Review CryptoFX is Another Bitcoin Doubler Scam. Stay Away!

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[СКАМ]Обзор и отзывы о проекте Crypto-FX ( [Краткий обзор]

Важно! У проекта проблемы с выплатами. Вкладывать не рекомендую!

Страховка по Crypto FX покрыла более 100% убытков моих партнеров.

Это краткий обзор проекта Crypto-FX. Уже скоро появится полноценная статья с обзором. А пока с моими мыслями насчёт данного проекта, вы можете ознакомиться в комментариях под этой статьёй.

Название: Crypto-FX.

Дата открытия: 9 июня 2020.

Доход: от 54% в месяц.

Безубыток: от 30 дней — продолжительность минимального круга.

Минимальный вклад: 20 долларов.

Вывод процентов: ручные выплаты от 0,1 доллара, вывод в течение 36 рабочих часов.

Депозит: возвращается в конце срока.

Суть: среднепроцентный хайп.

Статус: не платит.

Рефбек: 3,5%.

Страховка: 500 долларов (для получения страховки нужно предварительно заказать рефбек).

Все актуальные проекты вы можете найти здесь.

Exploiting the crisis to fraud in Bitcoin

Тему создал/а Tomas2020, Monday at 17:03 in Crypto World

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    Bitcoin Future Review : Is It Legitimate Or Is It Another Crypto Scam?

    The cryptocurrency market has, over the past years, given rise to new investment opportunities, especially as more people jump into speculative investing. Some of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters, purchased the cryptocurrency and waited for its price to balloon and then cashed out big. This encouraged many more people to jump into cryptocurrency investing, thus giving rise to trading software that is purely focused on cryptocurrency trading.

    One such trading software is Bitcoin Future, which is marketed as an automated trading platform for digital currencies. This includes major coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. There are many scam brokers and trading platforms that also want to take advantage of the growing number of individuals who want to trade cryptocurrencies. Some research is thus important in determining whether a platform is genuine or not, so that you will not end up being conned.

    We investigated various key aspects of Bitcoin Future, including the features that it offers to clients. Our goal was to find out how the platform works, what it offers, and, most importantly, whether it is a platform that can be trusted, especially by those who do not really know much about the cryptocurrency market.

    • Fully automated trading
    • Very high win rate
    • For both large and small traders

    Bitcoin Future – Understanding What It Is

    Bitcoin Future is an automated digital software that provides cryptocurrency trading services. The fact that it has automation means that it has programmable bots that not only handle the trade execution on behalf of the client, but they also keep track of market trends so that they can identify potential opportunities in the market. This also means that Bitcoin Future can be set up in a manner that allows the trader to make passive income and real profits. It also strives to make the process simple and automatic by only requiring the user to create an account, make a deposit, set the trading parameters of the software and select the live trading feature. It is as simple as that!

    How Bitcoin Future Works

    Embarking on your journey with the Bitcoin Future is relatively easy. All you need to do is to visit the official website where you will find a section for opening a new account if you are not already signed up. Once you fill in the necessary details and complete the process, your account will be activated. You can then proceed to deposit funds into your account. You can then set the trading parameters of the software, letting it know how much to invest per trade, the cryptos to trade, the risk level, the strategies to use and more. You will also need to activate the live trading feature that will then prompt the trading robot to start analyzing the markets to find profitable trading opportunities. This means that you can simply watch as the system makes money for you.

    Note that with the Bitcoin Future, you do not need to shut down the system at the end of every trading session. By leaving the system active overnight, the Bitcoin Future is able to find more profitable trading opportunities while you sleep, increasing your profit potential.

    A system that trades automatically on behalf of traders sounds attractive, especially to those individuals that have day jobs or busy lifestyles. This is because it represents a chance to earn a decent passive income without requiring them to do much. For example, Bitcoin Future only requires traders to be active on the platform for about 20 minutes every day, during which time they set their preferred trading parameters. In this way, you ensure that the software is trading based on your personal preferences and trading goals. This minimal time interaction with the Bitcoin Future means you can pursue other activities, while the system makes money for you. The other benefit of this is that even if you have never traded online before and if you have no knowledge of the financial markets, you do not need to worry since the Bitcoin Future software will do all of the work for you.

    If you want to start trading with Bitcoin Future, all you need to do is open an account and fund it with the minimum deposit requirement. The platform has a minimum deposit requirement of only $250 and a maximum daily deposit limit of $15,000. It is important to remember that this money is yours and it is used by the Bitcoin Future to open profitable trades on your behalf. This money can also be withdrawn at any time, hassle free.

    • Fully automated trading
    • Very high win rate
    • For both large and small traders

    How To Open An Account on Bitcoin Future

    The process of opening a Bitcoin Future account is broken up into the following four steps:

    • Access the Registration Page – You can access the registration page on the Bitcoin Future website through a browser on your laptop or your smartphone. You will be required to provide your personal details, including your email address, your full name, your country of residence and your phone number. Once you submit the required information, you will receive a notification confirming the activation of the account. The best part is that opening an account with the Bitcoin Future is absolutely free of charge.
    • Deposit Funds – The next process, after creating an account, will be depositing funds. You can achieve this in multiples ways, but among the most popular methods of depositing funds include Visa and MasterCard. This makes it easier for anyone from anywhere in the world to join the platform. You should expect the funds to be credited into your account within a few minutes after finishing the deposit process. The minimum deposit requirement, as mentioned above, is only $250.
    • Check Out Bitcoin Future’s Demo Trading – Bitcoin Future has a demo trading feature, like many traditional trading platforms. Demo accounts are loaded with virtual money which traders can use to test the system in real market conditions. The demo trading will allow you to test the automated trading system before you start trading with real money. This will help you to gain confidence in the system. It will also allow you to gauge the success rate that you should expect in the automated system.
    • Try Out the Live Trading – Once you are satisfied with the system’s performance on the demo account, you can then pull the trigger on live trading where you use the amount you deposited. We recommend that you select your preferred currency pairs and then consider implementing a stop loss order for every trade that the software executes. This will help to maximize your profitability, especially since cryptocurrencies are so volatile.

    One of the unique features that you need to note about the Bitcoin Future platform is that it is SSL secured, which means that any of your communications and data on the platform is encrypted. This kind of focus on security is a good sign for anyone thinking of joining this trading platform.

    Bitcoin Future’s Notable Features

    • Bitcoin Future is keen on safety and authenticity, which is why it verifies all the information that is provided by users when they open a new account.
    • Charges – Hidden charges can be a menace, but many trading platforms still make it a habit. You will be glad to know that Bitcoin Future upholds transparency as far as charges on the trading platform are concerned. There are no hidden fees and no hidden charges or commissions. The money you make is yours and can be withdrawn at any time.
    • A solid payout system – Payouts on Bitcoin Future are reliable and accurate. You will receive payouts once you submit your withdrawal request, and you are also free to withdraw your earnings at any time. One can expect to make as much as $1,300 daily, but this may depend on various factors such as the amount you invest in your trades, the available trading opportunities and more.
    • Withdrawals – Bitcoin Future’s withdrawal process is smooth and easy. Once you initiate a request, it will be processed within a day. This means that you can get your money the next day, unlike some other systems which usually have higher withdrawal processing durations or place withdrawal restrictions. Fast withdrawal processing is convenient for users and will also give you peace of mind that you have partnered with a reliable and reputable software solution.
    • Numerous brokers have been selected by Bitcoin Future and it is these brokers that provide direct access to the trading platforms where trades are executed. Bitcoin Future works seamlessly with their preferred brokers, who are experienced and trustworthy.
    • Customer service – Bitcoin Future also provides round-the-clock customer service, which is accessible to customers from all over the world. The customer service representatives are always ready to help in case you have any queries.
    • Fully automated trading
    • Very high win rate
    • For both large and small traders

    Comparison Between Bitcoin Future and Other Trading Robots

    Bitcoin Future ensures transparent trading as well as payouts while other Bitcoin trading robots are set up in a complex manner, and charges are difficult to identify. Users on other robots, therefore, end up paying multiple fees. With Bitcoin Future, there is no cost to open an account and there are also no hidden fees or costs. In addition, you can withdraw your profits with ease. Bitcoin Future makes the registration and verification process fast and easy so that the user is ready to start trading within minutes after creating the account. Other trading robots usually take longer to verify the account details causing you the inconvenience of losing out on some winning trades. Other Bitcoin trading platforms may also demand too much personal information from users.
    Users can access a demo account on Bitcoin Future to practice their trading, while many other Bitcoin trading platforms do not offer such benefits to users. This highlights the lack of interest in helping traders to achieve success, while Bitcoin Future goes the extra mile to help you increase your chances of success. Bitcoin Future is configured to deliver high success rates while other Bitcoin trading platforms may not really offer noteworthy benefits to traders. In fact, many other trading robots offer a 100% success rate which is simply not possible in the online trading world. The markets are volatile so nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty.

    How To Approach Bitcoin Trading on Bitcoin Future

    It is always important to avoid risk and to maximize your profit-making potential regardless of whether you are new to any type of trading or you are a seasoned trader. One of the best ways you can achieve that balance is by starting small. It is always a good idea to invest a smaller trading capital amount when you join a new system so that in case you make loses or lose your investment, you will not lose much. In the case of Bitcoin Future trading, you can start with as little as $250, which will allow you to get a good feel of how automated trading works on the platform, thus allowing you to grow your account steadily.

    Always do some research to understand the trends in the cryptocurrency market. Having a better understanding of the market is a great step towards boosting your chances of success. Fortunately, information is freely available on the internet, and this will allow you to make more refined decisions, and this may translate to more profits.

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    Why Are Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Considered More Advantageous?

    • High return on investment – A high return on investment is the closest thing that one can get to guaranteed success. Having a high ROI also justifies risks that may be involved in a system and striking the right balance between minimum risk and maximum ROI is a trader’s dream. Automated trading on Bitcoin Future promises to deliver high returns, and this makes it an attractive offering for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency trading.
    • Analysis is taken care of – Robots manage trading on the Bitcoin Future platform, and this provides a high level of convenience for traders. Once you activate the system, you can leave it and do other things, including your regular day job. It is a great option for individuals that want to make some passive income efficiently and transparently.
    • Accuracy – Automated trading platforms, such as the one provided by Bitcoin Future, provides a high level of accuracy, especially over manual trading. The latter may also lead to losses, especially if you make a mistake. Automated trading eliminates human error and emotions, thus making trading more efficient and definitely, more profitable.

    Can I Trade With the Bitcoin Future On a Mobile App?

    Having a mobile app for a trading platform makes a lot of sense because it provides traders with the flexibility of trading or monitoring the automated trading in real-time even when they are on the move. This portability is why many trading services have developed app versions of their platforms. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Future does not have an app, but this is by no means a disadvantage since its platform is available through browsers, which means that you can access the platform through the browser on your smartphone. However, Bitcoin Future will likely create an app version that is more optimized for mobile devices in the near future.

    FAQs – Bitcoin Future

    What is the trading success rate on Bitcoin Future?

    The odds of earning a profit on Bitcoin Future are very high, especially on the automated trading option. This means that you will likely earn money within the first session of your trading experience using the platform.

    Does Bitcoin Future have hidden fees?

    You do not have to worry about hidden fees on Bitcoin Future because the platform is focused on delivering a transparent trading experience. It is free to open an account and there are no hidden costs or commissions.

    How much does it cost to open an account on Bitcoin Future?

    Registering or opening an account on Bitcoin Future is actually free, which means that you will not be required to pay anything. However, you will need to fund your account if you wish to trade on a live account.

    What is the minimum amount I can deposit in my Bitcoin Future account?

    Bitcoin Future has a minimum deposit requirement of $250, which is not too much to worry over in case you end up losing the whole amount and also just enough for a significant profit.

    What is the maximum deposit amount?

    Bitcoin Future allows traders to deposit a maximum of $15,000.

    How much can I withdraw from Bitcoin Future?

    Bitcoin Future does not have restrictions on withdrawals, unlike some trading platforms out there. This means that you basically have control over the amount you want to withdraw, even if you wish to withdraw the entire amount.

    Is Bitcoin Future a form of affiliate marketing?

    Bitcoin Future is not about marketing but it is about trading digital currencies. There is no promotional content that you are required to sell to make a commission. It is simply a platform that provides access to trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, and it does so in an automated manner. The system earns you money by using bots to trade on your behalf based on market analysis to determine or predict the direction of price movements. Simple!

    Bitcoin Future – Is This the Real Deal?

    From a review standpoint, Bitcoin Future offers a legitimate way of trading cryptocurrencies without having to do much and without requiring any experience. Nevertheless, the high rate of turning profits does not mean that your trades are risk-free. There is still a significant degree of risk involved, which means that you can still lose money. You should, therefore, learn how the market works before you kick start your trading journey using Bitcoin Future or any other platform. The goal is to make sure that you learn how to manage the risks, thus allowing you to increase your profit-making potential. At the end of the day, the Bitcoin Future will change your financial future, giving you the opportunity to live the life you have always dreamed of. Take control now and sign up now.

    • Fully automated trading
    • Very high win rate
    • For both large and small traders

    Bitcoin Loophole – Another Crypto Scam to Avoid

    December 10, 2020

    The popularity of digital currencies has led to an explosion of cryptocurrency investment schemes and services. These investment services offer a variety of crypto-related financial products to investors who are looking to generate profits by trading cryptocurrencies. One such online investment vehicle is Bitcoin Loophole.

    While Bitcoin Loophole markets itself as a cryptocurrency trading software, it has become apparent that this venture is very likely a scam, preying on unwitting cryptocurrency investors.

    How Does Bitcoin Loophole Work?

    Bitcoin Loophole claims to be a new cryptocurrency trading software that has been designed by alleged “prominent investor” Steve McKay. According to the company’s website (of which there are several), the software operates on a fully automated mode.

    The Bitcoin Loophole trading software allegedly works by utilising a “highly efficient programming algorithm” that is based on a so-called ‘Flock Principle’. The platform’s alleged creator, Steve McKay, apparently found a loophole, which enables him to apply the economic theory to a basic computer code. The platform development team who manage the computer code assert the trading software scans the ongoing market situation and then predicts whether the price of any digital asset, traditional asset or cryptocurrency pair will rise or fall.

    Signing up for Bitcoin Loophole is free using the site’s log-in form. The next step is opening a “trading account” on the partnering broker service. The site claims to work with legitimate brokers and thus claims that investors funds and information are secure.

    To begin trading a user has to fund his account with an initial deposit. The minimum deposit is $250. The deposits can be made through a variety of payment channels including credit cards, wire transfer, and bitcoin (BTC) and its operators claim that funds can be withdrawn any time. The site also claims once users have signed up and made a deposit they are guaranteed to get daily returns.

    How is Bitcoin Loophole a Scam?

    The obvious red flag concerning Bitcoin Loophole is the site promises a minimum of $13,000 daily returns. Now, imagine making over $500 an hour without any effort? Sounds goods to be true! Well, that is because it is good to be true.

    Going by their guarantee, it would mean that anyone using the service will be a millionaire in a few months. However, when you study the disclaimer on the website you will notice it states that the site does not guarantee any profits. This is a direct contradiction to what is stated on the sales page.

    Furthermore, the alleged CEO of Bitcoin Loophole, Steve McKay, does not seem to exist. If you take a closer look at any of his photos on the website you will notice they are stock images and a reverse Google image search proves that. It is, thus, very obvious that the site’s operators want to stay anonymous and are using a fake frontman to lure investors into their scheme.

    Also, research has failed to confirm the claim that he has been featured on Forbes or Business Insider in the past even though the site makes this claim and the reviews found on the website are all fake.

    It is also important to note Bitcoin Loophole is not regulated nor does it have any license for its operations. In fact, the FCA issued a warning against Bitcoin Loophole as it has no authorisation to target investors in the UK.

    Unsurprinsgly, there is also no information on how the “trading software” actually works nor is there evidence of any actual trading in the crypto markets by the operation.

    Moreover, most of the reviews online praising the trading software are actually fake and cannot be trusted. The reality is Bitcoin Loophole operates like any other Bitcoin MLM scheme and uses referral payments to get its users to attract new users for a commission and there is no evidence that the company actually trades cryptocurrencies on behalf of its “investors.”

    Red Flags Summarised

    • No valid information on the company or individuals behind the platform.
    • The alleged owner Steve McKay does not seem to be a real person.
    • The Steve McKay online persona has been linked to other alleged bitcoin scams.
    • Bitcoin Loophole uses fake reviews and gives no insight into ownership structure.
    • No insight into how the “trading software” is generating its alleged profits.
    • The platform uses several different websites and its main website is no longer online.
    • The UK financial regulator has issued a warning against Bitcoin Loophole.
    • Finally, the platform guarantees a profit, which is arguably the biggest red flags of all!

    Stay Away From Bitcoin Loophole

    If such an extraordinarily profitable trading software really existed, it would be all over the news and not mentioned on some obscure websites. So, chances are the software is just a trading bot that executes whatever the site administrators have programmed it to perform if they even trade anything at all.

    Based on all these factors it is safe to assume that Bitcoin Loophole is a scam. Any online reviews that state otherwise have likely either been paid for or have solely been written to benefit financially from the platform’s referral system.

    Bitcoin users are always advised to research, consult experts and use some common sense before investing in any investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency space.

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