Automated Binary – Scam or Legit

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BEWARE of Automated Binary – review

In this review we have a closer look at Automated Binary, which is a binary options robot based on a scam software.

On the Automated Binary web site you can read that this robot is a sophisticated tool that allows you to trade binary options and make huge profits.

You can choose different settings and let the robot trade for you. It even has a demo account.

Worthless tool

Automated Binary is one of the few binary options programs that does not explicitly promise an income, but you should be aware of some important things.

We have seen this software used by a lot of binary options scams, like Gold Binary Robot or iRobot, look at the picture. This software has basically no edge in the markets, it just uses some indicators to create signals that are not profitable in the long term.

What is worse, this software also includes a demo account that fake results! We have proved this in the OptionRobot review.

So if you try the Automated Binary demo and you have good results, first check your trades against a real price feed from a real broker.

All in all we consider Automated Binary a worthless tool, because you can just throw some indicators on your screen and trade random signals, it would be the same, you don’t need a third party robot for this.

All these robots don’t give you a free choice of brokers, you always have to choose from one they offer. Because they get paid for referring new depositors to their brokers, so you should know that if you deposit money through Automated Binary, they will earn an affiliate commission. It is the main purpose of the robot.


Let’s close this Automated Binary review by saying that it is a binary options robot based on a scam software, so we recommend staying away from it.

To start making real money with binary options, you have to trade on a genuine demo account with a reputable broker. This way you can really build a profitable strategy before going live.

Binary Option Robot Review — Scam Or Legit Software?

Is The Binary Option Robot a Legit or a Scam Software? Read 100% Detailed & Honest Binary Option Robot Review

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

How it Works & Is BinaryOptionRobot FREE — See All Below!

Read Full Review

Full ReviewIf you are new to trading but you still want to trade binary options with success, then Binary Option Robot is exactly what you need. It is a 100% automated software that ensures you will be able to control the risk level and to customize the settings according to your individual requirements. You can set your own limit of how many funds you want to trade per day.

That means you can maximize your profits. It is easy to get started, you simply have to sign up and deposit a minimum amount. You will have a wide variety of assets to choose from and the average winning results that you will enjoy lie between 75 to 85%.

How to Use BinaryOptionRobot?

The Binary Option Robot software is absolutely automated and created especially for the needs of binary options traders.

Binary Option Robot system provides its users a secure trading based on the high accuracy. You can choose from a wide variety of settings and features that give you optimal control over the risk level and helps you minimize the risk of financial losses:

Another great opportunity is the educational articles and materials that can be helpful for all traders to build their successful binary options trading strategy. You also get access to financial news and video tutorials.

No Downloads or Complex Installation

The Binary Option Robot does not require downloading and also has a mobile version, which is as good and easy to navigate as the desktop version. In other words, you will be able to trade not only from the comfort of your home but also if you are on the go. With BinaryOptionRobot you can profit anytime anywhere.

Start With Binary Option Robot

Starting with Binary Option Robot is easy and fast. The biggest advantage of the Binary Option Robot is that it is free of cost. When you finish the registration process on the official BinaryOptionRobot website you will have to choose the currency you want to trade with (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or CAD) and then you are able to trade.

The trading software cooperates with reputable and reliable binary brokers. In order to trade you will have to make an initial minimum deposit with one of the recommended brokers. The minimum accepted deposit is on average $250. Only you will have access to it and it is used for making investments. The broker and the robot do not require payment.

Follow these steps to trade with Binary Option Robot:

1. Sign-up for FREE

3. Predetermine Settings & Start Autopilot


On average, the Binary Option Robot trading software can achieve between 75% and 85% accuracy, thus generating significant profits and returns for its clients. The system is known to achieve even higher results. This, in reality, depends on the settings you make before activating the robot’s autopilot.

Is BinaryOptionRobot Pricey?

Binary Option Robot is offered as a free software tool for binary options investments. You can also upgrade to a VIP account by referring a friend, there are no costs involved. The initial investment deposit you make is for trading purposes only and is not a payment. Your profits will not be taxed by the Binary Option Robot’s team or by the compatible broker you are assigned to.

Is Binary Option Robot a Scam Software?

You will enjoy a safe and secure trading environment with the Binary Option Robot. It is offering regulated brokers to choose from. It fully abides the investment rules and practices according to the EU law. That means your investment and profits both are going to be safe. This revolutionary trading system handles everything on your behalf. It also generates 85% accurate signals too, so you have the chance of making the best profits out of the binary options trading.

The BinaryOptionsRobot (or Binary Option Robot) is a professional trading software very popular nowadays on the binary options market. This system has a winning ratio of 85% and its trading platform is very easy to use which is one of the reasons why it is the top choice of many binary options traders.

Review Verdict: BinaryOptionRobot is NOT a Scam
Visit BinaryOptionRobot Website

This binary options software is an automated system which offers secure trading to both newbies and professionals. The Binary Option Robot’s algorithm scans the market movements searching for the best possible trades, then it places the trade by itself.

Customer Support

Whatever questions you might have regarding the sign-up process, the setting of the different features and the trading itself, among other things, you can freely address them to the customer service team of the BinaryOptionRobot.

It is available 24/7 and you can reach it via multiple channels for communication. Their response is timely and always of great help.

User Experience

BinaryOptionsRobot is the third robot I have tried trading with. And is probably going to be the last — because I will stick to it for as long as it is operational! The previous two were sort of okay, but the BinaryOptionRobot has greatly improved both my income situation and investment abilities!

BinaryOptionRobot allowed me to start from the bottom. I had zero experience in trading when I joined it. This did not have a negative effect on my profits and investments. On the contrary — BinaryOptionRobot is such an intuitive system, I was able to make proper settings from the first try. I have been experimenting with them as of late, and my results are even better now. I don’t think that would have been possible if BinaryOptionRobot wasn’t as user-friendly as it is!


Overall, we consider Binary Option Robot as a reliable and trusted trading system. It is not a scam. After putting the Binary Option Robot’s features to our investigation tests, we confirm that it is one of the top trusted systems.

It is not only free but also compatible with top industry brokers. This allows for swift and smooth withdrawals. The winning ratio of BinaryOptionRobot is also verified and stable. This entirely browser-based trading software is one of the best alternatives available on the market right now.

Odin Forex Robot Review: Is The Automated Trader Legit Or Scam?

The Odin Forex Robot introduces their forex robot system as the “unrivaled expert trading advisor with brutal trading accuracy.” It goes on to list the astronomical profit figures they claim to have achieved with the robot trader in the last 30 days and ‘so far this year.’ This spikes off the first red flag not just because of their incredibly high numbers but because they have little evidence to back the results.

A quick search online reveals that Odin Forex Robot trading system is distributed and maintained by that is in turn owned and operated by Don Steinitz. Apart from Odin forex robot, Don is also the developer of the equally controversial products. Yet they all have the same characteristics and key among them is the promise of huge profits from small initial investments.

  • Vader Forex Robot
  • Falcor Forex Robot
  • Ganon Forex Robot
  • Hedge Forex Robot
  • Directional Forex Robot
  • WaveRunner Forex Robot
  • Reaper Forex Robot
  • HAS Forex Robot
  • Pterodactyl Forex Robot
  • Volatility Forex Robot
  • Free Forex Robot
  • Fractal Breakout Indicator

What is the trading strategy used by Odin forex robot

According to the Odin Forex Robot website, their system embraces the Grid trading system that they claim plots charts in real time to identify trends that it then uses to “enter and close trades with no lag time.” The process is fully automated which then makes the Don Steinitz algorithmic trader deployable for all traders regardless of their skill as they don’t have to “lift a finger.”

From an experienced trader’s point of view, the explanation of this strategy is just meant to lure in traders. It glosses over all the important details that help an experienced trader determine whether robot trader is worth investing in or not. For instance, it doesn’t mention whether the strategy allows for the implementation of stop-loss or any other risk management protocol aimed at protecting the trader’s investments. It also doesn’t mention the number of trades the system can open during a trading session.

Reasons you should be cautious when dealing with Odin forex robot

No backtests

Backtests remain one of the most effective methods of helping prospective traders understand the inner working of the trading robot they hope to acquire. In an ideal situation, you would expect these backtesting results to include such factors as settings; tick data variation, stop loss levels, time frames, and amounts invested as well as the duration of the backtest. But Odin Forex Robot provides none of that.

Independent reviewers that have purchased and tested the system have nonetheless flocked such reputable trading robot review sites as, expressing their disappointment with the system. The chief concern in the unreliability of Odin’s default settings that don’t live up to the expectation peddled on their website.

Suspicious and unverifiable live trading results

Independent trading review sites like Myfxbook and FxBlue give trading system developers a chance to host the verified trading history of their automated systems on their platforms. Odin Forex robot developers, however, decide to forego either of the platforms and link the results of their live trading accounts toa suspicious and unverifiable trading history profile.

This isn’t the first time is foregoing the independent and reputable trading history providers and hosting their forex robot’s trading history on unverified third-party websites. It is a trend as none of their forex trading robot has its history on an independently verifiable history tracking platform. This shoots up as yet another red flag that makes trader think hard about the trading robot provider’s transparency.

History of running scams, the brand behind the popularization and distribution of Odin Forex Broker among other automated trading software, is marred with controversy. They also have a history of running scams with most of the trading robots they allegedly provide being flagged off by a majority of the trading community as highly unreliable and scam.

While the history alone is not enough to qualify Odin as yet another scam project, the fact that it follows in the footsteps of all its predecessors from risky trading strategies and unverifiable trading information does.

Negative user reviews

We agree that there may be a host of reasons why a disappointed trader may leave a negative review on a forex broker’s website. But a load of them, all from verified traders that have interacted with the system, addressing such common issues as poor performance, poor support, and poorly researched deposit settings, cannot be wrong.

Checking up on, there are hundreds of negative reviews from verified traders directed at Odin and its developer as well as the other trading robots that the developer gives out for Free as an added bonus for every purchase.

PAMM forex accounts management has also evolved into one of the ways traders use to test the effectiveness of trading robots, as well as trading signal service providers. Before PAMM investors deposit into accounts they demand access to a trading system’s actual trading history and vet every possible threat to their often huge investments.

But the net reward from maintaining these accounts is worth the close scrutiny. It is, therefore, suspicious that Odin Forex Robot would forego the lure of guaranteed profits made from maintaining PAMM accounts only to sell their system that “beats the market” for $199.

No money back guarantee

Legit Forex trading system developers, confident about their systems, give their clients enough time to test their trading robots. They provide a free trading period, allow for the use of demo accounts or opt for the more popular money back guarantee strategy. Odin Forex robot offers none of these, neither does it promise to give back your invested amounts should their system lose you money or perform dismally.

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