Review 5 Reasons Why Camelake is a Scam Online Store (BEWARE)

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Thread: is a Scam online store

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Rate This Thread is a Scam online store is a Scam online store. SCAM ONLINE STORE! WATCH OUT!!

Be careful with this online store. It is a Chinese store with a Spanish domain. At first, everything looks good even the payment. but they send cheaper and wrong items and after that, they said sorry, and ask you to buy any product on another website with a discount Coupon Code. (This might be another scam online store of them) Watch out.
They do not offer to refund the money or to resend the right Item like serious retailers.

They write first from this email:
Amber Hall

Is LuLaRoe a Scam?

Name: LuLaRoe
Founder: DeAnne Stidham

Income Opportunity rating: 1.5 / 5 Stars

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So you’ve been introduced to LuLaRoe by a girlfriend of yours, or you’ve been tasked by your wife to do some research on this company, or maybe you have already signed up as a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, but you are still in the queue for on-boarding and you are waiting for your inventory to arrive.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision (as well as to justify your decision if you have already signed up).

There’s a lot of buzz about this company, and I’ve heard many good stories as well as bad experiences from people who’ve been with the company.

LulaRoe was founded by DeAnne Stidham back in 2020, and this is the story of how it all started:

There is a good reason why this company is well received by its community, and it is simply because LuLaRoe had a purpose with a good cause.

On top of just selling clothing with unique and stylish print, LuLaRoe is selling a dream, a dream to empower women to be financially free.

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The big questions are, does LuLaRoe actually help individuals succeed, are these all but hype, does this business opportunity really work?

Before we get into the specifics, let me first say that LuLaRoe is not a scam. It is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company in the fashion industry, which sells clothing with unique and stylish print (as you can see below).

LuLaRoe is one of its kind, because I can hardly see any successful Multi-Level Marketing companies in the fashion industry.

Now, although LuLaRoe is not a scam, it doesn’t mean that you are the right person for the business.

You must know that there is a high rate of failure in this business and I will share the main reasons with you below.

Let’s First Understand How LuLaRoe Works?

If you are interested in getting your hands on a set of LuLaRoe’s clothing, you have to get it through a LuLaRoe’s distributor a.k.a. Independent Fashion Consultant.

At current, there are two ways to buy LuLaRoe’s products from an Independent Fashion Consultant, and unfortunately, LuLaRoe is only available to U.S. residents.

First, you can share a Facebook Link to the online popup shop which the Independent Consultant has created.

Second, you can organize a physical LuLaRoe popup party at your house by contacting a Fashion Consultant near you.

Your Fashion Consultant will bring her inventory of LuLaRoe clothing line to your house for your friends and family to shop.

What better ways to shop than at the comfort of your house and with the ones you love, right?

What you have to know before you join LuLaRoe as a Fashion Consultant?

Now, if you are interested in the position of an Independent Fashion Consultant, then you have to know this.

What is required for a Fashion Consultant?

Let’s get behind the scene in the role of a Fashion Consultant.

The most important task for a Fashion Consultant is of course to get new customers, but other than that, when a customer engages you and request for a popup party, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Load the inventory to your vehicle
  2. Drive them to the location
  3. Unload the inventory and set it up
  4. Update your inventory when there is a sale
  5. Pack up everything once popup party is over
  6. Unload your inventory while you are home

Imagine doing the same steps at least 3 times a week. It is physically demanding if you really want success in this opportunity.

The number of hours and effort you put in will reflect your income. However, it doesn’t mean that working hard will guarantee your success.

High Cost of Entry and Maintenance

So how do you have a huge inventory to setup a popup party when requested upon?

There is a start up fee of $5,300 which includes 300 pieces of LuLaRoe clothing (you have no control over the design), and you have to purchase 33 pieces of clothing each month in order to remain as an active Fashion Consultant.

In my personal opinion, I feel that the cost of starting up this business is too expensive, and the people who needed this business opportunity do not have $5k to begin with.

A Huge Space for Your Inventory

As your business grows, you would want to buy more inventory and stock up with the latest and trendiest clothing line.

You must prepare a space to store your ever growing inventory.

You’ll probably also want to reserve a space for taking nice photos of your inventory.

Long waiting time to be a Consultant

After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll have to wait between 6 to 10 weeks before you are approved as a Fashion Consultant.

Due to a huge influx of application, there is a long queue list of consultants waiting to be approved. 6 to 10 weeks is a guide to manage new consultants expectation.

6 to 10 weeks is a long time, and it will depend on your sponsor to keep you hyped up and ready to go, when the time comes.

Everyone Raved about LuLaRoe until…

Everyone raved about this company when it first started, but as it grew too quickly, and things weren’t put under control, everything starts to falter.

Upon reviewing many recent customer reviews, the feeling that I get is that the customers did love Lularoe, but because the company has grown too big, too fast, that the customer service, the support standard, and the product quality took a plunge.

Many people complained about the poor quality of the products and how it has torn apart wearing just once.

Many new Fashion Consultants also complained that they are facing a stiff competition from other established Consultants in their area.

Here’s some of the reviews which I thought you should know:

While the LuLaRoe management is working on solving the many problems due to over-expansion, they do cause a lot of tension with their existing consultants:

Why more than 90% of the Independent Fashion Consultants Fail?

Let us analyze the information above.

An average income of an eligible Independent Consultant is $176.55 per month ($2,118.54 / 12 months).

And, those that actually made a sustainable income ($3k per month and above) with LuLaRoe are those with the rank of “Trainer” and above, which consist of only 5.58% of the entire LuLaRoe’s consultants.

Here are several reasons that cause a Fashion Consultant to fail:

1. Wrong Expectation

If you are thinking that the products will sell for itself, or you are thinking that you are going to make a lot of money by just posting your inventory on Facebook, stop!

Let me bring you back to reality.

I know as an entrepreneur that it is easy to drift away with all the marshmallow dreams.

Though some of the LuLaRoe clothing lines are pretty that they do “sell themselves”, some designs just doesn’t sell, no matter how hard you try. Moreover, you have no control over the clothing you are getting from the initial 300 pieces of clothing.

On top of having nice looking products, you have to reach out to the right audience, and you have to feel excited about the products so that you can make people feel excited about it.

And, as I’ve mentioned above, the process of setting up a popup party is physically demanding and time consuming.

People get discouraged easily when the going gets tough.

If you are expecting this to be some “Setup and be done with” kind of opportunity, then LuLaRoe is definitely not for you.

2. Lack of Leads and Stiff Competition

Because of the way LuLaRoe is set up, consultants can only grow locally.

As you’ve seen in the reviews above, new consultants are complaining that they are facing stiff competition because there are too many consultants in the same area.

You might say that setting up an online popup store will allow you to reach people out of your region, but you have to remember that there are many consultants spread through the U.S. as well.

Just take a look at the number of consultants spread across the U.S.:

You must know that this is not a business that generates passive income (unless you build a team), which means that need to have a constant stream of new customers every month.

If you really want to succeed in this business, you have to find a way to acquire a never ending stream of prospective customers.

3. Your Team determines Your Success

Because this is a Multi-Level Marketing Business, your success and failure depend largely on the team that you join.

If you join a team who do not put your interest ahead of theirs, or your team is lousy in communication, you will most likely fail.

I’ve seen team leaders who do not teach their Fashion Consultants how to handle customer complaints, who can care less about the growth of their Fashion Consultants, or who couldn’t understand the importance of good communication within the team. What do you think this leads to? – An eventual failure.

It is so important that you join a team that cares about your success, and who is willing to groom you into a successful Fashion Consultant.

The Compensation Plan

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the LuLaRoe business, let’s understand the compensation plan.

If you really want to be successful in this business, you have to build a team.

Just relying on retail sales will not get you anywhere, and worst of all, it is hard maintaining the business operations.

What if you want to quit LuLaRoe?

On a positive note, it is not like you will lose your entire investment if you decide to quit.

And, you will not be left with a bunch of products you are not interested to sell.

My Sincere Advice to You

LuLaRoe is for people who are driven and have the sheer determination to succeed.

If you are those people who expect to achieve great results without putting in the effort, you can forget about succeeding in this business or whatever business opportunity that comes in your way.

Although this is a good business opportunity, I feel that the cost of starting is too high, and the chance of success lies upon the team that you join.

If you are really interested in the business opportunity, you really need to budget your spending at the initial stage, and make sure that you do due diligence on the team that you are joining.

So, at this point, you’ll know if the LuLaRoe business opportunity is suitable for you.

What if this business opportunity is not suitable for you? What’s next?

If you’ve read some of my reviews before, you’ll know that I was a part of many MLM companies and didn’t achieve any success until I found this program.

This program has turned me from a nobody to a somebody online, best of all, you do not need to invest a lot of money to make it work, and the income that you generate is passive income.

Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you’ve made, and thank you for reading this review!

If you find this review helpful, please, feel free to share it by clicking on the social media buttons.

If you’d like to discuss more on LuLaRoe, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Jack is an experienced online marketer who has a passion for helping beginners succeed online. Read more about Jack:

Hi Money Bye Scams

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Is Copy My Email System a scam or can you make money sending emails? Honest review

  • Online opportunities

by Miren – April 20, 2020 April 21, 2020 34

Welcome to my Copy My Email System review!

Have you come across and are wondering whether you can earn money by sending emails everyday or is Copy My Email System a scam created to rob you blind?

There are many scams nowadays so you need to ensure you know what you’re in front of before opening your wallet. That’s the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to earn passive income online !

I’m glad you’ve landed on this review because you’re going to find out the truth about, whether it can help you make money or not and more.

Table of Contents

Copy My Email System review

Name: Copy My Email System


Owners: “Bobby”, Brian Jones?, Michael Beeson?

Price: “Free”

Recommended? No

If you’re sick of scams, check out my 1st resource to make a 4-digit monthly passive income HERE !

What is Copy My Email System about?

The moment I saw how the Copy My Email System sales page looked, the words “get-rich-quick scheme” came to mind because of the bold claim “$160 to $440 a day sending simple emails…”.

It just sounded too good to be true so I started watching the sales video to find out how this works.

The spokesman, who is supposed to be named Bobby, claims he’s been working online for 19 years and has managed to earn millions through email marketing.

He talks about the lavish lifestyle he has. He travels the world, he doesn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage, his wife doesn’t have to work and he gets to spend time with his children. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Now he’s giving you the chance to partner with him and start earning money immediately, and the best part is, it’s completely free.

According to him, he now has over a million subscribers on his email list, so he’s looking for people to send emails for him and he’s going to pay them in return.

It seems a win-win situation because you’ll be helping him send emails faster and profit more, so he’ll pay you for that.

And you will not even have to worry about building a list. You’ll just have to log in every day, select an email to send and then you’ll get paid $0.20 every time someone clicks a link of your email. If you do this everyday, they’re supposed to add 500 subscribers to your list every week.

Oh, and they also offer an affiliate program, so you’re supposed to make money by getting others to join. They claim you can earn 10 cents for each of their link clicks.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Yes, it seems a great money-making opportunity for everyone because we all know how to send emails, so it would be awesome to get paid for it.

However, after doing intensive research, I found out that CopyMyEmailSystem is not what it appears to be.

Let’s see how it really works.

How does Copy My Email System really work?

After joining Copy My Email System for free, you get access to the members area where you can start watching the videos where they explain what you have to do next.

They’ll tell you to purchase an email sending account so you can start sending the emails and make money.

This costs $1.95 the first 5 days and then an additional payment of $97.

Then they claim you can jump start your commissions by 10 weeks if you buy a package of 5000 subscribers for a one time fee of $199.

But this doesn’t finish here. There’s more.

Remember that they have an affiliate program? Well, they claim every referral that generates 100 clicks a day can make you $300 per month in commissions.

Therefore, they’re 3 offering packages of referrals a.k.a. emailers:

  • 20 referrals for $297
  • 5 emailers for $97
  • 2 emailers for $47

CopyMyEmailSystem referrals packages

After all this, I’m wondering:

  • Where do the subscribers come from? Are they going to be interested in the emails they get?
  • Where do the referrals come from? And how can I know they’re real people?

They don’t explain anything of that, something that’s important to know to ensure an informed decision.

And then, after you set up your account, start sending emails and people click links, your red flashing commissions amount will start to rise and rise, something that will make you believe this is the real deal.

CopyMyEmailSystem red flashing commissions

However, you need $500 in order to claim your payment, something that’s not that easy to achieve in little time.

If you do some math, you need 2500 clicks to earn $500.

Anyway, we’ve seen that this is not free like “Bobby” claims. This is a big red flag.

Is Copy My Email System a scam?

After everything I’ve found out regarding Copy My Email System, I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s a scam.

In fact, it’s not new. This scam has other names like Guaranteed Email System, GIM System, The Email Syndicate, Guaranteed Income Machine…

I believe the people behind this are the same who are running another scam I’ve exposed in the past called Profit With Michael .

Scammers usually change the name of their scams in order to mislead and confuse potential victims.

Let’s see the scam signs and red flags that prove this system is not worth it.

The testimonials of the members area are not real members

If you’ve joined Copy My Email System and have taken a look at the members area, you might remember some of the video testimonials. These people claim to have been successful with this system.

For example, this one below:

However, I found out she’s a paid actress who sells her services on Fiverr for $5:

Proof (source:

If people had been successful with this system, then the con artists behind CMES wouldn’t have paid for positive opinions.

The type of emails you’ll be sending

What about the type of emails you’ll be sending? What are they about?

While watching the videos, I noticed some examples of the emails you will send if you decide to buy this system.

Here’s one of them:

CMES email example

As you can observe above, I highlighted the red flag found in that email.

Do you believe it’s ok to tell people they can make a full time income online in 5 minutes?? It’s a complete lie and you wouldn’t be doing your subscribers any favor by saying that.

We all know that making money online doesn’t happen fast or easily, so saying things like that only creates false expectations.

In fact, that’s not what genuine entrepreneurs do. That’s what scam artists do.

By sending emails like that, you would only be doing the scammers dirty work. I guess the links on those emails will take people to other scam programs.

Those email examples just prove what kind of people we’re dealing with. I personally don’t want to do business with con artists like the ones behind Copy My Email System.

The complaints

If the video testimonials that can be found in the Copy My Email System members area are paid actors, then what about the people who have bought this system? How’s their experience been?

As I said before, this system goes by other names. I’ve found out many complaints about the GIM System.

Let’s see some of them:

GIM System a.k.a. CMES complaints

No one who has tried this system has got paid. It’s all fake and fabricated to get you to believe you’re making money so that you upgrade and pay and pay, and then when you reach the payout threshold of $500, they will make excuses or will not reply.

Many people have been emailing them and the scammers have even terminated their accounts. That’s what you can expect from these swindlers, they do the most to get your money and then run.

Get on the right way to make money online

I definitely don’t recommend that you purchase Copy My Email System. No one has made money from it but the scammers who have created it.

When it comes to making money online, there are more scams than programs I can recommend.

Scammers take advantage of the fact that there are people who are in need and don’t know the truth about earning money online .

Truth be told, no matter the method you use to make money online, you’ll have to put in the work and time. It will not happen without making efforts.

It was when I realized this that I stopped believing in get-rich-quick schemes and started working my butt off.

The business model I use has given me the way to generate a consistent income month after month.

And I believe you can do this too if you get the proper training, tools & support and you’re committed to learning, working hard and never giving up.

Many people are doing this and have been able to quit their day jobs and work from home full-time.

If you’re interested in learning how and where you can get started for free , click the button below now:

You’ll learn how this business works and where you can find the right step-by-step training, tutorials and tools that will help you build a sustainable online business.

I also let you know that you’ll get help and support from me, other bloggers & Internet entrepreneurs. Looking forward to seeing you in the right track to make money online!

I’m very happy with the messages and feedback I’ve been getting lately. This is one of the messages that make me smile:

I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for in this Copy My Email System review.

If you have any questions or want to share your opinion, leave your thoughts in the comments area below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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