Auto Trader Alpha Secret Loophole Review

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Auto Trader Alpha Software Scam-Fraud System Review

The Auto Trader Alpha Software by Tim Gold is a new Auto Trader. It is the same type of scam system we often review on our site. The similar production and the same old story of a guy who used to be a great Wall Street trader and now he offers his legendary software for free. The similar show-off of luxury cars, mansion and grand holiday abroad. We found nothing new in it. But we want to warn the innocent traders about this type of fraud, system and thus writing this article.

Auto Trader Alpha Software Offerings

The Auto Trader Alpha Software uses a simple, secret loophole developed by a former silicon valley and wall street trader, Tim Gold. This system can make you $550 to $2100 a day. Even you don’t need any earlier experience to use this great system. You just only need two hours a day to get the said amount of profits. This secret loophole algorithm bears no risk of trading. This is a simple and secret Hack that has never been discovered and that will make you risk-free money, even when you sleep. It works like clockwork.
The Auto Trader Alpha Software is a trade term used by the biggest hedge fund companies. Some beta testers doubled their money in just one single trade. The secret loophole algorithm which can predict the market with an accuracy of 96%. The Auto Trader Alpha Software is free to join and it won’t cost you a dime.

Auto Trader Alpha Software Scam Review

Tim Gold, the so-called creator of the Auto Trader Alpha Software is none other than Sean Dennison, a Fiverr actor who offers his service for $5 Buck as a video testimonial giver. We have seen this guy in many scam productions before with many different names. He is not the silicon valley expert or former Wall Street hedge fund manager. Even he doesn’t have any relation to binary options trading. He was acting according to the script he was given by the fraudsters. Therefore, would you rely on any software where the owner is a paid actor? Still not convinced? Look at the picture below!
When you log on to this Auto Trader Alpha Software website, you will see them making too many promises that are far from reality. Tim Gold aka Sean Dennison guarantees you to make $550 to $2100 per day with an initial deposit of $250. That is just double or quadruple amount of your initial deposit to make every day. This way you risk your money because according to money management you can trade by 5-10% of your initial deposit. This way Auto Trader Alpha Software can drain your hard-earned money within just an hour.
‘’The Secret Loophole” is their advertising technique to attract you to invest in the Auto Trader Alpha Software. Pro traders know that there is no secret loophole algorithm that can make you rich overnight. The market basically moves based on some news and trader sentiment. And the 96% win rate is unbelievable. No software can deliver that win ratio. We think 75 to 80% success rate is good enough to make you profitable. So, don’t just believe their fake and misleading information.

Final Verdict: The Auto Trader Alpha Software is a Scam

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Auto Trader – эксперт для MetaTrader 5

Торговый советник Auto Trader предназначен для включения/выключения кнопки Авто-торговля терминала MetaTrader 5. В необходимое время StartHour и StartMinute советник включит кнопку Авто-торговля, если она отжата, и выключит, если время больше StopHour и StopMinute, и закроет все открытые на этот момент позиции в терминале.


Рис.1. Советник на графике


  • Используется для включения и отключения всех установленных в терминале советников и закрытия всех позиций.

Индикатор ExMassV2 с возможностью изменения таймфрейма индикатора во входных параметрах.

Индикатор ExVolV2 с возможностью изменения таймфрейма индикатора во входных параметрах.

Универсальная скользящая средняя с заливкой пространства графика цветным фоном. В качестве линии разделения цвета представлен сама скользящая средняя.

Универсальная скользящая средняя с отображением последнего значения в виде ценовой метки и с возможностью округлять уровни индикатора на требуемое количество порядков.

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If you want to find a Discord provider, which you can trust unconditionally, we recommend paying closer attention to Alpha Trade Zone. And our Safetrading will help you with that, delivering the most important data about the provider.

Alpha Trade Zone


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Alpha Trade Zone – Discord Signals And Good Support
Alpha Trade Zone is a trading channel with a team of professional traders who not only deal with trading signals and cryptocurrency signals but also provide assistance to their clients, educating them on how to be excellent traders on the market.
What Is AlphaTradeZone?
The Alpha Team
History Of Alpha Trade Zone
Provided Services
Crypto Signals

Andreas ( How long do you trade in general?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): 6 years.

Andreas ( What was your financial market before you started to trade cryptocurrency (USA, Europe, Russia, New York, Forex)?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Derivatives, New York Stock Exchange.

Andreas ( Do you work/Did you work in other trading companies? If yes – in which ones? Is it a public or private company?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, I worked for a private trading company in the capital of my home country. Staff was about 14 traders, we all traded together on separate accounts on stock market companies listed on NYSE via specialized licensed software. All of us were in 1 office. I worked there for 6 months before leaving to expand my trading knowledge into Crypto.

Andreas ( Did you trade with your own money or with money of your company where you did trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I was trading with the money of my company initially. Later on when i accumulated some capital myself, i started trading with my own money. I never traded with my own money on NYSE, though. Only on the cryptocurrency markets.

Andreas ( Please provide contacts (Telegram, Viber, Skype s.o.) of the person who can guarantee you did trading in that company.

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I do have a Viber contact, since its very old, but i dont think its appropriate to provide it publicitly. If anyone specifically needs to check, you may find me and i will provide you with the information required. Im not giving away 3rd party contacts without their consent. Thank you!

Andreas ( How much money did you earn while trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): While trading crypto i made 3500% on my capital and managed to protect those gains. This is 35x gain on my initial investment.

Andreas ( How long do you trade cryptocurrency?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I’ve been trading cryptocurrency since 2020.

Andreas ( Is your company legally registered?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): No, it is not. I keep supporting Telegram channel and a Discord server as an individual (team).

Andreas ( Do you have your own office? Could you provide its address?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): We are a small team and we are located in different countries over Europe. Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Andreas ( Can you name real people who were the initiators of this projects? Would be perfect if you could provide their contacts too.

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, the founder of our project is named Talin, his real name is Boyan Donev, he is from Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe. @BoyanDonev on Telegram, or @AlphaTeamSupport again on Telegram.

Andreas ( Which crypto exchange do you use for crypto trading and why?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): We are mostly using Binance and Bitfinex. They provide security and reliability. Vast variety of options for professional traders like different order types, margin opportunities for alts and good security measures.

Andreas ( How many people are there in your team?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Currently there are 3 people in the team.

Andreas ( How much time do you use on preparation for trading every day?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): 3 hours.

Andreas ( How much time do you trade every day?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Up to 18 hours a day.

Andreas ( How often do you open a deal (1 time/day, 1 time/hour)?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Sometimes i don’t trade. Sometimes i open up to 3-4 deals per day.

Andreas ( Do you trade on your own or use a bot?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I do trade on my own and I also use the help of bots. Mostly i use inhouse bots, since we create them together with my developer.

Andreas ( Does your trading strategy take into account a fundamental analysis of crypto market or assets? Please provide an example of such an analysis.

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, our trading strategies ALWAYS include and take into account fundamental analysis. And also sentimental analysis. Shear examples are buying BTC when price was $4000, since we knew big players and country governments are also buying. Also now we keep long positions on BTC and Gold because of the macroeconomic situation and raging trade wars between USA and China. Those are big fundamentals in favor of Bitcoin and the crypto world, makes a little sense to swim against the flow and trade against big fundamental trends.

Andreas ( Is your trading strategy based on technical indicators? If yes – which indicators do you use?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, our trading strategy is based off technical indicators. Most common tools and indicators that we use include: Horizontal support/resistance lines. Weekly and daily support and resistance lines. Fibonacci levels. Moving averages, Volume weighted moving averages Volume weighted average price per session. Accumulation, Distribution. Rarely we use RSI and others. If you wish to get more information, let us know!

Andreas ( Is the preservation of capital or multiplication of it a priority for you?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Preservation of capital is top priority for us. When risk per trade is properly calculated everything is fine. If you check our performance sheet you will see what am I talking about. So balance is key.

Andreas ( What is the win rate percentage of your strategy?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Average win rate of 68%.

Andreas ( Which Risk Reward do you use in trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Most of our trades are based off 1% risk per trade for 3% reward (of total capital). So even a 50% success rate in trading is giving us a good profit in the end of the month. Since from 1 trade win, we gain 3 times more than we lose on a bad trade.

Andreas ( With what Buying Power have you started?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I’ve started with around $30k.

Andreas ( What Buying Power do you have now?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): My buying power is bigger, but i dont want to share too much personal details regarding this.

Andreas ( Do you have an experience of fiduciary management of clients’ capital?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, we do, as we’ve done it in the past with financial partners of mine situated in Sofia.

Andreas ( Please provide contacts of the person who can confirm your experience in fiduciary management of his/her capital?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): [email protected]

Andreas ( How much money have you earned with crypto market?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Enough so i can get a satisfactory lifestyle.

Andreas ( Name please the cryptocurrency you earned the biggest amount of money with?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Cindicator, Holochain.

Andreas ( What is your trading result as a percentage of the starting deposit at the moment?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): 800%.

Andreas ( Do you follow other crypto traders? If yes – which ones?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, I do follow @TraderMayne on Twitter. Also Joker on Telegram.

Andreas ( Do you use signals of other crypto traders? If yes – which ones? Is it BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Poloniex?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I use privately designed signals from my fellow traders who are not public.

Andreas ( Do you use leverage? How often and which one?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I only use leverage on Bitfinex exchange. Every day. I use USDT as collateral there.

Andreas ( How risky is your trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I do not risk much.

Andreas ( Which risk percentage do you set on every deal?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): 2%.

Andreas ( What maximum drawdown did you have? How did you get out of it?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I’ve got many big drawdowns in the beginning of my career. Every time i had a big one i re-evaluated my strategy and stopped trading for a while to clear my mind and get out of any negative emotions.

Andreas ( Do you have a maximum drawdown limit at which you stop trading and no longer work?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, its 45%.

Andreas ( Is your risk constant or variable?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): My risk is constant.

Andreas ( Have you had margin calls?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes, on Bitmex.

Andreas ( Do you think it is possible to gain profit from every deal in crypto trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): No, i dont think so. Losing trades is part of the game.

Andreas ( Do you think it is better to risk and earn a lot of money or to risk with small earnings?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Its best to have calculated perfected risk to reward setups.

Andreas ( Do you listen for other people’s advice while trading?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): Yes. Sometimes i listen, especially when there are new things to be learned.

Andreas ( Do you think emotional background has an influence of traders’ results? Please describe such a situation from your own experience.

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): I am absolutely sure positive emotional background and psychological stability has immense impact on trader’s results. Very good Question! One of the best traders i know practice Yoga and meditation and have read alot of books for education in emotional balance. This is a must if you want to be successful in trading!

Andreas ( Do you have a cryptocurrency market statement certified by a broker?

Talin (AlphaTradeZone): No, I don’t need one in my country.

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We review the Auto Trader Alpha app or platform which frankly is yet another scam. Nobody knows the real people behind it through the face of this scam is a cheap actor hired from as opposed to the claimed silicon valley high roller trader making $500K a year.

Auto Trader Alpha is one of the newer scams introduced having hit the market back in 2020. Interestingly an effort has been made to ensure that the promises on the website are more believable.

The person known as Tim Gold who is supposed to be the owner of the system but is, in fact, a cheap fiverr actor as we found out does not promise unbelievable results like other scams. Not promising near 100% trading accuracy meant that we had to examine this scam more carefully actually to determine if they were a scam for sure. What we uncovered left no doubt about Auto Trader Alpha being a scam.

Auto Trader Alpha does nothing to help you make money, as a matter of fact, you’ll lose everything, and we have no doubt about it. It is a scam that’s being cleverly disguised as a legit system which makes it even more dangerous. That’s why we reckon that you should read the full review.

How does Auto Trader Alpha make money?

According to the introductory video or presentation, the binary trading platform automatically trades binary options with a 96% Return On Investment (ROI). It means that according to them it has the potential to churn earnings swiftly for traders.

However, because the software is based on some kind of top secret algorithm that he’s taken from Wall Street and coupled it with the genius of Silicon Valley programming, it’s capable of ensuring a 96% success rate.

There’s no easy loophole. If there was, it would have been long gone by now

Tim promises that users can easily generate anywhere from $500 to $2000 a day. Though these amounts are not considered extraordinarily huge, we reveal why it can’t be trusted. We will tell you why trusting this bot is not a good idea for both traders and those looking to use it to generate easy money.

Conclusive evidence of Auto Trader Alpha being a scam

When you’re watching the video presentation on the official website, it’s not hard to notice that it has been edited extensively to ensure that what you see looks genuine. Though upon closer inspection you’ll soon discover that Tim Gold is just a bad actor seeking to make a few bucks by lending his services. Though in actual reality his name isn’t Tim Gold but rather its Sean Dennison according to his gig page.

The “Creator” of this system is a paid actor who can be found on Fiverr

Mr. Dennison is the person these scammers have hired to hide behind, and his job is to make everyone believe that he’s some successful investor who now owns millions of dollars thanks to the system.

As a matter of fact, it’s evident from Mr. Dennison’s gig page that he’s never even been a software developer or a day trader or anything else meaningful in this regard. If anything he’s even a bad actor.

The other problem with the presentation is that the screenshots shown do not add up. Take for instance that in one screenshot you’ll see the date on the account as 2020, which is a red flag since the domain of the official website was registered during the first half of 2020.

Final Verdict

Auto Trader Alpha certainly has all the tell tale signs of what comprises of a binary trading scam. Elements like photoshopped banking details, fake identities, fictitious testimonials, mismatching dates and an unreliable system are just a few major ones.

The fact is that this is just another binary options scam like the hundreds of others out there. It’s best to save your money and perhaps learn how to trade because even then you’ll stand a better chance of making a fortune as compared to using Auto Trader Alpha.

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