5 Tips on why choose binary options over forex

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Should I jump over from binary options to forex

I have been lurking around forex factory for the past few days and this questions has always been at the top of my head.

Should I change from binary options in forex to normal forex trading?

A little bit of background information, I have been trading binary options in FX for 2 years, on and off. It was just a game to me and I blew my account multiple times until some time ago, I went to study about FX intensively and am making a profit consistently in binary options now. I started small and have grew my account 4000% with purely profit since then.

My question is, I feel that it is not sustainable because binary options isn’t as widely accepted as compared to FX. The main thing is, it has been hard on the currency conversion and withdrawal conversion charges because the broker does not offer in my currency. So I incur an exchange charge and withdrawal charge every time i make a withdrawal currently.

Would love advice from experts that has been in both fields.

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Very interesting question, and very difficult to answer without some details as it all depends on your strategy and psychology. Well done for taking a step back to work out your mistakes and turning it into consistency. Please note I am biased towards binary options due to the “Math” behind it, rules + regulations and had a friend who participated in binary options. So my response should be taken with a “grain of salt” so to speak.

Math: You never get a “Risk: Reward” greater than 0.8 (So, your average win rate must be 65%+++)
Regulations: Hard to find a regulated binary options broker that can be trusted and will allow you to scale.
All of those gave me reason to leave and stay away. However, we are all different.

Best Advice I can share is to just have a go in normal forex. You have nothing to lose in terms on funds, by opening a demo account and applying your strategy you can start to get an idea. You also don’t need to target just forex, you can also apply it to metal cfd’s or futures like gold (Metals Mine) is a good place to look for other options. Are you able to backtest your strategy?

Finally to help, I will put a short list of considerations you can think about to help make your choice after testing how your strategy does in normal Fx:
-Can I maintain >65% accuracy over the next 1000 trades?
-Will the strategy remain consistent?
-Can I scale the account equity? How far can I scale? (100 to 1,100 = +1000%, but only 1,000 profit, while 10,000 to 11,000 = +10% with the same end profit metric.)
-Are withdraws always honored, can I withdraw? if 1,000-10,000? if 10,000-20,000+.

You can always start a thread and share your experiences regarding approaching normal Fx from the binary side.

Hope this post helps,
Kind Regards,

Tips For Choosing Binary Options Expiry

How To Get A Base Line Expiry

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I learned a long time ago how to judge the duration of a given signal, well before I began trading binary options. The method I will describe is just as effective, even more so in some regards, for binary trading as it is for standard equity options. The first thing to do is to identify what your signal is. Is it a trend line bounce, a stochastic crossover, a shift in momentum, a candlestick pattern or a variety of signals as if the case with most profitable strategies today. Then, you go back over your charts for a given period and identify all the signals. It doesn’t matter what time frame you are using, this technique works in all. Once you identify your signals mark the strong signals and weak signals and then count how many bars or candles it takes for each signal to move into the money.

Once that is done you can take an average of the number of bars needed for the strong and for the weak signals to move into the money. These averages are now your base line expiry for you signal. If you are using a chart of hourly prices and your signal takes an average of 3.7 candles to move into the money you will want to use an expiry that coincides with that time. This could be a mid day, end of day, 4 hour or other option with an expiry that matches your signal horizon. If the signals takes 3.7 candles and you are using a daily chart that means 3.7 days, if the hourly chart 3.7 hours.

Let’s look at the chart below. I am going to use a basic moving average strategy to illustrate my point. I will use the 30 bar exponential moving average because it hugs prices closer than a simple moving average and will give us more signals to count. Also, in order to weed out bad signals and to, hopefully, improve results, I am only choosing the bullish trend following signals. So, there are 15 total signals; 6 weaker signals and 9 stronger signals. On average, it takes 4.2 bars for these signals to move into the money and PEAK OUT. That means, since this is an hourly chart, that each signal will move into profitability and reach the peak of that movement in about 4 hours. So for expiry I would want to choose the closest expiry to 4 hours that is available. If a good choice is not available then no trade can be comfortably made. Breaking it down a little the weak signals peak out in about 2.6 hours versus the stronger signals which take about 5.3 hours. Putting this knowledge in perspective, a weaker signal might be one that is close to resistance. A stronger signal might be one that is not close to resistance. Also, a stronger signal might be one where price action makes a long white candle and definitive move above or from the moving average whereas a weaker one might only create small candles and spinning tops.

Measuring signals to choose expiry

Additional Tips For Choosing Binary Options Expiry

Choosing expiry is one of the most important factors in making a trade. The other most important factor being direction. All too often I get asked questions about why a trade went bad in the final moments and one of the most common areas of error I find is in choosing expiry. Of course there are the errors in analysis that result in counter trend trading, the random bits of news that can reverse a market in a heartbeat and many other reasons why a trade can go bad but the focus of this discussion is expiry. It is obvious that you don’t want to use 60 second expiry when trading on weekly charts and you won’t want to use end of day expiry when trading off the 60 second charts but just how do you determine what the best expiry will be?

One question you must ask yourself is if you are trading with or against the trend. When trading against the trend I would suggest a shorter expiry than a longer one simply because there is less chance of an extended move counter to the trend; your expiry must be more precise. When you trade with the trend your expiry can be a little farther out. A trend following trade has a higher likelihood of closing in the money so don’t need to be as precise. A signal that follows the trend is a lot more likely to be in the money an hour, a day, a week or a month from now than one that goes against the trend.

Another factor that can have a big impact on which expiry is best for a given trade is support and resistance. The relative level of prices to a support or resistance line is a factor in how likely a trade is to move in a given direction. If prices are near a S/R line and moving away there is much more chance of your option closing in the money than if prices are near a S/R line and moving toward it. When prices are moving toward one of these lines the chances of the movement being halted and/or reversed is much higher than when prices are moving away from one. So, how does this apply to expiry? If you are taking a signal that has a higher chance of being halted or reversed then you would want to choose a shorter expiry than if the same signal were not faced with a S/R level. I purposefully did not say call or put, or bullish or bearish, because this applies to both bullish and bearish trading. Also, keep in mind that support and resistance can be in the form of lines drawn at areas of interesting price action or peaks, moving averages, Fibonacci’s, envelopes and bands.

6 Ways Not to Become a Loch by Trading Binary Options

Who becomes a sucker and gets divorced by trading binary options? How do binary options brokers breed traders? Or still not bred? let’s get a look

Search engines are getting smarter than us every year. In order to “make it easier” for us to formulate a thought, or maybe think in the right direction, starting to enter a search query on a topic of interest, we come across the so-called frequently asked questions. There are many jokes on the net about this, and you can look at funny tips on almost any phrase. Start driving in “How to Eat . ” and get the opportunity to learn a little more about how to have lunch with a neighbor ��

In the same way, you can learn a lot of interesting things about binary options. Depending on your preferences, you will be asked to ask about strategies, indicators for BO, earnings, brokers, reviews, and will also offer to answer the question Binary options – is it a scam for suckers? The wording, of course, is rather strange, but you won’t erase the words from the song, so let’s discuss this burning topic of divorces and those who come across them.

Who are binary options brokers bred?

We have been observing the relations of brokers and traders on the forum and in life for quite some time. Of course, the situations were very different, including extremely unsympathetic on both sides, but the vast majority of merchants who are dissatisfied with their company are newcomers. This happens for the usual reason: the company is very active in advertising that it is possible to earn on binary options:

  • Up to 100% in 1 minute,
  • Huge profits per month with minimal waste of time,
  • And build a super business with work only for yourself.

That is, brokers in the fight for the client are ready to tell many interesting stories, some of which may well be true, but forgetting to mention the risks of such earnings. Of course, on binary options you can earn up to 100% of the contract per minute, you buy 60 seconds option, you guess the direction and get the coveted prize. Similarly, you can get 1000% per month and successfully trade only for yourself. But no one says in advertising that 100% is also easy to lose in 60 seconds! And then beginners are out of work, expecting to find a golden antelope, and in the end they lose money. Who is to blame for this situation?

ForTrader.org experts are confident that both sides. The company is that it obviously does not fully explain the situation, the trader is that it allows itself to invest in something that it does not understand thoroughly. He makes himself a sucker and is afraid to admit to himself a mistake . Alas!

How to make yourself a sucker on binary options?

Of course, there are situations when brokers flirt a little in their understatement. So, most recently on our forum we were faced with a discussion of the problem of one of the clients, which gave permission to the binary options broker analyst to open a “very profitable transaction” after a series of successful winnings. Well, it seems, what’s the problem, the company has already earned $ 10 for the client and promised to double the deposit with just one transaction, but forgot to clarify that the expiration date of the contract will take place in a year .

We do not exclude that the analyst warned the client about this in passing, that everything was done honestly, but it did not seem that she understood the situation to the end, because previous contracts were valid for only a few days. Everything became clear when the money was urgently needed, but it was too late.

«Play on trust – not the most successful advertising move“, – this is an appeal to brokers. “Do not make yourself suckers yourself“, – this is an appeal in the direction of new traders. The profit of binar brokers is your loss, no one wants and will not earn money in the company. Do not forget about it!

What to do in order not to become a sucker, trading binary options?

Our latest binary options articles look alike. In each, we insist that trading is not easy money, that no one wants your winnings, that you need to think with your own head. It’s very easy to understand the practice of the trading process:

In 2 hours of simple reading you will become a savvy user. It’s much harder to be patient in training on a demo account, finding a good strategy and choosing the best broker. In order not to become a sucker and not fall under the “divorce” in binary options, follow simple rules and everything will work out.

  • Learn all about binary options trading – do not succumb to the persuasion that this is the easiest income, that there is nothing to know there. Yes, mothers have little to know, but you must understand and try trading.
  • Do not want to look stupid and lose a deposit? Start with trading on a demo or small bets. No need to risk everything at once, they don’t like rush money.
  • Carefully choose a binary options broker. Check reviews about it, conditions of bidding, service.
  • NEVER let your company representatives trade your funds. A normal broker does not have the right to give advice on transactions individually or even more so to open something on your account without your conducting. If you began to offer such a service, urgently take a deposit.
  • Try to withdraw funds. This is necessary both for your psychological calm and for there to be no place for divorces related to delays or refusals of payments.
  • Your deposit is money that you can afford to lose. When opening an account, put up with it! If you can’t, put the money in the bank.

Situations when the trader is to blame

So, after a certain time of trading binary options, a profit has formed in your account that you decided to withdraw. However, the binary options broker refuses to withdraw your hard-earned money. How so? This is mine! Particularly hot traders immediately rush to open topics with claims against brokers on forex forums.

Is it a broker matter? For what reasons, depending on you, can a binary options broker refuse to withdraw profit?

We have identified four of the most common reasons why a trader cannot get earned profit solely through his fault.

Reason # 1. Binary Options Broker Does Not Withdraw Profits Because . Verification Failed

Among many binary options traders, there is an opinion that verification – This is a way to complicate the already difficult life of a trader, which was specially invented by a broker. Verification is a mandatory requirement that financial institutions regulating their activities present to binary options brokers. The presence of a verification procedure with a binary options broker is a sign that the company is working in the legal field. The list of documents that is necessary for verification from a broker to a broker may differ slightly, however, the basic elements everywhere are a copy of a passport and a copy of a credit (settlement) card.

ForTrader.org magazine recommendations: in order to quickly and easily withdraw money, you must prepare the necessary documents in advance and pass verification in advance.

Reason number 2. Your account has an unworked bonus.

Unfortunately, at the moment, almost all the leading binary options brokers have somewhat tightened the rules for working out and withdrawing provided bonus funds.

Binary Options: 9 bonuses to your trading account

More on binary options trading bonuses

If earlier, the client could withdraw the earned profit without touching the bonus and fixed assets, then now, until the bonus is worked out, you cannot withdraw the profit. The only funds you can get are your own money that you have deposited in your account. At the same time, both the bonus and the profit will be burned.

ForTrader.org magazine recommendations: using bonus funds, you should clearly understand that you are taking on additional obligations. Carefully read the terms of the bonus, and then decide whether you need it or not. Remember that the bonus, in fact, is a means of linking the trader to the broker.

Reason number 3. The withdrawal amount indicated in the application exceeds the amount on the account

Almost every third trader faced this rather painful situation. Its essence is as follows. Earned a certain profit. An application has been generated to withdraw funds from the account. While the application is processed by the corresponding binary options broker service, the trader continues to bid, in the event of a loss, the funds in the account are reduced or may be lost altogether.

ForTrader.org magazine recommendations: until the broker processes the withdrawal request and deducts the indicated amount from your deposit, it is better to refrain from trading binary options. Take a break from bidding, take a break – it will only benefit.

Reason number 4. No credit (settlement) card for withdrawal

Under existing legislation, licensed binary options brokers It is forbidden to withdraw to an electronic wallet an amount exceeding the amount that was started from it.

ForTrader.org magazine recommendations: to simplify this technical moment of withdrawing funds, it is better to have a credit or payment card. At the moment, this is the most reliable and convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds when working with binary options brokers.

What you need to know in order to withdraw your profit?

Unfortunately, most traders, in their desire to make money faster, do not read the terms and conditions of the client agreement, which often leads to their violation. However, as they say, ignorance of laws does not exempt from liability.

To avoid future problems with the withdrawal of money, experts of ForTrader.org magazine recommend starting work with a binary options broker by clarifying the following points:

  • What documents are required to go through the verification procedure. Please note that the passport has an expiration date, as well as the presence of a credit (settlement) card.
  • How long does the withdrawal take. Money cannot be transferred instantly. The terms for processing the application and withdrawal of funds are indicated in the company’s regulations and can take from 1 to 14 days.
  • Bonus conditions and rules for its development. As a rule, working out a bonus means making transactions on one account in order to accumulate the necessary trade turnover. Trade turnover does not depend on whether a profitable or loss-making transaction has been completed, but represents the sum of all funds invested in trade.
  • Terms and conditions of withdrawal of profit. It is necessary to clearly understand how to withdraw the net profit from the deposit, if it was replenished through an electronic wallet.

So who makes traders suckers? Binary Options Brokers? Well, maybe only 5%. We do the rest of the work ourselves, being lazy and neglecting the risks and our money. There is no divorce. Binary options are almost a casino or an argument. And do not be offended by the one who won this argument. Nobody promised you to lose, right?

FORTRADER magazine experts

FORTRADER Magazine is a large team of experts in trading in financial markets. Traders, managers, investors, programmers, testers, technical administrators – we all work for you every day for many years. Sometimes we write articles together, then the whole journal becomes the author.

5 Tips on why choose binary options over forex

People all over the world are always interested in investment opportunities that can increase returns online. For new traders, Forex trading and Binary Options are two of the most popular trading options that are available. There are different benefits as well as drawbacks of both types of investments. It is important to gather as much information on both as possible before deciding which to begin trading.

Binary Options Brokers

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The Forex (Foreign Exchange) market is currently one of the largest and most profitable markets in the world in terms of the daily turnover. The foreign exchange market assists international traders and their investments, by enabling currency conversion. A significant part of the large turnover is contributed by online Forex trading, which has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This trend is expected to continue well into the future.

Binary Options trading is the new kid on the block. It is a new version of Forex market trading that is simple in comparison, which makes the preferred trading method. Binary Options contracts have long been available and sold directly by the issuer to the buyer. They were generally considered “exotic” and there was no liquid market for trading these instruments between their issuance and expiration.

Since mid-2008, Binary Options websites have been offering a simplified version of exchange-traded Binary Options. Currently the number of binary option traders are few compared to their Forex trade counterparts, however, market gurus are optimistic that with time the numbers of both binary option brokers and traders will increase exponentially.

What are the differences between Binary Options and Forex?

Deriving a comparison between Forex trading and binary trading is not easy as they both have their own advantages over the other. The first difference is that Forex trading requires professionals with experience in foreign currency trading while Binary Options is quite simple and easily understandable even to novices in financial trading.

The second difference is that binary option trading has a higher level of profitability compared to Forex trading. The profitability rates of Binary Option trading often ranges between 95%% and 60%. In Forex trading, the returns are uncertain and can only be determined after the closing of a position.

The third difference is that Binary Option trading is safer compared to Forex trading. With Binary Options, brokers offer up to a 15% refund in case of losses, which acts as a cushion for the Binary Option trader. Forex trading has no safety precautions in place and in cases of wrong investment decisions the Forex trader loses all money invested.

Another difference is that with Forex trading you can trade continually throughout the weekdays while with Binary Option trading, weekdays are at predetermined intervals. The trading of Binary Options is dependent on the commodity exchange hours and the local financial markets.

And last, and certainly not least, the quantity of assets available differs between Forex and Binary Options trading. Binary Options trading enables a trader to trade many more assets, then Forex trading – not only currencies, but also stock, indices and commodities.

It isn’t a secret that the binary options market is meant for retail traders who want to make some passive income. This is why binary options brokers have very small requirements for initial deposit. For example, most brokers will accept an investment of just $100 and few brokers even 5$ to 50$ if you want to start trading.

You can also trade contracts that aren’t more expensive than $5 and few brokers accept even 1$ minimum trade size. Meanwhile, Forex brokers require a larger initial investment, and due to the leverage they offer, you may lose your money faster than you think.

The truth is both markets have their advantages, but the main difference between them is that they are meant for different types of traders. The Forex market is a suitable choice for people who want to turn trading into their full-time job, while the binary options market is convenient for retail traders who don’t want to get involved too much.

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