Crypto Instant Review is Scam or Legit

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    Crypto Advantage Review, SCAM Crypto Advantage or Legit App?

    Crypto Advantage Review and Scam Investigation
    Right when we were getting ready to BLACKLIST a viral crypto scam, we were contacted by one of our members who asked us to conduct an in depth review and investigation of the Crypto Advantage software and semi-automated trading robot. A closer look revealed that Crypto Advantage also functions as a social trading app, which is a rare combination and not something which is readily available these days. Taking into account the fact that the internet is bursting with get-rich-quick crypto schemes, our staff of researchers was extremely standoffish and skeptical about this new system. We were also very suspicious about the sales pitch and other various issues such as a hyped up claims and some testimonials that at first glance did not seem to be genuine or legit. Despite everything, we have to constantly remind ourselves to treat every system fairly and do so without allowing our previous experience influence the outcome and findings of our investigation (this is not a simple task). So, as usual we see various affiliate networks which have endorsed this offer and this time there is a broad consensus that we are actually looking at a legitimate crypto system and not some thieving piece of push-money crypto technology designed to steal your money.

    Still, we had to dig in further and let the numbers speak for themselves. The results we were able to produce in our Crypto Advantage Review were definitely in line with our expectations. After funding our trading account we were able to generate a consistent income during the last 3 days, leaving us with an estimated return on investment of around 300% give or take a few pennies. Now, its true that this is a relatively short period of time, however the mere fact that Crypto Advantage didn’t just wipe out our balance in a few hours and steal our money, has made us reach the decision that it is a legit and genuine crypto trading system. It’s also worth pointing out that the brokers we were partnered with were extremely polite, professional, and not pushy. We immediately inquired about withdrawal procedures, and we recommend getting phone verified as well as this will speed up the cashing out process. Given the fact that 99% of the worthless apps today are designed with pure malice and devised by crafty online marketers with the deliberate intent of stealing your money, we found Crypto Advantage to be a welcome breath of fresh air. We rarely endorse new apps, so why not take a minute to go over this review and see what Crypto Advantage is about and how it can help you make money.

    Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

    Crypto Advantage Review: What is Crypto Advantage?
    Crypto Advantage is a semi-automated trading system which trades cryptocurrencies. It also has a built in social function which allows you to follow successful cryptocurrency traders. Semi-automated means that the signals come in on autopilot but you have to approve them. This gives you more control over the risk you wish to take and helps minimize exposure. If you want to trade manually and are not sure how to do it, then you also have the copy trade feature where you can copy the leading traders in the Crypto Advantage community.

    How Does Crypto Advantage Work?
    First and foremost this software works by monitoring the word’s financial markets. The technological infrastructure crunches big data and stats via the mainframe computer in order to spot patterns, and in this way produce the optimal signals with the minimal amount of risk. Now we know how skeptical some of you may be because Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is viewed by some leading figures such as Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan as a SCAM or Ponzi scheme which will eventually fizzle out and die. In contrast there are a great many people saying the opposite. It is for this reason the Crypto Advantage staff is including a free Ebook about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading with a few basic facts about how to get started.

    Free Ebook:
    The book is Free but provided after funding a trading account. This makes sense, you would need to have a funded account in order to put the Ebook to use so this is very logical.

    Is Crypto Advantage a Scam?
    The straight answer is no, it is not. However, we received some unjustified complaints that resonated very negatively due to various issues we have spotted ourselves. But, the members who complained did not follow through and conduct proper testing, they simply relied on the presentation and their impression and that is not a good enough reason to blacklist an app.

    I Got Scammed Before – How’s This Different?
    Well, you are correct and right about thinking twice before jumping into this little adventure. However, every now and then there comes a time where you have to take a small risk in order to make gains. Everything considered Crypto Advantage is the best chance you have and a genuine opportunity to make money in the brave new world of cryptocurrency trading. You should also read how we chose our brokers.

    Initial cost is at least $/£/€250 (sometimes $/£/€500 depending on the platform), and this money will be invested into your brokers account. Please remember that your broker has been carefully selected based on your geographic location and its ability to provide professional and courteous brokerage services.

    Verified By Visa (Or Mastercard)
    In order to fund your Crypto Advantage account you may be required to fill out a “Verified by Visa” form. This is the final step which is needed in order to get started, and it is done for your security. If you are not familiar with this process that’s OK, you just need to contact your bank in order to get a password, and enter it in the proper field as seen below. Again, this may not be required at all times, but we have seen this trend growing (especially in the United Kingdom). Its equally important to allow the popup on the window browser to open in order for the form to show. You should also know that the appearance of the form may change according to banks, but it will usually ask for the same information. If you are not sure about how to proceed simply message us at [email protected] and we shall advise you accordingly.

    Does This Have Anything to Do With Mining, and What is Blockchain?
    We know you are exposed to a lot of facts and its difficult to process and may be confusing. Mining and blockchain technology have to do with the actual process of generating the cryptocurrency. It has nothing to do with the Crypto Advantage software, as we are trading signals based on how the app projects the cryptocurrency will perform against other currencies such as the USD, EUR, or GBP.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
    • Binarium

      The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
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      Free Trading Education!
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    • Binomo

      Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

    Fake Crypto Advantage Reviews, Hype, and Other Troubling Facts
    We did notice some of the testimonials looked fake, but after inquiring we got a very simple and straightforward answer. First, the profiles are added by the traders themselves NOT the system or people behind it. Meaning, if someone wants to use a fake persona and hide their identity its possible to do. Secondly, people want to stay anonymous and make their money quietly, hence they are not willing to show a real picture of themselves. This is especially true with cryptocurrencies as many people do not wish to report their earnings. As for the hyped up claims of easy money, well generally we would agree to this conclusion but Bitcoin is breaking new records every day so that is not a lie.

    Viral Scams Trending
    The hot scams receiving the most complaints these days are binary robot 365 and Bitcoin Code.

    Signals, Forex EAs, and Crypto Bots
    If you have already tried Crypto Advantage and want to diversify with other trading tools then we invite you to check out our recommended section. Our staff has compiled a short yet reputable list of consistent money-making apps which have withstood the test of time and have a proven track-record in generating money.

    Review Summary and Conclusions
    Crypto Advantage is a SCAM-free trading app which provided consistent results for us and our team during the three day trial we conducted and therefore we are recommending and endorsing it. While drafting our detailed Crypto Advantage review, we noticed the proof and evidence of potential scam our staff produced was minor and insignificant compared to the results we achieved. In other words, the numbers speak for themselves and it is a very profitable app, so we are not about to blacklist the Crypto Advantage software at this point as we view it as a legit and genuine app. However, because we got burned a few times in the past, we have gone through the process of obtaining a signed letter of compliance by the owners of this software. If the Crypto Advantage app suddenly stops performing and fails to meet our standards, we will expose this letter and the identity of the people behind it. If you feel differently or alternatively feel you got ripped off by the Crypto Advantage system, please let us know by leaving a message below. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

    Instar Wallet Review – Scam or Legit Crypto Option?

    Cryptocurrencies can be a great asset and there are several sites that offer you to earn these by taking surveys and doing other small online tasks – one of these is Instar Wallet (aka Instars).

    But is Instar Wallet a scam or a legit opportunity?

    I have joined to test the platform myself to see what it really offers.

    In this Instar Wallet review, I will share all the details, so you can see if it will be worth it for you or not.

    Disclosure: Some articles on this website contain affiliate/sponsored links. Click for more info.

    What is Instar Wallet and what does the site offer?

    INSTAR is a new digital currency (cryptocurrency) that was created by Insights Network in 2020.

    INSTAR’s primary goal is, according to their website, to enable mutually beneficial data exchange between individuals and organizations using advanced technologies within the Insights Network.

    This might sound a bit complicated, but what they are saying is that they believe consumers (you and me) who are participating in data exchange (for example giving our opinions through surveys and share data) do not get enough out of it compared to the companies behind.

    They want to introduce a platform that makes it possible for people to request info/data and people to share it without any third parties involved.

    And they want to give the consumers complete control over the data exchanged.

    Instar Wallet is then the platform that connects you with organizations for a mutually beneficial exchange. By taking part, you can earn INSTAR. However, even though it is fairly new platform, it has already been rebranded so now the official name is just Instars.

    But whether you hear the name or Instar Wallet, it is the same platform.

    It is important to mention that at the time of writing this review Instar Wallet is still fairly new. This means there can be bugs, but it also means that if it is an option you find interesting, it is a great time to get in as one of the first.

    I must also say that if you should run into any kind of bug, the staff are very good at fixing it when you reach out to them. And they are constantly working on improving the platform and I have already seen a lot of improvements and developments since I initially posted my review of Instars.

    But let’s look at what opportunities you get as a member of Instar Wallet and how you can earn cryptocurrencies by participating.

    I have created a video that gives you a full guided tour. You can also read all the details below the video:

    Option 1 – Surveys and polls

    One of the ways to earn on Instar Wallet is by participating in surveys and polls and share your opinion.

    Examples of surveys on Instar Wallet.

    The surveys and polls I have received there so far have been very short and easy to participate in.

    In fact, the surveys are some of the shortest and fastest to take I have seen on a survey site.

    It is, however, still a fairly new site, so this means it is still being developed but it already have a decent number of available surveys and polls. But depending on the country you live in, there might be so many but then just be a bit patient and see how it develops as it has improved a lot for the time I have been a member and I am sure it will continue to improve.

    So the number of available surveys seems to be increasing constantly.

    I have also heard from the company behind that they are planning to expand a lot, and they will introduce more and more opportunities to earn like this and there will also be more and more opportunities that are specific to certain countries.

    When building a whole new platform and a system like this, it will, of course, take some time. So just be aware that at the moment there are limited opportunities in some countries but I have heard this will change in the near future and can see big improvement myself already as mentioned.

    One thing you also need to be aware of is that to participate on Instar Wallet you need to verify your account. This is because the platform wants to make sure its users are all real people.

    There are two ways you can verify your account:

    Verification option 1 – Upload some ID that proves who you are.

    One way you can verify your account is to upload ID. When I joined this was the only option that was there, so that was the option I used.

    You need to verify your account to participate.

    Once you have uploaded the ID and a picture, so they can verify you are a real person, you will shortly after receive an email saying you are approved, and then you can start earning.

    For me, it took about 5 minutes from I applied to be verified until I receive an email saying I was approved. So it does not take long to get ready to start earning.

    However, I also first got an email saying I was not approved. It turned out there was a bug in the system, and I reached out to support and they quickly fixed it and then I quickly got approved.

    So if you should run into any problems while registering, just write their support.

    Verification option 2 – Use Facebook or LinkedIn

    This is one of the examples of how the platform continuously are trying to make it more user-friendly. At first, when I joined, the verification process could be a little annoying with having to upload ID.

    Now you can simply log in to Instar Wallet with your Facebook or LinkedIn account and use this to verify your identity.

    This is definitely the easiest way to get started quickly.

    Option 2 – The Bounty program

    An option I found to earn that is not very obvious on the site is what is called the Insights Network Bounty program.

    The website itself explains that Insights Network is built together with it’s users and their bounty program is designed to compensate community members for their contribution to the network.

    This means that you can earn by contributing to the network with development, research, marketing, and more. Here are a few examples of the open bounties I have seen on the platform.

    The Instar Bounty program is an extra way to earn.

    If there is no open bounty that fits to you, you can also click the button on the site that says “self apply” and describe how you would like to contribute.

    These options are, however, not easy to find on the website for some reason – maybe because it is still in beta and there are still usability improvements that need to be made.

    However, you find it by clicking “get help” in the footer of the website. In the help section, you can see a category called “Earning tokens”.

    In this category, there is a link to “INSTAR Bounty Program” – if you click this, you get to more info about the bounty program and can find a link to the current open bounties.

    A bit of a long way to get there, but now at least you know where to find it so you do not have to try to find it yourself:-)

    Option 3 – Invite friends

    At the moment, Instar Wallet is still fairly new, as I have already mentioned.

    Their focus is, of course, then to get more members to get a good start.

    This means you can earn by inviting friends to join.

    If you know other people that could be interested in joining, this can be a good way to earn some extra tokens.

    Option 4 – Capture receipts

    This is a fairly unusual way to earn and one that does not take much extra effort. You find this option in the “activities” tab inside Instars.

    It is the called “paid experiences”.

    What you do here is simply to take a picture of a receipt from a purchase you have made and then upload it. You will then get rewarded for this.

    You can earn by uploading receipts on Instars.

    First you have to choose a category. You can basically find a categry no matter what you have purchased. It can be food, groceries, travel, movies, and more.

    You thne have to take apicture of the receipt and upload it to

    Be aware that you must submit your receipt no later than 24 hours after the date on the receipt. And to receive credit, the submitted receipt must contain the date, business name, address, transaction number, and total.

    After you have done this, you just need to describe a little bit about your experience and then submit it. You will then receive Instars into your account right away. Just be aware that the receipt and your review must be approved – if it is not approved, you will lose the earnings again.

    In general, you will get 1 Instar token per receipt. And you can do this a maximum of 3 times per day. In some categories, you will sometimes get bonuses and earn more. But you can see this before you start uploading so you can choose the best option for you.

    It is not a lot you can earn like this but it is very easy and a fun extra way to earn not many other sites offer.

    Option 5 – Watch prizes of cryptocurrencies

    On the Instar Wallet dashboard, you can see the prizes of several cryptocurrencies.

    You can keep an eye on the prizes of other digital currencies on your dashboard.

    One of the prizes you can see is for INSTAR that you will be earning as a member of Instar Wallet. You can then compare it to the prizes of other popular cryptocurrencies.

    Option 6 – Learn about blockchain technology

    On Instar Wallet, you can find what they call the INSTAR Learning Lab.

    This is where you can learn about the future of data exchange, digital currency, and blockchain technology, according to the site itself.

    You can learn more about blockchain technology and Instar in the learning lab.

    I must admit that I do not know much about blockchain technology yet, so I think it is great they have a place where it is possible to learn more.

    Again, the platform is still new so there are still not a huge amount of resources here. But there are some interesting videos that will, for example, explain more about how Instar wallet works but also about digital currencies in general.

    From what they write on the website, the plan is that this will evolve together with the platform and become a learning lab for members to learn about the advantages of blockchain technology.

    You can also earn a bit extra by watching the different videos in the learning lab. So it is not just a way to learn but also a way to earn a bit of extra INSTAR.

    Option 7 – Encrypted messaging

    Through Instar Wallet you can use Google Play to send fully encrypted messages to your friends. This includes transferring Instar tokens to friends in form of messages.

    This shows it is a platform that is taking the privacy of us users serious, and that is great, in my opinion. So pretty cool they have introduced this feature.

    How do you get paid?

    When you participate on Instar Wallet, you earn INSTAR, which is a new digital currency.

    How much these INSTAR are worth in dollars varies just like the price of Bitcoin varies.

    How you can then use your earnings is something that is being expanded continuously like many other things since it still is a new site.

    You can, so far, as I am writing this, freely transfer tokens to other users, and you will soon be able to also freely transfer tokens outside of InstarWallet and, for example, be able to swap the tokens for more liquid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

    And I have been told that they are working on making this easily possible in the app as well.

    In the future, the plan is also that you will be able to exchange your Instar Tokens for, for example, gift cards and other currencies. So will be very interesting to see what payment methods will be available when it is fully rolled out.

    How much money can you make?

    It is always difficult to say how much money you can make on survey sites, as it depends on many things like how actively you participate, the country you live in, and much more.

    I must, however, admit that I can say even less about the earning opportunities on Instar Wallet since it is so new.

    The reason I, however, decided to join is that it is so new and INSTAR is a very new digital currency. This means the prize for it right now is very low, and by earning some by taking surveys etc. it might have potential.

    From what I have read about the company behind, it has very good intentions, and it serious and trustworthy.

    And it does not take much effort to join and do the surveys that are currently available, so I thought “why not give it a try and get in from the beginning and get some free INSTAR by taking some surveys”.

    Again, I cannot guarantee anything about how it will develop. I am just sharing what I have found out after testing it and by reading about it.

    So ultimately, it is, of course, up to you to decide if it will be the right way for you to spend your time.

    Can you use it on mobile?

    Whenever I test a survey site, I always make sure to also test if it can be used on mobile, as it is a great way to earn on the go and when it fits into your schedule.

    Instar Wallet has its own app that works really well.

    The Instar Wallet app is very user-friendly.

    It is very user-friendly and has all the same functionalities as the website. So if you join Instar, the app can make it very easy to access.

    Just be aware that currently, the Instar Wallet app is only available for Android. If you do not have Android, you can still access the site through the internet browser on your phone.

    Who can join Instar Wallet?

    A great thing about Instar Wallet is that you can join from many countries.

    Many of the earning opportunities at the moment are available to more or less all members, but as the platform grows, they will also start to add more opportunities for certain countries and open up to more countries.

    Unlike many survey sites, Instar Wallet is interested in people from all over the world and not only from English-speaking countries, which makes it an interesting option for countries that usually have a hard time finding good survey sites to join.

    Can you get support?

    It is always important to be able to get support on any online platform you join.

    I have myself been in contact with the Instars support several times already, as it is such a new platform and I had several questions so I could test it properly and give as much info as possible.

    Also, as already mentioned earlier, I had some initial problems when signing up, but they quickly fixed this.

    I have received very fast response every time and good, helpful answers which is always a good sign for a survey site.

    Final verdict – legit or scam?

    Instar Wallet / Instars is without a doubt different from most other survey sites I have joined and tested.

    As you can see, it is still very new, so that leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but I have tried to give you a thorough overview, so you can see if it is the right platform for you or not.

    But let’s finish this review with summing up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview before deciding to join or not.


    • Free to join
    • Easy surveys
    • Interesting potential with a new cryptocurrency
    • Available in many countries
    • Has a great app
    • Great support


    • Very new / untested platform
    • Beta earning can only be transferred to an Instar address

    Overall Instar Wallet is an interesting platform, in my opinion.

    The company behind it seems trustworthy and legit, and I really like the intentions about creating a marketplace without third parties where we as consumers get bigger rewards for our time when we take surveys etc.

    As it is very new and still in beta, it is, however, unknown in what direction it will go.

    If it will be worth trying out is ultimately up to you, but now you know what it offers so you know what to consider.

    How to join Instar Wallet?

    It is fairly easy to join Instar Wallet. Just remember that you need to verify your account to participate, as I described earlier in this review.

    So if you want to join, just click the button below, and you will be taken to the sign-up page. As soon as you are a verified member, you can start earning.

    If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Instar wallet yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

    Crypto Genius Scam Review – Legit?


    The Crypto Genius app is a new BTC and cryptocurrency trading system that is said to be highly profitable. Yes, cryptocurrencies are on the rise, especially Bitcoin, but this does not mean that Crypto Genius software is a good investment opportunity. We did a lot of research and all of it points in the direction of a scam. The simple fact of the matter is that this Crypto Genius scam review is going to reveal exactly why you need to stay away from this program.

    Crypto Genius App – X Spots Trick

    One of the first indications that the Crypto Genius app is a total scam is that they employs classic pressure tactics used in marketing. On the main website, every few minutes a banner pops up which states that there are only 6 beta spots left for us to sign up with. They say that the betta spots are free, but everyone else will have to pay money to use Crypto Genius software. This creates pressure to get people to sign up before time runs out. However, this is nothing more than a cheap marketing tactic often employed by scammers.

    The fact of the matter is that the number of spots advertised never decreases. There is the same number of beta spots today as there were yesterday. This shows that there are actually not a limited amount of spots. It’s just a way to force you to sign up before the spots are gone. It’s a dirty tactic and we are not fans. Anyway, the Crypto Genius app is a rip off and they plan on sucking as much money from as many people as possible. Therefore, they are not going to limit the amount of people they plan on ripping off.

    Crypto Genius Software – Fake News Spots

    The next red flag about Crypto Genius software that came to our attention has to do with fabricated news spots featured on the main website. Apparently CNN Money and BBC News have both covered this system and hailed it as being one of the best in the world. However, the only evidence of this are a bunch of logos pasted onto the Crypto Genius website from the respective news sites.

    This is just another trick meant to lend some credibility to this app. In reality neither of those news sources ever mentioned anything about this system, not anything good or bad, not even in passing. These news sources probably do not even know about Crypto Genius software. It is false advertising and this makes us really mad.

    Crypto Genius User Testimonials – Fake!

    Yet another clear indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the plethora of terrible user testimonials featured on the website. There are countless Crypto Genius user testimonials which are overly positive, which is already a bad sign. Only positive news is usually only fake news. The bottom line is that we did some digging around and it quickly became apparent that the people who wrote the reviews are not real or genuine.

    Simply put, they are random stolen stock images from various websites which have been combined with purely fictional names. These people are not real and they certainly did not say anything positive about Crypto Genius software. The criminals who are trying to rip you off with this scam are the same crooks who wrote these fabricated user testimonials. They are not to be trusted at all.

    Crypto Genius App – Falsified Results

    Something else that we discovered on the website and in the video is that there are tons of fake results. We are shown a bunch of charts of earnings which the Crypto Genius app supposedly generated. However, if you look at the results closely, it is clear that they are fabricated. There is way too much information missing, and the info that is present is totally bogus. The math just does not add up. The numbers are totally false and absolutely inflated in order to make it seem as though the Crypto Genius app is profitable. These results are doctored and they are not to be trusted at all.

    Who Leads The Crypto Genius App?

    Yet another thing which goes to show that Crypto Genius software is a scam is how we have no idea who is really in charge of it all. We are told that a man named Chris Peterson is at the head of the charge. However, this is not true at all. All we ever get to see of Chris is a stock image stolen from Shutterstock, which is combined with some lackluster voice narration. There is no evidence to support the claim that this man is real. Chris is just a fake scapegoat being used to protect the identities of the real criminals in charge here. They don’t want to go to jail for stealing from you, so they obviously are not going to reveal their true identities.

    Closely related to this is the fact that we know that Crypto Genius software is undoubtedly unlicensed . Such an opaque and untrustworthy cryptocurrency trading system could never acquire the necessary licensing to trade BTC or other cryptocurrencies legally. Also, it is apparent that there is no reliable broker involve here. A really good broker would never sully its reputation by connect to a scam like this Crypto Genius scam app.

    Does The Crypto Genius App Generate Money?

    The long story made short here is no, the Crypto Genius app does not generate any money. We are told that this cryptocurrency trading system can generate over $30,000 per week. However, we are never informed of any coherent trading strategies . The bottom line is that not even the best systems out there can muster that kind of cash in a single week. It is nothing but a boldfaced lie.

    Crypto Genius Review – Conclusion

    At the end of the day, it is painfully apparent that Crypto Genius software is a rip off. There is not a single legitimate thing about it!


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