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24Option Review

24Option Broker Review: For the longest time now, we have been looking at the latest binary options brokers and auto traders to the effect that we almost forgot about the ones that came before. In this one, we go way back to the archives and take a look at a broker we came to know way back in 2020. Call it a throwback or something of the sort. You’re probably shocked (just like we were, at first) that 240ptions was established over 6 years ago and still commands a significant part of the binary options trading market. In an industry where the life cycle of a binary broker or binary option robot goes something like ‘Grand Introduction to the market – On the news for all of 5 seconds – hundreds of traders go online to complain of foul play (or rather futuristic miracles where money disappear from their accounts in mind boggling speed) – the complaints get louder and everyone takes note – broker closes after mass trader exodus’, that 240ptions has lasted that long is absolutely commendable. How exactly do they do it? What features does the broker offer and how do they attract and maintain their client base? Most importantly, is it a legit site or one of those run of the mill brokers we keep warning you about?

24Option Review

24Options, if you didn’t already know, is a binary options brokerage firm that offers traders a platform on which to trade your preferred underlying assets and expand your trading experience. The site is owned by Cypress financial services firm Rodeler Limited and has its main offices in Lymassol, Cyprus. As mentioned earlier, Rodeler Ltd, a well known financial company in European countries, launched its binary options subsidiary some time in 2020. From there it has been a long journey of improvements, steps in both the right and wrong directions, and all that comes with achieving the level of success the site has. We can say that, to some extent, the rise and rise of 24Option can be attributed to the wide range of services offered as well as their quality. Granted, 24Option offers more or less the same type of products any other broker out there, most of whom are ranked at the very bottom of the food chain. However, 24Option do not only give some of the best services any trader could wish for, but also add some personal touch to it. Everyone loves some exclusivity and personalized service and 24Option has not had to look that hard for clients. Actually, the site has the largest number of registered users than any other brokerage site in the world. Not only do 24Option top all the lists when it comes to client numbers – well, most of them anyway, but it is also one of the highest rated binary options site in the world.

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How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

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Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
  • Min. Investment
  • Min. Deposit
  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

    Open a free account by clicking on the button below

    (With bad trades investors can lose their invested capital)


    A broker might have it all – great website, huge bonuses, super-attractive features, name it. However, if they don’t have an operating license (preferably from CySEC), we won’t trust them even a little. Fortunately, when analyzing 24Option, we found that is regulated by CySEC under license number 207/13 and registered by a number of institutions. 24option takes measures to safeguard Clients’ Funds. In this sense, the Company cooperates only with banks authorised and regulated by EU member states and that are highly rated by credit rating agencies. In addition, as per the Company’s regulatory requirements, the Company deposits Clients’ Funds in segregated bank accounts.

    Now that we have established that 240ptions is the real deal, there is no need for skepticism or apprehensiveness. We therefore lower our guard just a little and try to look at the broker a little bit more positively.

    24option has wide educational material.

    *Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.

    Trading Platform

    One of the most important things we check when profiling a particular broker is the trading platform that power their site. This is often the most important, yet mostly underrated aspect of any brokerage. The trading platform is the in all ways user interface. It is what traders see when they log in to their accounts. Basically, the trading platform is the pillar of any broker. If users don’t like the platform, for one reason or another, you can be sure that they won’t be coming back, and their friends too. As such, many brokers have gone to the extent of creating their own platform from scratch in a bid to add some personal touch, maintain user friendliness and most of all add a unique touch to their product. Others, for reasons best known to them, rent out platforms from well known platform providers such as the revolutionary SpotOption™. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t, depending on the particular platform and/or complimentary features provided by the broker. To cut the long story short, a trading platform can either make or break a brokerage firm.

    TechFinancials is the platform of choice for 24Option. The platform is pretty solid and provides for a great user experience with its simple interface and aesthetic look. The platform has a variety of underlying assets which enables the broker to give you some of the highest payouts for successful trades, in the industry. Well, not 100% perfect but close to that. The possible payouts for most underlying assets range from 70%-88% per successful trade which, by current standards, is pretty high, unfortunately if the prediction is wrong you can lose all your invested capital. TechFinancials has almost real time price update feature that enables the broker to quote only the most current payouts as per other financial markets. It is also worth noting that TechFinancials powers several online forex brokers which leads us to believe that the trading platform, is the real deal

    The platform that 24option provides binary options trading on a wide range of underlying assets including stocks of the biggest companies in the world such as Apple and Facebook and a number of currency pairs, all which will be discussed in details later on. In addition to the underlying assets, a number of analysis tools is supported to enable traders get their analysis right before entering into trades. These range from mathematical graphs to charts and even a few technical indicators. We’ve never really liked mid range platforms, particularly because they have very little to offer, but we somewhat like TechFinancials.

    Below are the main features of the customized TechFinancials platform that powers 24Option explained in detail.

    Option Types

    TechFinancialsand and 24Option provides a number of option types to suit every trader’s needs. Basically, options are types of ‘contracts’ which carry specific payouts (and losses) that apply once a trader enters into the ‘contract’. Some option types are asset-specific in that they can only be used to trade certain assets and not others. Similarly, some are time-specific in that they can only be used to trade either short term or long term expiries. Other options cut across both time and asset limitations. 24Option, through TechFinancials, offer more than 5 trading options of varying prices, expiry times and underlying assets. These options include:

    a) High/Low

    In essence, the High/Low options, also known as Call/Put, are the basic option type in binary options and you would be pressed to find a brokerage and/or platform without this option. Basically, in the High/Low options, you predict the final price of an underlying asset relative to its current price. That is, if the underlying asset’s price will be above or below the current one by the time the trade expires. You can trade binary options in almost all underlying assets with the High/Low option including all stocks and currency pairs. The downside when it comes to this type of option is that the payouts are pretty low compared to the other trading options. Nonetheless, if clients speculation is correct they will earn the predetermined payout that the company offers, if clients speculation is wrong they will lose their invested capital on this trade.

    b) One Touch/No Touch Options

    One Touch options are usually based around a set figure known as the hit price. One Touch options are very similar to the Call/Put options in that the traders predict whether the value of an underlying asset will be higher or lower than a given figure. The main difference is that, while High/Low contracts are written around the current price of an underlying asset as per the forces of demand and supply, in One Touch, the prediction is based on a predetermined value, often set by the broker. Another unique feature of One Touch/No Touch options is that they don’t really follow the expiry times and can end anytime the condition is met. Basically, with One Touch, you are supposed to place trades based on whether you think the value of the underlying asset will have touched and/or gone above the predetermined figure at least once within the specified time. If indeed the prediction is true and the price touches the set figure, the trade automatically expires and you receive the predetermined payouts, regardless of whether the expiry time you selected has ended. But if the predicition is wrong investors will lose their invested capital on this trade. No Touch options, on the other hand, require you to place trades predicting if the value of the given underlying asset will ‘touch’ the target value or not. In most cases, as with TechFinancials, the prediction is predetermined by the broker. That is, you only place a trade if you believe that the underlying asset’s value will not hit a certain point, hence the name No Touch. In both, the payouts are relatively high compared to High/Call although the risks are higher.

    c) Boundary

    Boundary options, as the name suggests, revolve around some price boundaries. There is the lower value, known as the Floor, and the upper value, known as the Ceiling. Trades are placed based on whether you think the price of the underlying asset will be within the given boundary, also known as range, or outside. The payouts are low but still higher than the call/put options. If investors predict correctly they will earn the predetermined payout if not they will lose their investment.

    d) 60 Seconds

    This option, also known as the turbo option, is a new addition to most trading platform. It wasn’t originally a trading option but was introduced due to the increasing popularity of faster, explosive trading with super-high payouts. The 60 Second options don’t require any further explanation as it means exactly that. In other words, you place a trade and even before you get your fingers off your keyboard, it’s already over and you get the payouts, or not. Talk about trades getting done even before they start!

    24option mobile app

    *Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.

    Expiry times

    Having looked at the trading options available at 24Option, the expiry times or time frames are logically the next thing to look at. As it is, the expiry time you select will have a significant bearing on the outcome of your trade. In financial trading, more so in binary options, time is of the essence and even a half second could be the difference between a winning and a losing trade. That said , 24Option, through TechFinancials, offer their traders a variety of long term and short term expiries to choose from, depending on their analysis methods and trading strategies. These are:

    • Short term expiries

    Short term expiries are generally go from 1 second to end of trading day. The short term expiries offered by the broker are:

    • 2 minutes
    • 5 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 hour

    Short term expiries are the best when you are trading binary options on currency pairs or major stocks. They can also apply to underlying assets like commodities and indices although the results won’t be exemplary. If you are not the patient type and would want to get done with trading as soon as possible, these options are for you. Normally, short expiries carry very high risks and average profits. But have in mind that investors can lose all their capital by trading binary options.

    • Long term expiries

    The long term expiries include the 5 hour and end of day expiries. Regrettably, longer expiries such as end of week are not supported by the platform. This isn’t such a big issue, to us that it, as most traders are currently in love with the more convenient short expiries. That said, both the 5 hour and end of day expiries are pretty good and should get the job done for lovers of longer time frames.

    24option has won several awards

    *Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.

    Underlying assets available

    24Option has been in the game for longer than a large percentage of the current brokers and in that time has managed to accumulate an underlying asset index bigger than most brokers. The broker features over 120 underlying assets cutting across more than 6 stock, currency and commodity exchanges. That is not a joke as a lot of paperwork is required to be get to that, which only strengthens our admiration for quite possibly the best broker we’ve ever seen. To start trading binary options with, 24Option offers more than 30 currency pairs including the strongest and most commonly used currencies such as:

    • EUR/JPY
    • USD/EUR
    • GBP/USD
    • GBP/JPY
    • USD/CAD
    • USD/CHF

    When trading currency pairs, all you have to do is make a prediction on which of the two given currencies will end up stronger than the other. However, this is not as easy as it sounds and you have to do a lot of background research on the two given currencies and correctly use the analysis tools to determine the general trend in their values over recent times. Then there is the issue of choosing the right expiry, which is often an uphill task for most. Our advice? Research is key, not only when dealing with pairs but all the other assets as well.

    24Option offers binary options trading on stocks as well, there are about 60 of them to choose from. Included in the list are underlying asset of stocks of major multinational firms such as Vodafone, PetroChina, British Petroleum, BMW, Samsung Electronics, Google Inc. and Apple Inc. The good thing about this underlying assets offered is that they are all major world companies whose movements are easy to follow and thus place trades accordingly

    Despite the introduction of paper money, trading in commodities is still a big thing, there are even fully fledged commodity exchanges for that. 24Option provides commodity traders with a platform to do what they love most but in a binary options setting. The broker has in their asset index, the most precious commodities in the world right now. These are:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Coffee
    • Crude Oil
    • Platinum
    • Copper

    When it comes to indices, 24Option does not offer much, which is because, as far as indices go, there’s not much to offer. Basically, some of the indices you will come across are the Dow Jones and S&P 500 from the US, FTSE 100 from the UK, MICEX from Russia and Hang Sheng from China. If you love yourself some index trading, you will certainly love the selection of indices offered. If you don’t, well, there are a lot of other assets you can trade in.

    Getting started: Account types

    To get started trading with 24Option, you have to choose an account type from the five options provided. Your choice will have to be supported by your bank balance, or credit card balance, at that particular time. The five account types are:

    • Basic Account
    • Silver Account
    • Gold Account
    • Platinum Account
    • Diamond Account

    Basically, the deposit requirements of opening each type of account varies with the basic account requiring only an initial deposit of $250 while to open a Diamond account, you will need to make a deposit of about $15,000 or more. As with any other broker, each of the 24Option account types has its own features, pros and cons. The most common of them being a dedicated Personal Account Manager, free trading alerts and unlimited access to the 24Option Sea of Knowledge, aka trading academy. Since you probably didn’t know that 240ptions is an official marketing partner of Italian football club, Juventus F.C, it is our pleasure to inform you that it is indeed true. When you open an account with 24Option, any account, there’s a chance (less than 20%,if you have a lower account) that you could win some match tickets to go watch Juventus in action – Terms and conditions apply.

    The above are not the only types of accounts offered by the broker and are merely the regular accounts. There are two other special account types that could not comfortably fit in the list above but which are still account types. They are:

    Demo account

    This one is pretty much self explanatory. This is the account you start your 24Option trading experience with. In the demo account, you get to try out several trading strategies and learn how to apply the trading tools available. Simply put, the demo account is more like a rehearsal platform where mistakes are allowed (and cost you absolutely nothing) and are parr and parcel of your growth as a trader. The features on the demo version are exactly the ones you’ll find on the real version, the main difference between them being that a real account will require you to deposit (and potentially risk losing) your actual money while the demo version gives you some virtual cash to spend. Here, you are given $40, 000 in virtual money to trade with. There are no worries, no losses and most of all, no restrictions as far as the demo account goes. The only thing you have to do is make sure your virtual money balance is always above $0, otherwise you won’t receive additional amounts which means your demo account will be useless.

    Unless you are an advanced trader, we strongly recommend trying out the demo account first before getting to real trading. One, it helps you get to know the capabilities and limitations of the trading platform in use, which effectively gives you an opinion, which ultimately shapes your final decision on whether it fits your trading plans or not. Second, it is the best way to safeguard your hard earned (or not) money as you get to know your way around both the platform and the market, if you’re a new trader. In case you are not happy with the broker, all you have to do is deactivate your account, or our favorite – don’t log in to 24Option again.

    Islamic account

    Granted, binary options cuts across gender, racial, geographical and religious boundaries. Everybody, everywhere can become a trader as long as they’re above 18 years of age, have some extra cash in their bank account, and most importantly, have a great WiFi or cellular data signal. The push for religious diversity has led to the establishment of Islamic Banks and insurance companies and now we have Islamic Accounts. 24Options was actually the first binary options broker to introduce the Islamic Account, to attract hundreds of thousands of Muslims who wanted a place where they could freely trade, and benefit from, binary options but in accordance with Sharia Law.

    The 24Option Islamic trading account is every Muslim trader’s dream. The account is free from all hidden charges and rollovers, or anything else that fits the description of ‘Usuri’. Also, the broker does not charge any commissions or interest on transactions involving Islamic Accounts. Everything is Halaal, as prescribed by the Quran. Finally, everything in the Islamic Account is in Arabic, a language which many Muslims understand perfectly. This makes it relatively easier to understand the content in the site, which includes dozens of eBooks and tutorials, much better.

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    *Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.

    Deposits and Withdrawals at 24Options

    24Option provides one of the most convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. It uses highest available resources to make it a safe and secure platform to perform financial transactions.

    The website allows you to invest either in GBP, USD, EUR, and JPY to start trading with the real money. However, the currency once selected will not be allowed to change. The customer can start with a minimum deposit of 250 in either EUR, GBP or USD, or 25000 in JPY or RUB. Customers can deposit funds through a variety of methods including bank wire transfer, cards, or digital payment methods. The company accepts major credit or debit cards, direct wire transfers, and also e-wallets like Skrill, Paysafe, Safecharge, eMerchant, MoneyNetInt, Acapture, OKPay, Perfect Money and Gate2Shop. The customers are not charged any fees on depositing the funds in the 24Option accounts.

    The brokerage house follows the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer guidelines, in order to ensure that the fund reaches the legitimate account holder. It requires you to fulfill these guidelines before making a request to withdraw funds from the account. This is a one-time process and does not need to be repeated for each withdrawal.

    List of documents required in order to initiate the first withdrawal request:

    • Proof of ID – Any valid photo ID proof like Passport, Driver’s license, or any other identity proof issued by the Government of the resident country qualifies for the Proof of ID.
    • Proof of residence – All the registered users has to confirm their resident status of country through either of the following documents – bank statement, credit card statement, latest utility bill.
    • In one of the section, you are asked to answer few questions. The registered users have to answer all the questions incorrect and with most up-to-date information.
    • Payment method verification – if you wish to deposit and withdraw funds through your credit or debit card, then, you are required to submit the photo of your credit or debit card displaying only the last four digits of the card. You can blackout the other digits on the credit card along with the CVV number displayed on the back of the card, just to be on the safer side.

    The brokerage house does not restrict the amount of withdrawal made to credit or debit cards, Skrill or Neteller account. However, the website restricts the minimum withdrawal amount for the payment method wire transfer. The minimum amount of withdrawal through wire transfer is different for different currencies: $130, €100, £80, ¥10,000 (JPY), ¥700 (CNY), and 7000 (RUB).

    24Option Main Page Promotion

    The website charges fees on withdrawal which depends on the type of account you hold. For the Diamond and Platinum account holders, each and every withdrawal request is processed free of cost, whereas, for other account holders only one free withdrawal is allowed without charges. The consequent withdrawal attracts a withdrawal fee depending upon your withdrawal method. The withdrawal request to a credit card or debit card attracts a nominal fee of 3.5%, while the withdrawal request to Skrill account attracts a fee of only 2 % and to Neteller, the fee is 3.5%. The wire transfers to your bank accounts are charged in the currency of withdrawal, that is, the fees for USD is $30, for EUR it is €25, for GBP it is £20, and withdrawal request in JPY attracts fees of ¥ 3,000.

    The 24Option does not put any cap on the maximum withdrawal amount, however, they are capped at the available funds in the account at the time of making a request.

    The deposits and withdrawals at the 24Option are convenient and feature rich, and gives the sense of complete security to the account holders.

    Customer Service at 24Option

    The benefit of a well-organized broker is that there will be processes and instruction in should you require support from their team. The 24Option has one of the strongest and most equipped customer support team to answer on various subjects of binary trading. The brokerage house can be reached through web forms, e-mail, social platforms, phones, and a live-chat.

    The website of the 24Option is available in 12 different languages including the English, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, amongst others. The company has a vast customer support available through direct as well as the associate platform.

    The customer support service of the 24Option has been robust in every stage of enrollment and trading. The robust customer support system of the 24Option is a jewel in their crown.,

    General FAQ About The 24Option

    What are the types of option available for trading in the 24 Option?

    The brokerage house offers mainly four types of binary options for the trading.

    • High-Low
    • Short term or 60-seconds
    • Max profit
    • 100% payout

    How many assets are available for trading?

    The broker offers more than 120 assets including popular stocks, indices, currency pairs, and commodities.

    Is there any cap on a maximum and minimum investment amount per trade?

    Yes, the 24Option limits the minimum investment amount per trade to $ 24, whereas, it caps the maximum allowable investment in a single trade to $100,000. However, these limits vary for the countries and the currencies.

    Is 24Option licensed broker?

    Yes, the parent company of the 24Option website, The Rodeler Limited, holds a license issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission having license number 207/13.

    Does 24Option allow the early trade closure?

    Yes, the 24Option allows their trader to close their position before the expiry but with certain terms and conditions. Please read their terms and conditions carefully.

    What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The 24Option allows you to withdraw as low as $10 from your account through cards. However, there are different minimum withdrawal amount for other types of methods. The minimum amount of withdrawal through wire transfer is different for different currencies: $130, €100, £80, ¥10,000 (JPY), ¥700 (CNY), and 7000 (RUB).

    In which currency can I deposit funds?

    The 24Option accepts funds in USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, or JPY. However, it is important to note that once chosen, you are not allowed to change the trading currency.

    How can I connect with their customer support representative?

    The 24Option has state of the art customer support system, and you can reach through their 24 by 7 live chat, phone, e-mail, or through web-forms. The support staff is equipped to answer on a variety of subjects relevant to binary trading.

    Can I trade on weekends?

    Yes, though limited, the 24Option allows their trader to trade on weekends. There are 5 tradeable assets which are available for the trading. EUR/USD pair, Dow Jones 30, Oil, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225.

    Does it offer Demo Account?

    Yes, the 24Option offers a demo account to their registered users. However, the customers must deposit funds to utilize this service. The demo account comes with a $40,000 of virtual currency.

    Does it offer Islamic account?

    The customers at 24Option are allowed to have an Islamic trading account, also, this account is offered in the Arabic language to suit the Islamic investors. Above all, the Islamic account does not require to pay additional fees or charges, also, all the learning materials and tutorials are available in the Arabic for ease of understanding.


    To be honest, we have never seen a broker offering as much as 24Option does. One of the things we like about the broker is their awesome website. Everything you would want to know, not only about the broker but binary options in general is presented in a simple but clear way on the site. As a matter of fact, spending two minutes on the site taught us more than we would ever learn in a lifetime in other brokerage sites. And the payouts too, are amazing, the platform as well. In all aspects, 24Option is arguably the best binary options broker we have ever reviewed.

    (With bad trades investors can lose their invested capital)

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    Независимый обзор брокера 24Option: развод или нет + реальные отзывы трейдеров

    Приветствую, дорогой читатель!

    Рынок Форекс считается рискованным не только по причине высокой волатильности. Вторая причина — огромное количество мошенников, выдающих себя за официальных брокеров. На деле же у них нет ни лицензии, ни доступа к рынку.

    Поэтому надеюсь: мои обзоры помогут разобраться, кому можно доверить свои деньги, а кого лучше обходить стороной. Сегодня рассмотрю брокера 24 опцион (24option, 24 опшен).

    О брокере

    Название 24option
    Год основания 2020
    Регулятор и лицензия IFSC (Белиз), лицензия № IFSC/60/440/TS/1517
    Доступные активы Валюты, криптовалюты, акции, индексы, товары
    Торговая платформа MetaTrader 4
    Минимальный депозит $250/€250/£250/R1200/₽10,000
    Адрес главного офиса Unit 303, No. 16 Cor. Huston and Eyre Street, Blake Building, Belize City, Belize
    Официальный сайт www.24option.com
    Телефон горячей линии +74993507045, +74996092518
    Виды поддержки Телефон, факс, онлайн-чат, email, форма обратной связи
    Бесплатный демо-счет Да
    Минимальная комиссия 3,5% (на карту)/0,9-3,5% (для платежных систем)/24 EUR/30USD/1800РУБ (для банковских переводов)

    Краткая история брокера и награды

    Компания 24 опцион основана на Кипре в 2020 году (тогда же зарегистрирован и домен www.24option.com). Впоследствии головной офис перенесен в Белиз, по лицензии которого брокер и ведет свою деятельность.

    За короткое время из новичка на рынке бинарных опционов компания превратилась в одного из самых узнаваемых форекс-брокеров. Начиная с 2020 года 24 опцион — официальный партнер футбольного клуба Ювентус.

    Какие услуги предлагает

    Брокер 24 опцион предлагает доступ к рынку Форекс. На данный момент компания оказывает свои услуги клиентам по всему миру. Исключение составляют лишь граждане ЕС, Швейцарии, США, Канады и некоторых других государств.

    В сети полно отзывов о 24option.com как о брокере бинарных опционов. Однако на официальном сайте компании информации о таких инструментах нет. Сейчас 24 опцион полностью сосредоточен на оказании услуг по доступу к рынку Форекс.

    Инструменты торговли и инвестирования

    Помимо валютных пар, трейдерам на 24 опцион доступны следующие классы активов (а точнее — CFD на них):

    На официальном сайте брокера дано описание всех инструментов и рекомендации по оптимальной стратегии торговли на рынке Форекс. Например, при торговле CFD не стоит вкладываться сразу во все рынки. Вместо этого, 24 опцион рекомендует сконцентрироваться на 2-3 из них и тщательно следить за новостями.

    Информационное сопровождение

    Ежедневная аналитика Да
    Семинары и обучение Да
    Торговые идеи Нет

    Условия обслуживания и тарифы

    Типы счетов Базовый, Золотой, Платиновый, VIP. Имеется демо-счет.
    Бонус 50% на первый депозит (не более $500).
    Валюта депозита Доллар США, японская йена, британский фунт, евро, российский рубль, китайский юань.
    Плата за вывод денежных средств Пластиковые карты — 3,5%.

    Электронный перевод — $30, €25, £20, ¥3000, 1800 RUB, 183 CNY.

    В зависимости от типа счета можно использовать один или несколько бесплатных выводов. Способы пополнения и вывода Банковский перевод, пластиковые карты (Visa/MasterCard), Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Qiwi.

    Программное обеспечение и мобильная торговля

    Клиенты 24 опцион могут пользоваться двумя торговыми терминалами:

    • встроенной WebTrader;
    • популярной MetaTrader4.

    Обе они имеют мобильную версию, значит, заключать сделки на Форексе пользователь может в любое время и из любого места.

    Дополнительные сервисы

    Помощь управляющих Нет
    Доверительное управление Нет
    Страхование сделок Нет
    Бонусы и скидки 50% бонус на первый депозит (до $500)
    Конкурсы Нет
    Партнерская программа Нет

    Работа с брокером

    Для начала торговли необходимо создать аккаунт у брокера. Вам откроется доступ в личный кабинет.

    Регистрация на официальном сайте

    В целом регистрация на 24 опцион довольно проста. Достаточно ввести полное имя, адрес электронной почты, номер телефона и придумать пароль. Далее необходимо пройти процедуру верификации. Для этого потребуется загрузить скан-копию документа, удостоверяющего личность.

    Инструкция по открытию счета

    При регистрации на сайте брокера 24 опцион клиенту открывается 2 счета:

    Первый предназначен для ознакомления с функционалом и тренировок, а второй — для заключения реальных сделок на рынке Форекс.

    После внесения депозита можно приступать к заключению сделок.


    Если вы еще не готовы к торговле реальными деньгами, в 24 опцион есть возможность потренироваться на бесплатном демо-счете.

    Но для этого все равно придется пройти процедуру регистрации и оставить брокеру контактные данные. Никакой опасности в этом нет, но будьте готовы, что через некоторое время вам может позвонить менеджер и все-таки попытаться уговорить сделать депозит.

    Пополнение счета и вывод средств

    Для пополнения и вывода средств на 24option.com доступны следующие варианты:

    1. Перевод на банковский счет.
    2. Электронные платежные системы: Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, PerfectMoney.
    3. Пластиковые карты: Visa, MasterCard.

    Техническая поддержка

    Текущие и не слишком важные вопросы можно решить прямо в браузере с помощью онлайн-чата, который доступен на официальном сайте www.24option.com. Если ваша ситуация требует большего внимания, достаточно написать в службу поддержки клиентов24 опцион ([email protected]) либо позвонить по указанному на сайте брокера телефону.

    Плюсы и минусы компании

    Как и любой другой брокер, 24 опцион имеет свои преимущества и недостатки.


    1. Сотрудничество с ФК «Ювентус». Известный на весь мир футбольный клуб вряд ли станет сотрудничать с компанией-мошенником.
    2. Русскоязычная служба поддержки. Некоторые вопросы можно решить прямо в онлайн-чате с представителем 24 опцион. Кроме того, можно написать письмо на электронную почту либо позвонить.
    3. Обучающие материалы. Конечно, профессиональным трейдером вы не станете, но, по крайней мере, познакомитесь с базовыми определениями и поймете основы биржевой торговли на рынке Форекс.
    4. 2 торговые платформы. Помимо популярной MetaTrader4, клиент может воспользоваться встроенным терминалом для торговли WebTrader.


    1. Отсутствие российской лицензии. Все-таки было бы гораздо спокойнее, если у нас была возможность решать спорные вопросы с брокером, опираясь на наше законодательство, а не на белизское.
    2. Отсутствие возможности приобрести криптовалюту. В перечне инструментов она присутствует, причем выбор довольно большой. Но торговля идет не самой криптовалютой, а контрактами на разницу цен. Купить, например, биткоин и вывести его на свой счет через брокера 24 опцион нельзя.
    3. Ограниченное количество бесплатных выводов. Если у вас базовый счет, бесплатно вывести свои деньги получится только один раз. Затем услугу придется оплачивать.
    4. Плата за ведение счета. Стандартный размер платы — 10 евро в месяц. Но если по счету не было операций в течение 2 месяцев, брокер заменит ее платой за бездействие. Она составляет от 80 до 200 евро в месяц.

    Жалобы на брокера

    Жалобы в сети в основном касаются работы менеджеров 24 опцион. Особенно предложений по бинарным опционам. Так, многие пользователи рассказывают, как им звонил представитель брокера и предлагал совершить безрисковую сделку. Если она оказывалась убыточной, клиенту действительно возвращалась сумма ставки. Только это были уже не реальные деньги, а бонусы. А их, естественно, нужно «отыгрывать».

    Развод или нет

    Наличие лицензии брокера Форекс и 9-летний опыт работы все-таки свидетельствуют о надежности 24 опцион. Да, компания не подчиняется российскому законодательству, а менеджеры бывают чересчур настойчивыми, но в целом клиенты успешно выводят свои деньги.

    К тому же на рынке Форекс, в отличие от бинарных опционов, вполне можно заработать. Главное – быть готовым к высокому риску.

    Реальные отзывы

    Отзывы в интернете о брокере 24 опцион преимущественно положительные. Компанию хвалят за стабильную работу, возможности для обучения и быстрый вывод денег.

    Из претензий можно выделить обман с безрисковой сделкой (о нем мы рассказали выше), плату за бездействие и случаи дополнительных проверок документов при выводе средств. Однако в первом случае речь идет о бинарных опционах, которые брокер уже не предлагает.

    О дополнительных сборах при отсутствии активности на счете указано на сайте, так что здесь вины компании нет. А проверки документов говорят лишь о работе службы безопасности. Тем более в итоге деньги клиент выводит.


    К счастью, рынок форекс-брокеров является высококонкурентным. Здесь работают сотни компаний из самых разных государств. Поэтому не оправдавшему надежды брокеру всегда можно найти замену. Вот лишь несколько вариантов.


    Компания 24 опцион — надежный форекс-брокер с 9-летней историей. У него есть некоторые преимущества, но есть и недостатки. Но в целом доказанных фактов явного мошенничества нам обнаружить не удалось. Большинство жалоб связано, скорее, с невнимательностью пользователей, чем с незаконными действиями брокера 24 опцион.

    В любом случае при возникновении проблем с выводом денег у вас остается возможность провести процедуру чарджбэка и попытаться их вернуть с помощью платежных систем.

    На сегодня это все. Подписывайтесь на мои статьи и делитесь ссылками в соцсетях. Впереди вас ждет много интересных материалов. Спасибо за внимание!

    24option Broker Review 2020

    In our 24option review, we will inform traders about all trading features and amazing solutions they can use while trading with 24option. Besides providing superior support in various languages, 24option has won many prestigious awards that are just confirming how good they are. 24option is regulated by CySEC and according to the broker, provides a high level of security for its clients. Read more about 24option in our detailed broker review.

    24option Special Features

    Traders are welcome to register with five different trading accounts and find most attractive features that perfectly fit their preferences. Trading accounts are carefully adjusted and we are sure traders will find an appropriate account that will satisfy their trading style. 24option has ensured 24option Demo account for trading newbies that will be able to practice before placing real trades.

    Minimum deposit for 24option is $100 and the minimum investment is $24. Find out in our detailed article about 24option trading accounts here.

    In the further text you can read more about 24option trading accounts and their features:

    24option maximum leverage is 1:200 which is not the highest but it also is reasonable when one remembers that leverage increases losses as well as profits. The minimum spread on EURUSD starts from just 1.5 pips

    It is noted that investors should not place trades with money that they do not afford to lose. Trading Binary Options involves substantial risk and may result in the loss of your invested capital.”

    As we have already mentioned, 24option traders can first start using 24option Demo account. Demo is only available for registered traders and they will be contacted by 24option account manager to get most important info about Demo features. 24option Demo is excellent for beginners in the binary industry, but it is also a good starting point for all traders that have earlier experience too.

    24option Demo account introduces all important trading tools and lets traders learn more about the trading platform. Beginners can simply place trades with virtual amount of money to spend.

    24option Trading Software

    24option has recently integrated MT4 platform which is mostly used for trading with Forex. The platform is available for download and it is available for both dektop or mobile version. This trading platform provides many novelties and if you are tired of using SpotOption platform, 24option and MT4 will give you a refreshing combination that could keep traders interested.

    24option web-based platform is recently refreshed with a new in-house trading platform called Scipio. Scipio allows traders to trade with both binary options, CFDs or Forex.

    We have found 24option offers more than just basic trading options which are especially great for traders with more experience.

    Update*: 24options is leaving TechFinancials platform and they are developing their own. Read more about it in our news article.

    We have found 24option offers more than just basic trading options which are especially great for traders with more experience. Among classic High/Low and Touch Options, traders can find 60 seconds, Boundary and High Yield options.

    If trading platform plays a big role in trader’s preferences, then 24options might be a great selection. Traders will be happy to know that 24option provides Early Close option. Besides plentiful trading options, 24option provides a variety of expiry times that give traders even more trading choices: 60 seconds, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 24hr+, End of Month.

    24option also provides a mobile version, that might be more convenient for traders that travel a lot and have less time to trade with the desktop version.

    24option Support Information

    We can say that 24option support service provides various languages for its clients. 24option broker allows support on more languages and clients will be happy to get support on their mother tongue. 24option serves their clients with live chat, email, contact form or phone.

    There are more than 18 different phone numbers available, and we are ensured traders will find the appropriate number for support. In our 24option broker review, we have tested live chat service, which is rated as prompt and provides all important support for its clients.

    Live chat is supported in various languages, so if you are not very good with English, their support agents will try to find adequate support for your language. If traders prefer more classical support service, they can send questions on [email protected]

    Tip: Trade with a reputable and regulated broker such as IQ Option.

    24option Banking and Company Information

    24option provides diverse banking opportunities where traders can use plenty methods, depending on their preferences. 24option supports: Visa, Bank Wire, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Dankort, Laser, Visa Electron, Liberty Reserve, Skrill/Moneybookers and even more. A wide amount of payment services enables easier transfers since traders don’t need to open accounts with new providers.

    First withdrawal in a month is free of charge. This is a great advantage since most of the traders charge for every withdrawal. Traders are recommended to check 24option withdrawal fees that apply after the first request. Minimum withdrawal with 24option is $100 and it is important to know that traders need to verify their 24option accounts before their withdrawal will be processed.

    24option will charge different fees, depending on payment method:

    • Bank wire: $30
    • Credit cards: 3,5%
    • Skrill/Moneybookers: 2%
    • Liberty Reserve: 1%

    24option is serving its services from 2020 and as we have already mentioned, it is regulated by CySEC. This certificate confirms that broker follows certain rules and conditions determined by this regulatory body. One of the important things to mention is that 24option segregates their client’s accounts from a central bank account.

    24option is available for trading in all countries except in USA and Australia.

    24Option Review

    24Option was founded in 2020 and is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as a Cyprus Investment Firm. Our 24Option Review states that it is one of the most important companies in the binary options industry. There are many companies in this industry but 24Option is a secure binary options broker. This broker offers superior trading services. You should definitely check it out.

    Min. Deposit:

    Trading Platform: TechFinancials

    US Clients: Not Available


    Investors can lose all their capital

    24Option at a Glance

    24Option Review shows us that 24Option has a multilingual website. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know English or French, you can choose from Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Turkish or many other languages. If you choose 24Option, you will have to make a deposit and request the support to open a demo account for your practice. Well, you are experienced, this is not a disadvantage at all.

    24Option Binary Broker Trading Instruments

    At 24Option you can trade binary options in all sort of instruments, from currencies, commodities, stocks to indices. 24Option Review shows that you can trade binary options in more than 30 currency pairs, 11 commodities (gold, silver, cooper, oil, etc), 43 stocks, including Google Inc. Apple Inc. BMW, Microsoft, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and many more. Also you can trade 19 indices from the US, Asia and European Union.

    24Option Reviews of Trading Platform

    At 24Option you have a big feature because you don’t have to download and install the platform. The company provides you with a web-trading platform. They boast with their platform, sustaining that this is the most advanced hi-tech binary options trading platform in the industry today.

    The online platform is very easy to use, as you can see from the image, you have to choose the type of option you want to trade and click on an instrument.

    In the example below, I’ve choose the Nikkei 225, you can see how easy it is to trade. On the right you have the chart and the left side of the prediction field, an area where you have to choose if the price will be above or below the target at the expiration. Fill the amount and click on the BUY button.


    Investors can lose all their capital

    24Option Education & Researches

    24Option have an education center where you can learn everything about binary options, how to trade binary options, trading strategies, tips, and many more from trading eBooks, eCourses, Videos, Tutorials. You can also visit the Daily Global Market Report section where you have access to news, analysis and commentaries on the market.

    Moreover, if you want some tips on how to open your account and how to trade you can read the Binary Options Guide and FAQ sections.

    24Option Trading Services and Conditions

    At 24Option you can choose what type of options you want to trade, there are High/Lows, One Touch, Boundary and 60 Seconds (Short Term) options.
    The most important thing when you trade binary options is the rate of return, at 24Option you can potentially earn up to 88% per successful trade. But if your prediction is wrong you will lose your invested capital to this specific trade..

    The minimum deposit required at 24Option is $250, so after you register the next step is to make the deposit and then you can start trading.
    The minimum investment at 24Option is $24 per option and the maximum investment is 50.000 USD/EUR/GBP for a single High/Low option and $10.000 for other options.

    24Option Accounts Overview

    24Option puts at your disposal three types of trading accounts: Standard Account, Gold Account and Platinum Account. The difference between these accounts is that the services from one account are not available on the other account.
    Standard account: you can trade on all binary option types with no any hidden fees.
    Gold account: if you have a Gold membership, you’ll have other features beside those from Standard Account. You will receive a personal training session; another feature is that you’ll receive an additional 2% return on every correct prediction.
    Platinum account: you can ask your personal account manager any question you might have and you can receive an additional return of 4% on every correct prediction.


    Investors can lose all their capital

    24Option Fees, Commissions, Withdrawal, Deposits

    At 24Option your deposit can be in different currencies like: Euro, Us Dollar, British Pound and Japanese Yen. You have at your disposal three ways to fund your account: Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, CartaSi, etc.), Electronic Payments (MoneyBookers) and Wire Transfer.

    There are several withdrawal methods but you have to know that a little commission will be charged, when cashing out, the amount depends on the type of your trading account.

    24Option Binary Services and Advantages

    Mobile trading: you can access your account and trade from your smartphone, mobile phone and tablet.
    Binary options competition: gain experience and win $100 000 (bonus terms and conditons apply).
    Affiliate Program: you can become partner with 24Option and gain extra income by promoting their services.
    You can trade during weekends! The rate of return can reach more than 245%.
    24Option provides bonuses for first deposits (bonus terms and conditons apply.). You can get 80% for the first deposit, so if you deposit $250, you’ll get $450 on your account.


    Investors can lose all their capital

    24Option Client Support

    You can call your local representative in more than 20 countries. Also you can reach out to the main office at Ayios Athanasios, Limassol. Starting a live chat is another way to contact 24Option. You can also just shoot an e-mail.

    24Option Review Conclusion

    Trading binaries is exciting, but you have to make sure you can focus on trading and not be distracted by other issues. Problems like worrying about the credibility and reliability of your binary options broker may harm your peace of mind. With 24Option unstained reputation, you can be sure that you are trading with the best. Be sure that your funds are safe. Payouts found during 24Option Review are above average too. The binaries trading platform is superior.


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