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James Altucher Crypto Trader Review – Scam or Legit Service?

James Altucher is guy that is always selling something. During the internet boom, he was selling stock tips, then he was selling books about investing and now he moved to cryptocurrencies. So, should you consider James Altucher’s, the self proclaimed expert and crypto trader, tips and advice when it comes to crypto?

James Altucher is primarily a marketing guy. If you are a marketing expert, you are pretty much limited to be a crypto expert as well. So, short answer on should you trust this guy would be – probably not. Or anyone selling similar service for that matter.

There is rarely any worthwhile and actionable advice in these types of courses, newsletters, groups or whatever. It is usually basic information with lots of upsells – marketers usually bait you into subscribing to one service and once you see that that service offers nothing much, you get lured into buying the upsell that promises the actual “gems and getting rich guides”.

Once you buy into that and get to the “next level” – you experience the same, basic information with no substance and another bait for another upsell.

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As one Redditor put it nicely:

And another Redditor strikes a similar note in his comment:

I’ve been following James’s podcast and blog for many years and always loved his content but I agree with this post 100%. His crypto news is a TOTAL waste of time if not a borderline scam. I’ve spent several weeks following his updates and it’s 99.9% fluff and stories about the past and future with no actionable advice like he promises. This is unfortunate as it takes a ton of credibility away from his name. I’ll still be listening to his podcast as he has good guests, but likely will never trust any services he’s selling again.

If you buy the service and want to cancel it – guess what? That is not too easy as, per the barely visible refund policy (blue text on blue background), you have to sell an actual, physical mail. Even if you did that, your mail would be “probably lost” somewhere along the way and refund time would have been expired.

So, in conclusion:

James Altucher is a good writer, marketer and podcast host but his crypto service is not good and you should avoid it.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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Verified Crypto Traders – Verified, Transparent Results

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Verified Crypto Group


Risk Awareness



  • Popular Traders in the Team
  • Scalps and Swings for Altcoins and Binance
  • Listed in Binance and BitMEX Shortlist
  • Semi and Full Auto Trader Available
  • Platinum Service with Pro Trader Copier & extreme accuracy (Binance & BitMEX)
  • Long-term Consistent Results
  • BitMEX Signals & Platinum Services best played with bigger accounts
  • Auto Trader had some hick ups in the beginning

Verified Crypto Traders Review

Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, BitMEX | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader

+++Advanced Signal Group by Seasoned Traders offers Auto Trader & Market Updates+++

*Average accuracy overall available plans.

Verified Crypto Traders project is a very unique approach to building a complete solution for crypto investors and traders. They offer live trading (which nobody else does), webinars, great support and especially their auto trader for Binance and BitMEX makes them stand out very much. This is so much more than buy and sell instructions!
We are following the Verified Crypto Group for a very long time. They progress, they evolve and they seem to never sleep. The registered company from the Netherlands has a set of several crypto services and are known as a well-respected , serious signal provider with an extended offering.


Verified Crypto Traders are providing well-thought crypto trading signals, as well as the critical news and updates. This is way more than just a simple signal group on telegram – Verified Crypto Traders is a valuable source for what’s going on in Cryptoworld, along with their bearish/bullish weather reports (example in this post) that give you an overview about what is happening and what to expect coming on this day. The accuracy of their crypto signals is astonishing.
The Dutch company (here to be verified), provides Binance and BitMEX signals and they come well explained, fundamental and technical analysis-wise. The big difference to many other channels is that Verified Crypto Traders is a real company, paying taxes in the Netherlands and they step up the legal game in this space. Every step they take is verified and legitimate, so you can be sure they are a legally liable company. The team we chatted with has been knowledgeable, open and friendly. Right now they are claiming their way to top, becoming one of the best pump-n-dump-free crypto signals channel. Over the course of the last months after their listing here, we are happy to confirm that they have had great accuracy with their cryptocurrency signals.
Furthermore, the fact that Verified Crypto Group is a registered company in the Netherlands and legally liable for their actions makes it extra secure for the customers as they are forced to act responsibly and can’t just run away without providing any service. Recently they have been featured in the Dutch TV:

The Offering

  • Team-picked Crypto Trading Signals.
  • Highly informative coin recommendations based upon and displayed as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment. Plus you will receive many important market and news updates for these picks.
  • Short, medium, and long-term buy signals released to you hours before it is ever announced to our free channels.
  • Explanatory chart calls.
  • Detailed information about exciting ICOs. Including access to private sales
  • Bitmex Signals
  • Hand-Picked Binance Signals
  • Web portal
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Transparent Results Tracking with Cointracking
  • Auto Trader for Binance and Bitmex Signals that connect via API to your account and executes the trades for you
  • Fully Managed (auto traded) Platinum Plans with exclusive signals for BitMEX and Binance

The Auto Trader

Verified Crypto Traders offer an auto trading service for the Altcoin as well as the BitMEX Signal services. This can be booked as an additional service and is a modified version of the Cornix Telegram bot. You can book basically in three variants, always for the Altcoin or the BitMEX signal services:
a) semi-automatically, you click one button to replicate the trade into your account
b) fully automatic, you just configure it and let it run hands-free
c) fully managed with the Platinum service. Professional traders copy their personal trades one by one into your account and run it like their own account.
Verified Crypto Traders use a modified version of Cornix which is compliant with the European GDPR laws.

The Binance Signals

Even once the bears took control already, they have been able to find some of these juicy altcoin trades. The volume of altcoin signals surely decreased in the bear market sentiment, but there is still good money to be made with the right guidance, you just have to be very selective. The recent alt seasons have been exploited nicely and landed them some nice 100% accuracy months.

The thing with Verified Crypto Traders is that they don’t post signals every day, as they are very selective about what they post, and very cautious giving traders the best probability of success. You will get daily updates and technical analysis on Bitcoin, ETH, and the likes, plus all critical verified news, but the cryptocurrency signals will come how they find them. They don’t stress themselves but post only the A++ ones. If you are more of a gambler with a short attention span, this might not be for you.

The selection of the recommended trades is based on analytical decisions here. They trade in the markets mostly if the technical analysis aligns with strong fundamentals. They don’t have one single trading system but are a network of many traders with many styles. This diversity results in a top-notch performance. Some of their analysts have a Forex background, some trade the trends and others more the oversold prices – the approach is very diverse. VCT does not limit the cryptocurrency pairs they are analyzing and trading. If you are into reliable mid to long-term trades with real impact instead of a few satoshis profit, this is the way to go.

Signals Example

Verified Signal BAT/BTC

Verified Crypto Signals Altcoin Signal

And the outcome on the chart:

Binance Trade Outcome

BitMEX Signals

The Verified Crypto Group employs two popular traders for their telegram channel and those aim to provide daily signals (if the market allows): Crypto Twitter’s trading star CryptoCoffee and Tomas, who runs big crypto funds and is a well known in the blockchain scene. Cryptocoffee & Tomas now provide their excellent work to the Verified Crypto Group. Tomas started with Crypto at the beginning of 2020. Mid 2020 he signed his first contract for trading with the capital of someone else and running a managed fund, purely on his results. Right now he has a big bunch of people under contract and trades not only for himself but a series of managed investments. Before all that Tomas studied politics and economics, He also started his own company that was focusing on giving out loans with interest and managing other people’s finances. Right now Tomas has a role by starting and developing the German Bitcoin political party with a former BTC contributor and developer Jörg Molt. Tomas will add mostly BitMEX signals, and CryptoCoffee Altcoin Signals as well as leveraged Signals.

Buying and selling this virtual currency markets is risky, so you need signals with a good probability, as the market volatility can become high. As the name implies, you will also get a constant stream of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news. Once BitMEX Signals have been only an add-on – but became the main profit gainer for the trading group when the bears have been in control of the market.
Crypto Coffee gives very elaborated technical signals. Her success rate proves her knowledge and especially in the last few months, their earning numbers grow more and more – a true dream team when it comes to BitMEX signals!

Signals Example

Account Management (Platinum Plan)

Platinum Accuracy BitMEX

The Platinum planned is a completely hands-free solution and likely the top of the cream when it comes to the Verified Crypto Group offering. My partner with SmartOptions (you may know him from our videos) offers this service for the Platinum BitMEX part and CryptoCoffee for the Altcoin Platinum services. Both are designed to earn without any effort. Pro Traders trade your accounts as they trade their own – a one-to-one copy service. The only difference to a fund management solution is, that they never have any access to your funds and trade your accounts per API and only one platform per service subscription. The trades are designed for asymmetrical compound growth and are very risk-averse by nature. Conservative steady account growth without risking too much. You can read more about the Platinum BitMEX Service here. I can vouch for this service, as my partner trades my account for a very long time. It is not about overnight riches, but constant growth. At first, you might think “boring” – but once you hit the edge you will know what you have been patient for. Again, in the beginning, it is all about grinding the way slowly up. But once the account size has grown that you can vary the contract size, without risking your initial deposit anymore, the big fun begins. Stay patient for this one – the success is rate is insane but true, however, it will take time to grow your account and is only for the folks with a bit bigger amounts available (starting at 1 BTC)! This is the top of the cream, but the money will come only to the patient ones. If you are in a hurry and want to see daily 10% account jumps, it might not be for you.

The Results

First of all, the Verified Crypto Traders are all about transparency – in the good times as much as in the bad times, and this is valuable in the world of crypto signals. They run a cointracking account that publically displays their own account results, where all these results are replicated.

Altcoin Signals:

Excellent results on my side. I had lots of winners and very responsible trades. Good Risk:Reward and very nice position gains, we even saw 100% success rate months with Verified Crypto Signals.

BitMEX Signals:

You want to be patient here. They can have months with outstanding accuracy and gains, but once the markets change their general directions, or are in stop-hunt mode Verified Margin Traders can get caught for a short period until they settled again and bring on those juicy trades ‘n gains back on the table. Meanwhile, they recognized the issue and push scalps our way in these phases. You can see one of them in the example above.

Platinum Signals:

This is not for kiddies, this is not for traders – this is for patient investors. Use it if you know about the compounding effect, use it if you can have some money sitting there for a year or more. My honest opinion: you are risking very few money and have great mathematical chances for a nice return on investment. This is actually what I would suggest to my own father if he’d ask me for a modern long-term investment for his grandchildren.

Performance Tracking Links

Register an account first, then you can see the live tracking performance.

The Support

I got a direct support person, which I was able to ask everything and got good answers. They know what they are doing. They are also always around in their VIP chat to support members. As their team is pretty big, you won’t be alone if you need help. In fact, they offer now a 24/7 support team, available on the live chat on their portal as well as in their chat room. While the support will help you to solve your issues with the bot and other trading related questions. I have to say it is not always a friendly, welcoming kind of support, as I was notified by other customers, though they will assist you until the problem is solved – you are not alone with your problem, but get help with a hands-on mentality.

The Critique

Verified Crypto Group provides a solid service and I like the professionality of the service itself. The chat has improved a great deal from the past where it seemed unfriendly so we can’t gripe anymore about some of the support issues as they are on top of it with very fast response times. The chat room rules are very strict and limit an open and helpful discussion in my opinion. They are super transparent with their results, so there is very little you could ever want to complain about, along with great wisdom to be found in the platinum group. I guess if they had a few more traders that would be the cherry on top.

Customer Insights Reviews

This customer review has been provided by user borneo82 and can be verified with him on Telegram.

What to say about VCT. Well, let’s start from the beginning. When I entered crypto I didn’t know anything about anything. So, I just googled and came across this web page ( where they were talking about best crypto signals. Of course, VCT was one of them. That was over a year ago. I didn’t start with them from day one but was just following their free channel and page, cause I didn’t want to go blind. After a short time, I decided to pay for their plan and I didn’t regret it.

The crypto market is something new in the business world, and because of market volatility signal groups appear and disappear every day, but not
VCT. Smartoptions article is always up-to-date with signal groups and VCT is all the time around here, meaning they are giving their best to stay on top. They are evolving, always progressing.

After this small intro lets talk about their Altcoin signals.

Altcoin signals

First I have to say they are not like other groups giving lots of signals daily. They are very selective and very cautious about giving signals. The traders always do their job, make a good fundamental and technical analysis. And yes, they have more than one trader, each having their own strategy, so you can follow one or more traders, it’s up to you.

As said before they are not giving daily signals. If you look it at first it doesn’t look tempting, but what we have to remember, in the end, long term is always better then short term, and you can read about that everywhere. Because “Patience is the key”, and patience will make you money, or in this case more BTC.

With signals comes auto trading bot, so you can follow signals by a single click, what life makes much easier. If nothing else, you’ll have a nice sleep not wondering what is happening with your signal, cause the bot will do everything. All you have to do Is to have telegram and the bot will let you know what’s going on with your trade. And if you are an experienced trader you can even do your own bot settings.

If you are interested in their trade signals and their success you can find on their web page.

Service Plans

Everyone wants to know what plans they have. And here is the answer.

Presently, the platform runs a total of five service plans and each comes with monthly or yearly payment plan-they are:

Platinum Plus Plan: The plan essentially caters for traders that are more interested in scalping and it is the only subscription plan that offers traders 24/7 calls.

Gold Plan: Unlike the Platinum plan, the Gold plan offers Binance and altcoin signals with various customer relation-oriented services like the personalized portfolio consultations earlier discussed.

Silver Plan: This plan is similar to the Gold plan, however, it is not as comprehensive as the Gold plan when it comes to features.

Bronze Plan: Bronze also offers Binance and altcoin signals, albeit with payment flexibility that eludes the Silver and Gold plan.

Margin Trading Plan: VCT acknowledges that margin trading crypto is a risky endeavor and it has, therefore, created a plan that supports margin trading calls that would help its members escape the notorious consequences of shorting or longing crypto.


VCT also offers critical news and updates. They give bearish/bullish weather reports where you can find out what is going on and you what you can expect to happen.

They also have their web portal where you can find a lot of information. They give exclusive webinars and much more.


In the end, I can say they are constantly developing and adapting to the market, which makes them one of the best crypto platforms.

And we got a second customer review in. This one is coming from their member Mike and can be verified directly on Telegram with him.

I heard about Verified Crypto Traders in summer 2020.

At this time I was searching serious trading service with high success ratio.

I tried the best rated services I found on a website and VTC was the best one from my experience.

Firstly, it’s not a service where you have many and many trades. They pick carefully the ones and if you are patient, you surely won’t regret it.

Secondly, they are always available if you have any question about a trade. This is worth a lot.

They organize web conference where you have trade lessons and tips, and during which you can ask questions.

After more than 9 months with them, I can insure you that you should try VTC service ; you won’t regret ��

If you have any question, I am available on Telegram ��


Verified Crypto Group does an awesome job in bringing professionalism to Crypto Signals. The whole setup, if legal or service wise, is well-thought through and provides value to the customers. From an investors point of view the Platinum services bring up the really good stuff, however, you have to hold on for some time here.

They have those scalps with small profits but also these mega swing trades. Until today we trade almost all of their signals. In regards to the background info, you will get the following info when a signal has been issued: The fundamentals, the consideration, the call logic – these steps make you learn more and more with every call if you take the time to understand what caused the call a call. Please note that this crypto signal channel is a mixture of educational content, news content and professionally analyzed signals, explained along with the technical analysis behind. You won’t get dozens of crypto trading signals per day, but you will get a few outstanding ones, and an explanation of why they issue this signal. This is a channel for people who want to learn something and widen their horizon.

They also offer PDFs from time to time with an even more detailed explanation of why a trade has been suggested. Also worth to mention if you want to learn to trade: Verified Crypto Traders also offers online training and courses for technical analysis, besides their signals. Their webinars teach things like support and resistance/trend line, scalping, and other basic charting knowledge as well as advanced trading methods. Even in the hardest times they provided pure quality and have consistent success for months now. They know how to play their cards well – in difficult times they provide extra opportunities like very well researched ICOs, which they organize the pooling to get you some extras from the seed sale phase, which usually only the big boys get.

Their Crypto Group evolved very much within the last year. New traders have been added, and they started with Webinars, Trading Courses and a portal that grows day by day. There is also a tracker for all their signals, so you can verify the outcome live and always stay informed – very transparent. Furthermore, it includes something like a social network for Crypto Traders.

Another thing to mention is, that Verified Crypto Traders is the first channel we ever met that offers a live trading account for their customers! They put their own money where their mouth is and record trades of their own and share the videos, so you can learn to scale in and out. VCT took this step to provide greater transparency and to enable you to follow the moves. All other signal services/educators never would be able to provide as much and only do paper trades. They added live trading, so you can take a look over the real results, the company has with their own accounts, this is surely unique.

But also the Verified Margin Traders are doing a solid job. We had quite a few +250% profit signals with them some time ago – real killer signals – and these are by far not the only one of that manner. Currently, the winners play in tighter ranges, though. Especially convenient is the trading bot if we set up and configured the bot right, we just had to click the “follow” button, which you can see below each signal. Automagically, all buy orders are placed in the account. Once activated it adds the sell orders. The beauty of it is that you can configure the stop loss to your likings, like trailing stops, stop at breakeven, etc. – so you have really a good chance to make your way through all targets and gain the full growth potential without having to sit in front of the screen manually moving the stops. I run the auto trader of Verified Margin Trades on a test account and it runs very well so far. The setup and all the configuration options might be tricky for newbies, but you will get help and assistance. There have been difficulties with the Cornix setup in the past, but this seems to be tackled now.

The Platinum services – well, these are only for the guys that can let a thing just run. Set it up, and come back after a year – I am pretty sure most folks will have a big smile on the way to the bank.

All in all, Verified Crypto Group is a trustable group which one should be able to trust as per my opinion. They have the legal setup, they provide a very solid profitable service and have really great traders aboard. If you take the general Altcoin or the Margin Plan it is advisable to play all their signals with a strict Money Management and low leverage to get a good average in the outcome, the bot makes it easy to do so. However, the Platinum service is my favorite with the Verified Crypto Group.


Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% discount)

  • Official
  • Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5%)
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Plans & Pricing: Please check the website for the current pricing.
  • Auto Trader: Yes (with Addon Plans)
  • Special Features: Full Auto Trader for Binance and BitMEX, Several Traders, Special Platinum Service
  • Awards: Provider of the Month January ’19
  • Exchanges: Markets on Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kucoin and BitMEX.
  • Auto Trader: Yes (Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex)
  • Results Tracking:Tracking Dashboard
  • Signals with TA: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals: Yes, separate Bitmex Channel
  • ICO Reviews / Seed Sale Opportunities: Yes
  • Trading Timezones: VCT has been smart when hiring their traders, and took care that they have for every timezone.
  • Further Informations:Interview with VCG

How the paid crypto signal channel looks like:

Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% discount)

BitPay, Ledger и ErisX представили новые возможности криптосервисов

BitPay заключает соглашения с ритейлерами, забирая на себя конвертацию цифровой валюты и обработку платежа, компания – продавец товара, получает на счет зачисления в фиате.

Израильский Simplex работает со многими биржами криптовалют и кошельками, банки доверяют ему обработку переводов по кредитным и дебетовым картам, по причине соблюдения стартапом правил KYC и AML в отношении криптотранзакций. BitPay рассчитывает, что сотрудничество с компанией увеличит прозрачность переводов сервиса, снимет риски возврата платежей для ритейлеров.

Французский производитель холодных кошельков Ledger заключил партнерство с южнокорейской платформой сайдчейнов FLETA. Компания занимается созданием решений второго уровня, адаптирующие уже существующие блокчейны и приложения под стандарты Регулятора.

Цель партнерства, вывести на рынок Кореи сертифицированный по местным законам, ориентированный на институциональных клиентов Ledger Valut. Это многопользовательская программа на базе «холодного кошелька» Nano S позволяет задать права пользования депозитами крупных фондов. Они включают мультиподписи, лимиты на транзакции, временные ограничения и т.д.

Брокер, торгующий криптодеривативами ErisX, решил создать для розничных трейдеров торговую платформу институционального уровня, собранную в партнерстве с компанией Etale. Стартап специализируется на внедрении количественных стратегий в трейдинг, на основе потоковой обработки котировок в режиме реального времени, обработки информации с помощью искусственного интеллекта, постоянную подстройку эффективности торгового алгоритма методом машинного обучения
ErisX создан при поддержке американского брокера №1, как биржа криптовалют и деривативов, торговля которыми регулируется лицензией CFTC.

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