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Coronavirus and investments: how to make money during falling markets

Pandemic COVID-19 led to chaos in world markets, causing daily fluctuations and making it difficult to find a safe place for your money, reports CNBC.

The S&P 500 lost a fifth of its value during the first quarter of the year, this is its biggest loss since the global financial crisis.

Now it’s more important than ever to have a cash buffer, especially if you are faced with difficult times, such as a fall in employment in the coming months.

Many people think where to invest in order to make a profit.

At the moment, investors disagree. For some, signed on Friday, March 27, the US bill to stimulate the economy in the amount of $ 2,2 trillion means positive changes in the market. Meanwhile, others believe that the economy will continue to fall.

CNBC Make It financial experts have expressed different opinions: comments ranged from worried to cautiously optimistic. Freddy Lim, Investment Director, Digital Assets Manager at StashAway, said current data indicate a short-term market crash. While Samuel Ree, director of investment at Digital Financial Advisory Endowus, says that much more depends on the US political response.

However, they were unanimous that now is a good time to capitalize on investment opportunities.

“The ability to get to come in the long run is usually born in these terrible circumstances. Such an opportunity occurs once every ten years, ”Ri said.

Investment opportunity

For those who already have interests in the market, this means that you need to keep yourself in control and continue to contribute. For those who are outside the market, this means that you need to start purchasing until assets have fallen in price.

As the situation showed during the recent major economic downturns, the global financial crisis, those investors who continued to invest in the S&P 500 received a double return compared to those who switched to cash only three months before the recovery, according to Syfe and CBOE .

Although there are no economic factors that triggered the GFC in the current recession, CEO Dhruv Arora said the data underscores the benefits of maintaining long-term investment.

“No one knows for sure when we will bottom out in the current situation, but we believe that maintaining investment will pay off,” Arora said, speaking out for a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other asset classes.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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While stocks have fallen in recent weeks amid the uncertainty caused by coronavirus, CNBC Make It consultants agreed that they remain attractive for investment. Moreover, many of them are now sold below their true value.

Steve Bryce, chief investment strategist at Standard Chartered Private Bank, agreed that with the advent of the virus and containment measures such as increasing remote workers, stocks of technology and healthcare companies are likely to rise. But he warned that they had yet to fall.

“It is possible that in the coming weeks there will be better moments for a purchase as the crisis worsens,” said Bryce.


Bonds, or fixed-income assets, meanwhile look like an attractive defense against stock market volatility, advisers say. This is because the yield they offer is inversely related to interest rates. When interest rates fall, as was the case globally after several cuts in the central bank, bond yields rise.

“The sharp imbalance in the bond market and the reaction of monetary policy have led to a reboot, and the bond market looks like a good protected option for investing assets,” said Endowus Ree.

Bryce agreed, highlighting the Asian dollar bonds and government bonds of developing countries in the US market as separate items.


In other cases, other assets, such as real estate and goods, can help diversify your portfolio.

Gold, in particular, may be a good choice, Ri said, since it provides a hedge against the US dollar. However, as a “zero-return asset class,” the allocation of funds for the precious metal should be small, he said.


For specific geographic regions, consultants noted that Asia, initially at the forefront of the outbreak, seems to be recovering first.

“In our opinion, the potential risks were already included in the price,” said DBS Howe. “In particular, we consider the markets of China and Singapore valuable because they are traded at the GFC level.”

Despite this, many agreed that the United States would continue to remain attractive after gaining control of the stabilization fund’s money.

Where to begin

Despite the fact that markets will remain unstable for some time, experts agreed: now is the best time to start investing.

One of the easiest entry ways for new investors may be to use digital asset management or passively managed index funds. At the same time, investors should focus on long-term goals, and not on pressing financial needs.

“The bottom line is to start small, understand the level of risk, conduct a comprehensive legal review and stay diversified,” said Evie Wee, Head of Financial Planning and Personal Investment at DBS.

“We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, so it would be wise to allocate your finances for a longer period, and not invest 100% of your money at a time,” she added. “Invest money that you don’t need in the short term, use a long-term approach to gain an advantage over time.”

As reported by ForumDaily:

  • A new virus was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2020. In 2020, it covered all continents except Antarctica. On March 11, US President Donald Trump imposed a ban on entering the United States from EU countries. The ban came into force on Friday, March 13, and will last at least 30 days. In particular, it will concern people who have visited the Schengen area over the past 14 days.
  • March 13 Trump due to coronavirus introduced a nationwide emergency regime in the US .
  • On March 11, WHO recognized the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, which covered more than 110 countries. Symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease Available here .
  • Virologist’s tips on how to protect yourself from infection – link .
  • Taking advantage of the panic in the society because of the epidemic, fraudsters came up with several schemes to deceive victims of personal data and money. The most common ones can be found here .
  • Having succumbed to panic due to a state of emergency, Americans are massively buying toilet paper but they cannot explain why they need it during the epidemic.
  • Trump has signed into law on paid leave due to coronavirus. Who can count on paid leave, read here.
  • Read all news about coronavirus in our special project .

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Risk Warning

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Complete Review is a High Yield Investment Program site that has only been officially launched about 1 days ago(as of writing this review). is a leading online investment platform involved in mining & trading of Bitcoins.

Almost all of the hyips sites operate in the same way. Your main task as a member is to Invest Money In Their Plan To Get Daily Passive Income.

Because betting companies have rules that govern them, has also made some rules to resemble those of the sites they partner with. This is found in the “terms of use” and “privacy policy” of the website.

Benefits Of

Everyday Profits

This means every day with no exception. There will be no reason for not to pay you on the weekends and public holidays. Even when you think it isn’t right to get paid, is set to make surprise payments.

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Referral Incentives

Once someone registers through your referral link, he automatically becomes your referral! You will receive 5% referral commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from his Bitcoin wallet.

Secured Funds

All the accounts and the money in them are secured. has done its best to have McAfee protection as well as the Comodo certificate. In addition to these, is hosted on a dedicated server to minimize the possibility of being hacked.

Professional Team team of professional traders in Forex & Crypto Exchange and Coins trading who know how to grab the profit end of the day.

Bitcoin Accepted operate with Famous Digital Currencies Bitcoin.

Fast Support has a fast support team that works round the clock. They have a dedicated email address to support their members. The email account is support (at) Moreover, one can contact them with the online form, the online chat on the website or by visiting the Panama office if necessary.

Create Multiple Deposits

With the possibility of creating multiple deposits, every client has the potential to increase profits.

Conclusion is an answer to cryptocurrency trading. With the liberty to have more than one deposit, the sky is your limit to whatever to want to earn. Spending in the company is a good idea since it has high investment and referral bonuses. We still encourage you to deposit only your free money because trading cryptocurrencies isn’t entirely risk-free.

Final Verdict: Not Paying

I have come to the end of my review, thanks for bearing with me all the way. I chose to be as transparent as I could to everyone out here.

If you still have any questions regarding , please leave a comment below and I will get back to you immediately.

You can also share your personal opinion/review below too….

Also Read– Full Review About Covesting Ico

Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

20 Things You Are Wasting Money On

Founder of Making Sense of Cents, a blog about personal finance and traveling. Read full profile

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There are most likely a good amount of items in your budget that you can probably cut out completely, or at least lower your spending on. There are some instances where you may not always be “wasting” your money, but in the cases below, you should try to evaluate your spending. A lot of these little things can add up quickly.

Here is a list of things that you may be wasting money on:

Bottled water

Bottled water can be expensive. If you want filtered water, buy a water filtering system and fill-up a re-usable bottle on your own. You are helping the environment this way as well, since you won’t be using so many plastic bottles.

Famous brand products

When was the last time that you bought something primarily because of the brand? Many people do this. Try to look for items that are similar, but without the brand name logo on it.


Yes, jewelry can be nice to have at times, but should you be spending your life savings on it? Probably not.

Shoes that you do not need

Shoes are important, but are a pair of $1,000 sneakers a “need?” Buy shoes that help you run, walk, hike, look good, etc., but a crazy expensive pair is most likely just a waste of money.

Second-rate entertainment

Second-rate entertainment can be a big money waster. Try to find things to do that are more frugal and fun. Go for a hike, a bike ride, and so on.


Do you find yourself driving to where you need to go, when you could easily walk or drive a bike? Think about this next time before you get in your car. Also, think about living closer to work so that you can save on transportation costs that way as well.

Movie theater food

Buying food at the movie theater can be very expensive. Boxes of candy may be around $4 or $5, drinks around $7, and popcorn somewhere between that. Save money and skip the food.

ATM fees

ATM fees can add up quickly. My bank charges an extra $2 or $3 onto whatever the ATM charges me. At times, that means that I have paid over $5 just to get money out. Instead, try to figure out a different way to not pay an ATM fee.

Lottery tickets

Yes, it is nice to think about what you would do if you won all of that money, but the chance of you winning is very slim. Save that money instead.


I know of someone who complains about never having money, yet they go to Starbucks every single day and buy a latte. It makes no sense! Save your money and make your cup of coffee at home.

Prepared foods

When at the grocery store, there are always many food items that are already prepared for you. However, try to cook yourself or make things from scratch. You can save money this way.


Insurance is expensive, no matter what you are talking about. Car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. most likely eat up a lot of your budget. Shop around and find the best rates.

Buying books

Reading a book can be a great hobby that is cheap, but it could be cheaper. Borrow books from your library to completely cut out this expense.

Too large of a home

How much of your house do you actually use? If your house is too big, then you probably have extra rooms that are empty, or you might buy furniture just for the sake of filling those rooms. A bigger house costs more to maintain, and utility bills are most likely higher since you have more space to heat or cool down.


Sometimes a warranty may be a good deal, but most of the time they are not. They are usually pure money-makers for the company offering them. If you think the item will break, then you might want to rethink the purchase altogether.

Food that you don’t eat

If you are not careful with what you buy, then there is a large chance that you are wasting a lot of fun. The average family wastes around 25% of the food that they buy.


Smoking is not good for you. Try to find a way to break this unhealthy habit. You are saving your life and your money.


Many people think that they can do their income taxes on their own, however this isn’t always the best case. A good accountant can help you find areas where you might be able to lower your taxes.


Water can be expensive, and there are things that you can do to lower your water spending. Look into buying more efficient home products, such as a better toilet, faucet, shower head, dish washer and so on.

Cell phone

Cell phones are expensive. Evaluate your needs and see if there is a cheaper contract out there. There are many new companies popping up all over the place with plans under $30.

What are you wasting your money on?

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More by this author

Michelle S.

Founder of Making Sense of Cents, a blog about personal finance and traveling.

More by this author

Michelle S.

Founder of Making Sense of Cents, a blog about personal finance and traveling.

5 Types of Leadership Styles (And Which Is Best for You)
10 Things High Achievers Do to Attain Greatness
Why Negative Emotions Aren’t That Bad (And How to Handle Them)
How to Listen to Your Inner Voice for Greater Fulfillment

Last Updated on March 25, 2020

How to Set Financial Goals and Actually Meet Them

Serial entrepreneur and working towards Early Retirement Read full profile

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Finances can push anyone to the point of extreme anxiety and worry. Easier said than done, planning finances is not an egg meant for everyone’s basket. And that’s why most of us are often living pay check to pay check. But did anyone tell you that it is actually not a tough task to meet your financial goals?

In this article, we will explore ways on how to set financial goals and then actually meet them with ease.

Table of Contents

5 Steps to Set Financial Goals

Though setting financial goals might seem to be a daunting task but if one has the will and clarity of thought, it is rather easy. Try using these steps:

1. Be Clear About the Objectives

Any goal (let alone financial) without a clear objective is nothing more than a pipe dream. And this couldn’t be more true for financial matters.

It is often said that savings is nothing but deferred consumption. Therefore if you are saving today, then you should be crystal clear about what it is for. It could be anything like kid’s education, retirement, marriage, that dream vacation, fancy car etc.

Once the objective is clear, put a monetary value to that objective and the time frame. The important point at this step of goal setting is to list all the objectives, however small they may be, that you foresee in the future and put a value to it.

2. Keep Them Realistic

It’s good to be an optimistic person but being a pollyanna is not desirable. Similarly, while it might be a good thing to keep your financial goals a bit aggressive, going out of the line will definitely hurt your chances of achieving them.

It’s important that you keep your goals realistic in nature for it will help you stay the course and keep you motivated throughout the journey.

3. Account for Inflation

Ronald Reagan once said – “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hitman”. And this quote sums up the best what inflation could do your financial goals.

Therefore account for inflation whenever you are putting a monetary value to a financial objective that is far away in the future.

For example, if one of your financial goal is your son’s college education, which is 15 years hence, then inflation would increase the monetary burden by more than 50% if inflation is mere 3%. So always account for inflation.

4. Short Term vs Long Term

Just like every calorie is not the same, the approach towards achieving every financial goal will not be the same. It is important to bifurcate goals in short term and long term.

As a rule of thumb, any financial goal, which is due in next 3 years should be termed as short term goal. Any longer duration goals are to be classified as long term goals. This bifurcation of goals into short term vs long term will help in choosing the right investment instrument to achieve them.

More on this later when we talk about how to achieve financial goals.

5. To Each to His Own

The journey of setting financial goals is an individualistic affair i.e. your goals are your own goals and are determined by your want to achieve them. A lot of times we get on the bandwagon of goal setting only to realize later on that it was not meant for us.

It is important that your goals are actually your goals and not inspired by someone else. Take a hard look at this step at all the goals you’ve set for after this step, you will be on the way to achieve them.

By now, you would be ready with your financial goals, now it’s time to go all out and achieve them.

11 Ways to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Whenever we talk about chasing any financial goal, it is usually a 2 step process –

  • Ensuring healthy savings
  • Making smart investments

You will need to save enough; and invest those savings wisely so that they grow over a period of time to help you achieve goals. So let’s get down to ensuring healthy savings.

Ensuring Healthy Savings

Self realization is the best form of realisation and unless you decide what your current financial position is, you aren’t heading anywhere.

This is the focal point from where you start your journey of achieving financial goals.

1. Track Expenses

The first and the foremost thing to be done is to track your monthly expenses. Use any of the expense tracking mobile apps to record your expenses. Once you start doing it diligently, you would be surprised to see how small expenses add up to a sizeable amount.

Also categorize those expenses into different bucket so that you know which bucket is eating the most of your pay check. This record keeping will pave the way for cutting down on un-wanted expenses and pump up your savings rate.

2. Pay Yourself First

Generally, savings come after all the expenses have been taken care of. This is a classical mistake which almost everyone of us do. We pay ourselves last!

Ideally, this should be planned upside down. We should be paying ourselves first and then to the world i.e. we should be taking out the planned saving amount first and then manage all the expenses from the rest.

The best way to actually implement is to put the savings on automatic mode i.e. money flowing automatically into different financial instruments (for example – mutual funds, retirement corpus etc) every month.

Taking the automatic route will make us lose control of our money and hence will compel us to manage in what’s left with us thereby increasing the savings rate.

3. Make a Plan and Vow to Stick with It

Budgeting is the best to get around the uncertainty that financial plans always pose. Decide in advance how spending has to be made.

Nowadays, several money management apps and wallets can help you do this automatically. It’s easy and who knows, you may just end up doing what people fail to do.

At first, you may not be able to stick to your plans completely but don’t let that become a reason why you stop budgeting entirely.

Make use of technology solutions you like. Explore options and alternatives that let you make use of the available wallet options and choose the one that suits you the most. In time, you will get accustomed to making use of these solutions.

You will find that they make it simpler for you to follow your plan, which would have been difficult otherwise.

4. Rise Again Even If You Fall

Let’s be realistic. It’s not like the world will come to an end if you made one mistake. This isn’t called leniency but discipline.

If you fail to meet your budget for a month, don’t give up the entire effort just like that. Instead, start again.

Remember that flexible plans are the most realistic plans. So go forward and try to follow your financial goals as planned but if for some reason, the plan gets out of hand for you, do not give up on it just yet. This has a lot to do with your psychology rather than any material commitment.

All you have to do is to stay on the road and vow to stay on it, no matter how much you fall down.

5. Make Savings a Habit and Not a Goal

In the book Nudge, authors Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein advocate that in order to achieve any goal, it should be broken down into habits since habits are more intuitive for people to adapt to.

Make Savings a habit rather than a goal. While it might seem to be counter intuitive to many but there are some deft ways of doing it. For example:

Always eat out (if at all) during weekdays rather than weekends. Usually weekends are expensive. Make it a habit and you would in turn be saving a great deal.

If you are travelling buff, try to travel during off season. Your outlay will be much less.

If you go out for shopping, always look out for coupons and see where can you get the best deal.

So the key point is to imbibe the action that results in savings rather than on the savings itself, which is the outcome. Focusing on the outcome will bring out the feeling of sacrifice which will be harder to sustain over a period of time.

6. Talk About It

Sticking to the saving schedule (to achieve financial goals) is not an easy journey. There will be many distractions from those who are not aligned with your mission. And it would be rather easy to lose the grip over your discipline.

Therefore in order to stay the course, it is advisable that you keep yourself surrounded with people who are also on the same bandwagon. Daily discussions with them will keep you motivated to move forward.

7. Maintain a Journal

For some people, writing helps a great deal in making sure that they achieve what they plan.

So if you are one of them, maintain a proper journal, where you write down your goals and also jot down the extent to which you managed to meet them. This will help you in reviewing how far you have come and which goals you have met.

Use this journal to write down all essential points such as your short term, mid term and long term goals, your current sources of income, your regular expenses which you are aware of and any committed expenses which are of recurring nature.

When you have a written commitment on paper, you are going to feel more energised to follow the plan and stick to it. Moreover, it is going to be a lot more easier for you to follow you and track your progress.

At this point, you should be ready with your financial goals and would be doing brilliantly with savings; now it’s time to talk about the big daddy – Investments.

Making Smart Investments

Savings by themselves don’t take anyone too far. However savings when invested wisely can do wonders and we are at that stage where we will talk about making smart investments.

8. Consult a Financial Advisor

Investments doesn’t come naturally to most of us therefore rather than dabbling with it ourselves, it is wise to consult a financial advisor.

Talk to him/her about your financial goals and savings and then seek advice for the best investment instruments to achieve your goals.

9. Choose Your Investment Instrument Wisely

Though your financial advisor will suggest the best investment instruments, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about them.

Just like “no one is born a criminal”, no investment instrument is bad or good. It is the application of that instrument that makes all the difference.

Do you remember we talked about bifurcating financial goals in short term and long term?

It is here where that classification will help.

So as a general rule, for all your short term financial goals, choose an investment instrument that has debt nature for example fixed deposits, debt mutual funds etc. The reason for going for debt instruments is that chances of capital loss is less as compared to equity instruments.

10. Compounding Is the Eighth Wonder

Einstein once remarked about compounding,

Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… He who doesn’t… Pays it.

So make friends with this wonder kid. And sooner you become friends with it, quicker you will reach closer to your financial goals.

Start investing early so that time is on your side to help you bear the fruits of compounding.

11. Measure, Measure, Measure

All of us do good when it comes to earning more per month but fail miserably when it comes to measuring the investments; taking stock of how our investments are doing.

If there is one single step where everything (so far) can go wrong, it is at this step – Measuring the Progress.

If we don’t measure the progress timely, then we would be shooting in the dark. We wouldn’t know if our saving rate is appropriate or not; whether financial advisor is doing a decent job; whether we are moving closer to our target or not.

Do measure everything. If you can’t measure it all yourself, ask your financial advisor to do it for you. But do it!

The Bottom Line

This completes the list of tips for you to set financial goals and actually achieve them with not so great difficulty.

As you can see, all it requires is discipline. But guess that’s the most difficult part!

Free Bitcoins: The Possibility to Waste Your Time and Money

Many of the people who are not related to cryptocurrencies are lurking on the web in a search for free Bitcoins. Numerous casinos, betting clubs, cryptocurrency hedge funds, and other websites lure people in. How do you know that the casino is working well? Where will you gather precise information about a faucet or a lottery website that promises to send you a ton of coins?

Do Not Waste Your Time

Do you know one precious asset that is not gold, not fiat money, not cryptocurrency, and not a bond, obligation, or a stock? This asset is very rare, and if you lose a piece of it, you’ll never regain. Correct – we are talking about time. Be extremely aware that even respectful corporations can advertise scammers.

Many of the industry participants will try to use you to enrich themselves. If you look for a job in the crypto company, make sure that you spent at least 1 month reading the news pieces and reports about the CEO and the company itself. Check the Glassdoor and Trustpilot reviews. See their forums pages and what the others are writing about the company. Find as much information as you can, and if something looks fishy, consider what you can do with it and act accordingly. And don’t waste your time on faucets, ad platforms, different retweet services. They promise free Bitcoins, pay you satoshis for doing absolute nonsense and sometimes drop malware, miners or viruses onto your PC.

Danger! Crypto Payments Are Irreversible

The main component of cryptocurrency fraud is that all the payments in such systems are irreversible. You won’t be able to ”chargeback the scumbag” in two months after the credit card payment. My colleague bought a knife over the Internet and the knife wasn’t as good as he expected. So he made a chargeback.

In cryptocurrencies, you won’t be able to call the bank to charge it back. The money you send will vanish forever. You will only have one chance to spend your crypto coins, and it’s better to be a good chance.

Some people who use Bitcoin like usual money, lose some benefits. It’s cool to pay for VPN services or mobile subscriptions with Bitcoin or Ethereum. But also, it is crucial to remember that those coins will never get back to you like the paper fiat bills could do.

So if your VPN subscription plan costs 0.03 BTC, consider saving the coins to a separate wallet. If you still want the VPN subscription, simply pay with a bank card. Fiat money is worthless and it’s not bad if you spend them across the Web instead of spending precious coins.

Search Engines Advertise ICO Idiots and Other Freaks

Just look at what the American Google puts in the ads section for the ‘bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ keywords. The search giant who knows everything about the tricky field puts out advertisements for obvious scams.

The inexperienced users are getting lured into shady projects like OneCoin or Karatbars . They think that they are participating in the crypto revolution. That they are cyberpunks and ‘hodlers’. And that banks are ‘in the stove’. While in reality, they are just sitting all day near PC and stare at the shitcoin prices. At the same time, someone else is spending their bitcoins (given in exchange for shitcoins during an ICO round).

Google can post the advertising for a company that says: If you send us 0.1 BTC, we would double the coins in 24 hours! Or, they can write something claiming that’s advice from a famous Hollywood star . Then, this company is stealing your coins and not giving any returns, and the cops cannot help.

The company that is called ”The Russian Google” – Yandex – is posting the advertising of scam companies in Russia. Unbelievable, the search engines earn billions on personal data, the e-mail users, their actions. However, if you read Telegram channels such as Vklader , it appears that Rusian Google gives as many scammer ads as the original Google. So, it is not some kind of virus that sits in one company. No, this is a very old disease called avidity which we see here eating the ‘successful collectives’ across the globe.

People Get Scammed over Telegram Chats

Sometimes, you are sitting in the crypto-related Telegram chat, and someone pretending to be the Admin of the chat offers you free bitcoins. The offer may be different, but the essence of it is always the same – you can gain lots of cash in no time. But you need to send out some Bitcoin or Ethereum first. They always need some trusted deposit or starting payment, with the cheaters using social engineering to target your naivety.

The main strategy is to seduce you to send out the payment by playing on the greed. The fraudulent offer often looks too legit and too shiny. They have an official website, and there are over 15K Twitter followers. Their YouTube channel is full of vids of beautiful, smart people in offices. Everybody in the office keeps an active and happy mood… as if they’re working on a drug baron.

How could this be a scam? However, the experienced cryptocurrency journalists are falling victims to fraudsters and crooks of different sizes. The authors of pieces like this one, despite writing many articles describing shady financial schemes, are getting into different shitty stories in their life too. Even the man who can spot ICO shitcoiner with his eyes closed could fail in a simple talk with bazaar’s gypsy merchant.

Never Enter Your Addresses, Public Keys, Private Keys on Websites and Forums

The issue here is that many people have to spend years studying cryptography before they start understanding why posting your keys and even the addresses on the public is a bad idea. So, the main part of any cryptocurrency wallet is the private keys storage. The wallet must encrypt the wallet file with the user’s password or by using some math technique. Private keys are living within the wallet file and generate the public addresses. The private key allows you to spend Bitcoins (or altcoins) from a corresponding address.

A crypto wallet is a key-chain. You have multiple keys from multiple crypto addresses. Each time the user receives coins on one of the addresses, he can spend them using the private key. The special SEED mnemonic phrase of 12 or 24 English words is generating all the keys.

Some of the online experts advise using online resources to check the private keys from addresses. People check the privkeys and facilitate online derivation tools to obtain freshly backed fork coins. Sometimes, after a hardfork of a coin, the new coins are born. If the coin within your portfolio gives birth to a fork coin, then you can get richer by doing nothing. Never use online websites to check anything related to your coins.

If you post the private key online, there’s a chance that some hackers gain access to it. Furthermore, when you post your public key somewhere, if the hackers will find several of your addresses, they will be able to mathematically generate some of the private keys based on your addresses and public keys.

If you don’t understand what the hell this all means, just remember that you should not post any address related keys or other information online. The only thing you can post safely is the Transaction hash or the ID. It is useful for proving that the transaction takes place. Folks use ID to identify the TX in online blockchain explorers.

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