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Binary Option-robot Reviews

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Secrets of making profits

Thank you so much Mr Thomas for your help and assistance in my trade. Just within 2 trading weeks I reached out for his help that I earned $6700 from my $1000 I invested with him.

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It was a painful experience for me to…

It was a painful experience for me to have fallen victim of losing my money to scambrokers but all thanks to Mrs Sofia Williams I got my lost funds back. Click on my profile for her email address

Being a victim of scam brokers was…

Being a victim of scam brokers was painful experience for me until I met Mrs Sofia Williams who helped me in recovering back all my lost funds. Click on my profile for her email address

I lost all I had to unregulated scam…

I lost all I had to unregulated scam brokers but all thanks to Mrs. Maltida who has being of great help to me in recovery them back. Click on my profile to get her email address


Am about to tell you the truth about Mr Monclarjon’s platform, I just want to testify about this Man,Mr Jon I have been investing for two months plus now and it has turned my life , they saved me and my family with the profit I got from him when I am about to loose my house to bank and after that investment they has boosted my financial life now I can boast with earnings from them I don’t depend on my salary anymore and I’m living the comfortable life. Involved yourself with him via Email ( Monclarjon

There are still great traders!

There are still great traders!
i have contacted Kathy benge, having in mind that i have once been scammed i traded with caution. But listen up, she’s a trader with a difference i got my returns. Kathy am grateful kathybenge82 @ gmail . com

Binary Option Robot Review

Binary Option Robot Forum

The vast majority of trading options is done manually. Meaning it is your duty to open and fund your portfolio, get to know the software, analyze the market conditions and place a trade, either Up/Down or within a pre-set range. This takes time, energy and a lot of efforts for any trader, especially for the new ones. And all of this work may not to pay off, as if your prediction was wrong, you do loose all of the money you invested in this particular trade.

To simplify the process of binary trading, which is though considered to be the easiest way of profiting from trading financial assets, there have been created Trading Robots (BOTRs). This automated program allow for ease of access to the binaries world, to its profits and benefits without much work or risk on your part. Many programs claim to make a substantial profit for its clients free-of-charge while they sleep.

If you have been looking at some other of our reviews of BOTRs, you may have noticed that almost very single one of them is web-based and free-to-use. In this case this review is very different, as Binary Option Robot Trading Software has to be downloaded and installed on your PC. There is no way you can access it from other computer or your mobile. This is a definite drawback as you cannot check on the progress and turn on/off the auto-trading option when you need and want to. Read Binary Option Robot Review and check if Binary Option Robot Scam or not.

Customer Support


Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

Author Name Unknown
Price Free
Minimum Deposit $200
Win Rate 83
Auto Trading
Manual Trading
Use of Regulated Brokers
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features
Demo Account
Guide Tour
Web chat
Email: [email protected]
Software Type Download Required

Binary Option Robot System

Not paying for robots is a common practice and the only requirement is making a deposit with a chosen brokerage company. Binary Option Robot Forum also has a free type, but with limited trading choices. Meaning that if you want to diversify your trading portfolio you will have to pay $79 for a Pro Version. There is no annual renewal fee, so this a one-time charge for 10 years at least.

The choice of brokers is also better than the usual, as you can choose one of the four brokerages. But on Binary Option Robot System traders leave comments that such feature is not very comfortable and the selection of brokers is very small. Among them are StockPair, Tradorax, BossCapital and 24Option. Please, mind that for US clients only Tradorax trading platform is available, which is quite good, as the majority of programs don’t do business with customers from the USA and this theme has a regular discussions. As well there you can find information and feedbacks about its services.

Binary Option Robot Review – Trading

Continuing this Binary Option Robot Review we would like to mention that in order to start trading using this system you need to download the Binary Option Robot Trading Software from the website and to install it on a PC or laptop that has a Windows system running. Though it is claimed that it can be used on Mac OS, Android or Iphone, it is not true, as there is no separate installation package for these systems.

After the installation you can choose one of the brokers provided by Binary Option Robot Forum. If you have an existing account with one of the brokerages, you need to choose another one from the list, as the robot is unable to synchronize and use the auto-trading feature. You can trust all of the brokerage companies as all of them are regulated and tested. The minimum deposit amount is lesser if compared to other robots and is only $200, though the recommended amount is $450 for the system to work successfully.

In our review we want to mind that there is another website with a very similar name, which is a copycat. You can read a review of this robot on our website as well. So beware if you are looking to invest, as it is quite simple to mistake this Binary-Option-Robot for another very similar brand.

Binary Option Robot Trading Software

If you are looking to invest automatically over the long term Binary Option Robot System is not the best choice, as it trades range from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, with the most common auto trades being in the range from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. After deciding on the basic set-ups you can turn on the Auto-trading feature. Unfortunately, at the very start you will have to be satisfied with a free limited version, which should still make you profit, but at a slower pace, as the less assets there are to deal on, the less signals the system will receive to workfor you.

And one of the key features, which we should admit in our review is a 60-day money back guarantee in case of losses on your trading portfolio with a Pro Account. This is unheard of and it may seem hard to believe. Indeed it is only for you to check and see if this holds true, as the promised return rates of 83% should not see your portfolio balance diminish. The recommended Pro Version includes 3 trading systems (classic system the most secure one; martingale system the most profitable one; Fibonacci system the most accurate one), 6 trading indicators, up to 7 simultaneous trades, 8 currency pairs and free lifetime upgrades. There are some free hacked license keys available online, but if you use it to activate your Pro Account it may be locked and cause the loss of funds in your portfolio.

Binary Option Robot software and Support

Support team is similar to the rest of BOTRs, because of its simplicity and limited options. If you have any issues you can have a look at a large FAQ section, Binary Option Robot forum, or fill in the web-form. One of the more classical ways is to contact the program team via email. You can request a call from the team member at any time.

Language support and website is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. All of your request can be made in these languages. One of the key features is that the Binary Option Robot Trading Software is downloadable and you can pre-set the language of your choice. For more information on other robots you can see more articles on our site.

Is Binary Option Robot Scam

Choosing the proper software for trading is very important part of digital options trading. In our review we, as well as many traders are looking for any comments on Web about Binary Option Robot Scam. In the end, summarizing the information we have found on Binary Option Robot System, we can only say that there are a lot of comments and they are different. But both positive feed-backs and complaints are not supported by any evidence, so we cannot trust on 100% such reviews. If you are going to use Binary Option Robot Trading Software, be sure that you understand how these robots work and remember that any of them still needs to be monitored and controlled, and that is for the safety of your funds and to not fall for Binary Option Robot Scam.

Binary Options Robots: Pros and Cons

Binary options robots are indispensable assistants in trading, but they also have their own advantages and disadvantages, which experts from our forex magazine will talk about

In the issues of our magazine, we constantly discuss, create and research various Forex trading robots. Currency traders are already accustomed to the fact that trading on their own with a refined and structured trading strategy does not make sense, and sometimes even interferes with good performance. That is why skilled programmers trying the binary options market apply the experience gained in automated trading, and judging by the results our contestsDo this very successfully. However, robots for binary options – not the Grail, and their use has its own characteristics.

Binary Options Robots – Software Trading Assistant

So, if we are read by market traders who are unaware of trading robots of Binary Options, explain in a couple of words what it is. In fact, advisers are a software application that completely replaces the trader in the trading process due to the algorithm of opening, tracking and closing of transactions embedded in it. Using robots in trade is very convenient in all respects: they save time in anticipation of a long-term transaction, the trader can freely leave without worrying that he will miss a successful entry into the market; they protect the nerves of the merchant and save the human factor from trade; in some cases, if the terminal allows, the strategy programmed into the adviser can be easily tested on the history and finalized based on the conditions, etc.

There is also the option of software assistants in binary options trading. They do not completely replace the trader’s work from start to finish, but only help him open a deal on time by analyzing the indicators laid down in the strategy indicators, or vice versa, help to close in advance if the type of binary option and strategy indicators showed the opposite signal. One way or another, such semi-robots work as an attentive observer and suggest the best option for working out the signal, but do not make decisions for the player. This type of advisor is convenient when the strategy is not fully developed or other than technical analysis indicators uses fundamental factors. In this case, you can’t do without the participation of a trader, therefore, fully automatic robots for binary options he, in general, is not needed.

Where to buy or download a binary options robot

How to try such a trading assistant? The answer is obvious: either download for free binary options robots on one of the specialized forums or in the community of traders, or purchase it on websites or in electronic stores. Magazine recommends that you first find and try an adviser posted on the network for free. The fact is that the use of such software applications, one way or another, requires certain skills and knowledge, therefore it is better not to risk money, so as not to buy a “pig in a poke.”

The following advice that you should pay attention to for the same reasons: if you are not at all versed in automated trading or still have little experience working with them, try its work on a demo account!

At the time of buying binary options robots, pay attention to trade statistics provided by the seller on the site or in monitoring. How to use and correctly read monitoring on myfxbook is described in great detail in one of the articles of this issue. Choose your future assistant wisely, evaluating not only its results, but also the trading style that is possible drawdown and ease of use. Read reviews on the Internet in your future purchase, if possible, talk with someone who is already using this adviser. All this will add to your confidence in future results and save you from wasting time, nerves and money.

Cons trading robots for binary options

On the Internet you can find many articles on the minuses of trade robots for binary options. Among them you can find the statement that the trader ceases to think and follow the market, losing professional skills, and the idea of ​​frequent losses of the robot in case of a change in the structure of the market’s movement, and of the deceits that sometimes await the speculator when buying third-party copyright programs. magazine experts have been engaged and specializing in trading precisely advisors for so long that all these points seem even surprising to us. See for yourself. Trading even the most autonomous robot, a trader, whether or not he wants to, looks into terminal 3-4 times a day at least, checking what is happening there. At the same time, he analyzes the transactions opened by the adviser, especially if they give a negative result. Why? Because you always want to finalize something, to improve profit. Well, how can one lose a trading skill in such a situation? Unlikely! Of course, an important condition in trading a robot is a complete idea of ​​why and at what point your assistant opens a deal, otherwise we do not recommend putting such an adviser for real money. The Black Box is not our option. Next, let’s talk about losses due to changing market trends. You need to understand that a program is a set of conditions and actions that fully reflects the essence of your strategy. The robot does not add or decrease anything, because it does not know how to do it. If you are a good trader and trade clearly on TS, then in manual trading you will begin to lose money. Yes, you may notice a glitch faster if you buy binary options yourself, but this minus more than pays off the pluses that the robot received when you, for example, were sleeping or on vacation. But deception . If you clearly understand what you are doing, then it will not be easy to deceive you. That is why we advise you to understand the free advisers for BOs, and only then switch to commercial options.

What is the result? In the end, we recommend that you use robots for binary optionshaving gone through all the stages – from training to comprehensive testing or even a programmer. Those authors who have little experience working with advisers will find you a lot of excuses not to trade programs, because at the very beginning it is really not easy. Try to overcome laziness, and your efforts will pay off handsomely.

FORTRADER magazine experts

FORTRADER Magazine is a large team of experts in trading in financial markets. Traders, managers, investors, programmers, testers, technical administrators – we all work for you every day for many years. Sometimes we write articles together, then the whole journal becomes the author.


Fighting online scams since 2020

BEWARE of Real Binary Options Robot – review

In this review we explain why you should not trade with the Real Binary Options Robot.

Real Binary Options Robot is an anonymous service provided by an anonymous person who claims to have over 6 years of experience as a trader.

The robot allegedly can make you up to $8000 per month. And up to the $25 trading size the robot is free, so is it worth trying?

Table of Contents

Don’t trade with Real Binary Options Robot

While analyzing the Real Binary Options Robot, we found several major issues. First of all, as we have already mentioned, it is a totally anonymous signals service, which is illegal.

If you want to provide investment advice in the shape of trading signals, in most countries you have to be registered, you have to have a licence. And Real Binary Options Robot is obviously not licensed.

And it is very easy to doubt the alleged 6-year history of “keeping binary options real”, because the site is just 2 years old. Look at our picture.

Illegal service

Real Binary Options Robot is trying to bypass the legal issue of providing investment advice by providing the trading signals through But the problem here is that is not regulated either!

We have already reviewed this service and it has no authorization to serve people from countries that regulate investing, which is basically every developed country in this world. So this trick doesn’t work, Real Binary Options Robot signals remain illegal in most countries.

How it works

From reading the set up instructions for the Real Binary Options Robo,t we clearly see that the main purpose of this program is to earn affiliate commissions from referring you to and This is how people who run this robot are earning money.


We recommend not to trade with Real Binary Options Robot, because it is pushing you to use unregulated investment services.

We always recommend to trade with regulated brokers only.

4 thoughts on “ BEWARE of Real Binary Options Robot – review ”

You clearly did not attend his live webinar 18 months or so ago. Then you would have seen that the person talking was the same person as in the “stock photo”.

You seem to not understand how Google Image Search works. You cannot just search a person’s name and then conclude that a photo is a stock photo. Search for yourself and see what also comes up.

Plus, it makes use of, but you fail to mention this.

Requiring a license for letting people freely choose to use a robot is like requiring streamers on Youtube to have a broadcasting license. Some politicians actually think that is ok, but they are living in the 1950s, and not many other people agree with them.

You clearly haven’t done your homework very well, so it is your review that sucks, not his service.

Your numerous “reviews” on numerous websites (around the same time but under different names) smell like a competitor or otherwise disgruntled individual. I wonder if you yourself have a “license for giving financial advice” with your bogus reviews?

This comment has been posted to several websites with the same wording. But that’s fine, as I actually did my homework.

Unless you do a proper review of Bojan Matjasic’s actual service, your own “service” here is itself confirmed laughable.

Why are you commenting an article that you did not read? There is nothing about stock photos in our review. I did not even know that the name of the guy was Bojan Matjasic. Now that I know it thanks to you, I have to laugh. A guy who studied arts and is teaching chakra balancing is also teaching financial trading? Really?
Another thing, we are exposing investment scams, and for this we don’t need any licence. But when you tell people how to trade or you give them a robot that will trade for them or generate trading signals, it is investment advice, which is a regulated activity in most countries.

I strongly encourage anybody who has doubts to ask their national financial authority/regulator about Real Binary Options Robot, or any other robot/signals service for that matter. You don’t have to trust us, trust your regulator. I am absolutely sure that no matter the country, every financial regulator will confirm what we say in reviews.

I did read your article, but may have wrongly assumed that your review was just one of multiple hit pieces, as they were written within a few days of each other and put up on sites that resemble each other. There is at least one known scammer within binary options review sites, and he is said to have multiple sites. So I chose to just post one “collated” comment on each of them, as they were presumably written by the same person, with merely some differences here and there, so as to not give this away. If I was wrong about your review then my comment was clearly irrelevant. If that’s the case, my bad. However, there are still some issues, so let me get more specific to your article and your comments.

Concerning regulation, that’s up to people themselves, in many people’s opinion. I’ll bet Bitcoin is illegal to use somewhere, but people do it anyway, and good for them. Same goes for binary options. No need to impose “protections” on everyone when some people have enough knowledge to choose for themselves how to risk their money. And anyway, the specifics on regulation of giving financial advice varies somewhat from place to place, you cannot just generalize. Bojan may have a company in Slovenia for tax and liability purposes, but on he was clearly seen as a private person, just as the other providers on there. Many things have gotten much more gray after the advent of the Internet. Plus, I can choose to receive financial advice from my neighbour no matter what any law says. No one is going to prosecute my neighbour for that. If you think this kind of advice is somehow wrong, then most people simply won’t care. It’s their money, their risk. And most (if not all) of them have the understanding that they are not receiving the same kind of service as if they had contacted a financial institution. They know that they are taking an extra risk, and they choose to do so anyway. Perhaps you are one of those people who thinks that Youtubers need a broadcasting license for their live webcasts? And why not? They are actually broadcasting. But if you think like that, then you’re living in the pre-Internet past. Things have changed with the Internet, but laws aren’t up to speed. Binary options advice is not on the same level as advice on eg. buying a house or investing for retirement. Plus, many regulators don’t actually know what binary options are, so why let them regulate “advice” concerning them? And anyway, a robot that places trades in a “hands off” way for the user cannot seriously be considered as giving advice.

You clearly seem to say that his service cannot be trusted because he has studied arts. So you apparently think that a person who has studied arts can know absolutely nothing about biology, literature, physics, economics, or binary options. You must have low expectations for people. Many people have taken the time to become knowledgeable in multiple and very different fields at the same time, but you apparently expect people to just stick to one field for life, and presumably have documentation for this and also a license in order to have any credibility whatsoever. Well, let the customers choose for themselves whether they trust his knowledge. Sometimes nurses treat patients in lack of a doctor, and still no one dies from it, as what the non-doctor does is either sufficient or even completely up to standard. Same goes for financial advice, as many private investors acting on the “hear-say” of eg. friends or websites can attest to. Besides, whether one has studied arts or not, learning about technical analysis (as he shows on his Youtube review channel that he has done) is not reserved for people educated in finance and investing. Almost anyone can learn it, you only need to put in the work.

When Bojan held his live webinar in early 2020 he showed his face. How many scammers would do that? He published a lot of info on his website, more than the average scammer would take the time to do, way more detailed than with the average scammer, and way more organized than the average scammer seems to have the aptitude for doing. Still, you would have to just trust in this info, yes. But the same goes for advice from one’s bank (banks themselves have a conflict of interest). And btw, no one really knows who you reviewers are either. Whatever you may try to claim you are, whichever expertise you claim to have, we simply don’t know. And saying that you yourself don’t need a license doesn’t do anything to raise my trust in you. But I can choose to trust you anyway.

People come to these review sites in order to get an honest review. But when I read something that looks like a hit piece on someone – because I just happen to know that the reviews are off at least by a bit, and some by a lot – then how am I to trust any of the reviews on these sites, yours included? You admit to not even knowing the guy’s name (which wasn’t difficult to get, had you read the robot’s comments section on and then googled a bit). Your review of his website was somewhat hurried. You made an unnecessary fuss about his domain age not matching his claimed years of experience, and you even claimed that he earns commissions from where many users already would have an account (which means no commissions to him), as it’s the biggest broker out there. These are good reasons why I assumed that you were probably either a competitor to him in some sense, a scammer yourself, or someone who for some reason is mad at him.

These review sites all look more or less the same. So when there is clearly either false or lacking information given on several of them, and they all give off the same “feel”, either because of layout and/or language, then how can we trust any of them? Can you see why people might feel suspicious of some of these reviews? If you are indeed seperate review websites, then perhaps some of you should start standing out from the others, not just in review quality, but also simply in things such as layout and language in order to increase the trust. Any business should want to raise trust in their potential customers. An unnecessarily “messy” layout or language resembling that of similar websites can on their own give a visitor the feeling of looking at a website not to be trusted.

In any case, I hope that these comments will make you take another look at his robot in the near future, as he is leaving for his own system, on his own server. Yes, that can make one’s bells go off, mine as well. But he does it because of all the problems users had with which gave different outcomes due to delays in communication. So even though I generally trust the guy, it would be nice to have others take a good look at his new service. He has gone from delivering signals over email/sms, to using for increasing efficiency and trust, and now to letting his robot communicate directly with without having and users’ browsers/VPSs delay the process. His website has been altered to reflect the new service, and as he’s aware of the bad reviews (which he himself calls “fake”), he’s asking users to place a personal review on his website using their Facebook profile. Lastly, however one looks at it, because of the recent changes, those numerous critical reviews of his robot from September 2020 and earlier are no longer valid.

Well, Slovenia is in the EU and the entire EU regulates investment advice, that is the law. So if you have no licence, you cannot provide such a service and it is also illegal to send people to a service that is not regulated like Again, anybody can confirm this with their national regulator. This is the main thing that matters to me.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

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