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Is playing lottery worth your time and money?

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I don’t know that time is much of a factor. You go to a ticket seller, buy a ticket, then check the draw to see if you won. Takes maybe 5 minutes.

As far as money goes, only you can decide if you can afford it. In my country lottery tickets cost anywhere from $1 to $50, and of course you can buy as many as you want. The winning payout is from $10,000 to $20 million, with lots of smaller payouts too. So to spend say $5 to win $5 million may well be worthwhile. $5 is a cup of coffee here, and I would not miss that amount each week.

But $50 to win $20 million I would balk at. $50 is my whole wee.

6 Reasons Why Ukrainian IT Is Worth Your Attention

Ukraine is the biggest European country with an emerging free market, convenient geographical location and unlimited supply of outstanding professionals. Being positioned between two massive economies makes Ukraine a place of unlimited possibilities. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukrainians were working hard to become a part of European community, by constantly improving Ukraine’s image on the international arena.

A regional leader of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe – Ukrainian IT industry – was unfazed by recent political disturbances and keeps growing. This article will cover the benefits of outsourcing and starting an IT business in Ukraine. There are 6 main reasons for international companies to enter Ukrainian market:

1. Growing IT industry

For years, IT industry in Ukraine was developing independently of the foreign market, relying on on a high-quality engineering pool. But international projects quickly started dominating the market and set a new pace for the industry. By the end of 2020 IT industry in Ukraine accounted for 3% of the GDP (in 2020 it was only 0.8%). Experts prognose that by the year 2020, the IT industry will make up to 6% of total Ukrainian GDP. Foreign capital allows local IT companies to grow and increase the number of employees, which led to near 100,000 professionals working in the industry today. Freelancers, working for foreign companies make the number of people employed in IT even bigger. Upwork (formerly Elance.com) – one of the biggest online freelance websites, ranks Ukraine third in the list of top freelancer countries. With More than 1000 IT outsourcing and 2000 product companies, IT industry ranks 3rd by export volume in Ukraine, and at its current pace, IT is expected to outrun Metallurgy (currently 2nd) by 2020. In 2020, Ukrainian IT specialists earned approximately $851 million. In 2020, only in the first quarter the number was $755 million. Yevgen Sysoyev conducted a detailed research about Ukrainian IT that has a lot of useful information and analytics about the state of the industry:

2. Massive Talent Pool

Most of IT companies in Ukraine reside in 5 major cities, which account for 86% of the market.

On August 17, 2020, Odessa IT community officially announced the launch of Odessa IT Cluster, so we expect it to move up the list.

23,000 (approximately 25%) people in the industry are employed by 25 biggest companies. Most engineers are employed in outsourcing. Startups and product companies are catching up. In 2020, local projects had a 4% gain on Outsourcing in the number of jobs they created. The overall jobs distribution in the industry currently looks like this: Number of Applicants and Job Postings are growing too. DOU (a community of Ukrainian developers) states that the number of applicants tripled over the last 2 years and number of Job Postings had a 60% increase. Over the last 5 years, average salary in the industry didn’t change much and ranges between $1,500 to $2,200 depending on the city and the type of job.

3. Welcoming Conditions For Running A Business

Despite being a center of geopolitical tension, Ukraine has moved up 17 positions in A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index in 2020: This index tracks the contours of the offshoring landscape across three major categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment. Ukraine also improved its position in World Bank’s Ease Of Doing Business Rank: For 2020, Government of Ukraine has already released a strategic plan: it’s goal is to put Ukraine in the top 50 of the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings. Ukraine already has a lot of benefits of running an international business:

  • Lowest operating costs in Europe
  • Professionals with European mentality
  • Easily obtained work permit and no visa requirements
  • Only 18% individual income tax
  • Absence of trade unions, allowing simple recruiting and laying-off

4. International Acknowledgement

Given Ukraine’s fortunate geographic position, welcoming conditions for international business and the world’s high demand for quality IT solutions, the country is set to become a major IT hub. Could Ukraine Be The Next Silicon Valley? In his Forbes article, Greg Satell of Digital Tonto claims that Ukraine has a great potential and can become an international Startup Hub in addition to becoming a premier outsourcing destination over the next few years. Tolerant, inviting and full of top notch specialists, IT Industry in Ukraine keeps growing and improving its international authority.

5. A Lot Of Major International Companies Already Run Their Business In Ukraine

Ukrainian IT currently hosts over 500 outsourcing companies and more than 100 global R&D centers, with more than 50,000 employees combined. Many world-known brands such as Samsung, Siemens and Crytek have hundreds of employees in their R&D centers in Ukraine: Other global companies, that don’t have R&D centers in Ukraine are also heavily present on the market. There are numerous Support, Marketing, Sales and Processing centers in Ukraine:

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6. Developing Startup Market

Ukrainian startups are mostly oriented at the global market, as demand on domestic market is quite small especially for consumer-oriented products. Some Ukrainian startups managed to attract a significant amount of foreign capital and serve as an inspiration for other arising startup companies. There are currently more than 700 active Ukrainian startups, with majority of them being developed in Kyiv: Providing solutions that are interesting for global market spikes interest from foreign investors. Some of the biggest deals involving Ukrainian startups haven’t gone unnoticed by international community, for example, in 2020 Snapchat bought Ukraine’s own Looksery for $150 mln and Depositphotos received $5 mln investment from EBRD and TMT. For Depositphotos this wasn’t the first big investment too, in 2020 they received $3 mln. from TMT Investments. Investments in Ukrainian startups are not limited to just big international deals. Smaller startups get financed by both foreign and local investors. Below are just some of the deals that took place in the first quarter of 2020:

Name Category $ mln Investor
Clickky Mobile application 2 iTech Capital
Petcube Product 1,1 AVentures Capital и Almaz Capital
Augmented Pixels VR 1 The Hive
Ajax Systems Internet of things 1 SMRK
Kwambio 3D-printing 0,65 WannaBiz, 2 Angels, Imperious Group, TechStars
Traqli Digital media 0,3 Polish VC fund Xevin Investments
DelFast Commerce 0,25 Imperious Group
Skidka.ua Data analysis 0,25 Private Investor
Wishround digital payments 0,2 BeValue
Nravo gaming 0,2 Digital Future

Netpeak’s own Serpstat was among the startups that got financed later same year and received $250,000 investment from Digital Future.


World-known business geniuses already acknowledge Ukraine’s potential. Richard Branson said that “Ukraine is a good place to invest” and George Soros pledged to invest $1 bln in Ukraine’s economy. Soros, by the way, already bought stake in Ciklum Holding – one of the biggest software developers in Ukraine. The easiest way to join this rapidly growing market and one of the most promising industries of international IT is by financing local startups. Every day, extremely talented people in Ukraine work on creating tech solutions for global market Ukrainian IT companies in general are strongly oriented at collaboration with European and American businesses. IT professionals in Ukraine fit the requirements even of the most picky international companies. Increasing efficiency, productivity and lowering the cost of running a business are great reasons to consider Ukraine as a reliable outsourcing partner. Text was written in collaboration with Yevgen Sysoyev and AVentures Capital.

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We Guide you to Casino Bonuses

Welcome to the exciting world of casino bonuses! It can get pretty confusing out there, but with a little bit of prep, you’ll be navigating through the lists of bonuses like a pro in no time. So let’s get started.

Table of content
Use the table of content below to jump to a certain section on the page.

What types of casino bonuses are out there?

There are all sorts of bonuses and promotions out there that will get you free casino money. Here’s a few: welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, monthly and reload bonuses, VIP and high roller casino bonuses, refer a friend casino bonus. There are deals running on certain games, bonuses connected to payment options, and lots more. These are generally available to new players who sign up for real money accounts.

Which bonus is best for me?

So, let’s say you’re keen to try out a few slots, and a bonus promotion seems like a nice way to start. You find a casino you think looks dope, you sign up, and you get awarded with a sweet no-deposit bonus of $15. Great! You’ll then want to know whether that bonus can only be wagered on slots, or whether it includes table games too. The next thing a wise player (that’s you!) wants to do is check the wagering requirements. Oftentimes, bonus cash will need to be wagered a number of times before it can be cashed. So keep that in mind.

OK, here’s the truth: it depends! Different bonuses suit different players, so it all comes down to your playing style. How much do you usually deposit? What games are you interested in playing? Know your answers to those questions, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering the casino bonus that best fits you.

Virtually every casino offers some kind of deal to get you to choose them over the competition. There’s a lot of casinos out there, and that means a lot of bonuses. Confused about which one to pick? Don’t be. There’s no need to consult your magic 8 ball – a more effective (read sane) method of choosing exists. We’ve prepared a guide to show you how to find the perfect bonus. So read on to get clued up on the subject.

There’s a few common types of welcome bonuses that you should be aware of when choosing a welcome bonus.

The New Player Offer – Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Packages

The casino bonus is a common bonus package that you’ll often see buzzing around on casino pages. Here’s an example of how it works – you make your first deposit at an online casino, and the casino provides you with a 100% match deposit, which means that for every pound you deposit, you get the same amount rewarded in extra funds. The percentage of the welcome offer varies. It could be anything: 50%, 100%, or even 300%.

But, when it comes to casino bonuses, the sky is, sadly, not the limit. The bonus is often capped somewhere much lower than that – so let’s say you accept a 100% bonus which is capped at $200; that means that no matter how much you deposit, the most you’re going to get is $200. Still, that’s pretty decent I’d say. But that’s just me – if you’ve got dollar signs where your eyeballs should be, and you plan on making bets that are far more than $200, then you’d be better off looking for offers which guarantee a better percentage return on your winnings.

Oftentimes, the welcome offer is spread over numerous deposits. Here’s an example:

“$1000 maximum bonus cash return spread across three deposits!
First deposit: 150% up to $250; second deposit: 50% up to $250; third deposit: 100% up to $500.”

The maximum amount of bonus extra cash to be gained, across all three deposits, is $1000. If you plan on making multiple deposits, and this is not just a one-time thing for you, then this type of Bonus offers you good value for your money. It’s elementary, my dear Watson!

There’s quite a few variations of Deposit Bonuses. Here’s a few of the main ones:

Cashable Bonus: a percentage match bonus with wagering requirements. “Cashable” means that you can cash out the bonus amount (after completing the wagering requirement). The wagering requirement applies to both the bonus amount and the deposit.

Package Bonus: a large number of various bonuses with wagering requirements on the bonus amount and the deposit. Package bonuses involve multiple types of percentage match bonuses and often involves free spins, free play and free cash bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus: Exclusive bonus means a negotiated special bonuses for visitors directly with the online casinos.

Cashback/Cashback Bonus: real cash given back to players. This can take various forms – it could have wagering requirements, but not necessarily. Often it forms part of a casino’s loyalty program.

VIP Bonus: a bonus tailored for so-called VIPs (players who wager large amounts of money). Matched percentage of the player’s deposit, exclusive free gifts, cash back and various other incentives are common rewards given as part of VIP bonuses.

Free Spins Bonus: free spins offered on a particular slot game. These are often offered as a free casino gift (this is different from a deposit bonus). They are generally part of online casino promotions. Often, these Free Spins Bonuses are tied to wagering requirements – but not always.

Free Play Bonus: Free Bonus Money is intended to acclimatize you to a game before moving you on to real money. By using free play bonuses, players can win bigger cash bonuses by depositing the minimum amount at an online casino.

Max Cashout Bonus: a percentage match bonus with play-through requirements on the bonus amount and deposit. Although a rare type of bonus, these bonuses have a maximum limit on the amount you may withdraw (most often from 5 to 10 times the bonus amount).

No-Deposit Casino Bonuses – Free Spins (Bonus)

Imagine a world where you could benefit from a bonus without having to deposit money; a galaxy of casinos filled with constellations of no-deposit bonuses. This world exists right now! No-deposit bonuses are a great way to try out games with no risk involved and the chance to win real money.

The way this type of bonus usually gets set varies. Some casinos might offer a ‘$10 No Deposit Bonus’, others might offer Free Spins. Sometimes, operators provide you with free play, with no restriction on the games you can play. Other casinos allow you to play on a selection of games, perhaps including roulette, blackjack and slots. No-Deposit Casino Bonuses tend to offer bonuses of under $100. You should be suspicious of offers of over $100 – there’s usually significant strings attached.

It’s not surprising that No-Deposit Bonuses are very popular with players and have been for years. Snoop around our site and see if you can spot some juicy bonuses!

Deals running on certain games

One of the fun things about visiting a new casino is the large collection of games – slots, table games, video poker, alternative games: there’s something for everyone. Many bonus offers run on specific types of games. If you’re after Blackjack and Roulette, there are bonus offers catered just for you – likewise if you’re a slots player. Some casinos offer deals tailored for live dealer games. Many casinos exclude live gameplay from wagering requirements, so live games players love these kinds of deals!

Bonuses connected to payment options

How do you like your payments done? Are you an E-wallets guy, or perhaps prepaid cards like paysafecard are your thing? Some casinos give players bonuses based on the type of payment method they employ to deposit money in their account. This might be as much as 15%, for instance, if players opt for certain e-wallets such as Skrill and PayPal, or prepaid cards like paysafecard.

Seems straightforward, is it?

Things are never as simple as they seem. It’s all in the fine print. Be aware of the strings attached. Many players complain of feeling cheated when they are not allowed to cash out. So read the promotional conditions!

Each Market is different and contains differing rules and regulations. In the UK , for a casino to offer a player “free spins”, it would need to have NO stake requirement attached, and NO wagering requirement. So, whereas most of the rest of the industry would market “free spins”, in the UK these would be termed “Bonus Spins”. This does not apply to New Jersey or Pennsylvania, where free spins are called – you guessed it – free spins.

Generally, any bonus given will have a wagering requirement attached. This means that the bonus, and sometimes the deposit too, will need to be played-through a certain number of times before any winnings can be cashed out. Understanding this wagering requirement is key.

If you try to withdraw your winnings before meeting the wagering requirements you will likely find that winnings will be deducted from your account, though it varies from operator to operator. This can be particularly frustrating, particularly if you’ve amassed significant winnings which you can no longer get your hands on. Other bonus funds have a limited period of validity. So any extra money you make from your bonus remains in your account for a limited period of time, and can only be cashed out when wagering requirements are met.

As mentioned previously, requirements vary, but you can expect no-deposit bonuses to have a higher wagering requirement, a may be valid for a shorter period of time.

So get your reading glasses on and make sure you pore over the terms & conditions to avoid being disappointed!

FAQ about casino bonuses

How do I claim my bonus? Is it automatic?

Bonus cash is often automatically deposited into your account when you register with a casino. In certain markets, such as the UK , every single promotion will be required to ask the player whether s/he wants to opt in. In many other markets, the bonus is added automatically when you sign up to a casino. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this does not apply, though some casinos might choose to do this.

Some casinos operate promotions by means of bonus codes. Typically, you will receive a Bonus Code which you’ll have to enter to claim your bonus. As explained in the section above, you’ll likely have to make a deposit before you can receive the bonus.

Once all this is done, bada-bing-bada-boom, you’ll receive your bonus in your online casino account.

Do I have to use a bonus?

Pretty much every casino offers some kind of welcome offer, but you’re under no obligation to accept. Maybe you want to avoid worrying about meeting the wagering requirements, or maybe you had a bad experience with a bad offer in the past – once bitten, twice shy. Whatever the reason, if you want to avoid getting lumped with an unwanted bonus, choose a casino which runs bonuses against a strict “opt-in-only basis”. In this way, by not opting in, you will only be playing with money you have deposited, and not casino money. In case you happen to want to play at a casino which doesn’t award bonuses based on opt-ins, and you don’t want said bonuses, get in touch with their customer service team and let them know.

The choice is entirely yours.

What are the possible drawbacks of using bonus money?

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” The same applies to bonus money . There are drawbacks when it comes to using casino bonuses. Here’s a few:

  1. Wagering Requirements
  2. Sticky Bonuses
  3. Timeframes
  4. Jurisdictional Restrictions
  5. Payout and Betting Restrictions
  1. There are wagering requirements in place. You need to wager the bonus amount a set number of times before you can cash out the bonus and any money you’ve won during free play. Wagering requirements vary between casinos, but normally are set at around 30x to 40x the bonus amount.
  2. Sticky Bonuses are bonuses which are impossible to withdraw until you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements. Once you fulfill said requirements, the bonus amount is automatically released by the site and you are permitted to cash out the winnings you have accumulated with your sticky bonus.
  3. Some casinos have limited timeframes in which to cover the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements must be met within a certain timeframe. And so, the bonuses remain active over a short period of time only, and if wagering is not met within this period, the bonus is declared void and is forfeited. This period fluctuates from one casino to another.
  4. In some countries, you might not be allowed to claim a bonus at all. Some operators accept the betting action of players but at the same time exclude them from bonus participation. Before you register, read through the Ts & Cs. They might be tedious, but they’re your best friend.
  5. You may be subjected to certain payout and betting restrictions. This often applies to bonuses of the no-deposit kind, where you are given free funds or free spins simply for opening a real-money account. With free spins, the amount you can wager per round may be restricted, and increasing your stake would lead to bonus forfeiture.

How can we at NetEnt help you to choose?

Ask yourself: what is the best bonus for you. If you’re a new player, the free no-deposit offer is a good choice. You get to try out the casino and its games with minimal risk involved, and the chance to win some real cash.

Welcome bonuses, though, offer the biggest rewards. Just keep in mind everything we’ve taught you, young grasshopper, and assess each bonus offer accordingly. Will you receive the bonus after the first deposit? Or will extra funds be provided after a number of deposits? And of course, the size of the bonus is not the only consideration when considering how good a deal is. Check the playthrough requirements, and how long the offer is valid for. And look into whether the casino rewards player loyalty.

Now, it’s over to you! Have a look through our list of Welcome Bonuses that we’ve gathered from great casinos around the internet, and see if you find anything that fits!

Grammar exercises. V. Discuss these questions with your partner

V. Discuss these questions with your partner.

III. Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. One reason why people buy gold is because it holds its value/is taken for granted.

2. When we buy things, we swap/represent money for goods.

3. Diamonds are valuable because they are so intrinsic/rare.

4. The dollar is the cash/currency of the USA.

5. When people barter/guarantee goods, they simply exchange one good for another.

6. Banks will only lend to people who can guarantee/ barter back the loan.

7. Some shops won’t accept credit cards. They will only take cash/ currency.

8. When something holds the value/is taken for granted, people don’t think it has great value.

9. Coins and notes are used to swap/represent value.

10. Metals have intrinsic/rare value because they can be used to make things.

11. If money can easily be moved around and used, we say it has liquidity/currency.

12. Centuries ago people paid using commodity money/flat money such as gold and silver.

13. Commodity money/flat money like banknotes and coins has no intrinsic value. It only represents value.

IV. Read through the statements below. Do you think they are
true or false?

1. The earliest kind of money was used about 3,000 years ago.

2. Shells were used as a kind of flat money.

3. The first metal coins appeared in Greece.

4. The first coins were round.

5. Paper money first appeared in China.

6. The idea of paper money travelled quickly to Europe.

— Can anything be used as money?

— Could stones and leaves be used instead of coins and notes?

VI. Say what you have learned about:

— History of money

— A system called bartering

— Drawbacks of bartering

VII. Translate the sentences (§ 15).
Practise the use of Present Participle.

1. Imposing some restrictions of food prices, governments make it possible for all the people to buy enough food. 2. The 3.8 billion people of the world in the early 1970s had about 20 percent more to eat than the 2.7 billion living 20 years earlier. 3. The government can regulate monopolies controlling the prices or supplying the products itself. 4. Knowing that their resources are limited people make a decision how to allocate them in the best possible way. 5. Governments intervene in economics controlling the supply of money and helping private industries. 6. The high price for a good is the market mechanism telling suppliers it is time to increase production. 7. The developing countries hope that industrial countries will raise imports from the less developed countries. 8. Income is money of all kinds coming in regularly to a person, family or organization. 9. Active money is money going from man to man and used by people. 10. Reducing our imports, we decrease the exports of others.

VIII. Supply the correct forms of the verbs (§11). Translate the sentences.

1. The economists (to monitor) the prices and levels of consumption of different goods and services. 2. This company (to make) a decision to start producing new machines. 3. The ideas of Adam Smith (to study) by economists for over two hundred years. 4. Grain markets (to change) over the last 30 years in Europe. 5. The Soviet government (to play) an important role in allocating resources in the economy. 6. Economists` recommendations (to be) of high value in future reconstruction of this branch of production. 7. They (to use) professional marketing services in difficult cases. 8. In a free market economy economic decisions (to make) by firms and individuals.

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