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Binary Options Tips

These binary options tips aim to give you simple advice to adhere to while trading. Binary Options are relatively straightforward and they are far easier to understand and manage than other investment strategies. So, if you’re looking to get involved in binary options trading then these tips are for you.

Binary Options trading is done through an online broker. When you’re selecting a broker, make sure that they’re regulated by financial authorities and find someone who publishes their satisfaction rates. A failure to do so may mean that the data isn’t particularly flattering.

Also check for the additional features offered by some brokers. If you’re new to the world of investing then make sure you check to see if your broker offers introductory guides and educational materials to help you. These may be worth paying that little bit extra for.

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2) Stay in Control of All the Latest Developments

When you’re investing, you need to know exactly what the markets are doing. The only way that you can predict potential impacts on the markets is to stay on top of world events that will be shaping them. Broadsheet newspapers and financial magazines will allow you to do this on a morning but, the markets are changing and evolving 24 hours a day so, even if you’re just a day trader, you’ll need constant access.

3) Set Yourself a Trading Schedule

If you’re trading, you’ll need to organise your daily routine. If you’re trading while working then you’ll need to factor in the additional timing to research your trades. Early morning will be the best time to do this, but you’ll have to be committed. There’s no point waking up 5 minutes earlier than usual and not planning your trades; that’s effectively throwing money away.

Instead, get up early and research all of your potential trades before you place your money. This knowledge base will make it easier for you to turn a profit. In addition to this, make sure that you know about the assets you’re trading. Never trade based on an ‘anonymous tip’ as these very rarely prove to be correct. The only way to turn a profit is to plan and research.

4) Set a Budget and Stick to It

Although it is possible to turn a profit when trading Binary Options it is never guaranteed. For this reason, you should never bet any money that you cannot afford to lose. Never invest any of your savings and do not use any money that you need for rent, food etc. The only money that you should ever use to bet with is money that’s purely disposable income.

Once you’ve set this budget it is vital that you stick to it. It is easy to get ‘sucked in’ when trading, but you have to be strict with yourself and stick to it.

Those are our hints and tips to help you create a strategy for Binary Options trading. Good luck!

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7 Tricks To Be Professional At Binary Options Trading

Are you a professional at binary options trading? If not, then you are in the right place to boost up your energy.

Most of you already know what binary options are, as you are here for the top tips and tricks on trading binary options. But, for the uninitiated, we will give a short brief.

Binary Options are financial instruments that allow you to trade on all kinds of assets such as forex, stocks, futures, crypto, indices, and much more. There are only two directions in binary trading and this is where it gets its name from.

By accurately predicting the outcome, you win a payout. If you are wrong, you get nothing and lose your initial investment. The time from when you place the trade till the time the trade lasts is the expiry time.

When you think the price of the asset will increase, you buy a call option. Moreover, when you believe the price will decrease, you purchase a put option.

It is just a short introduction to binary options. Head on over to our introductory guide on binary options trading that covers all the concepts of options trading in great detail.

Can Anyone Be A Professional At Binary Options Trading?

Binary Option is simpler and far less complex compared to other forms of trading. It is easy to understand as well as beginner-friendly. But, does that mean it is easy to score profits when trading binary options?

Let’s take a look at statistics and probability.

In a study conducted by FinanceMagnates , they covered on Japanese binary trading industry. The average payout ratio was found to be at 95.69%. On an average 74.1% of traders ended up facing losses trades.

Roughly 1 in every 4 traders ends up making money trading binary options. By now you have realized even if they are simple to trade, it doesn’t mean everyone’s making off it.

  • What’s the difference then?
  • Why are some traders expert while the majority keep losing money, and blame their broker?
  • Are they missing out on some secret information?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no secret mantra or formula that will make you rich overnight. There are, however, a few tricks and tips that you can apply in your trading. It will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Via this article, we will share with you the 7 best tricks to become a professional Binary Options trader. We will suggest you read till the last to find out what these tricks are.


Avoid making beginner mistakes and learn how to start trading binary options with this short step-by-step tutorial. This binary options guide for beginners outlines the most important steps towards trading in a simple and straightforward manner. Start on right track and develop the correct mindset.

How to Start Trading Binary Options the Right Way?

There are many ways one can start trading binary options.

The worst way is to jump right onto a real trading account and try to copy some falsely presented strategy which you encountered on Youtube. The truth is there are many false presentations and fake products connected with binary options industry and many beginners get caught by false promises.

However, binary options trading is not a scam, and it is actually one of the best investment and trading instruments, which is easily accessible to anyone, and which allows making a substantial profit over time if the right approach is taken.

But the truth is that a beginner is unlikely going to make millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month or even a year (as is presented by many fake products and services).

The amount of profit you can make also greatly depends on your initial investment and on your trading skills. An average beginner is most likely not going to invest more than $1.000 into the first real trading attempt. And it is better not to do so.

What to Expect?

What can be done in reality is to slowly build your trading account over time and come up to a level where you can make anywhere from $1.000 to $3.000 per month while maintaining the low-risk approach to trading.

If you limit your appetite and lower your expectations, you can use binary options trading as additional monthly revenue for years to come. And once you get more familiar and experienced with it, you can aim for higher profit.

My Personal Experience

Years ago, when I first encountered binary options trading, I got burned several times, before I actually made my first profit. And it took me almost a year to recover from initial losses.

At that time there was no much information about trading systems and strategies, and I had to learn by myself from scratch.

Lots of trial and error and lots of practice lead me to the position where I was able to make great gains in short periods of time. One of such attempts, for example, was bringing a $200 deposit account to $3.000 in two weeks by manual trading. And my last attempts are bringing $2.000 to $8.000 in 2 weeks by manual trading and $1.000 to $7.000 in only 1 month with my own robot.

I am at the point where I construct my own trading strategies and build my own trading robots which I also offer as a service for public use.

Where to start?

What I want to emphasize is that making money with binary options trading is definitely possible and very real.

But it is important for a beginner to lower the expectations and learn from own experience instead of just following some fake strategies from Youtube or fake services with promises of easy money.

If you want to become an independent trader and ultimately trade on your own, the only way is to start slowly and learn as you go. No one was born as a trader.

On the other hand – if you are just interested in making profit without learning – there is a possibility to use robots or signals for fully or semi-automated trading.

Binary Options Trading Step by Step Guide



The first step towards trading is to get familiar with the financial instruments you are going to use. This simply means you have to learn how trading works. And the best way to learn is by practice and your own experience.

You don’t want to start trading by making a real investment and you don’t want to practice trading with real money. That’s why you need a free demo account. There are a few very good brokers who offer free no-deposit demo accounts.

PocketOption is a Broker that accepts traders from all around the world and they offer a free demo account which you can try out immediately.

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options Introduction

Binary Options are a type of investment instrument that can be traded electronically both over-the-counter (off-exchange) and on regulated exchanges (on-exchange), through online brokers.

These contracts are an increasingly popular form of trading and provide investors and speculators (traders) the ability to have potential risk/reward exposure to an underlying asset. This type of investment exposure includes certain unique characteristics with regards to time and other conditions, as will be explained below.

While the regulatory status with regards to binary options varies per jurisdiction, the space is growing and evolving at a steady pace. The Financial Commission as part of its mission statement aims to provide traders with educational content to help better their understanding of this type of trading instrument. The next section will compare some differences within options.

Not all Options are Created Equal

Buying options typically conveys the right – but not the obligation – to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price, and which can be exercised within a certain duration of time (with key differences between how American and European style options can be exercised) until the expiration date is reached.

Binary options share many similarities with traditional options, yet have many components that have been removed from the equation by incorporating pre-determined criteria into the process to simplify it.

Therefore while trading stock options is often for more advanced traders and is more complex in nature, Binary Options offer an easy way for the beginner trader to learn about speculating in the financial markets. At the same time there are still some key parallels with regards to options that every trader should know, such as the time component as will be detailed next.

All Options Have an Expiration Date

One common theme all options share is that they are a wasting asset. This means that they expire worthless if not exercised (and if they are not in-the-money or passed their break-even point), and are either cash-settled or deliver a multiplier of the underlying asset (i.e. 100 shares, etc…).

In essence this time component means that the time value ticks away and degrades over time regardless of market conditions, and therefore choosing the right amount of time (duration until expiry) is an important element of timing an option trade correctly.

For this reasons it’s crucial to understand the particular options contract specification, and how your broker processes any profits or break-even scenarios which may be either automatically paid out upon or before expiration and/or whether the contracts can be manually exercised before or at expiration.

With binary options this entire process is typically very simple (when compared to trading stock options) and can be clarified by your broker, but it’s a good ideas to see it in writing – normally in the account agreement or product listing under the contract/instrument specifications so there is no uncertainty .

How are Binary Options Different?

Binary Options simplify the often complex dimensions of risk characteristics that traditional options trading carries, by creating only two possible outcomes – either a profit or a loss – hence the dualistic name “Binary” which has been appropriately designated to these option contracts (keep in mind that a third outcome is possible in some cases if a trade reaches a break-even outcome and there is neither a profit or loss.)

This simplification enables traders of nearly all experience levels to understand the basics of binary options trading without having to learn the complexities of traditional options investing which can include premiums that change in value over time, time-value, and intrinsic and extrinsic value, as well as the historical and implied volatility of the underlying asset, all factors that can directly affect the options value over time.

With Binary Options nearly all of those components are removed and the focus is entirely on the payoff and break-even price since this will enable a trader to gauge how much to risk based on the trade size and depending on their outlook of the underlying asset over time. Time is of course a key part as well, and typically is chosen based on the outlook of the investors, with regards to their view on the underlying assets.

What is the Payoff?

With binary options the return component is typically called the “pay-off” where the value can be either zero or positive, and both of which are known in advance. In essence the payoff is the result of the trade and depends on whether the binary option trade becomes in-the-money by surpassing its break-even price, and if not the cost of the investment is the loss generated on the trade.

Therefore, a trader who establishes a bullish trade or “call” with a $50 payoff, can expect to make a $50 return if the price of the underlying asset increases over a specific rate – say for example $6.50 (for the price of an underlying stock), within a fixed period of time (i.e. 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 1 week, etc..) .

In such a scenario there are two main outcomes: either both the $6.50 price is surpassed and the trade realizes a $50 profit on the $50 capital investment (100% return), or if the price is not reached – thus there is a $50 loss (100% loss).

However, in some cases (varies per broker) if the call price of $6.50 is reached exactly and doesn’t increase any tick higher from that break-even point, then the cost of the trade is returned (i.e. the trader will receive his initial cost back and has a 0% gain or loss) where the trade is flat with a break-even return.

Customer should fully understand the characteristics of binary options and the often unique features or policies that their brokerage may have with regards to how orders are handled, and how positions and options contracts function, including the various possible outcomes that can result from trading binary options.

The Financial Commission aims to provide educational content to traders, such as the information above, to support a key part of our mission statement. For more information please contact us.

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