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Grand Capital Reviews and Comments 2020

I have an account in Grand on MT5 platform. Trading is going with mixed results, but in overall my earnings went in well plus. I like low spreads relatively to the whole market, no hidden commissions, many options for deposit and withdrawal funds (big list of payment systems, including payment in cryptocurrencies). These characteristics contrast with others brokers, so yet I stopped on Grand Capital. Moreover, it has long existence on financial markets, which has its credibility.

Ryan78 9 March, 2020 Reply

I am currently going through a nightmare with this broker. First they promise to give 40% bonus on each deposit and once you deposit money into your account the sing a different song. Secondly when I place orders the temper with my entry prices to ensure no profit to me at all. Recently more than 200 points were added to my entry price when I made a bit stop order and a trade of 100 pips I made less than 20 dollars when I was expecting more than 250 dollars.

Abraham 4 March, 2020 Reply

Well known broker for its long existence on forex market. Never regretted working with them. For those who don’t how deposits bonuses work, if you got one from the company, don’t waste your time and start trading, otherwise you gonna lose it.

YamirKKK1 2 February, 2020 Reply

Copying transactions using a system of RAMM accounts gives a profit of 2-3 times more than on PAMM accounts of any broker, so I had to transfer my deposit to Grand Capital. I don’t trade myself, I don’t use robots, I don’t trust my money to anyone – I just automatically copy the transactions of a professional trader, with a yield of about 25% -35% per month.

Igor 24 September, 2020 Reply

It’s quite simple to get profit when the chart is readable and there are no all kinds of frauds from the broker in the form of requotes and other nastiness. Grand Capital has been working for a long time and put its main efforts into the quality of terminal work, server speed and the ability for ordinary traders to earn money. The deposit weeds out small traders with 10 bucks who pull traffic and stupidly open transactions for the half of the deposit. A reference to serious customers is also captivating. The only thing I don’t like about them is the long wait for the withdrawal of funds compared to other brokers.

Colin 16 August, 2020 Reply

I started my first and unsuccessful trading experience with other brokers. I traded either at zero or at a loss. Now I have found for myself the most reliable and suitable broker in all respects. I have been trading for a year and have no regrets. I get a good profit. But you need to invest wisely. Grand Capital suited me completely, convenient withdrawal of funds. Any newbie will work profitably with him. Initially, you just need to learn a little, invest small amounts. I learned how to trade with this broker. Of course there are risks and a rather big deposit, but this is all justified by the profit.

Jerry 9 August, 2020 Reply

I have been trading in Grand Capital for a long time, then I decided that I already know enough to start working with better-known companies. Moved into one large forex broker, fell for bonuses. Three months was enough to completely drain the deposit and all bonuses. Then I learned that three months is still a long time for that company. Then tied up with trading. Bad experience and all that. And two months ago I received a call from one well-known company, they also promised bonuses. But I refused outright. And then I decided to try to log into my Grand Capital account. When I was withdrawing money, some cents remained on the account. Came in and saw 76 cents. Then I wanted to find out how things are in the company, I began to read about Grand Capital reviews. Broker still worked openly and honestly, and works now. In this regard, nothing has changed. Then I realized that the sense will be only when I work with them. I replenished my account the next day. In the company during this time, nothing has changed globally. The site was slightly refined and analysts have become more than before. But trading with them is same comfortable, as before.

Very nice and easy to use trading terminal and great customer service! As a person with just secondary education, I have not experienced difficulties in studying the functionality of the terminal. It could have been worse of course, if not for the help of the staff. Service of course just pefect! I am pleased to. Although I work here not for long, but for now I can only be happy, because it was hard for me to expect that something would come out of my idea to trade. And I already trade in full. But honestly, I wanted to open a smaller deposit at first, but the manager suggested opening larger depo from the beginnang, so as not to waste time and open more deals, I agreed and don’t regret.

Castor 20 June, 2020 Reply

Conditions are not very different from other brokers, although it is noticeable that Grand Capital tries to pay attention to conditions, writes about low spreads, its indicators, and so on. There are really good features, such as extended timeframes, but for example, the site says that they do not charge commissions for withdrawal and vice versa, well, and so many brokers do that. As to me, I’m satisfied with their conditions.

Bailey 5 June, 2020 Reply

I’m new to forex. But not one of those who wants to buy gold on Sunday and in a panic writes that the schedule is not moving, but an adequate beginner. I study, I study as many sources as possible, but there are a lot of questions that do not matter. This is not just what I write now, it all has to do with the broker, including using the Grand Capital site for training, you can find a lot there, and you can see the progress. I appreciate it, really, thanks to those who made the learning materials. But I have a lot of questions in the course of trading and learning and I can’t ask the broker all of them, otherwise I’ll have to be in touch with the support 24/7. They have great lessons on the site, but these are just lessons about forex, and I would like to see the answers to the questions about trading in Grand Capital, you see. Little things that relate to this company and which are nowhere to be found. For example if liquidity providers for two different customers are not the same, quotes should be the same or they will be different? Or an explanation of how to use additional frames and why. Bottom line: there is a lot of good, but it can be even better!

Dennis 30 May, 2020 Reply

Really nice trading here. I am an experienced trader and can compare the conditions. The execution speed is rather fast. Though there are commissions but they are reasonable. The spreads depend on trading environment: tools, time, market volatility and other factors but in general it�s ok. And you know there are no spread widening, spikes and all that tricks! What else? It is easy to withdraw without any stupid questions called verifications. So, you should try it.

Uldis_LV 13 June, 2020 Reply

I�ve heard about this broker before. Tried it and� wow – it is great! First of all their master classes happened to be rather useful for me. I have changed from micro account to the standard one and can insist that they are fair. Both accounts are free of any commissions and allow trading with floating spreads. Once there was a strange situation when my set price was changed within the order and I did not understand for what reason, just did not have the trouble to get in touch with support service until the next time. that has not happened yet. Well, depositing and withdrawal are fast and easy. That�s a positive moment especially when there is money on the account intended for withdrawal.

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Grand Capital is an international brokerage firm founded in 2006. The company’s offices operate in 40 countries of the world – in South Asia, Africa, Europe, CIS, India, Latin America. Grand Capital speaks 15 languages and provides access to financial markets to over half a million customers.

Regulation: Financial Commission, Serenity

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Grant Capital – Инвестиционная компания

Компания Grant Capital занимается финансовой деятельностью, связанной с торговлей на бирже криптовалют. И также ресурс предлагает всем желающим начать инвестировать деньги и получать прибыль на пассиве.

Вам нужно всего лишь зарегистрироваться здесь, пополнить счет, выбрать тарифный план и внести депозит. Ну и потом сможете получать доход.

А если я спрошу вас, дорогие админы, а где же доказательства доходности вашей компании, фотографии членов руководства фирмы, основателей, генерального директора и так далее?

И почему ваши тарифные планы очень сильно похожи на предложения классического хайпа-высокопроцентника?

Не дадите ответов на все эти вопросы? Значит будем выводить вас на чистую воду.

Известные названия проекта

  • Grant Capital

Ссылки на сайт проекта


E-mail адреса проекта

Внимание! мошенники очень часто меняют адреса своих лохотронов. Поэтому название, адрес сайта или email может быть другим! Если Вы не нашли в списке нужный адрес, но лохотрон очень похож на описанный, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами или напишите об этом в комментариях!

Информация о проекте “Grant Capital”

Данная инвестиционная платформа является результатом интенсивной и плодотворной работы команды проект в течение последних нескольких месяцев.

Она готова предложить безопасную услугу по управлению активами на основе передового бизнеса, связанного с высокорентабельной торговлей на криптовалютных рынках.

Стандартная и не слишком оригинальная легенда, присущая обыкновенному хайп-проекту. А что такое хайп проект? Если не знаете, то расскажу об этом дальше.

  • Start – 110% за 24 часа , вклады от 10 и до 5000 долларов.
  • Beginner – 115% за 24 часа , вклады от 200 и до 5000 долларов.
  • Medium – 120% за 24 часа , вклады от 300 и до 5000 долларов.
  • Investor – 125% за 24 часа, вклады от 500 и до 5000 долларов.
  • Trader – 130% за 24 часа , вклады от 700 и до 5000 долларов.
  • Business – 140% за 24 часа , вклады от 900 и до 5000 долларов.

Минимальная выплата составляет 0,10 долларов.

Реальные отзывы о GrandCapital 2020

На ecn спреды – сказка, поменял тип счета в конце августа, уже могу сделать выводы, что игра стоит свечь!

Гранд компания надежная, но их менеджеры достали! Ну правда не надо звонить трейдерам, которые в компании уже 5 лет работают и предлагать программы для старта! Обучите своих менеджеров!!

За прошлый месяц мой инвестиционный доход в гранд капитал составил 300 долларов, так как работаю с ними я уже 4 год, это чистая прибыль, без рисков. Прибыль вывожу сразу, депозит не увеличиваю, есть еще достаточно интересных проектов, где можно получать пассивный доход!!

Инвесторы не агрессоры? Я хочу разбить депо и часть вложить в инвестирование, но боюсь на лихачей не нарваться, мне 100 процентов в месяц точно не интересно, пусть процент перекрывает инфляцию с небольшим выхлопом. По предварительному анализу в гранд капитал относительно стабильные управы, вот собираю реальные отзывы.

Рассматривал Гранд капитал только как инвест проект, возможно и самостоятельная торговля здесь неплохая, но с такой хорошей доходностью по инвест, не особо интересно.

Ну как протестировал? Я третий месяц в Грандкапитал тоже по инвестициям, мне кажется, процент доходности маловат, хотя знакомые, которые привели, говорят, что это хорошо, а если больше в месяц делают, то риски завышают. Не знаю что решить – оставить здесь депозит или искать где прибыль больше, но, с другой стороны и рисковать слишком не хочу.

5 лен в Гранд Капитал, проскальзывания минимальные, 7 секунд потолок, который я наблюдал, так как есть с чем сравнивать, я понимаю, что это очень даже хорошо.

проскальзывания – это не есть хорошо, но от них никуда не деться соглашусь. В Гранд капитал рыночное исполнение, волнения случаются, но самостоятельно брокер в торговлю не вмешивается и это главное. У меня здесь депозит с 2020 года и думаю, если бы они любили играть против клиента, я бы это уже заметил.

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