $500.00 deposit, I would be looking at making about $800.00 to $1,000.00 a month. Jason then had the nerve to ask me what I did for a living. I felt that this was a bit intrusive. Jason also asked if I traded or bought cryptocurrency. At this point I ended our conversation and Jason said that he or another Coinbull manager would be in touch with me. Also, Jason called me from a phone number in Ontario, Canada. This all seemed highly suspicious! The next day I received a phone call from a person named Eugene who stated that he was with Coinbull and that he was my account manager. He then asked me how did I find out about Coinbull. When I told him that it was the only broker listed in Binary Options Auto Trading when I funded my account, he said what are you talking about, binary options is a scam! I then told him that Coinbull was linked to Binary Options Auto Trading and it was my only way to fund the account. I then sent him a screen shot, and he said that he’ll take care of it. Well, at this point I am seeking a total refund.

Meiner Meinung nach kann man mit diesem Broker sehr gutes Geld verdienen. Es war sehr praktisch, auf einer solchen Plattform zu arbeiten, und sie brachten alles ohne Probleme mit.

Hi John,
I am totally new to trading, I joined Universe Market trader about two months ago, they informed me that if I deposit a few thousand pounds, they would do all the trading on my behalf, which I did.They phoned me about once a week informing me that all was well and they were making profit for me.Last week they phoned to inform me that they had made about £27000.I have asked a few times for information as how to log into the website to view my account, no joy, instead the broker phoned me to add a few thousand pounds more to purchase some insurance so as he could trade higher and make a lot more and quicker profit.
I refused, but he said he would see if there was any other way of trading higher without taking bigger risks with my account. Whenever I asked about withdrawal, he always changed the subject.Have you heard of this broker or are they a scam? Your comments would be appreciated….. Thanks

Didn’t Australians deserve a good broker review? We are 25000000 strong. And your standard answer is a scam, show some proof. Your word means nothing without evidence. New you wouldn’t address any of the issues I brought up. Your word is like gods work and you probably believe in him.

I don’t know about any good binary options broker regulated in Australia, that’s the problem. I have some experience with HighLow, VantageFX and CoreLiquidityMarkets and I cannot recommend any of them, because my personal experience is not good. As simple as that.

Concerning, read the linked review, you will find evidence in it, we made a video where you can clearly see that the demo of the robot is manipulated. And if your answer is that the demo can use fake prices because it is a demo, than please spare my time.

Would you be surprised to know that is licensed through CySec. I only found out today. Why would CySec issue a license to a trading robot!? I know your answer before you say. It’s a scam, that seems to be your standard answer to all questions. I’m not, what you call, a spammer or trying to advertise anything, I’m a 67year old Australian. I’ve been looking at your site for a licensed, trusted and regulated brokers. Every time I selected a site there was no information just IQOptions. You’re aware that Aussies are not welcome. I’ve been doing research on brokers and their appears to be thousands,no, tens of thousands. Your response would be scam and scam to infinity. You don’t recommend one broker that we can use. The only broker you mention, time and time again is IQOptions. Do they pay you commission for your recommendations, it seems strange to me that in the entire world there’s not a single broker that you recommend. Also your word is final, you shoot down anyone who makes a suggestion.I have been in the financial industry for 30+years and I have never come across such a closed minded egotistical person as yourself. What is your claim to fame, can’t see that on your site. Do the world a favour and keep your paid for opinions to yourself.

You started your comment with a big lie, is not licensed by the CySEC, because is a scam. Therefore I don’t see the need to react to the rest of your comment, just a quick note about IQ Option – show me another reputable and regulated binary options broker with an unlimited free demo and we might list it as well.

And a message to all other people: You don’t have to trust our reviews, if you have any doubts, contact your national financial regulator and check with them whether any investment program is legit or not. I am absolutely certain that you will always get the confirmation of what we say in our reviews.

i am used binary option auto trading robot and losed my 250$….this site is only earning by affiliate programm….and losed all fund of clients………..

Hi John Novak I am an australian who has have been scammed by BINARY OPTION AUTO TRADER who assigned me Utrader broker, when they would not start Auto trading for me I smelt a rat, and tried to withdraw my funds, well what a joke all the bull I got about I not answering my phone issued with fake no,s one was the Dominican Convent the other not connected every time I complained was told it was my fault I think you are right in saying their is no such thin as an auto trading robot I just hope if I can learn to trade manually and build up my account from usd500 I will be able to withdraw I think Urtader is a big well respected trader in Europe

Hi, UTrader is not regulated, in fact, the Financial Conduct Authority from Britain placed this broker on a black list recently:

thanks John you were right on the button when you pointed out some reviewers have been bought out I will do my money by the looks of it happy new year to you

I invested £500 and after an initial “win” I keep losing my money I am down to my basic investment and fearing of losing all that I want out… but they will not return my orginal investment even under the threat of legal pursuants … I bitterly regret at ever getting involved with these companies and WARN others not to do so… you money is not safe

John your not as knowledgeable as you think. Every decent website related to trading binary options has that disclaimer at the bottom, except yours of course! There are plenty of binary options brokers in Australia licensed to ASIC it’s just your knowledge that lacks. Goldrock get off this website and find another!

I am not saying that there are not licensed brokers in Australia, I am saying that in Australia there are no licensed brokers that I could recommend. I have some personal experience with HighLow and Core Liquidity Markets. Both are licensed, but I won’t recommend them because my personal experience with them is not positive. That’s what I’m saying. And concerning disclaimers, our site is full of disclaimers in the shape of articles that warn about binary options scams (more than 700 articles). In every article we repeat that there is no free money in trading, that free systems will lose your money and that to make money in trading you have to learn and build yourself a profitable strategy in testing. And unlike the vast majority of other binary options websites we don’t promote any trading system. I think that we are doing a lot for the raising of the public awarness about how binary options really work.

Firstly, thank you so much for your website, I am sure that it has saved many a soul from losing hard earned cash through fake Binary Option Robots…we need guys like you!

I would however like to make one comment with regard to IQOption. After reading your post about a free demo trading platform with IQOption, I went to thier website to try out thier Demo, however when I tried to Register to open a free account, I received this message on my screen:

“In accordance with the Terms & Conditions, the company is not entitled to provide services to residents of the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel”

I live in Australia, so was excluded from using the free demo platform. I felt it prudent to mention this to others who may reside in the countries mentioned in the above text.

Hi, yes, I know, but unfortunately I don’t know about any binary options broker licensed in Australia that I could recommend.

Okay, thanks but can you give me a book to read on that or any strategy, please John have been ripped and I don’t have anything again,….Please John I look forward to hear from you. Thanks

Hello what legit way can one earn a moderate income monthly, because I was ripped by f** bitcoin scammers, you think there’s scam in binary option, try the cryptocurrency then you’d know this world is truly a wicked world. JOHN any advice? ??

Hi, money can be made in trading, but profitable strategies are not shared in the public domain, because traders are competitors on the markets. So don’t expect to find a free profitable system. You can try to build your own strategy, but it takes time and learning.

Thanks John I now know which one to trade with because here in South Africa scams are like wind blowing all directions……


Hi,, Etoro, IG, FX Pro, Trading 212 are regulated. Zulu Trade apparently is regulated too, but they don’t give enough information, so it doesn’t inspire me confidence. Sportware C-trader is a platform, not a broker. U-banker is not regulated.

hi john, what can u say about OLYMP TRADE?

Hi, Olymp Trade is not regulated, stay away.

hi john, what can u say about XTRADE?

Xtrade is regulated broker, but I don’t recommend it, because recently they had some problems and had their license suspended. Meanwhile XTrade Binary is a scam.

Hi all.
I received an email promoting this bot. It sounds fantastic, a way to make easy money. It does not happen. Investing takes time and education. I have been trading for about 12 months now. I use 1Broker and Etoro. And i do make money. I use copytrading. You will not make money in 1 week. You need to let your investment grow for a min of 12 months. Yes there are people that make alot of money off trading but they study the markets.
Personally i started with $ 500 with 1 Broker and $1000 with Etoro. After 3 months i was making about $ 400 a week
Use common sense folks. Stay away from the get rich quick programs.

I am currently looking out for a legal binary trade app, can you let me know of any and also it would be great if you can review this website as well as per your comments above and a few who do not agree. I am a but skeptical about this below link now.

Hi, I believe that all binary options auto trading systems are scams. If any website is saying that Binary Option Auto Trading software is legit, it is a scam too.

I hope that in a torrential storm of dic*s all these scammers choke on one.

What about EXPERT OPTION? is it reliable? Thanks.

Hi, we don’t have any feedback about Expert Option, but as it is not regulated in any country with a strong binary options regulation, I would stay away.

Hi John,
Thank you for your review with binary options trading. I’m about to sign in but after reading all the comments here, I backed off.
What’s your opinion with

Hi, Xtrade is a regulated Forex broker, that’s all I can say. But beware of Xtrade Binary, because it is a different thing, nothing to do with the regulated broker.

I will be patiently waiting for a reply, because, I actually opened 2 different platforms just to be sure if the expired trades are axactly the same time as on other plartfoms.

Another strategy that I’m using and it is giving me over 89% win rate daily is as follows: I open binary robot 365 demo and set it on 5min expiry, then on the other hand I Open my IQ in real account then coppy what br365 did, honestly I always in the money.

If you guys don’t believe me on this I can screen shot my real account and unfortunately demo doesn’t keep history but if u are a trader you will notice on my real account that no human can be so accurate using turbo.

Thank you, I’m not a scam, I’m just a boy from south Africa… Thank you

It must be down to some luck, because Binary Robot 365 is using a fake demo. It is based on the White Label Robot scam software, just like dozens of other scams robot. See our review. The robot fakes results only to manipulate losers to winners.

Well said on your side…
But once again, do you know about binary robot 365?

In the demo is doing absolutely winderful., also it goes with all the prices expiry times.

Please explain and help in this case as you have mentioned that demo is also important

Thank you so much for this article! i’m new to trading and almost downloaded the binary option auto trading. I would’ve lost a lot of money if it wasn’t for all the comments. Really appreciate what you’re doing here!

You are just lying, i tried it and it works. So? What do you say now? You are stupid, ok? In 1 hour i made more than €500. Surprised?

No, not suprised, scammers often come to our website to promote their programs with fake reviews.

I am also starting to notice, after a few weeks of reading their reviews, that brokerscamalert by Anna Georgieva is also a scam. If not a scam, she does not mind intentionally misleading users for profits. Very disappointing. She seemed to be the only true reviewer out there.
But your reviews also seem genuine at first glance.
So how am I to know that you re not also a scam site posing as a true reviewer?
Please explain.

It’s simple, all binary options robots, systems and signals services we have reviewed so far were scams. We do not recommend a single one, unlike other review websites that expose some scams but endorse others.

Any advise on binaryrobot365?

Jake Mason’s saffa method working with Plus Options as their broker is also a scam. Last week I funded my account after trying for some time in a demo mode. I would get response within seconds on the questions I asked on live chat while I was on demo mode. The moment I deposited the money, I never got any responses anymore. Some guys pretending to be account manager n senior account manager claimed they have been trying to call be yet that was a lie. I have placed withdrawal requisition and I only imagine the BS of a response I’m gonna get. Stay away from Plus Options and Saffa method. They are scams

I live in Belize Central America and I am a beginner in the binary options industry. I have be researching the industry for about a year now and my findings are similar to yours about this type of online trading.
Can you tell me anything about Ayrex.
I have read that IQoption is not regulated this side of the world Central America
24options my other option , which is regulated by IFSC here in Belize.
Are they any trusted brokers you personally would recommend regulated or not.
Furthermore, I am undecided if I should combine a signal service provider (by Agent Matt of Binary Options Agency) with my manual trading.

Hi, I certainly recommend trading with regulated brokers only. Ayrex is not regulated. 24option is regulated, but they have a bad reputation, the French national regulator banned them in France. No offence, but I believe that financial regulation is stronger in the EU than in Belize. So I think that you are safer with an EU regulated broker like IQ Option.
Concerning signals, so far I haven’t seen any profitable service. If they let you try the signals on a demo, you can do it and see how it works. If not, stay away, certainly don’t start trading signals immediately on a live account.

Anything you know on SPEAR TRADER”. Some said legit and some said scams. Thanks.

Hi, Spear Trader is not regulated, I would stay away.

Am now planning for my retiring,,I tried to log – in to ” binaryoptionautotrading ”..and they forwarded me
to a broker the ” Binary CM “..Is this not a scam ?
Your advice for me will be much appreciated..
Thanks and good day…….

I’m looking for a good BINARY OPTIONS SIGNAL PROVIDER and please tell me if you know some.
Currently I’m trading with IQ Options. Thanks

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know about any profitable signals service.

Hi John. Binary Scam Advisor recommends Binary Option Auto Trading as the “only” robot that is NOT a scam? Are they linked in any way? Reading all the comments and your own review, I am now uncertain as whether to even consider them.

Hi, in that case Binary Scam Advisor is a scam website. It seems that they promote Binary Option Auto Trading with an affiliate link. It’s either this or money is free in this world and everybody will quit their jobs thanks to Binary Option Auto Trading. I suggest you ask your national financial regulator about Binary Option Auto Trading, I’m sure they will confirm what I say.

The people working at Banc de Binary are the biggest scamster in binary options. I have learnt the hard way and lost all my savings. The best option is to learn and educate yourself. There is no easy way to make money.

Hi John, thank you very much for your reply.

Hi John, I totally agree with you and appreciate with your work. Is ExpertOption a regulated broker ? Please advise, thanks..

Hi, no, it’s not regulated.

Dear sir
Do you know about EPIX TRADER because every body who writes scam review is telling that this is the most advance AUTO TRADER can you please check this out tks

Hello, it’s just another scam, see our Epix Trader review.

What are you guys talking about here . You guys still try something but you don’t use your brains…WALL STREET ! If there is a robot that can make money automatically why do they go there and work for 8-9 hours or even more selling buying stocks . I Guarantee there is no working auto trading bot. I’ll tell you more that all is scripted so you might make money for the first couple of days before you make a big investment because you sure it works but that’s the moment when you will start loosing your money. DONT INVEST WITH BOTS trade with Account managers or people who know how to analyze the market

Hi John, seems like we all ask about the same but different robots… Do you know anything about Exante? Tnx in advance.

Hi, do you mean – the broker?

Hi John how much do you know about Shawn Anthony uses email:[email protected]

Hi, I don’t know him.

this binary world seems full of scammers. I believe you can make money in this world, would like information on how to start and learn binary in safe hands, can you recommend any website to help a total beginner in binary please

Hi, you can start at It’s about Forex, but technical and fundamental analysis is valid for binary options too.

thanks for everything John, you are a wise soul!

Hi, Just a further point IQ Options is regulated, and has great software platform, but for those who not now, this broker the “PUT” or “CALL” option is your decision not a so called ROBOT, I agree with someone else’s comment it may take longer to achieve, but if you make a mistake it is YOUR fault, NOT the ROBOT. However I can tell you my record within 3 hours was £ 105.00, I at this point decided to call it a day, that was from a £10 start, My Point……….. THAT was a great feeling, a ROBOT cannot give you that. SO please take mine JOHN and others advice stay clear of ROBOTS, do it yourself.
24 Options also can be run by you and are regulated, very good, however I personally prefer, very simple software and you get FREE demo/Practice for life, plus all the backup, videos, etc. Before you ask NO I am not a affiliate, just trying to help as JOHN has, check it out, its your money, your life we all make mistakes, but hopefully this will not be the case. Thanks.

Spot on John, thank you so much, I have been using IQ options for a couple of weeks and it is very hard work, as you need to concentrate, however I was over £300 up in less then a week, but the old greed, kicked in and within minutes I lost it, I have since “clawed my way back” and I am £30 up. But I too thought there must be a easier way, ie. Robots. I signed up with Option, for £250 but without trading I realised it was not for me, and I withdrew. Fair play to the broker which was 24 Option I received my money back in 2 days. Just for the people looking at this one thing kept bugging!! me was that optionrobot asked for initial $250, which is around £200 GB, so why would they not accept my £200 deposit. Ask yourself. I was lucky I did not trade and got my money back. But if I had gone on they where already £50 up on my deposit. John great advise keep it going if you help at least 1 person, it is worth it, Thanks again.

Technology or not, I think the old saying still holds true: If it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Much as I want to earn extra on a much easier way, I simply can’t risk my hard-earned money just the same so I continue to try my best on what I really do best to earn.

Robert, you are the wiser! As John suggests, patiently learning to trade manually is the answer. No ‘open sesame.’ Good luck!

May I offer you my thanks in what you are doing and for no reward or commission, like most of the others who make commissions when you sign up through them, I have only just realised what you are saying is what has been crossing my mind recently!

I signed up with, and was given Ivory Option as my broker, I did manage to withdraw most of my deposit, except for a little I lost in my own bad trades, then I signed up with Lexington Code and lost some money, not all my deposit, I stopped before that happened, the latest one is Nuvo Finance, this one is fairly new and shows a lot of possibility to make money, so I believed, I made 9 trades and lost 5 of them, I started with £250 and ended up with £203 which I have placed a withdrawal notice, another auto scam down the drain, now I have found John Novak’s site, I wont be losing anymore money on these scams and spammers, all I will be doing in the future will be my own trades, with a strategy that still has to be put into action, but given time and a lot of patience may make a little cash!!
John, if you have any sound strategies you would be willing to pass on to me, you have my email address?

Bravo John Novak, based on my personal experience, you are perfectly right! Despite all their claims, Binary Option Auto Trading (BOAT) is an obvious scam. They collude with brokers to defraud traders. Likewise, despite its so-called reputation, readers should be careful with 24option. Yes, they are a regulated company, but that does not mean that they operate responsibly. Around January 27, 2020, I opened an account with 24option. My intention was to deposit $250, but their representative encouraged me to increase it to $500, promising to give me a 100% bonus. But after depositing the $500, the account manager assigned to me insisted that if they gave me the bonus, 24option would be a joint owner of my account. This means that I would be trading, while they would be sharing whatever profit I make with me. The representative who urged me to increase my deposit to $500 never told me about such a condition. In the end, I did not talk about the bonus again, and they did not give me any.

When I opened my account with 24option, I did so through Binary Option Auto Trading (BOAT). Some websites promote the BOAT software as being fantastic at making profitable trades on behalf of traders. See for example, the website, ‘Binary Option Auto Trading Software Review: A Trusted Automated Platform’ (please also be careful with the owner of that website, Anna Georgieva, who appears to me to have some interest to serve. I posted a comment there about my recent experience with BOAT, but for some strange reason, it disappeared).

Shortly after opening my account with 24option, BOAT informed me that they had installed their trading software on my account and that I should do some setting, which they did not even care to explain to me properly, despite being a new user. Between Jan 30 and Feb 3 2020, while I was still busy trying to complete my account verification process at 24option, I lost access to my account and could not login. When I finally regained access late on Feb 3, I found, to my greatest shock, that my account had been reduced from the original deposit of $500 to $196. I immediately contacted 24option for explanation, but they insisted that I had been trading, which I denied.

On Feb 6 2020, 24option informed me that the BOAT software had been trading on my behalf (without my knowledge). By this time, my account balance had further been reduced to $166. I then complained to BOAT, requesting them to turn off whatever software they had installed on my account. They asked me to login at their website and click a certain button to deactivate, which I did. On that same day, they confirmed to me that the software had been deactivated. Despite that, by Feb 8 2020, my account balance was once more reduced to $165.44.

One does not require the brains of an Einstein to understand that the BOAT software consistently traded losses for me. Also, by shutting me out of my account, they made it impossible for me to quickly discover what was happening until they had substantially depleted my account balance. It also baffles me how trading on my account could have occurred when, according to 24option, ‘in order to start trading you will need to upload a few documents in order for us to verify and approve your trading account.’ Interestingly, since losing my money, 24option has been bombarding me with emails and text messages to complete my account verification process. You can also read users’ comment about 24option at this website – *** (link deleted by admin, because the website promotes scams like Binary Option Robot).

I share in your grievances and wish to thank you for sharing this helpful but sad experience.
I almost got into the same trap but you’ve save me from making the same mistake.

First: I have not signed up yet, I am not affiliated to earn commissions.
Second; I read about Daweda / Broker … A broker Licensed and respected in the world market.
Third: That, Daweda has a semi auto trader, who needs SETTING first before connecting..this Software
Fourth: The customer will have to read the Economic Calendar first, to know the volatility of the day market. Primarily news of the three red bulls of certain currencies., Put stop loss, stop trades, amount of money to apply, how often, choose the less volatile pairs currencies; Etc. etc.
Daweda, would not put this Software to rip the customer money, this would be for a help, for anyone who has notion of Market binaries ..

I’m analyzing for sign up, what’s the opinions here on the Forum?

Daweda is relatively new, only one year old, so it is way too early to talk about respect.

Bonjour, je suis commerçant canadien, depuis près d’un an et je peux vous confirmer que John et son équipe vous donne leur juste, lorsqu’il vous dites c’est un scam, un escroc vous pouvez les croire,
j’ai testé différent Robots et courtiers je me suis fait prendre a faire des test a cause des sites qui font la promotion de courtier malhonnête, je suis heureux d’avoir tombé par hasard sur votre site, car je m’apprêtais a ouvrir un compte avec option robot auto traiding, n’ayant très peu d’information sur eu, je cherchais en savoir un peu plus, merci j’avais un gros doute maintenant que je sais
,Finalement a vous tous qui lisez cette chronique, consulter régulièrement se site, j’ai lu les analyses des courtiers avec qui j’ai ouvert des comptes et c’est la pure vérité sur eux.

The penny millionaire
The lexingtone code
The snapcash binary
The wiki trader

All those were tested by these guys and gave fabulous results.

Check their YouTube channels up there.
The problem sometimes with a legitimate software is a bad broker who does not wanna connect the software to the account bcz it will cost them a lot of money to be paid to you. So they Deactivate some of the algorithms of the software to not let it perform at its best.
But those guys are connected to good brokers, the ones regulated in Europe.
In the other hand the scam softwares are made by the scam brokers in the first place to make you deposit and loose your money.

All these scams use paid actors that appear in a lot of scams under different names. All these scams use fake testiomonials with paid actors from Fiverr and other sources. All these scams use losing software that is used by a lot of scams at the same time, only the name changes, the app remains the same. We prove all this in our reviews. And real users confirm that these scams are losing money.

I am not saying this to you Adsmart, because you obviously are one of the scammers promoting your work here, I am saying this to our readers. You can either believe our reviews, our proofs and real user comments. Or you can believe that there is free money for everyone in the shape of free binary options robots that will end unemployment and poverty in this world for free. What you believe will not change anything for us, unlike scammers we won’t make any money should you believe these binary options robot work or don’t work. Those who say these binary options robots work, promote them in their fake reviews with affiliate links, so they get paid for it.

Ok sir I’am a lier and a deceiver. I’am just promoting links to facing softwares with fake videos to get paid, alright.
2- *** pay attention to the name of the brokers, they are regulated brokers in the UK, go ahead and contact the support of those brokers as many of them as you want, then ask them if they have those systems connected to the clients accounts, then you will find out about the truth.
Now how come regulated brokers would allow scam softwares to be connected to the clients account and cause the customers to loose money, that would be bad reputation for regulated high rank brokers, they would loose business.
If it’s connected to a good broker who activates its algorithms, it simply places trades for you very quick, faster that a human being, with anylisig the trades, the software chooses the high possibility winning ones using the algorithms integrated in it, but that’s with the condition that the broker connects the software to the account and activates the algorithms.
Now if you are a man don’t delete this comment and post it.

I edited your comment, because you are just trying to promote your scams here and we won’t allow that. Now let me address the rest of your comment.

1) There are no regulated binary options brokers in the UK, because binary options are not regulated in the UK as an investment tool. Here is the proof: – “The FCA is also setting out its vision on a range of policy measures for binary bets that would complement existing conduct of business rules, once these products are brought into the FCA’s regulatory scope.” So you proved again that you are a liar. Now all the binary options only brokers that show a London address are not regulated, the real owners remain hidden, they just bought a postal address in London, they have no real offices there. These brokers participate in many scams.

2) Do you think that anybody really believes your fairy tale about you being so kind that you are investing your time and work in making other people make money for free? We are not that stupid. I repeat, in all our reviews we provide proofs that these programs are scams. These are tangible proofs that you cannot undo or hide. Just one example for all: Wiki Trader that you promote. The sick bit*h who claims to be the CEO of this program calls herself Kelly Wallace and she says that her company created a software called Wiki Trader. But this exact same software is used by dozens of other programs, all saying the same bulls*it about a unique program, see the proof on the picture in the review. What’s more, this same sick bit*h called herself two years ago Sarah Markel, the creator of the Quick Cash trading system based on a secret that her kidnapped husband discovered. It could not be more obvious that these programs are total scams, so stop your bullsh*t!

We are continously receiving real feedback from real people who have fallen for these scams. They all lost their money. You sick motherfu*ker should realize that often you scam people in desperate life situations, who use their last savings with your scams hoping it will save them. These people are often old and/or ill and desperately need money. And you make them lose their last savings. You are destroying lifes! Stop your crimes before it’s too late. You really make me throw up!

I apologize to everybody else for words I have used, but I have seen several people and their lifes destroyed by these scams, because they lost their last or even borrowed money with them. So scammers that are trying to promote their work on our website make me really angry.

Thank you for website John Novak.

It makes a lot of sense. Your website avoided me putting any money down ($250), which I needed to put down first before the “guy” on the phone would deal with me. As I never put the money down, phone calls persisted from his “colleagues”. my data at that point was sold I assume. It was via Banc de Binary, which sounded very legit. And very easy to open an account. But some thing just seemed off, as they were very pushy in wanting me to send the money, they were rushing me, saying I should trade now as I would make money now, so “could I transfer the money today still”.

Cruel Cruel World out there with these scammers.

Hi James, Banc de Binary was so cooperative with scammers that in the end they could not withstand the complaints and had to renounce the EU licence.

I agree 100% with you John – all these scammers should be shot!

bullshit all the names you mentioned are scams -clearly you are getting paid to promote and rip people off – how do you sleep at night

All of you follow this professional trader , his name is Paul : prestigebinaryoptions.

Prestigebinaryoptions is a scam website that promotes scams like Code Fibo and Paul is a scammer.

That’s a lie, I have all the evidence I tried all those software sir.
It seems like you just jump to conclusions and you are not following up with the industry.
Code fibo is amongst the best signal services out there, it’s just a signal service, it used to be an auto trader.
So all these guys are scams:

(Youtube links deleted by admin)

All those systems are tested live, you are just talking without testing anything sir, most likely.
Everything is scam to you.
Let people subscribe to the Channels and find out.
These guys are good in exposing the worst scammers out there and every single scam that get released in every single week.
Try to be realistic and subscribe to these channels so you can be on the top of the industry instead of being close minded.
I have almost 10 guys who are in this industry trying scam software and losing their own money to warn people and present the good systems to them.
A broker can be bad by not connecting the softwares to the accounts or deactivating one or more of the softwares algorithms, do you would thing the software is a scam.
But there are a lot of software scams of course.
If you want more people to follow with their channels , let me know everybody.

Please stop spamming and lying. All the Youtube guys you mentioned are scammers, they promote these scams with affiliate links. Nobody here is so stupid to believe that there are several free money making robots. Free money does not exist. In every review we publish we provide proofs that these programs are scams. We have reviewed more than 400 scams and every time we proved our conclusions.

(Youtube links deleted by admin)

So all these guys are scams .
I got at least 10 professional traders trading full time , they test the scam oft ware with their own money live and they test the good ones live to present them to people.
I just posted 3 only.
The last legitimate software that came out was the Lexington code , a legitimate great software that was tested by these guys, live.
If you want me to post more videos sir let me know.

Excuse me but you are just a liar and scammer. You have sh*t and not a single professional trader. Videos with positive results of Lexington Code and other disgusting scams are faked, because you guys are promoting this crap for money. And you dare coming here promoting your scam?! I repeat, in every review we provide evidence proving that these program are scams. Just read our reviews and you will see.

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