Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review

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What about Dubai Lifestyle App? An ugly scam?

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by Miren – February 28, 2020 September 4, 2020 2

Welcome to my Dubai Lifestyle App review!

I recently came across a binary options trading software called Dubai Lifestyle App and I wondered if it was legit or another dangerous scam, so I watched their sales video and read the information on their page to come to a conclusion.

I’ll provide as much quality information as possible so you get to know whether this software can benefit you or not.

Table of Contents

Dubai Lifestyle App review

Name: Dubai Lifestyle App

Dubai Lifestyle App


Owner: “Scott Hathaway”

Created in: 2020

Price: “Free”

Overall Ranking: 0/10

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The sales video didn’t convince me

Yes, the presentation video didn’t make me feel like this software was trustworthy.

Let’s do an analysis of the video so you can understand why the word “scam” came to my mind while I was watching it.

“A personal invitation”

According to them, I received a personal invitation to be one of their 100 beta testers. How come I received a personal invitation if I found the page through a Google search?

I already found it suspicious after reading this, since I’ve seen it in other scams. Fraudsters usually tell you that you’ve received a personal invitation because they want you to feel like you’re very lucky to have come across that page.

“This is not going to be another one of those scam videos”

This one really made me laugh, he already mentions the word “scam”, which already convinced me that I was in front of another scam. Funny how the 1K Daily Profit scammer said the same words, as you can see below:

1K Daily Profit scam sales video

Oh, and guess why he claims that he’s also fallen for the scams. Well, he wants you to feel sorry for him and think “if he’s fallen for scams, he won’t scam me” to gain your trust.

After that, he shows you three testimonials who tell you that they’ve made a lot of money in a short amount of time and have changed their lives thanks to the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Don’t you remember that we have seen other testimonials appear in other scams sales videos like Steal My System and Millionaire Blueprint ?

Then he starts explaining the app’s history. He says that he had a dream to make thousands of hard-working men around the world millionaires with his auto-trading app.

Another thing that he says that I found suspicious is that the app is powered by an algorithm that wins trades with 99.8% accuracy, that doesn’t sound realistic and it’s exactly what the 1K Daily Profit con artist said.

“$7,189.23 into your pocket every day”

Funny how he says that he’s not trying to convince you that the Dubai Lifestyle App is the real deal, but wondering why he’s going to show you a fake trade (just like the 1k Daily Profit guy did)? He wants to make you believe that it works to incite you to join.

I don’t find it’s even realistic that an auto-trading app can make you that much money on a daily basis.

I’ve noticed that the Dubai Lifestyle App trading account is so similar to the 1K Daily Profit trading account:

Dubai Lifestyle App trading account 1K Daily Profit trading account

As you can observe above, they have the same structure and sections. The 1K Daily Profit software has already been proved to be a scam in a previous review I wrote.

“You could have over $20,000…”

He’s just saying that you could get rich quick, something common in scams.

Look what he claims at the end of the video:

100% free, seriously? It’s not possible to start trading binary options for free, it’s a minimum of $250, as you can see in the trading account picture.

He also preys on your hopes and dreams of being financially free and having a luxury lifestyle where you can do whatever you want without having to worry about paying the bills or being in debt.

“Click on the big button”

See how he’s pressuring you to join by repeating “click on the big button”? This is so typical of scammers.

What happens if you join?

Now I’ll show you what happens if you enter an email in the form and “click on the big button”.

It will appear another video that I’m going to explain through some snapshots.

Here is how he denies that it’s 100% free. They’ll ask you to make a deposit of $250 in order to start trading.

See how he’s begging you to fund your account? Oh, and he wants you to do it “right now”, because if you don’t do it, the app won’t be available, according to him.

But the truth is, as soon as you fund your account, the scam comes into play: their “recommended broker” will pay them a commission for everyone who joins and makes the $250 investment.

This way, they’ll make money off of your investment and you’ll be the only one who won’t make a dime. Instead of making a profit, it will be a loss for you. Does it sound fair to you? I bet not.

Why is Dubai Lifestyle App a scam?

After watching the two videos, I was almost convinced that it was a scam so I looked further into the presentation page to find more proofs.

Red flag 1 – Fake CEO

I found out that the Dubai Lifestyle App platform was in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian and Dutch.

Then I typed “” in the search bar and saw that the CEO’s name was not the same.

See the proof below:

“Scott Hathaway” “Eduardo Gimenez”

This proves that the CEO’s name is made up by the scammers.

So if the name is fake, who says that the picture isn’t fake too?

“Business owner seeking quality advice & relationship”

It’s clear that they stole the picture from the Integra website or another website where the same picture can be found.

Conclusion: fake name + fake picture = made up character.

After that, I was like “what else is fake about the Dubai Lifestyle App?”

Red flag 2 – Fake testimonials

I’ve noticed that using fake testimonials is a very popular tactic among fraudsters.

They hire cheap actors to give their schemes positive opinions, so they can easily earn their victims trust.

See what I mean below:

Fake testimonial Actor found on

These kind of actors are the ones who do anything to make money, like selling their services to scammers.

If you go to Fiverr, you can find some of these actors by typing “I will do a video testimonial”. Most of them sell their services for prices like $5 or $20.

Red flag 3 – Fake comments

When I checked the page in Spanish, apart from realizing that the CEO’s name was fake, I noticed that the comments from the testimonials were fake too, as you can observe below:

Fake comments in English Fake comments in Spanish

When you change the language, the names change too, but the comments are only translated. It just doesn’t make sense that “Lincoln Tremlin” and “Jesús Gonzalez” say the same thing. It’s clearly made up by the con artists who created the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Another thing is, the dates of the comments are fake too because I searched for the domain “” registration date and found it was created of July 6th, 2020 (according to Whois). How are the comments from previous dates then?

Red flag 4 – Annoying pop-up

Whenever you try to close the page, you’ll see this big pop-up:

Common scam tactic

See the lies in the pop-up?

  • “You’ll regret it when you come back to try and download this app and you see the page cannot be found”
  • “$7,183.80 per day”
  • “Free”

This is a popular trick used by con artists to try to get you stay in their site so you end up joining their crap and make the $250 investment.

Take into account that a legitimate business opportunity wouldn’t pressure or force you to join.

I truly recommend that you don’t enter your email or leave any personal details in their page, since they’ll be sending you emails of other scam products as well as ask you for more personal or financial information.

They are also capable of stealing your identity or selling your information to a third party.

Red flag 5 – Fake countdown timer

This one is another popular trick that fraudsters use to create a sense of urgency and make you join as fast as possible.

But don’t worry, nothing happens when the countdown gets to 0. Nothing changes in the page.

Fake countdown timer

Don’t fall for this one, you can even refresh the page and see how everything goes back to how it was the second you arrived.

Stay away from the Dubai Lifestyle App

The pictures have proved that Dubai Lifestyle App is another dangerous scam. I’ve noticed that it’s so similar to the 1K Daily Profit because of the false claims and lies.

If you’ve come across these scams, you can also observe that they repeat the same phrases in the sales video. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same con artists have created both scam softwares.

I’ve read a lot of negative comments from people who have fallen for the Dubai Lifestyle App scam, most of them are searching for ways to get their money back. They made the $250 deposit and haven’t been able to withdraw it.

This scam software is designed in a way that once you make the $250 investment, you can’t get it back. It’s already of the scammers, who will encourage you to invest more so they can steal more from you.

If I were you I would avoid it at all costs, since it will make you lose your hard-earned money and your time trying to make it work. Don’t let these evil people get away with something they don’t deserve.

My advice for you is that you always ask yourself these questions before you join any online program or opportunity:

  • Is the CEO or owner a real person or a made up character?
  • Can I find genuine comments from real people who have tried it before?
  • Are they forcing me to join?
  • What’s in it for them? What do they get if I join?

I wrote an article where you can find more questions to ask yourself as well as tips to get to know whether you’re in front of a scam or notTips to spot scams online

A legitimate opportunity for you

I want to let you know that it’s possible to make money online in a honest and ethical way. It’s not easy or fast like the scammers claim, it will require hard work and consistency from you.

If you’re really committed to generate an income online, I recommend that you try out Wealthy Affiliate .

It’s an online business platform and community where you’ll be taught to create and grow an online business the proper way, through step-by-step lessons and courses.

The good thing is that it’s free to get started and you’ll be getting support and help from me, the community members and the creators of the platform, Kyle and Carson.

Thanks for reading my review on the Dubai Lifestyle App, I hope I’ve helped you find the truth about it.

Please feel free to share this review on social media so other people get to know about this scam and avoid it.

If you have any comments or questions about this scam software, other scams or anything related to making money online, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. It will be a pleasure for me to connect with you �� Thank you for dropping by!

Dubai Lifestyle

Dubai Lifestyle App – This Unbiased Review is Going to SHOCK You

Do you want money? Do you want a Dubai lifestyle? Do you want $7,183.80 per day. Yeah? Then it’s time to look somewhere else because this scam won’t bring you a cent, so please read this article for entertainment purposes only. Well, you can also consider it a warning to stay away from Dubai Lifestyle App and all autotrading robots that promise you yachts, millions of dollars, financial independence and a ride on the golden unicorn’s back (yeah unicorns, why not. ) with the push of a button.

Dubai Lifestyle Review – Living the Dubai Lifestyle (Really?)

“I came from Iowa with only $500 and a dream to make you and thousands of other hard-working men around the world millionaires with my auto-trading app.” Scott Hathaway – CEO & Founder, Dubai Lifestyle App

WOW Scott, thank you! I am so glad people like you still exist, people whose dream is to make others rich. So altruistic and noble… Thank you! I like this guy already, so let’s get to know him better. Here’s his picture taken from the Dubai Lifestyle App website:

…and here’s what Google says about his pic:

Oh no, Scott “I’m gonna make you all rich” Hathaway is FAKE. Who would have thought.

Dubai Lifestyle App – The (Fake) Story

I will make the long story short, so you don’t have to watch his crappy sales pitch: the dude moved to Dubai and knew he had to make money to keep up with the extravagance of the city. To achieve that, he worked out of his parents’ garage for 2 years and – what do you know – he found a miracle algorithm that makes *insert huge number* millions per second. But he needed investors to make the software work and since there are no investors in the United States (duh, who heard of investors in the US…), he went to Dubai, surfed the deep web and found two investors: the Mahmood brothers. He set up a meeting with them at the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world and he presented them the opportunity to make others rich. Because that’s what investors do: they invest money to make others rich… Take a look at Dubai’s timeline:

Do you think all that was achieved by having the mind-set: “We want to make OTHERS rich”? I don’t think so. Well anyway, back to our story: Within 30 minutes, they cut him a check for 430,000 USD! Oh, this is so far-fetched I can hardly keep up. So this guy has no money but searches the deep web and finds the details of two wealthy guys, contacts them and they immediately agree to meet with a stranger who then asks for almost half a million dollars and they give it to him. Is that how the real world works. Cause if it is, then I’ve been doing something wrong my entire life.

Oh wait, he didn’t get the money without any strings attached (yeah, I knew they had to ask for something in return). Collateral? Proof that the software actually works? No, nothing like that. They simply asked that the app pays homage to Dubai – so he named it Dubai Lifestyle App. Now everybody’s happy!

Next, he hired coders and software engineers, invested $190,000 into testing and finally achieved 99.8% accuracy. Can you believe it?! I know I don’t but let’s move on. As part of his agreement with the Mahmood Brothers, he kept the app restricted to Dubai for 90 days, and increased the bank accounts of 319 Dubai residents by over 2 million US Dollars (remember, their goal is to make other people rich). Ok after that episode, they transitioned to worldwide enrichment of poor people and to prove that it really works, he wanted to do something never seen before (prepare to be astounded): he will show real live proof that the app puts over 7,000 USD in my pocket, every day. Can’t wait, show me. Remember: live proof. Let me walk you through the process: he shows a picture of the app, with a 250 bucks account. Then a text appears, saying “30 minutes later”. Now the same picture from before is displayed, but the account balance shows 401 bucks. If that’s not live, real proof, I don’t know what is… After 60 minutes – same pic but with 873 bucks in the account, so it must be working, it’s “live” proof. Let me try it:

Ok, now I will let the software work in real time, before your very own eyes. Let’s see how it performs:

Wow, even better than I expected. Now let’s wait some more. Oh, I am so anxious, I want to make you all rich:

Oh, I am so happy. I worked in my mother’s garage for 47 seconds to build this app and it’s so nice to see it paid off. Now you can have it – take it, take it, please.

Ok, let’s get back to the real world (I mean the fantasy world): he continues his sales pitch by telling me I am stupid and a complete loser if I don’t take advantage of the opportunity, yada, yada, no credit card debt, bla, bla… I will kick myself later if I miss the opportunity, only 100 beta testers, must get in now, only 5 spots in my area. Cool story bro!

Let’s Get Back To The Real-Real World

A guy tells a story that even a child would have trouble believing, promising to make us all rich because this was his lifelong dream. Do you believe for a second that he invented an autotrader that achieves 99.8% accuracy on autopilot and wants to share it with the world, for free? If you do, please stop the World – I want to get off! This is a pure scam, meant to get you to deposit with one of his recommended brokers so he can get a commission. It’s that simple. You won’t make any money with it, you will just end up with an account with a broker that he chose for you. It will not solve your money problems. Don’t fall for this scam!

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review

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Dubai Lifestyle: Scam or Legit trading App? The Results!

Last Updated: 08 April 2020

Dubai Lifestyle app is a crypto trading robot that is said to help investors generate thousands of dollars per day trading cryptos. The app applies sophisticated computer algorithms to scan the markets for tradable information and automatically execute matching trades. But is Dubai Lifestyle a scam or reliable trading software?

User testimonials claim that this bot is legit. These results are said to be from hands-on analysis and also feedback from clients who have been using this platform before. Testimonials also claim that it is highly legit.

On this Page:

Is Dubai Lifestyle app Legit?

    As mentioned, user testimonials find this bot highly legit Dubai lifestyle app has a generally positive online sentiment. Users find that this trading robot scores best in trading platform reliability. Dubai Lifestyle claims to have an accuracy level of above 99% Click here to open an account with Dubai Lifestyle or keep reading to learn more.

After reviewing several tests, users have determined that this trading app is legit and working. These tests take into account factors such as how long the app has been operational and also online feedback from users. They also try the app and provide feedback basing on personal experience.

What is Dubai Lifestyle?

Dubai Lifestyle is a piece of software designed to analyze crypto markets big data for insights and automatically place corresponding trades. With this trading app, you stand a chance of profiting from rising and falling crypto markets. The app applies multiple trading strategies including short selling which is why it allegedly remains profitable even when the crypto markets are plummeting.

It is important to note that the use of computer algorithms in trading has not started with the crypto industry. The same approach taken by Dubai Lifestyle has been in use in forex and stock trading through what is known as high-frequency trading. This form of leveraged trading is known to generate astronomical returns given its ability to identify every trading opportunity and take advantage of it.

Dubai Lifestyle applies the same approach including giving traders access to leverage. This explains why traders report making huge returns. The app trades automatically which means that anyone including those with zero experience in crypto trading can use it. All you need to start trading with this app is to open an account and set up your web-trader as explained in the provided guides. The process is easy and takes less than five minutes to follow through.

Who Founded Dubai Lifestyle app?

Dubai Lifestyle app was founded by Scott Hathaway, an experienced day trader, and programmer. User research has established that Scott Hathaway is a real person but they cannot verify his experience with trading robots. Hathaway is originally from Iowa but resides in Dubai where the company behind the trading software has its headquarters.

According to Hathaway, Dubai provides the best ecosystem for trading robots hence the decision to operate from there. The angel investors of the Dubai Lifestyle app are the Mahmood Brothers, two famous angel investors in the region. As Hathaway notes, the investment from these brothers has made it possible to develop a sophisticated and highly powerful trading algorithm.

User reports find Dubai Lifestyle to be highly transparent and hence trustworthy. Transparency about the founders and the supporting team is one of the critical characteristics of a legit trading platform. Most scam trading robots do not disclose such information.

How does Dubai Lifestyle app work?

As mentioned earlier, the Dubai Lifestyle trading system is based on powerful computer algorithms. This algorithm scans the crypto markets for tradable insights and automatically executes them in the user account.

Your role with this app is to open and close trading sessions and also harvest profits. According to the founder of the Dubai Lifestyle app, you need less than 20 minutes per day to monitor your account when trading with this app. However, users recommend that you monitor your account for at least 10 minutes every two hours and harvest your profits often.

Like all other trading robots, there is a degree of risk in trading with Dubai Lifestyle. This means that you risk losing your profits if you do not withdraw them. The website recommends that you start small and grow your trading account as you get comfortable with the Dubai Lifestyle trading platform.

Also, never invest an amount you cannot afford to lose. Trading robots apply margin trading which means that both profits and losses are magnified. Simply put, you are allegedly either likely to make huge profits or losses when trading with Dubai Lifestyle app.

Key features

When trading with Dubai Lifestyle, users have claimed to make at least a thousand dollars in profits per day with a moderate capital investment of around $500. You can withdraw your earnings at any time through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller, and many others.

Dubai Lifestyle provides a fully equipped and highly intuitive web trader. User guides are available to help you navigate through setup and live trading. You do not need any technical experience to use this app. Also, you do not pay any fees for using the platform. Dubai Lifestyle makes money by charging a commission on the profits generated using the app.

Dubai Lifestyle app allows you to withdraw your invested capital at any time and without attached strings. Withdrawals take between 24 to 48 hours to be processed. User reviews have determined that this trading robot does not charge any withdrawal fees.

The Dubai Lifestyle app has a generally positive online sentiment, according to reviews. Most users report a positive experience with this trading robot. The robot is best known for accuracy, transparency, consistency and excellent customer service.

Dubai Lifestyle is only available in select countries. You can try the signup process through this link to determine if this trading robot is available in your country.

How to Trade on Dubai Lifestyle App

The website has determined that Dubai Lifestyle offers a seamless sign-up process. Users are required to fill a registration form provided on the platform’s webpage. A great signup process should only collect the necessary client’s details and should safeguard this data to ensure that it does not fall on the wrong hands.

Testimonials have determined that the Dubai Lifestyle app does not appear to collect unnecessary client information. The registration page only collects the client’s names, email, and phone number. Moreover, the site is SSL secured to ensure that all data that is transmitted through it is encrypted. This ensures that hackers cannot gain access to it.

Also worth noting, Dubai Lifestyle provides users with an option to opt in or out of their mailing list. This means that they do not use clients’ details to send unsolicited offers without their permission. Most scam trading robots are known to sell clients data to third-party offshore brokers. These brokers are usually unregulated and often disappear with clients deposits.

The signup process also involves password creation. The website reports Dubai Lifestyle’s password policy to be strong. A weak password requirement is the number one loophole for cybersecurity breach.

Demo Trading

Dubai Lifestyle app does not offer any demo trading. While demo trading may not be that necessary in automated trading, some clients may prefer to get a feel of platforms before jumping into live trading.

Please read our review of Bitcoin Profit if you are looking for a trading robot that provides demo trading.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Dubai Lifestyle accepts multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to include Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Maestro, Web Money, Neteller, Skrill, and many others. It is important to note that the accepted deposit methods depend on the underlying broker. Dubai Lifestyle app operates under-regulated brokers meaning that you should not worry about losing your deposit.

To start trading with this robot, you need to deposit a minimum capital of $250. This money goes to your trading account and can be withdrawn at any time if you decide to quit trading. Both the website and user reviews recommend that you start small and upgrade your account as you get used to the trading platform.

Deposits and withdrawals with Dubai Lifestyle appear to take between 24 to 48 hours. This is the average wait time for the majority of top trading robots. There are no deposit and withdrawal fees with this robot, but you may incur some charges on the side of the financial institution facilitating the transaction.

As mentioned earlier, Dubai Lifestyle makes money by charging a small commission on the profits generated through the app. The small fee also includes broker commissions. The platform can also guarantee that this trading app fully protects users billing information. Dubai Lifestyle app does not store any clients’ billing information.

Live Trading

Live Trading with Dubai Lifestyle app involves opening and closing trading sessions. The app automatically carries out research and executes corresponding trades. All that a user is required to do start trading is to set up the web-trader and switch on live trading. This trading platform comes with guides to help you navigate through the process.

Dubai Lifestyle recommends that users should monitor their accounts for at least 20 minutes per day. However, users believe that you should check on your account at least for ten minutes every two hours. This is because trading with this robot involves some risk which means that you should keep a close eye and withdrawal profits as soon as they accumulate to considerable amounts. Also, users recommend that you close trading sessions at the end of the day. Leaving positions open overnight may result in some changes.

Regarding security, the Dubai Lifestyle trading platform is secured by VeriSign, Symantec, McAfee, and Geo Trust. The platform is also GDPR compliant. Testimonials did not report any complaints about Dubai Lifestyle trading app security.

Unfortunately, Dubai Lifestyle does not offer a manual trading alternative. Read our review of Easy Trade App if you are looking for a trading robot that offers manual trading

Advantages of Trading with Dubai Lifestyle app

This trading app is among our top picks for the best crypto trading platforms in 2020. Founded in 2020, Dubai Lifestyle app has already established itself as a popular trading platform. The following are the key benefits of trading with Dubai Lifestyle.

    Consistent trading platform – Dubai Lifestyle trading app has proven itself as consistent regarding accuracy. This trading robot generates an average of $7000 in profits per day with a moderate investment of about $1000, according to user reviews. Highly transparent – Testimonials report that this trading platform is highly transparent. They have made disclosers about the founders and the funders. This app also provides a list of its partner brokers and is also open about its fee mechanism. Money-back guarantee – Users can withdraw their capital at any time without having to pay any fees or wait for long periods. Those same users have verified that it takes less than 48 hours to withdraw funds. Regulated partner brokers – Reviews have determined that this trading robot partners with regulated brokers only. This means that traders are guaranteed that their deposits are protected.

Is Dubai Lifestyle app legit? The Verdict!

Users have established that Dubai Lifestyle app is entirely legit and worth a try. This trading robot scores best in transparency, reliability and customer service. However, the website recommends that you open an account with them. But, it also recommends that you do not start with more than the minimum amount required until you are comfortable with the platform.

Is Dubai Lifestyle app legit?

Dubai Lifestyle app appears to be legit and worth a try.

Do I need any experience to trade with Dubai Lifestyle?

No! Dubai Lifestyle trades automatically. All you are required to do when trading with this app is to open and close trading sessions. This is a pretty simple activity and should not take you more than three minutes.

How much should I deposit with Dubai Lifestyle?

Dubai Lifestyle requires a minimum deposit of $250. The more you invest, the higher the profits you will allegedly get. But, user testimonials recommend that you start small and only upgrade your account when you are comfortable with the trading platform.

How much can I make with Dubai Lifestyle?

With this trading app, users report that they can make over $7000 per day with a capital investment of less than $1000 per day.

How can I withdraw my profits on Dubai Lifestyle?

Open your account balance page and click on withdraw funds. Specify the amount you want to withdraw and follow the process. The funds should reflect in your bank account in less than 48 hours.

Can I get my money back if I choose not to trade with Dubai Lifestyle?

Yes! You can withdraw your trading capital by following the process provided on the account balance page.

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